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1840 Census of Pensioners
Windham County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Windham County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Amasa Robinson 77 Amasa Robinson Hannah Bedlow 86 Hannah Bedlow George Dunworth 81 Horace Whiton Ambrose Brown 73 Ambrose Brown Samuel Whitney 83 Warren Whitney Ebenezer Robbins 82 Ebenezer Robbins Josiah Eaton 83 Josiah Eaton Willard Watkins 75 William Orcutt Sarah Lawson 74 Ariel Keys Jacob Bosworth 79 David Fuller Prudence Scarborough 71 Uriah B. Carpenter Eliphal Carpenter 72 Lucius Carpenter Esther Chapman 71 Timothy Backus Ephraim Squire 92 Ephraim Squire Philip Squire 83 Philip Squire Martha Bugbee 82 Martha Bugbee David Seares 87 David Seares James B. Felch 47 James B. Felch Aaron Flint 81 Aaron Flint Frederick Knowlton 79 Frederick Knowlton Nathaniel Round 81 Nathaniel Round John Davis 85 John Davis


Jaben Kingsley 82 Jaben Kingsley Ezra Franklyn 87 Ezra Franklyn Anna Wheeler 72 Timothy Herrick Joseph Davison 82 Joseph Davison


Samuel C. Adams 76 Samuel C. Adams Susanna Monroe 79 Susanna Monroe Benjamin Smith 77 Benjamin Smith Sarah Manning 78 Mansur Manning Philena Bradford 70 Archibald Bradford Richard Cady 78 Richard Cady Gideon Popple 94 Gideon Popple Hezekiah Kingsley 81 Hezekiah Kingsley Ebenezer Packes 81 Ebenezer Packes Lucy Smith 89 Asher Smith Nathaniel Luce 82 Nathaniel Luce Samuel Shepard 79 Samuel Shepard Abigail Brown 70 Abigail Brown Candes Lilly Bristee 83 Theodore Bristee Martha Hough 77 Samuel L. Hough Susanna Adams 98 Peleg Lewis Phebe Leach 87 Harvey Leach


Eunice Fisk 85 Eunice Fisk Lucy Kenneda 76 Thomas Baldwin David Dean 81 David Dean Matthew Smith 80 Matthew Smith ______ Foster 78 Joseph Foster, jr. Lucy Simons 76 Otis Whiton Abigail Utley 82 James Utley Amos Clark 78 Amos Clark Elizabeth Lamphere 81 Solomon Lamphere


David Spencer 78 David Spencer Amasa Clark 76 Amasa Clark Amos Ford 78 Amos Ford Amasa Martin 76 Amasa Martin William Durkee 81 William Durkee, 1st. Nathaniel F. Martin 80 Nathaniel F. Martin Chole Farnham 79 Philip Pearl Joseph Ashley 84 Joseph Ashley Silas Cleaveland 84 Mason Cleaveland Lucy Dennison 77 William Clark Daniel Ashley 82 Daniel Ashley Anna Holt 79 Ezra D. Beers Tamma Barnham 74 Tamma Barnham


Oliver Chase 79 Oliver Chase Simon Place 88 Calvin Place Reuben Robinson 84 Reuben Robinson Elihu Warner 77 Elihu Warner Seth Babbit 80 Silas Tucker Mary Eddy 79 James Bussey Daniel Farman 80 Daniel Farman Seth Short 82 William Button Samuel White 82 Samuel White Shubal Hutchins 81 Shubal Hutchins Nathaniel Thurber 80 Nathaniel Thurber Hannah Adams 80 Joseph Adams Aaron Buck 86 Aaron Buck John Fisher 84 Laben Fisher Oliver Torry 84 Oliver Torry Edward Babbit 77 Edward Babbit Margaret Raynolds 82 Matilda Raynolds Moses Lippet 89 Nathaniel Lippet James Simmons 77 James Simmons Annis Day 79 Annis Day


