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1840 Census of Pensioners
Middlesex County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Middlesex County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Rachel Strong 79 Rachel Strong Esther Warner 93 Esther Warner Rebecca Bowers 82 Rebecca Bowers Jacob Hurd 79 Jacob Hurd Benjamin Hurd 77 Benjamin Hurd Richard Flood 78 Richard Flood Jesse Graham 79 Jesse Graham John Markham 83 John Markham Abel Abel 77 Abel Abel Elijah Abel 79 Elijah Abel Elisha Niles 79 Elisha Niles Daniel Morgan 78 Daniel Morgan Anna Usher 91 Sophron Usher Philip White 92 Philip White John Johnson 81 John Johnson Sparro Smith 78 S. Smith Benjamin Cobb 79 Benjamin Cobb Amos Clark 83 Amos Clark Rebecca Johnson 85 Rebecca Johnson Benjamin Pettis 84 Benjamin Pettis David Sears 85 David Sears Stephen Clark 83 Stephen Clark Seymour Hurlbut 83 Seymour Hurlbut Simeon Penfield 85 Simeon Penfield David Shepard 82 David Shepard George Bush 83 George Bush Ezra Potter 85 Asa Dickerson


Harmon Dudley 82 Harmon Dudley Joseph Clark 78 Joseph Clark


Elnathan Hurd 83 Elnathan Hurd Constant Parmelee 79 Constant Parmalee John Wright 78 John Wright Jimmy Post 79 Jimmy Post Elias Stevens 76 Elias Stevens David Griffin 77 David Griffin


Jabez Chalker 83 Jabez Chalker Eber Lee 79 Elah Camp, 2d. John Barkhardt - Daniel Thompson James Parmalee 79 James Parmalee Rejoice Camp 81 Lemuel Camp Manoah Camp 79 Manoah Camp Elizabeth Bishop 71 Henry Canfield


Abisha Smith 86 Abisha Smith Nehemiah Tyler 80 Nehemiah Tyler Sarah Lewis 86 Sarah Lewis Phebe Cow 71 Ephraim Parsons Jonathan Sabin 83 Jonathan Sabin Noadiah Cone 80 Noadiah Cone Huldah Cook 86 Huldah Cook Concurrance Bonfoy 78 Concurrance Bonfoy James Thomas 87 James Thomas

East Haddam

William Gelston 84 William Gelston John Foster 92 John Foster Olive Hungerford 82 Olive Hungerford Gurdon Ely 80 Gurdon Ely William Babcock 54 William Babcock Samuel Fargo 79 Samuel Fargo Samuel Palms 85 Samuel Palms Samuel Lord 85 Samuel Lord Lydia Brainerd 82 Lydia Brainerd Temperance Smith 76 Temperance Smith Jabez Maynerd 83 Jabez Maynerd John Watson 76 John Watson George Plumb 74 George Plumb Joel Spencer 77 Joel Spencer Nathan Burnham 81 Nathan Burnham Samuel Emmons 79 Samuel Emmons Daniel S. Emmons 83 Daniel S. Emmons Isaac C. Ackeley 80 Isaac C. Ackeley Joshua Cone 82 Joshua Cone Crippen Hurd 77 Crippen Hurd


Jonathan Wellman 78 H. Griffin

Middletown (City)

Jack Randall 84 Jack Randall Hamet Achmet 81 Hamet Achmet Samuel Frothingham 81 Samuel Frothingham Thaddeus Nichols 78 Thadeus Nichols Rachel Carter 91 Rachel Carter William Plumb 91 William Plumb Louis Crofoot 82 Ephraim Crofoot William Sumner 83 William Sumner Rebecca Burr 78 William Warner

Middletown (without the city)

Rachel Crowell 79 Henry Crowell Allen Evens 79 William Butler Zarnah Phelps 79 Zarnah Phelps Jesse Caples 92 Jesse Caples Sylvanus Nichols 77 Sylvanus Nichols, jr. Joshua Stow 78 Joshua Stow Elijah Roberts 78 Elijah Roberts William Bacon 82 Oliver Atkins Samuel Golpin 81 Samuel Golpin Ebenezer Roberts 82 Harley Bowers Elizabeth Treat 82 Seth Cornwell Benjamin Gilbert 79 Benjamin Gilbert John Cornwell 80 John Cornwell Samuel Butler 74 Samuel Cutler Christina Belden 85 Christina Belden Elizabeth W. Sage 83 Elizabeth W. Sage Hannah Taylor 79 Samuel Miner


Rufus Clark 75 Rufus Clark Ambrose Waterhouse 83 Ambrose Waterhouse Joel Drane 78 Joel Drane Oliver Chalker 80 Oliver Chalker Moses Chalker 81 Moses Chalker John Jones 79 John Jones Elias Tully 88 Samuel M. Tully George Clark 78 George Clark John Salter 83 John Salter


Richard Stokes 76 Richard Stokes Elijah Stannard 87 Elijah Stannard Jedediah Chapman 81 Jedediah Chapman Cornelius Chittenden 74 Cornelius Chittenden John Chittenden 83 John Chittenden Nathan Kirtland 77 Nathan Kirtland Jod Stannard 78 Job Stannard John Stannard 80 John Stannard

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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