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1810 Federal Census Index
Town of Cambray
St. Lawrence County, New York

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Austin, Daniel
Austin, Isaac
Austin, Pardy
Babcock, Pardon
Barnel, Collum
Barns, James
Barns, Rockwell
Boulton, Joseph
Brown, Aaron
Bullock, Calvin
Case, Ephraim
Cleghorn, William
Cole, Alpha
Cole, Eben
Cole, Hedad
Coulton, Jothn P.
Coulton, Wm.
Foster, Wm
Gates, Ebr. C.
Goodrich, Allen
Hale, James
Hill, Nathan
Hough, Elijah
Kimbol, Pulhard
Lawton, Josiah
McMaster, Asa
Morgan, Isaac
Nobles, Reuben
Pain, Jonathan
Parker, John
Patterson, Stephen
Porter, Israel
Shelden, Timothy
Sickols, Eben
Smith, Benjm
Smith, --eale (?)
Smith, Willard
Spencer, John
Spencer, John
Sprague, Samuel B.
Thompson, James
Townsend, Prichard
Wealch, Henry
Wood, T---- (?)

1810 St. Lawrence County, New York Federal Census records