Judith Watson 87 Moses Packes Marvil Laurence 75 Marvil Laurence Reuben Briant 77 Reuben Briant Stephen Bennet 83 Stephen Bennet Squire Cady 88 Squire Cady


Olive Hyde 79 William Sherman Jeremiah Wheaton 84 Jeremiah S. Wheaton Amasa Copeland 82 Amasa Copeland Deliverance Caswell 85 Jedida Griggs Elisha Cady 91 Rachel Richmond Reuben Sharp 77 Reuben Sharp Lucinda White 76 Lucinda White Sarah Bugbee 88 Aaron Tucker Albey Stone 78 Albey Stone


Reuben Camp 85 Reuben Camp Simon Titus 87 Joseph Titus


Sarah Allton 77 Daniel Allton Phebe Stone 87 Joseph Wheaton Thomas Elliott 81 Ira Elliott Jonathan Converse 80 Jonathan Converse Susanna Day 77 George Day Robert Tucker 80 Robert Tucker Susanna Goodell 68 Amos Goodell Ebenezer Covill 81 Ebenezer Covill Arculaus Sibley 79 Arculaus Sibley Eleazer Bowen 86 Eli R. Gleason Joseph Matthews 88 Nathan Matthews Stephen Robbins 79 Amos Robbins William Town 83 Harmon Shurnway Rebecca Davis 76 Thomas Davis William Walker 82 Richard Carpenter Ebenezer Green 81 Samuel Green Jacob Blackmar 80 Jacob Blackmar Joseph Richardson 78 Joseph Richardson Asa Jacobs 80 Asa Jacobs Molly Woodlin 88 Christopher Corlis Sarah Benson 88 Ebenezer Thompson Alpheus Bowers 85 Delano White Aaron Bixby 79 Aaron Bixby Molly Bixby 72 Halsey Bixby Chester Chaffee 85 Chester Chaffee Joseph Tourtelott 82 Joseph Tourtelott Nancy White 93 Martin White


Thomas Robins 75 Thomas Ribins Zeruviah Robins 85 Zeruviah Robins William Stewart 89 William Stewart Gershom Ray 80 Gershom Ray Benjamin Palmer 83 Benjamin Palmer Freelove Kinney 89 Avery Kinney Agnes Kennada 82 Charles Kennada Moses Thompson 76 Charles W. Thompson Income Potter 94 Income Potter


Mary Bingham 97 ______ Lincolm Loisa Raymond 81 Edward Raymond Eliphalet Ripley 55 Eliphalet Ripley Jonathan Robinson 80 Jonathan Robinson Andrew Robinson 77 Andrew Robinson John S. Billings 77 Gilbert Billings Peter Sanders 88 Peter Sanders Benjamin Willard 85 Benjamin Willard Nehemiah Ripley 78 Nehemiah Ripley Asa Bates 82 Asa Bates Lucy Snow 87 Edward Chappel Pompey McCuffe 80 Pompey McCuffe Abner Weble 81 Abner Weble Dudley Hovey 78 Dudley Hovey Seabry Manning 76 Gamaliel Manning Mary Manning 93 Walter Kingsley Lydia Losell 95 John Losell Eunice Rudd 87 William R. Dorrance Nathan Fuller 76 Nathan Fuller Prudence Welch 72 -


Anna Fowler 86 John F. Williams Andrew Parsons 79 Nelson L. Elmer John Fox 83 Nehemiah Fox David Clark 85 Mary Clark Hezekiah Herrendeen - Hezekiah Harrendeen Oliver Dorsett 68 Phebe Austin Elijah Mason 83 Jacob Lyon John Clark 85 Thaddeus Clark Calvin Holbrook 82 Calvin Holbrook Lucy Underwood 82 Rufus Child Mary Curtis 86 Ebenezer Hibbard Jemima Harding 80 Hezekiah Bugbee Willard Child 82 Willard Child William Carter 88 Abigail Child Abiel Chaffee 79 Abiel Chaffee

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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