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Gallia County Ohio Obituaries Extracted From The Gallipolis Journal, Gallipolis, Ohio, 1870-1874

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1870-1874 Obituaries from the Gallipolis Journal, in Gallipolis, Gallia County Ohio.

BING, Elizabeth P., Obituary

At her residence, on Live Oak, between State and Eleanor streets, New Orleans, on Tuesday, Oct. 20th, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Bing, wife of J. M. Bing, aged twenty-fiveyears, seven months and twenty-eight days. Mr. Bing is a son of Mr. James Bing, of Addison township, this county. He was a member of the 56th O. V. I., and married in New Orleans, which city has been his home since the close of the war. Mr. Bing has the sincere sympathy of his many friends in this county on account of his bereavement. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 5,1874]

BOLLES, Joshua W., Obituary

DIED. BOLLES -- In this city, on the 18th of May, 1874, Joshua W. Bolles, aged 78 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, May 21, 1874]

CADOT, Lemuel, Obituary

DIED. In Scioto county, June 6th, 1874, Lemuel Cadot, aged 79 years. He was the father of the Messrs. Cadot's of this city. He was born in Gallipolis on the 4th of July, 1795, being born of French parents, who were among the original French settlers of this city. He has been afflicted for five years with paralysis, and for the last two years was unable to help himself, or even talk intelligently. He was an upright citizen, esteemed and loved by all who knew him. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, June 11, 1874]

CHENEY, Nancy, Obituary

DIED. In this city, of consumption, on Thursday morning, Mrs. Nancy Cheney, wife of Francis M. Cheney, in the 27th year of her age. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, September 17, 1874]

CHILDERS, Frankie, Obituary

DIED. December 12th, 1874, Frankie Childers, son of William and Mary Childers, aged 3 years 10 months and 23 days.

"Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." F. A. M. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 31, 1874]

CLARK, Frances Harriet, Obituary

DIED. Nov. 24th, 1874, at her residence in Clay township, Mrs. Frances Harriet Clark. She was born Sept. 13th, 1843; for sixteen years was a faithful member of the M. E. Church. Her loss is greatly felt in this community. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 3, 1874]

COLEMAN, June, Obituary

Drowned. -- Three colored men, in attempting to cross the river, Saturday night, about 11 o'clock, were drowned. Their names are, Henry Alexander, June Coleman and ____ Smith, residents of this city. The wind was blowing a gale, and the waves running high, and it is supposed the boat upset or filled with water. Their cries for help were fearful. Messrs. R. Aleshire, jr., Police officer Wm. Cromley, jr., Geo. Denny and Chas. Robinson, manned a skiff and went to their assistance, but they were too late; nothing was seen of either the skiff or the men.

P. S. We learn that Alexander was saved. He kept his hold on the skiff until he had floated to near Clipper Mill, a distance of about three miles, when he was relieved from his perilous position by the steamer Julia No. 2. He reports the other two drowned soon after the capsizing of the boat. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, March 12, 1874]

COMBS, J. Seth, Obituary

DIED. In this city (Gallipolis, Ohio), May 11th, J. Seth Combs, aged 47 years. The deceased was born in Delaware county, N. Y., and came to this county in 1859, where he married. He had been a resident of this city since 1861. For many years he had suffered much from rheumatism. He was a kind husband and father, and an honest, upright citizen. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, May 21, 1874]

DARST, Warren, Obituary

DIED. DARST--In Clay township, June 6th, 1874, Warren Darst, aged about 25 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, June 11, 1874]

DECKARD, Harry, Obituary

DIED. In Huntington township, Feb. 13th, 1874, Harry, son of H. and S. Deckard, aged 18 months and 11 days.

Why thus lament in sadness lone, Why let these tears of anguish fall, Why grieve that one so young has flown, Why back to life the loved one call? Look up, look up! the jasper walls Are nearer now than e'er before; With beckoning hand your loved one calls, For joy stands waiting there; come o'er And gain the peace, and joy and rest, Within the mansions of the blest.

