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1840 Census of Pensioners
New London County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 New London County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

New London

Lebues Maynard 76 A. F. Maynard Anthony Jerome 59 Anthony Jerome James Edgerton 82 James Edgerton Ezekiel Fox 84 Ezekiel Fox Henry Burbeck 85 Henry Burbeck John Carrol 79 John Carrol Christopher Culver 87 John Culver Richard Law 78 Richard Law Charles Bukely 87 Charles Bukely James Chapman 89 James Chapman Ephraim Dayton 79 Jonathan Lane John G. Munson 32 John G. Munson William Ashcraft 86 Joshua Getchel


Job Daniels 81 Job Daniels Christopher Brown 81 Christopher Brown Stedman Newbury 89 Stedman Newbury John Murtins 55 John Murtins Ebenezer Darrow 86 Ebenezer Darrow Ebenezer Maynard 82 - Lydia Bukwith 79 - Jason Chapman 78 -

East Lyme

Benjamin Jinker 80 Benjamin Jinker Elisha Way 83 Elisha Way Asa Woodward 79 Asa Woodworth John Tubs 80 John Tubs Mary Dosset 86 Abby Harding Joseph Latham 81 Lebsey Latham James Denison 47 James Denison Horace Smith 32 Horace Smith William Tinker 78 William Tinker Jonathan Rathbun 75 Jonathan Rathbun Joseph Gillet 85 B. F. Gillet


Nathan H. Jewit 79 Benjamin Beckwith Benajah Bill 79 Lodowick Bill Robert Bramble 78 Robert Bramble James Greenfield 88 James Greenfield John Lay 76 John Lay Silas Champlin - Silas Champlin Usual Johnson 80 Usual Johnson Reuben Champion - Reuben Champion Waitstill Cone 79 Oliver Cone Phebe Champion 75 Phebe Champion Sarah Peck 78 Sarah Peck Seth Miner 82 Seth Miner Mehitable Burnham - William S. Ely Naomi Huntley 85 Naomi Huntley John Brockway 85 John Brockway Thomas Pilgrim 87 Thomas Pilgrim John Wood 83 John Wood Rhoda Miner 75 Erastus Bramble Joseph Plumb 81 Clement Fosdeck Gideon Rogers 79 Gideon Rogers Lucy Way 84 Jonathan Chapel Hannah Spencer 85 Oliver Spencer Elizabeth Sisson 86 Amos ______ Hoell Huntley - Howell Huntley


Catharine Crandall 77 John Merrit Solomon Tift 82 John Beneham Simeon Comstock 86 Thomas Comstock Christopher Latham 84 Christopher Latham Nicholas Morgan 78 Nicholas Morgan Silas Lamb 77 Silas Lamb Rufus Avery 81 Rufus Avery Mary White 78 Mary White Jonathan Langford 88 Jonathan Langford Mary Chester 76 Willys Clark Mary Avery 71 Mary Avery Benjamin Daball 83 Benjamin Daball Hannah Holdredge 70 Hannah Holdrege Jabez Edgecomb 77 Jabez Edgecomb Samuel Edgecomb 80 Samuel Edgecomb Mary Heath 81 Mary Heath Thomas Wells 86 Thomas Wells Mary Brightman 74 William P. Brightman Peter Every 76 Peter Every Hannah Packer 82 Hannah Packer Sabina Packer 77 Sabina Packer Cathine Burrows 82 Caleb Latham Elisha Lyman 75 Thankful Clift


Ichabod Badcock 82 Ichabod Badcock Oliver Morgan 79 Stephen Stoddard Daniel Stoddard 79 Daniel Stoddard Robert Stoddard 83 William Green William Forsyth 78 William Forsyth Joshua Bill 79 Gurdon Bill Mary Rose 87 Mary Rose Mary Williams 80 William M. Williams John Packer 83 John Packer, 2d Andrew Gallup 79 Andrew Gallup Thomas Smith 86 Thomas Smith Jebanah Williams 82 Nathan Barns William Noyes 76 William Noyes Adam Larabee 53 Adam Larribee William Lathum 75 William Adams Nehemiah Gallup 88 Nehemiah Gallup Deborah Davis 87 Ichabod Davis Thomas Roach 73 Thomas Roach


Asa Driscoll 90 Henry Spencer Isaac Williams 82 Isaac Williams Lydia Smith 73 Elisha Bennet Cato Cuff 83 Cato Cuff Amos Gallup 84 Amos Gallup Jonathan Wheeler 78 Jonathan Wheeler Asa Baldwin 84 Asa Baldwin Ichabod Dickerson 81 Ichabod Dickerson William Robinson 75 William Robinson Jedediah Austin 78 Jedediah Austin Hannah Stanton 72 Charles P. Stanton Mary Tinker 76 Asa Willcox Jane Birtch 81 George Howe

City of Norwich

Sarah Trumbull 80 Peter Sanman Elizabeth Backus 74 Gurdon Pendleton Christopher Vail 82 Christopher Vail Benjamin Coit 81 Benjamin Coit Clark Case 55 Francis B. Lee Anna Coit 81 Erastis Coit Anna Griswold 70 Joseph A. Griswold Abby Holt 75 Elizabeth Cox Sarah Comstock 81 Otis Hilton Mary Clark 75 Mary Clark Reuben Godfrey 83 Benjamin Godfrey Ichabod Ward 80 Ichabod Ward

Norwich, (without the city limits.)

