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1840 Census of Pensioners
Hartford County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Hartford County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Hartford - City Pensioners

Isaac Bliss 80 Isaac Bliss Amos Ransom 80 Amos Ransom Elizabeth Seymour 74 Elizabeth Seymour Susanna Dodd 84 Susanna Dodd Elizabeth Kilborn 86 Elihu Denslow Martha Sedgewick 90 Charles Burr Isaac Spencer 80 Isaac Spencer Hepsebah Knowles 70 Heppy Knowles Catharine Putnam 84 George Sumner Abner Squires 78 Abner Squires, jr. Rebecca Wilcox 77 Rebecca Roberts Joel Carter 75 Joel Carter Jonathan Olcott 82 Jonathan Olcott Nathaniel Hooker 79 Nathaniel Hooker Oliver Clapp 80 Betsey Clapp Jacob Sargent 70 Jacob Sargent Mary Kingsbury 78 Mary Kingsbury Silas Fuller 65 Silas Fuller Sarah Wickham 79 James S. Wickham

Hartford Pensioners - Limits excepted

Simon Wells 86 Simon Wells Amny Mix 82 Amny Mix Lucy Sedgewick 67 William Sedgewick Abigail Whitman 77 Abigail Whitman Abijah Flagg 85 Abijah Flagg Mahetible Hurlburt 74 Roswall Hurlbut Ruth Elmer 78 Oliver S. Elmer John W. Smith 56 John W. Smith Frederick Lord 80 Frederick Lord Abigail Anderson 81 Jesse B. Bull Theodore Spencer 81 Theodore Spencer

Weathersfield Pensioners

Jemima Filley 84 Hiram E. Stoddard Mary Belden 76 Mary Belden Richard Belden 78 Richard Belden Marian Ackley 76 John Flint Deborah Goodrich 72 Allen Robins John Kilby 79 James Hurlbut, 2nd. William Wolcott 86 William Wolcott Bezaleel Thrasher 82 Bezaleel Thrasher Mary Dickinson 88 Joseph Wright Abigail Wright 84 Abigail Wright George Aboy 78 Elisha R. Wells Joseph Stillman 79 Harriet Stillman Abigail Woodhouse 80 Abigail Woodhouse Mary Belden 82 Erastus F. Cook Lucy Wilcox 80 Lucy Wilcox Elisha Williams 81 Stephen Francis Thede Hale 86 Simeon Hale Rebecca May 83 Sylvester May Anice Cook 82 Talcott A. Arnold Ichabod Goodrich 81 Jasper Goodrich Gideon Goff 79 Gideon Goff Calvin Chapin 76 Calvin Chapin Hezekiah Whitmore 84 Hezekiah Whitmore Thomas Holmes 84 Thomas Holmes

Berlin Pensioners

Lucy Dickenson 69 Lucy Dickinson Abijah Porter 83 Abijah Porter Levi North 80 Levi North Seth Savage 84 Amasa Savage Selah Savage 81 Selah Savage Phebe Norton 71 Henry Norton Hezekiah Hart 82 Mary Meriman ------ Bunnel 83 Luther Stocking Ruth Hart 98 Lucy Hartford Jabez Cowles 84 Jabez Cowles Grace Elton 83 James Elton Giles Curtiss 85 Giles Curtiss Sarah Riley 87 D. Buckley Daniel Galpin 83 Daniel Galpin Hannah Palmer 79 Peter Jacocks Esther Judd 82 Henry Judd Elijah Francis 80 Elijah Francis John Bunnel 81 Alfred Baley Lois Carter 82 Benjamin Hart Hooker Gilbert 88 Hooker Gilbert Hannah Hooker 79 Seth Hooker Hannah Hooker 78 George Cornwall Sarah Hart 71 Horace Hart Fidelia Bronson 77 Theodore Bronson Rhoda Andrews 83 Selah Andrews Elizabeth Mugs 84 Thomas Lee Sarah Morse 83 William Morse

Southington Pensioners

Samuel Hitchcock 83 Samuel Hitchcock Josiah Boot 87 Betsey Buck Elthir Carter 78 Elihu Carter Julia Tyler 80 Julia Tyler Ichabod C. Frisby 79 Ichabod C. Frisby Channey Lewis 79 Channey Lewis Caleb Ray 82 Jared Stephens Daniel Pardu 77 Daniel Pardu