A. FRIEND. Hickory Hill, Feb. 24. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, March 5, 1874]

DENNY, Sophia, Obituary

DIED. In Ewington, Nov. 27th, 1874, of consumption, Miss Sophia Denny, daughter of Wm. R. Denny, Esq. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 3, 1874]

ERFURTH, Clement, Obituary

DIED. At his residence near this city, of cosumption, on Sunday evening, April 19th, Clement Erfurth, aged 38 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, April 23, 1874]

EWING, Thomas, Obituary

Another Pioneer has Departed.
At Ewington, Gallia county, Ohio, May 27th, 1874, Thomas Ewing, aged 86 years, 9 months and 27 days.

Thomas Ewing was born in Bath (now Pocahontas) county, Virginia, July 30th, 1788, was married to Miss Austis Killlison 1810, and emigrated to Ohio the same year; settled in Huntington township, Gallia county, remained on the same farm 57 years, and cleared over 100 acres of the same. He was early trained to the use of fire-arms and the huntsman's art, and known far and near as an expert in each. When he came here this was an almost untrodden wilderness--no roads, mills or bridges, no school-house or place of public worship. The savory meat of the deer, the wild turkey and the bear, with meal pounded in a mortar and baked on a board, served as a rough but wholesome fare for the first few years of his married life. His earnest toil and trusty rifle, furnished abundance to meet the wants of himself and family--seven girls and two boys--all of whom arrived at years of maturity.

He served ten years in succession as Township Trustee, and nine years Justice of the Peace. Always voted the Whig ticket until the demise of that party, since which he has been a staunch Republican. Becoming too old to labor for his subsistence, and having lost the partner of his youth, he, some years ago, sold his farm and moved to Ewington, where he died a christian's death and awaits the resurrection of the just.

He was a man of more than ordinary brain, and retained, in a great measure, the vigor of his intellect to the last. Peace to his ashes. A. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, June 4, 1874]

FIFE, Mary J., Obituary

DIED. On the 29th day of August, Mrs. Mary J. Fife, wife of Warren Fife, in the 25th year of her age. The deceased was an affectionate wife and mother, leaving four children to mourn her departure. She was a member of the Freewill Baptist Church. Funeral services by Rev. Poston. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, September 17, 1874]

FILLMORE, Adan, Obituary

DIED. At Porter, on the 9th of Sept., 1874, Adan Fillmore, in the 94th year of his age. Mr. F. was born in Connecticut, and came to Ohio in 1819, and settled in Gallia county, where he has since resided. He was a worthy citizen, and a man of strict integrity, respected and revered by all his neighbors and acquaintances. He died in the hope of a better life. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, September 17, 1874]

FILLMORE, Charles D., Obituary

DIED. At his residence in the town of Porter, in Gallia county, Ohio, of typhoid pneumonia, Charles D. Fillmore, in the 54th year of his age. In his death we have lost a valuable citizen. He leaves a wife and two sons to mourn his loss. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, May 7, 1874]

FLOWER, Horace M., Obituary

DIED. In this city, on Friday evening, Horace M., son of T. B. and Percie Flower, aged 8 mos. and 15 days. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, April 23, 1874]

GOETZ, Emma Rosa, Obituary

DIED. In this city, on January 27th, 1874, Emma Rosa, aged 18 months, daughter of Sebastian and Magdalena Goetz. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, February 5, 1874]

GRAHAM, Sarah Jane, Obituary

DIED.In Green township, on Saturday, October 31st, 1874, Mrs. Sarah Jane Graham, wife of Mr. William Graham, aged 47 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 5, 1874]

GREEN, Thomas R., Obituary

Thomas R. Green died at Athens, last week, from gangreen, superinduced by trimming too closely a corn on his right foot. His leg was recently amputated, but without avail. He was a resident of Providence, R. I., and died while visiting relatives. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 26, 1874]

GUTHRIE, Truman, Obituary

Sudden Death of Truman Guthrie.