Elizabeth Yeomany 80 Elizabeth Yeomany Hannah Caswell 71 Dilbert Huntington John Foster 78 John Foster Hannah Ames 80 Erasmus Ames Desire Morgan 74 Charles Morgan Susan Fanning 81 Sidney Gardner Joseph Pettes 81 -


Joseph Church 80 Joseph Church Eleazer Tracey 75 Anson Gleason James Comstock 90 James Comstock Thomas Rogers 83 Thomas Rogers John Smith 80 John Smith John Uncas 90 Mary Church Samuel Atwell 80 Samuel Atwell Guy Chapel 81 Betsey Chapel Anna Bishop 82 Robert Bishop David Dart 79 David Dart Elisha Holms 81 Jonathan Forseth Anna Chapel 82 Isaac Whipple Daniel Ames 84 Daniel Ames Lucy Chapel 87 Willard Wickwise


Mary Perrigo 79 Betsey Abel Wealthy Fuller 83 Wealthy Fuller Ebenezer Fuller 80 Ebenezer Fuller Ruth Rathbone 81 John Rathbone James Storey 80 Ruel Cook William Adams 87 Roswell Adams Joseph Baldwin 89 Joseph Baldwin Joel Hyde 76 Joel Hyde Daniel Downing 78 Daniel Downing


Isaac Butts 80 Almira Bellows Nabby Armstrong 75 Cheney Armstrong Frederick Brewster 77 Frederick Brewster


Absalom Pride 84 Absalom Pride Mary Giddings 76 Charles Brewster Joshua Bill 78 Robert M. Palmer George Harvey 77 George Harvey Frederick Stoddard 79 Frederick Stoddard Simeon Hewitt - Charles E. Hewitt Philip Prince 80 Bristow Swan Uriah Corning - Jedediah Corning Eunice Guile 81 Alfred Guile Abel Shoals 47 Abel Shoals Jonah Witter 82 Jonah Witter Isaac Williams 80 Jonah Witter, jr. Sally Runnolds 76 Luke Runnolds Ebenezer Avery 78 Ebenezer Avery James Treat 77 James Treat Prudence Denison 83 Prudence Denison Jacob Meach 82 Jacob Meach Phebe Rude 77 Rix Rude Hannah Tracey 88 Elisha Clark Alas Bromley 75 Alas Bromley Hezekiah Ingraham 80 Hezekiah Ingraham


Dixwell Lathrop 87 Dixwell Lathrop Mary Mulkins 86 Job Lawton Bishop Tyler 72 Bishop Tyler Nathan Belcher 82 Nathan Belcher Elisha Prentice 74 Elisha Prentice Gideon Ray 84 Joseph Wilber Lucy Hutchinson 77 Hazard Hawkins Enoch Baker 86 Enoch Baker

North Stonington

Hannah Grant 82 Elisha Kinney Elizabeth Ecclestone 95 Caleb Ecclestone Lucretia Billings 91 Sanford Main Elisha Palmer 90 Elisha Palmer James Thompson 88 James Thompson Philemon Baldwin - Philemon Baldwin Jeremiah York 76 Jeremiah York Gershom Ecclestone 78 Gershom Ecclestone Martha S. Phillips 80 Bradford Phillips Bridget Leray 74 Bridget Leray Jeptha Brown 82 Jeptha Brown David Main 88 David Main Oliver Avery 83 Stanton Hewitt, jr. Anna Bently 83 George W. Bentley Wareham Williams 81 Wareham Williams Lucy Davis 75 David Caswell


Jesse Beckwith 88 Israel Beckwith Ebenezer Rogers 96 Ebenezer Rogers William C. Beebe 68 William C. Beebe Samuel C. Smith 46 Samuel C. Smith Elijah Treadway 86 Elijah Treadway Lucretia Dodge 80 Lucretia Dart James Ransom 78 James Ransom


Alpheus Kingsley 77 Alpheus Kingsley Perez Chesbrough 78 Perez Chesbrough Molly Vergason 76 Oliver Landpher Abigail ------ 82 Asa Smith


Lucretia Ramond 80 Jonathan Morgan Gideon Unash 86 Gideon Unash David Shattuck 82 Giles Shattuck Solomon Dowd 82 Solomon Dwod Gamaliel R. Tracy 81 James R. Tracey Elijah Taylor 81 John Bogue Sally Lewis 80 Clark Lewis Frederick Smith 78 Thomas Smith Eunice Clark 73 George Clark John B. Wartrons 86 John B. Wartrons John T. Otis 81 John T. Otis


Asa Jones 86 Andrew Lathrop William A. Morgan 85 Griswold A. Morgan Ebenezer Metcalf 83 Ebenezer Metcalf Solomon Loring 78 Solomon Loring Amasa Dutton 86 Amasa Dutton Abigail Fitch 85 Jabez Fitch Elijah Smith 76 Elijah Smith Asel Gay 84 Asel Gay John Willes 89 Charles Gardner Eleazer Bill 81 - Elizabeth Bliss 75 - Jacob Clark 81 - Isaiah Loomies 82 - Rebecca Fowler 81 - Stephen Champlin 77 - Simon Loomies 79 - David Avery 75 - John Loomies 88 -

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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