Suffield Pensioners

Phebe Allen 79 Ambrose Bemont Jacob Cooper 77 Judah Cooper Silas Dewey 79 Silas Dewey, jr. Ebenezer Chaplain 90 Ebenezer Chaplain Jehiel Harmon 79 Jehiel Harmon Ezra Hanchell 81 Ezra Hanchell John K. Kent 81 John K. Kent Rosanna Miller 77 John Miller Elizabeth Phelps 77 Elizabeth Phelps Moses Bliss 87 Henry A. Pikes Gideon Sikes 87 Gideon Sikes John Warner 84 Rwoland Taylor Richard Warner 79 Richard Warner

Enfield Pensioners

Lydia Abbey 75 Lydia Abbey Mary Chaffee 81 Samuel Chaffee Calvin Squires 76 John S. Davis Roxannah Gowdy 68 Henry Gowdy Windsor Buker 82 Austin King Ebenezer Prior 95 Ebenezer Prior John Pease 87 John Pease Abigail Pease 86 Heber Pease Simeon Pease 82 Simeon Pease Betsey Thompson 69 Betsey Thompson

East Windsor Pensioners

Arnold Allen 71 Arnold Allen Thomas Bissell 82 Thomas Bissell Catherine Bowers 79 Cyrus Bowers Roger Burnham 79 Roger Burnham Nathaniel Chatman 58 Nathaniel Chatman Stephen Elmer 86 Stephen Elmer Eleanor Felley 82 Horace Felley Gustavus Grant 81 Lucius Grant Rhoda Eldridge 82 John S. Goodale Grace Green 83 Ashel Green Lucy Grant 79 Harvey Grant Samuel Hunn 77 Samuel Hunn Zerviah Haden 94 Edward Haden Ruth Morton 78 Ruth Morton Hezekiah Munsell 87 Hezekiah Munsell Jonathan Pasco 79 Jonathan Pasco Elizabeth Strong 74 Hiram Strong Mehitable Sloughton 79 Mehitable Sloughton Flora Sloughton Jerusha Woolcott 84 Ursula Skinner Elizabeth Skinner 82 Elizabeth Skinner Eleanor Sloughton 85 William Sloughton Ephraim Warfield 70 Chester Wolcott

East Hartford Pensioners

Esther House 81 Elisha Smith Daniel Roberts 79 Daniel Roberts Timothy Hall 82 Timothy Hall Lucy Derning 75 Abigail Derning Russell Treat 82 Russel Treat Ashbel Warren 78 Ashbel Warren Lucretia Roberts 84 Lucretia Roberts Hannah Reynolds 77 Hannah Reynolds Timothy Anderson 78 Norman Anderson John Bennett 78 J. Hubbard Wellis Mary Porter 74 Mary Porter Abigail Roberts 89 Isaac Roberts Anna Norton 83 Emily Pitkin

Manchester Pensioners

Mabel Marsh 77 Marcus Marsh Ashna Symonds 82 Ashna Symonds Moses Evans 81 Moses Evans George Buckland 82 George Buckland David Squire 81 Daniel Squire Hannah Jacklin 80 Henry C. Woodbridge Richard Keeney 75 Richard Keeney Elizabeth McKee 85 Elizabeth McKee Eleanor Geer 83 Joseph Thompson

Glastonbury Pensioners

Richard Smith 82 Jennett Gillett Joseph Tyron 78 Joseph Tryon Azariah Taylor 82 Azariah Taylor Edward Potter 81 Horace Roberts Abel Lewis 79 Abel Lewis Daniel Miles 89 Daniel Miles Louis House 77 Giles House Mabel Wright 73 Mabel Wright James McLean 85 Ogden McLean Elizabeth Bidwell 83 Elizabeth Bidwell Mary Fer 81 Elijah Sparks