Another link in the chain binding together the present and the past has been broken. We refer to the death of Truman Guthrie, which occurred at his residence in Clay township, last Thursday, and under circumstances which forcibly impress upon us the words of divine wisdom--"In the midst of life we are in death." In the forenoon of that day he was about his business in his usual good health, to all human appearances having before him many years of labor and usefulness. About noon he left the house to take a bucket of feed to his hogs. Not returning in a resonable time, he was sought after by a member of the family. Sad, indeed, was the result. He was found a short distance from the house, lying on the ground, dead, the bucket beside him. It is supposed he died of heart disease, and it was so sudden that he had no time to call for help.

Thus has passed away this good man . In all the relations of life--as a husband and father, as a neighbor and citizen, and as a christian gentleman--he was above reproach--esteemed and honored by every one who had the favor of his acquaintance. His age was 78 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 27, 1873]

HAMILTON, Jimmie, Obituary

DIED. Dec. 20th, 1873, Jimmie, son of James and Hattie Hamilton, aged one year, eight months and five days. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, January 1, 1874]

HAMILTON, Jimmie O'Brien, Obituary

DIED. December 20th, Jimmie O'Brien, infant son of James and Harriet Hamilton, aged 19 months, 12 days.

Just when our hearts have become the most entwined about these loved ones, our Saviour takes them to draw us to Himself. May we all be as ready to enter that bright land as those of whom Jesus said: "For of such is the kingdom of Heaven." We shall meet no more to sever, by and by. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, January 29, 1874]

HATMAKER, Charles, Obituary

DIED. At his residence near this city, on Thursday, April 2d, of bronchial affection, Charles Hatmaker, aged 35 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, April 9, 1874]

HELMS, Henry, Obituary

The body of the drowned miller at Allison's mill, on Raccoon creek, was recovered last week.--His name was Henry Helms--a single man--and one much respected in the nieghborhood. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, January 20, 1870]

HENRY, Polly, Obituary

Judge Kent sent three persons to the new lunatic asylum at Athens last week. From Guyan Township went Polly Henry, single, aged 60 years. The cause of her derangement is not known; probably hereditary. The first intimation her friends had that her mind was not right was two weeks ago when she commenced screaming and hollowing. ... Later -- On Tuesday Judge Kent received a telegram stating that Polly Henry died the previous day. She will be buried at Athens. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, February 12, 1874]

HOLCOMB, Abner J., Obituary

DIED. At his residence, near Vinton, Dec. 13th, 1874, after a lingering illness of five years, Abner J. Holcomb, in the 79th year of his age. The deceased was born on the Hudson River, Orange county, on the 28th of Sept. 1796, and came to Gallia county in the year 1817. In January, 1820 he was married to Ann S. Holcomb, daughter of Gen. Samuel R. Holcomb, who still survives him. He was the father of sixteen children, fourteen of whom lived to be men and women, and eleven are still living. He was a hard-working man, a carpenter by trade, a good citizen, and a consistent christian. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 17, 1874]

HOULSWORTH, Alexander, Obituary

DIED. Alexander Houlsworth died at his residence in Raccoon township, Gallia county, June 11th, 1874, of dropsy of the heart. He was born Sept. 4th, 1806, in Green county, Pa., moved to Ohio in 1838, being a resident of this county thirty-six years. He was a kind husband, indulgent father, and good citizen. A companion and five children mourn their loss, but not as those who have no hope. He died as he had lived, a Christian. Funeral at the Free Baptist Church, at Rio Grande, on the 12th inst. Sermon by Rev. I. Z. Haning: Heb. 11-16. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, June 18, 1874]

