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1840 Census of Pensioners
New Haven County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 New Haven County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

City of New Haven

James Nicolson 52 James Nicolson Mary Wakelee 80 Charles H. Wakelee Jacob Wilcox 82 Norris Wilcox Anna Cornwall 86 Alvan Wilcox John Trumbell 84 Benjamin Sillman Benjamin Lines 78 Benjamin Lines Nathan Beers 87 Nathan Beers, Sr. Eneas Monson 76 A. E. Monson William Storer 75 William Storer Mary A. Dwight 86 Timothy Dwight Marcus Meraman 78 Marcus Meraman Catharine Ramsdell 83 Mary L. Ramsdell Isaac Bussett 82 Isaac Bussett Sarah Burney 80 Julia Gorham Samuel Hicks 82 George Sandford Henry Daggett 82 Henry Daggett Lois Peck 82 Lois Peck Lydia Bradley 87 Nathan Thomas Mary Woolcott 75 John Williams Charles Larrabee 58 Park Brown Huldah Barker 80 Huldah Barker William Wise 80 Timothy Alling Lois Willard 80 Stephen Willard Garritt De Witt 77 Garritt De Witt Abiah Smith 72 John Fitch Elizabeth Tuttle 75 Isaac Tuttle Mabel Hall 82 Thaddeus Austin Sylvanus Bills 74 Sylvanus Jarius Sandford 77 Jarius Sandford Benoni Gillett 80 Benoni Gillett

County of New Haven

Elijah Hatchkiss 78 Elijah Hatchkiss


Samuel Warner 80 Stephen Warner Joell Huff 83 Silas Andrews Lois Merriman 76 Lois Merriman

North Haven

John Smith 85 John Smith Sibenu Barnes 80 Merit Barnes John Pierpont 87 John Pierpont Rebecca Chace 72 Horace Chace James Donnow - James Donnow Martin Jethro - Martin Jethro Joel Brockett 80 Joel Brockett


Eunice Ford 75 Stephen B. Ford Ephraim Strong 85 William Strong Samuel Higby 81 Samuel Higby Rhosmantu Rhodus 53 Samuel C. Mervin Eunice Wise 69 Eunice Wise Benjamin Gillet 82 Benjamin Gillet Mary Glenney - William Glenney Martha Sackett 80 Martha Sackett Abigail Baldwin 77 Abigail Baldwin Molly Ston 87 Isaac J. Gum William Durand 80 William Durand Nathan Oviatt 75 Nathan Oviatt Anna Northrop 78 Thomas Lawrence Anna Ball 82 Abel Baldwin Samuel Gurn 78 Joseph Fowler Mary Dickinson 81 Samuel Dickinson Mary Bryan 79 Addison Beard David Bristol 76 David Bristol Samuel Peck 75 Samuel Peck Joseph C. Clark 89 Joseph C. Clark Susan Beard 81 Joseph Beard David Smith 84 David Smith Samuel B. Smith 84 Samuel B. Smith Elisha Clark 85 Amos Clark Samuel Durand 79 Samuel Durand Nathan Nettleton 76 Nathan Nettleton Isaac Clark 77 Isaac Clark Jedediah Ston 83 Jedediah Ston Elisha Sandford 89 Elisha Sandford


Daniel Allen 82 Enoch Summers Lelia Trowbridge 70 Leman Brockett Abigail Allen 85 Octural Catlin John Bryan 86 Thomas Painter Samuel Parsons 79 Samuel Parsons Miles Mallet 77 Miles Mallet


Anna Tyler 78 Cyral Tyler Ichabod Ires 81 Ichabod Ires Ruth Hall 74 Ruth Hall Andrews Hall 81 Andrews Hall Jeremiah Hall 77 Jeremiah Hall Fanny Henry 73 Fanny Henry Hannah Davidson 74 Hannah Davidson Jonathan Batholomew 85 Jonathan Batholomew David Barnes 76 David Barnes Meriman Catherine 82 - Marlin Buel 81 Marlin Buel Mabel Allen 75 Mabel Allen

North Branford

Abram Wheldon 78 Abram Wheldon John Robinson 79 John Robinson Ruth Rogers 83 Ebenezer Rogers Othiel Stent 88 Otheil Stent Stephen Smith 89 Stephen Smith John Potter 80 David Page Hannah Rose 78 Hannah Rose Eunice Russell 71 David A. Russell Desire Baldwin 84 Bessie Levi Jonathan Munson 84 Chauncy Munson Sarah Lindsley 76 John Lindsley, 2d. Elihu Foot 83 Edwin Foot Pure Bunnel 85 Luther Bunnel Kesiah Baldwin 76 Anson Baldwin


Robert Smith 83 Thomas T. Baldwin Elizabeth Benham 81 Elizabeth Benham Martha Ives 85 Phineas T. Ives Huldah Johnson 86 Huldah Johnson Amasa Merriam 82 Amasa Merriam Joseph Juiss 79 Benjamin Juiss Abner Way 86 Abner Way Jerusha Brown 76 Jerusha Brown


