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Washington County New York Abstracts of Wills - Book Four: 1817 - 1821

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KENNEDY, Alexander of Argyle
Dated: Dec. 26, 1808
Probated: Feb. 5, 1817
Wife: Sybel
Daughters: Catherine Robertson, Sally Kennedy, Margaret Kennedy
Sons: Alexander, James, John
Executors: son James, John Robinson
Witnesses: James Robertson, Isaac Crawford

HOXSIN, Abraham of Easton, Washington County
Dated: Mar. 1, 1816
Probated: Mar. 10, 1817
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Stephen
Brother: Lodowick
Sister: Tabitha
Executors: Lewis Tabor, Adam Allen, wife
Witnesses: Adam Allen, Dorcas Averill, William B. Strout

VAUGHN, Francis of Kingsbury
Dated: Feb. 7, 1816
Probated: Mar. 10, 1817
Wife: Polly
Children: Green, Olive, Julian, Artimas, Polly, Nelson
Executrix: wife
Executors: Stephen, David
Witnesses: James Vaughn, William M. Vaughn, Isaiah Pasco

ROWAN, Stephen of Salem
Dated: Nov. 28, 1816
Probated: Mar. 6, 1817
Wife: Sally
Executors: Daniel Coon, Sally Rowan
Witnesses: Isaac Powers, Jonathan Francis

CONAWAY, William of Hebron
Dated: Mar. 29, 1817
Probated: Apr. 18, 1817
Sons: Thomas, David, John, William, Joseph, Ebenezer, James, Samuel
Daughters: Elenor Beers, Elizabeth Crookshank, Jane Conaway, Esther Conaway, Margaret Conaway, Molly Conaway
Executors: Thomas Conaway, James Conaway
Witnesses: John Moodie, James Read, John Rea, Jr., signed "X"

CURTIS, Comfort of White Creek
Dated: Oct. 7, 1816
Probated: May 19, 1817
Wife: Rachel
Sons: Comfort, Stephen, David, Solomon
Daughters: Rachel (w. of Timothy Mosher), Sally (w. of Alexander Whitney), Olive (w. of David Deane), Anna (w. of Alexander Annis)
Executors: sons Stephen, Solomon, William Richards
Witnesses: Joseph Stewart, Jr., George McKee, Jabez Mosher

GOODELL, John of Hartford
Dated: May 14, 1817
Probated: May 21, 1817
Wife: Ruth
Daughter: Sally Mariah
Executor: Ezekiel Goodell
Witnesses: Alpheus Underhill, Louis Canfield

HOAG, Jonathan of Easton
Dated: May 4, 1817
Probated: June 13, 1817
Wife: Sarah
Daughters: Marael Buel, Anna, Comfort
Sons: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Robert, Ira
Grandson: Jonathan Buel
Executors: nephew Elisha Hoag, son Robert
Witnesses: Elisha Hoag, Ruth Hoag, Elisha Baker

FORT, Jacob of Cambridge
Dated: Nov. 1, 1808
Probated: June 18, 1817
Wife: Anne
Sons: Garret, Gideon, Abraham, James
Executors: Isaac Worden of Schaticoke, Walter Comwell of Cambridge
Witnesses: David Witt, John Fort, signed "X", Hazael Shepard

WILSON, John of Hebron
Dated: Nov. 4, 1809
Probated: Nov. 11, 1817
Wife: Agnes
Sons: John, Nathan, Asa
Daughters: Rachel Wheadon, Miriam Foster, Olive Wheadon
Executors: wife Agnes, sons John, Nathan
Witnesses: Thomas Dixon, David Wilson, W. Livingston

HAUGHTON, Elijah of Cambridge
Dated: Mar. 14, 1816
Probated: July 10, 1817
Sons: Elijah, Jehiel
Daughters: Ann (w. of Abijah Hubble), Clarissa (w. of James Schoolcraft), Orra (w. of Christopher Switzer), Keziah (w. of Levi Patterson), Molly (w. of Caleb Loomis)
Grandson: Daniel Griswold
Granddaughter: Sally, w. of Anson Holister
Executors: son Jehiel
Witnesses: W. Campbell, John Burns, William Bell, signed "X".

BARNEY, James of Fort Ann
Dated: June 25, 1817
Probated: July 8, 1817
Wife: Polly
Brothers and sisters
Executor: George Clark of Fort Ann
Witnesses: Henry Thorn, Joseph M. Bull, Morris Mead

HATCH, Henry of Greenville
Dated: Apr. 7, 1817
Probated: July 20, 1817
Brother: Samuel
Nathan R. Crippin
Wife: Rhoda
Daughters: Lydia, Laura, Polly, Aurilla
Sons: James, David, Harry
Executors: brother Samuel of Granville, Jeremiah Spicer of Granville
Witnesses: James Grant, William Grant, Peter Grant

BROWNSON, Cornelius of Granville
Dated: May 24, 1817
Probated: July 10, 1817
Wife: Susannah
Son: John
Daughters: Anna McFarland, Polly Delong, decd., Luena, dau. of Elizabeth Brownson of Litchfield, Conn.
Executor: Silas Kellog of Hampton
Witnesses: Elijah Downs, Cylinda Downs, Joel T. Collins

DAWSON, John of Cambridge
Dated: May 22, 1817
Probated: Aug. 28, 1817
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: William
Grandson: John Dawson
Daughter-in-law: Polly Dawson
Daughters: Rosanna (w. of Henry Fermm), Mary (w. of Jeremiah Whalley)
Executrix: wife
Executor: son William
Witnesses: Thomas Lamb, Herman Van Veghten, G. Wendell, signed "X"