IRION, William C., Obituary

DIED. At his residence in Harrison township, on the 13th inst., William C. Irion, in the 69th year of his age. The deceased had served about twenty years as a Magistrate, and as a neighbor and citizen was universally esteemed. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 25, 1873 December 25, 1873]

ISAMINGER, Sadie Genevieve, Obituary

DIED. In this city, on Sunday, May 15th, of scarlet fever, Sadie Genevieve, daughter of Rev. G. W. Isaminger, aged 14 months. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, May 21, 1874]

KERNS, Susannah, Obituary

DIED.At the residence of her daughter, in Gallipolis township, on the 6th of Novermber, 1874, Mrs. Susannah Kerns. She was upwards of 87 years old. Mrs. Kerns was the mother of John, Henry, Jacob, George and Adam Kerns. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 12, 1874]

KERR, William H., Obituary

DIED. Nov. 20th 1873, near Spring Valley, Decatur county, Iowa, William H. Kerr.

Mr. Kerr was born in Cumberland county, Virginia, A. D. 1803, emigrated to Gallia county, Ohio, in 1831, was a resident of that county thirty-four years, removed to Iowa eight years ago, consequently was seventy years of age. His last illness was short, only lasting six hours. He died as he had lived, calm and peaceful. Funeral services by J. S. Morrow--text, Numbers, 23d, 10th verse--Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his. M. L. B. Jackson Standard please copy. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 4, 1873]

KOONTZ, John A. G., Obituary

DIED. In Patriot, Ohio, Oct. 4th, 1874, of typhoid fever, John A. G. Koontz, aged 27 years. An honest, respectable man, liked by every one. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, October 8, 1874]

KROUSE, Jacob, Obituary

DIED. At his residence, in Green township, on the 28th ult., Mr. Jacob Krouse, in the 76th year of his age. Mr. K. was the father of Mrs. Charles Semon, of our city. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 5, 1874]

LEWIS,Catharine A., Obituary

DIED. In Raccoon township, Nov. 12, 1874, Catharine A. Lewis, wife of Abel Lewis, aged 36 years and 8 months. She leaves five children, besides a husband, to mourn the departure of a loving wife and mother. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 3, 1874]

LEWIS, Catherine, Obituary

DIED. LEWIS -- In Raccoon township, on Thursday, Nov. 12th, 1874, of consumption, Mrs. Catherine Lewis, wife of Mr. Abel Lewis. She leaves four children. For many years she had been a consistent member of the Baptist Church. She was buried at Mt. Tabor on Friday. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 19, 1874]

MALOON, Azubeth, Obituary

DIED. Azubeth Maloon was born in Chautauqua Co., New York, July 20th, 1807, and died July 9th, 1874. January 20th, 1831, she was united in marriage to Mark Maloon, who died Dec. 5th, 1863. She was the mother of 15 children; ten of the number, together with her husband, preceded her to the better land. She was a member of the M. E. Church over thirty years, was a faithful Christian, loving her church and the cause of her Master more and more. She spoke without alarm her coming change, expressing herself as being ready and willing to go--saying she had more she expected to meet on the other side of the shore than she would leave on this side. Her sufferings were great, yet she bore them with patience, saying, "The Lord's will be done." Toward the close of her life nothing was so entertaining to her as the songs of Zion. She was often heard to say, "Bless the Lord; Oh, my soul, praise the Lord." She expressed her trust in the Savior, saying she desired to go and be with him. She was a bright and shining light. Those that knew her could truthfully say--behold a Christian, indeed. M. M. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, August 13, 1874]

McCLEELAND, Freddie A., Obituary

DIED. Freddie A., son of Andrew and Sarah McClelland, March 4th, 1874, of lung fever, aged 9 months and 2 days. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, March 12, 1874]

McCORMICK, Ellen, Obituary

DIED.-- In Green township, on the 23d, Ellen, daughter of Mr. James McCormick, aged 12 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, October 29, 1874]