Samuel Talmage 80 Samuel Talmage Susanna Durand 77 Susanna Durand John Field 81 John Field Stephen Parker 81 Stephen Ives Lydia Clark 87 Aaron A. Hitchcock Elijah Bradley 80 Elijah Bradley Sylvia Brown 76 Sylvia Brown Hannah Chidsey 83 Hannah Chidsey Abigail Goodsel 94 Trueman Colt Phebe Vavenport 81 Phebe Davenport Temperance Hotchkiss 79 Lyman Hotchkiss Rosanna Pardee 78 Ceba Munson Mabel Tyler 74 William Tyler Abraham W. Johnson 89 Wylly Thompson Eli Forbes 80 Eli Forbes Anna Smith 88 Daniel Smith John A. Thomas 70 John A. Thomas John Rowe 86 John Rowe Enos Herringway 85 Enos Herringway Lucinda Miles 77 Stephen Smith, 2d. Sarah Smith 81 Degrasse Mallby Jared Grannis 85 Frederic Grannis Jesse Luddington 84 Joseph Grannis


Martha Rogers 86 John Jowner Mason Hobart 88 Mason Holbart Desire Baldwin 83 Desire Baldwin Iriphena Palmer 86 Timothy Bradley, jr. Edmund Morris 82 Edmund Morris Phebe Beach 82 John Beach John Monro 87 Woodward Page James Goodrich 82 Joseph Goodrich Mary Barker 78 James Barker Josiah Irisbie 89 Irisbie Heman Rogers 84 Heman Rogers


John Stone 80 John Stone Jerry Scranton 84 Jerry Scranton Mabel Meigs 83 Isaac Meigs Nathan Chittenden 82 Nathan Chittenden Abraham Chittenden 89 H. W. Chittenden Mary Hart 73 George London Timothy Seward 86 Timothy Seward James Davis 75 James Davis Sarah Talmage 82 Sarah Talmage Medad Potter 84 Russell Potter John Coan 77 John Coan, jr. Jared Dudley 83 Jared Dudley


Gilead Bradley 83 Gilead Bradley Timothy Grave 81 Timothy Grave Jeffrey Smith 78 Jeffrey Smith Jonathan Lee 78 Jonathan Lee Saul Foster 85 Frederick Foster Abraham Hill 77 Abraham Hill Vial Richmond 76 Vial Richmond Morris Jones 85 Morris Jones Noah Benton 77 Noah Benton Timothy Scranton 88 Timothy Scranton


Samuel Hawkins 78 Samuel Hawkins John Beers 81 John Beers Mary Morris 74 Mary Morris Bradford Steele 84 Bradford Steele Nathaniel Johnson 82 Nathaniel Johnson William Kenney 83 Isaac Kenney Abel Holbrook 77 Thomas C. Holbrook James Bassett 83 Josiah Bassett Lucy Tomlinson 69 Philo Bassett Wilson Hurd 77 Wilson Hurd Abigail Pool 75 Betsey Hawkins Ruth Hallock 71 Garrett Smith Anna Hawkins 84 Isaac Hawkins


Edward Bassett 84 Edward Bassett Prudence Lounsbury 76 Edward E. Mallory Samuel Candee 87 Samuel Candee Phineas Johnson 79 Chester Matfield Timothy Johnson 82 Timothy Johnson Job Candee 80 Daniel Tucker Uri Scott 81 Uri Scott


Isaac Northrop 80 William Hargee


Edward Field (Mary) 62 Edward Field Ransom Mix 48 Ransom Mix Selah Bronson 77 Selah Bronson Sarah Judd 81 Sarah Judd Giles Brockett 79 Giles Brockett Thomas Judd 63 Thomas Judd Sarah Merrell 85 Elijah F. Merrell Ebenezer Brown 82 Samuel Bunnell Ward Peck 77 Ward Peck Mercy Miles 76 Samuel Stocking Sarah Welton 81 Isaac B. Castle Elihu Spencer 78 Elihu Spencer Francis P. Gardner 26 Francis Fowler Culpepper Hoadley 75 Culpepper Hoadley Abigail Poole 75 William H. Tomlinson Ursula Wooster 79 Ursula Wooster Jared Merrill 49 Jared Merrill Jared Terrell 82 Horace Terrell Sarah Pitts 85 Sarah Pitts Ansel Spencer 76 Ansel Spencer


Lucius Tuttle 91 Betsey H. Hall Isaac Bronson 78 Isaac Bronson Joseph Miner 84 Joseph Miner Lydia Alcox 74 Lydia Alcox Nathaniel Lane 76 Anson G. Lane Benjamin Bement 85 Benjamin Bement Ruth Wooden 83 Ruth Finch Phebe Peck 74 Moses Pond


Elizabeth Lewis 85 Chester Scovill Eben Hatchkiss 82 Eben Hatchkiss Archibald Sanford 81 Archibald Sanford Mabel Munson 80 Mabel Munson


Benjamin Fenn 84 Benjamin Fenn Hannah Bronson 85 Hannah Bronson Asahel Bronson 80 Asahel Bronson Ebenezer Richardson 56 Aaron Freeman Daniel Clark 77 Daniel Clark Aaron Benedict 95 Aaron Benedict


Aaron Tuttle 84 Aaron Tuttle Sarah Henman 78 Sarah Henman Sarah Lines 78 John E. Smith Abijah Peck 83 Abijah Peck Mary Bassett 81 Bronson Wheeler William Burr 78 William Burr Samuel Smith 78 Samuel Smith Ebenezer Hyde 81 Laurens Hyde Samuel Botsford 79 Samuel Botsford Nathan Gregory 79 Nathan Gregory

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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