Marlborough Pensioners

John Uxford 85 Gibson W. Uxford Ezra Blish 72 Ezra Blish


Thomas Stevens 82 Thomas Stevens Ahinoam Holcomb 80 Elihu E. Holcomb Rebecca Sands 75 Rebecca Sands Joseph Dyer 72 Joseph Dyer James Bartholomew 80 James C. Bartholomew Prudence Smith 80 Joseph Smith Chole Holcomb 76 Ebenezer S. Holcomb Samuel Benjamin 83 Samuel Benjamin Zabina Burr 88 Zabina Burr Benoni Gillett 78 Benoni Gillett William Pratt 89 William H. Pratt Abraham Osborne 84 Abraham Osborne Ebenezer Godard 88 Arsepheus Godard Mary Holcomb 69 Mary Holcomb Samuel Warner 84 Samuel Warner John O'Brien 84 Harry Alky John Godard 81 Grove Godard Ephraim Gillett 79 James Gillett Chrispus Fox 84 Chrispus Fox Dudley Hayes 80 Dudley Hayes

Windsor Pensioners

Samuel Woodruff 80 Samuel Woodruff Phineas Picket 83 Phineas Picket Eunice Munsell 86 Rodney Munsell Roswell Miller 80 Roswell Miller Frederick Chapman 79 Delia Wilson Elisha N. Sill 79 Elisha N. Sill Elijah Denslow 76 Elijah Denslow Elizabeth Stanard 93 Eli Wilson Abel Barnes 86 Lyman Barnes Submit Wilson 74 Horace Thrall Jemima Graham 85 Ruth Bartholomew Philip Halsey 80 Henry Halsey Loomis Warner 83 Thomas Warner

Simsbury Pensioners

Loisa Eno 76 Chester Eno Elijah Griswold 78 Elijah Griswold John Tyler 74 John Tyler Joab Wilson 78 Chester Roberts Obed Higley 83 Obed Higley, jr. Levi Humphrey 75 Levi Humphrey Salathel Chapman 80 Salathel Chapman Abel Case 84 Abel Case Roswell Noble 82 Roswell F. Noble Ambrose Hoskins 78 Ambrose Hoskins Catharine Andrus 87 Abigail Andrus Esther Slater 77 Chauncey Goodrich George Cornish 79 George Cornish

Hartland Pensioners

Asa Cowdrey 82 James Cowdrey Hulda Daniels 86 Sterling G. Daniels Daniel Bills 82 Daniel Bills Cleopatra Skinner 74 Cleopatra Skinner Ebenezer Hoadley 83 Ebenezer Hoadley Achsah Giddings 77 Achsah Giddings Affiah Giddings 69 Henry Fuller Stephen Fuller 78 Stephen Goodyear Timothy Coe 79 Timothy Coe John M. Case 77 Charles Case Thomas Fox 77 Thomas Fox Timothy Tiffany 86 Timothy Tiffany

Bloomfield Pensioners

Louis Colton 79 Samuel Colton William Seymour 79 Ruel Gridley Silas Rowley 79 Silas Rowley Joseph Millard 77 Joseph Millard Daniel Hooker 79 Daniel Hooker

Avon Pensioners

Isaac Osborne 79 Isaac Osborne Thomas F. Bishop 76 Thomas F. Bishop Rosanna Wilcox 83 Josiah A. Wilcox Elijah Barnes 77 Elijah Barnes

Canton Pensioners

Sophia Andrus 76 Henry Andrus Margaret Wright 69 Henry J. Wright Solomon Ackart 90 David Ackart Aber Alford 79 Aber Alford Francis Bacon 81 Alvin Bacon Elizabeth Barber 86 Alson Barber Abi Barber 73 Miles Foot

Burlington Pensioners

Oliver Barnes 92 Caleb Barnes Lois Benham 85 Lois Benham Ebenezer Benham 84 Ebenezer Benham Samuel Hotchkiss 84 Samuel Hotchkiss Lucy Culva 69 Nathan Culva

Bristol Pensioners

Martha Manross 75 Elisha Manross Elizabeth Gladden 70 Elizabeth Gladden Anna Bishop 74 Anna Bishop

Farmington Pensioners

Chauncey Royce 83 John Royce Eunice Eaton 86 Gideon Watkins Daniel Tilatson 81 Edward Tilotson Timothy Olmstead 82 Clarissa Tryon Moses Morse 89 Chauncey Morse Dorcus Woodruff 76 Henry Mygatte Christiana Woodruff 76 Ephraim Woodness Phebe Janes 73 Phebe Janes Elias Brown 81 Elias Brown Rhoda Warna 94 Sylvester Tubs Lydia Sherman 84 Johiah Wilcox

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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