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1840 Census of Pensioners
Tolland County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Tolland County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


John Coleman 87 John Coleman Abigail Fitch 88 Elijah Fitch Tabitha Carver 83 Tabitha Carver Abner Backus 78 Abner Backus Cary Clark 84 Cary C. Clark


Simon Babcock 82 Simon Babcock Jemima Dewey 83 Jemima Clark Samuel Barstow 80 Samuel Barstow David Skinner 88 David Skinner David Strong 78 David Strong


John Clark 88 John Clark Mary Lyman 88 Martin Lyman Ebenezer L. Sweetland 87 E. L. Sweetland Bela Boynton 87 Bela Boynton Celia Crossman 82 David Robertson Asa Parker 83 Asa Parker Solomon Judd 82 Solomon Judd Asher Wright 86 Asther Wright Stephen Dunham 79 Stephen Dunham James Dunham 76 James Dunham Mary Philips 80 Samuel Cooper Elijah Morley 72 Elijah Morley Lucy Slocumb 74 David Man Daniel Avery 78 Daniel Avery Nathaniel Root 84 Nathaniel Root Rebecca Talcott 81 Chester Talcott Daniel Loomis 82 Daniel Loomis Benjamin House 82 Benjamin House Mary Ensworth 80 Jedediah Ensworth Dow C. Brigham 77 D. C. Brigham


Jonathan Buckland 76 Jonathan Buckland Timothy Carpenter 74 Timothy Carpenter Charlotte Foster 74 Ephraim Ely Solomon Eaton 82 Solomon Eaton Sarah Wallis 84 Janes M. Gardener John Dimmick 86 Ezekiel Newell Jemima Steele 77 Oliver W. Steele


Sarah Flint 78 Joshua C. Flint John Taylor 83 John Taylor Andrew Mann 85 Caleb Hubbard Daniel Phelps 81 Daniel Phelps Amos Phelps 83 Amos Phelps Joseph Mann 78 Joseph Mann Roger Phelps 77 R. L. Phelps Hannah White 80-90 Hannah White Deborah Brown 81 Harvey Brown Robert Holdridge 77 Robert Holdridge Hannah Peter 78 Hiram Goodale Mary Mack 78 P. R. Gilbert


Temperence Bennett 95 Temperence Bennett Esther Bennett 79 Ann Bills Samuel Dunham 85 Samuel Dunham Nathaniel Brown 83 Nathaniel Brown Selah Turner 74 Selah Turner Marilla Bronson 71 Greene Capron Ruth Janes 77 Josiah Janes Sylvanus Conant 89 Sylvanus Conant Jonathan Atwood 79 Jonathan Atwood Lydia Dewey 72 Alathea Jones Isaac Arnold 76 Isaac Arnold Mary Davis 76 Joseph Solace Josiah Fuller 87 Josiah Fuller Gardiner Spencer 81 Gardiner Spencer Martha Martin 79 Martha Martin


Eleanor Jones 87 Jonathan Clark Abigail Morgan 78 Charles Morgan James Spencer 80 James Spencer George Risley 77 George Risley Oliver Chapin 82 Oliver Chapin Huldah Bourn 77 John Bourn Asa Wood 78 Martin Wood Jonathan Clark 78 Jonathan Clark Lorica Russell 84 Lorica Russell Frederick Kibber 78 Frederick Kibber Sarah Pease 81 Sarah Pease Martin Enoe 76 Martin Enoe Daniel Brace 83 Daniel Brace Anna Pease 92 Oliver Pease


Abigail Blodgett 87 Abijah Blodget William Rice 78 William Rice Amy Ellethorp 86 Samuel E. Fairchild Abigail Rogers 84 Samuel Colburn, jr. Hannah Thresher 77 Thomas H. Thresher Sarah Converse 79 Parley Converse Sarah Converse 84 Roswell Converse Molly Cady 78 Absalom Cady Israel How 81 Israel How Stephen Orcutt 83 Stephen Orcutt Silas Dean 85 Silas Dean William Patten 88 William Patten Stephen Whitaker 81 Stephen Whitaker Rebecca Huntington 79 Rebecca Huntington Noah Saunders 84 Noah Saunders


Hannah Bugbee 77 Alanson Bugbee Jacob Benton 80 Jacob Benton Lydia Chapman 81 Ashbel Chapman Elnathan Grant 78 Elnathan Grant Ebenezer Grover 86 Ebenezer Grover Lemuel Pinney 88 Daniel Griggs Samuel Johnson 83 Ira Johnson Jabez Kingsberry 84 Jabez Kingsbury Medad Kellogg 91 Medad Kellogg Ellis Lillibridge 79 Daniel Lillibridge Ammi Paulk 84 Joshua Luce Ruth Scott 67 Leverett Luce Samuel Reed 79 Samuel Reed Simeon Webster 80 Milton Webster


Orthanial Brown 81 Orthanial Brown Joseph Snell 85 Joseph Brown Samuel Stone 86 Samuel Stone Hannah Sessions 86 Joanna D. Sessions Ebenezer Lawson 81 Isaac B. Booth


Roswell Smith 82 Roswell Smith Justus Talcott 80 Justus Talcott Jane King 72 Elisha Pember Leonard Rogers 85 Leonard Rogers Leavitt Millard 80 Leavitt Millard


Mary Brigham 87 Elisha Atwood Ellis Anderson 72 Thomas Anderson Mrs. Walker 92 Jacob Clarke Solomon Fenton 81 Solomon Fenton Eunice Fuller 77 Chester Fuller John Fuller 87 John Fuller Joseph Scott 77 Hazzard Hull Sarah Crocker 82 Joseph Hull Nathan Jennings 86 Elisha Jennings Thomas Knowlton 74 Thomas Knowlton Andrew Manning 86 Lathrop Manning Lois Pearl 76 Austin Pearl Frederick Pearl 78 Frederick Pearl Eleanor Sparks 78 Roxana Sparks Seth Vinton 84 Seth Vinton

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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