McCORMICK, Mary Helen (Ellen), Obituary

DIED. Of diptheria, in Green township, Oct. 23d, 1874, in the eleventh year of her age, Mary Helen, youngest daughter of James McCormick. Helen was an obedient and intelligent child, and by her modest and amiable disposition, won the hearts of all who formed her acquaintance. She took more than usual interest for one of her years, in the Sabbath School, and was always prompt and clear in reciting the lessons of truth. Conscious that death was approaching, she bade her friends good-by, requesting them to meet her in heaven, evincing clearly the fact, that a child may teach us the beauty and strength of the Christian faith in its saving power. J. W. M. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 5, 1874]

McCORMICK, Vesta L., Obituary

Sad Accident. On Tuesday of last week, Mr. John W. McCormick, his son Wayland, (aged about seventeen years) Mrs. Vesta L. McCormick, wife of Mr. James McCormick, and her aunt, Mrs. Loring, from Belpre, Ohio, started in an express for Portland, Jackson county. The first named was going off on business, his son was to bring the express back, and Mrs. McCormick was returning with her aunt, who had been here on a visit, to Belpre. While going down the hill at Oak Hill a bolt which fastened a single-tree to the double-tree slipped out, causing the single-tree to drop down on the heels of one of the horses. The horse commenced kicking, and becoming unmanagable pulled one side of the express upon a steep bank, and threw all in the express out, Mrs. Loring falling upon Mrs. McCormick. The ladies were taken into a house close at hand, and Mr. McCormick went to Portland for a physician. Upon examination the latter pronounced none of the injuries serious, and leaving the ladies in good hands, Mr. McCormick, supposing that nothing serious would result from the fall, went on upon his trip. The next day Mr. James McCormick went out and found his wife, with Mrs. Loring, where they had been left, and neither complaining of injuries received. On Thursday night, however, Mrs. McCormick died from internal injuries received. Mrs. Loring, the lady who fell upon her, was very heavy, weighing perhaps two hundred pounds. The body was brought home and, on Friday, was interred at Mt. Zion Church; funeral services by Rev. Tracy. The deceased was a sister of Mr. David Trobridge, of Ohio township. Mr. McCormick has the sympathy of many friends. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, July 16, 1874]

McGRATH, Daniel, Obituary

DIED. -- At the residence of Mr. James Odell, in Green township, on Saturday, November 7th, of rheumatism of the heart, Mr. Daniel McGrath, in the 62d year of his age. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 12, 1874]

MITCHELL, John S., Obituary

DIED. In Vinton, on Saturday, June 5th, 1874, of heart disease, Mr. John S. Mitchell, in the eighty-third year of his age. The deceased was born in Yorkshire, England; emigrated to this country in 1817, and finally settled in Gallia county in 1839. He was the father of Mrs. E. T. Holcomb, of Vinton. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, June 11, 1874]

MYERS, Capt. John S., Obituary

DIED. MYERS -- On Monday night, November 30th at 11:30, Capt. John S. Myers, in the 61st year of his age. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 3, 1874]

PATCHELL, John, Obituary

DIED. At his residence on Third street, in this city, Thursday evening, Nov. 25th, 1874, of typhoid pneumonia, Mr. John Patchell, aged 33 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 3, 1874]

PATRICK, Mrs. Geo. H., Obituary

DIED. In this city, Oct. 8th, 1874, Mrs. Geo. H. Patrick, in the 63d year of her age. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, October 15, 1874]

PAYNE, Willie, Obituary

DIED. In Gallipolis, August 18th, Willie, son of James H. and Lucinda P. Payne; aged 7 months.

Little Willie, thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, September 8, 1870]

ROE, Nancy, Obituary

DIED. In Clay township, Gallia county, Ohio, Feb. 28th, 1874. Mrs. Nancy Roe, aged 66 years, 5 months and 9 days, and had been a member of the Baptist Church 35 years; was a kind mother and affectionate wife, and was beloved by all who knew her. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, April 2, 1874]

SAFFORD, Joanna, Obituary

DIED. SAFFORD -- In this city, on Monday, the 2d inst., Miss Joanna Safford, aged about 75 years. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 5, 1874]

SHIELDS, Mrs., Obituary

DIED. SHIELDS---On the 5th inst., Mrs. Shields departed this life at the ripe age of 82 years. She was born in 1792, in Essex county, Va.; married in 1817 to Nathan Shields; moved to Ohio in 1826. For a period of forty-eight years her home was in Gallia county. She was the mother of nine children; five of them are left to mourn the loss of a mother. Her demise was unexpected by her friends, though she repeatedly spoke of the near approach of death. For three days she was not as well as usual, a few minutes before she died she walked out of the room, returned to her bed, and soon passed away. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 31,1874]

SKINNER, Mary M. (nee Bing), Obituary

Mary M. Bing was born in Rutland, Meigs county, Ohio, October 5th, 1834; married Thomas Skinner in Rutland, Meigs county, Ohio, August 31st, 1856; removed to Lincoln county, Kansas, in the autumn of 1866. Mrs. S. was one of the pioneers of the West. A brave woman and good neighbor, a trusty friend, very widely respected, and deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends. She has left a husband and five children, four boys and one girl, to mourn her loss. She died in great peace on Monday morning, at 2 o'clock, March 9th, 1874. Funeral at their own house, Tuesday, 10th, attended by a numerous circle of sorrowing friends and neighbors. Funeral discourse by Rev. J. Medcraft, of Lincoln Center, Kansas. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, March 26, 1874]

STEVENS, Will R., Obituary

DIED. At the residence of his father, W. R. B. Stevens, in this city, on Tuesday, March 31st, of affection of the lungs, Will R. Stevens, aged 30 years.[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, April 9, 1874]

THOMAS, Elmer, Obituary

DIED. At Centerville, on the 27th ult., of croup, Elmer, son of Mr. Jno. J. Thomas, aged two years and three months. The deceased was a bright boy, the pride of his parents. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, November 5, 1874]

THOMPSON, William D., Obituary

DIED. In Nashville, Tenn., on the 12th of May, 1874, after a lingering illness of 10 months, Wm. D. Thompson, formerly of this city, aged 29 years and 8 months. He was a young man of excellent education and good qualities, and bade fair to become an honorable member of society, but God, in His all wise providence, thought best to call him to Himself. A week previous to his death he embraced religion, and all his desire was that he might be brought and laid to rest among his kindred and friends. His remains were brought to this city on the 18th inst., by his brother, G. W. Thompson; and on the 19th, were followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of sorrowing friends. He leaves an aged widowed mother to mourn his loss, but her loss is his eternal gain. "Be ye followers of me as I am also of Christ." M. J. L. [Oberlin and Cleveland papers please copy.] [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, June 11, 1874]

VAUGHN, Polly, Obituary

In this city, at the residence of her son, Feb. 3d, 1874, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Polly Vaughn, in the 74th year of her age. She had been a member of the M. E. Church for over forty years, and left a bright and shining evidence that she had gone to reap the reward of a well spent life. Mother Vaughn sleeps in Jesus. May we all meet round his throne. M. J. L. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, February 12, 1874]

WEAVER, William, Obituary

DIED. In this city, on the 6th of December, 1874, of cancer, William Weaver, aged 72 years. Mr. W. was born in Maryland, and settled in Gallipolis twenty years ago. His wife still survives him. His parents were German, and he was twenty-one years of age before he could speak English. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, December 10, 1874]

WISE, Maggie M., Obituary

DIED. WISE -- Of consumption, at the home of her parents in Clay township, August 27th, 1874, Maggie M., daughter of George and Julia A. Wise, aged 28 years, 9 months and 22 days. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.), Thursday, September 17, 1874]