VAN SCHAICK, Jacob of Easton
Dated: Oct. 13, 1810
Probated: Sept. 16, 1817
Sons: Hendrick, Gerrit, Evert
Daughter: Maria, w. of Simon Deridder
Granddaughter: Gertje (w. of David P. Becker)
Grandchildren: Rachel, (w. of Jacob Van Schaick), Anna, Peggy, Evert, Jacob, Gerrit, children of my deceased daughter Sarah (w. of Wm. Vandenbergh)
Daughter: Sarah, decd. (w. of William Vandenbergh)
Wife: Geertje
Executors: sons Hendrick, Gerrit, Ezekiel Ensign
Witnesses: Fones Wilber, William Jacoby, Abm. Waight

BARBER, Daniel of Greenwich
Dated: Mar. 20, 1817
Probated: Oct. 6, 1817
Wife: Susannah
Children: Abraham, Rocksene Cole, Amasa, Alpheus, William, Daniel, Stamber, Comfort
Executor: son Comfort
Witnesses: Joseph Wilber, Ebenezer Loomis, Elisha Baker

HILL, Margaret, widow, of Cambridge
Dated: Mar. 1, 1817
Probated: Nov. 6, 1817
Daughters: Elizabeth (w. of Charles Harford), Martha (w. of Jesse Billings)
Granddaughter: Margaret Harford
Executors: George Barker, William Russell of White Creek
Witnesses: Mehetable Tomb, Nancy McFarland, William Qua

ADAMS, Wright of Fort Ann
Dated: Feb. 24, 1817
Probated: Jan. 30, 1818
Wife: Caty
Sons: Earl, Robert, Girdin
Youngest children: Anna, Wright, Margaret, Charles
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Daniel B. Shepherd, Keeler Burdick, Timothy Burbank

BEATTY, Thomas of Salem
Dated: Mar. 29, 1808
Probated: Mar. 7, 1818
Sons: James, Walter, Alexander, Thomas
Daughter: Polly
Wife: Janet
Executrix: wife
Executor: son Walter
Witnesses: John Beaty, John Beaty, Jr., John Crary

WHEADON, Benjamin of Jackson
Dated: Mar. 21, 1818
Probated: Apr. 17, 1818
Daughter: Jerusha Vance and her son Benjamin
Sons: Augustus, James, John, Charles, Winthrop
Daughter: Sarah Hows
Sally, w. of Isaac Harvey
Executrix: wife
Executor: son John
Witnesses: Phineas Hitchcock, Benjamin Harvey, Nancy Merrils, signed "X"

NELSON, John S., Jr. of Argyle
Dated: Feb. 16, 1818
Probated: Apr. 22, 1818
Eldest daughter: Louelle Nelson
Eldest son: Joseph
Daughter: Sarah Nelson otherwise Lister
Youngest son: John B.
Executors: Edward Riggs, son John B.
Witnesses: George Hall, Andrew Foster, signed "X"

FOSTER, Allen of Greewich
Dated: Mar. 8, 1818
Probated: May 27, 1818
Wife: Jemima
Eldest daughter: Sarah Crandal
3d daughter: Nancy
2nd daughter: Miranda
4th daughter: Amarilla
5th daughter: Laura
Youngest daughter: Mary
Executors: son James, Joseph Heath
Witnesses: Jonathan Sprague, Richard Parker, Edward Barber

EDDY, Henry of Easton
Dated: Apr. 10, 1818
Probated: June 8, 1818
Sons: Charles, Russel
Daughters: Susannah David, Freeborn Upton, Lydia Upton, Patience Hoag
Executors: Jonathan Griffin, Isaac Upton
Witnesses: Calvin Smith, Jacob Van Buren, Gerrit H. Van Schaick

HILLS, Reuben of Hartford
Dated: Nov. 29, 1817
Probated: July 1, 1818
Sons: Reuben, Justin, Ezekiel, Harris
Daughters: Lory Smith, Sophia Bryant
Wife: Hulda
Executors: son Ezekiel, wife
Witnesses: Lyman Hall, Samuel Taylor, Aaron Hills

GREEN, Benjamin of Hancock Co., of Berkshire, Mass.
Dated: Sept. 10, 1818
Probated: Sept. 10, 1818
Wife: Comfort
Sons: James, Caleb, Benjamin, Jr.
Daughters: Gerty Robinson, Sarah Townsin
Grandchildren: Robison Keech, Patience Barber, Salsborough Keech, Caleb Robison
Executor: son Caleb
Witnesses: Rodman Hazard, John Niles, signed "X", James L. Hakes, signed "X"

COLE, Thomas of Hartford, farmer.
Dated: Sept. 14, 1818
Probated: Nov. 17, 1818
Wife: Susan
Sons: Eli, John, Alpha
Executors: Joseph Harris, merchant, of Hartford, David Woolley, carpenter, of Hartford
Witnesses: John Hodge, Asahel Hodge, Jr., William Case

TOWNSEND, Mary of Salem
Dated: Mar. 6, 1818
Probated: Dec. 14, 1818
Friend: Mary Williams, widow of the late Gen. John Williams of Salem
Elizabeth McGee, wife of James, of New York City
Mary, dau. of Major John Williams
Sarah Blackwell, adopted dau. of Mr. James and Elizabeth McGee of New York City
Mary Proudfit, dau. of Rev. Dr. Proudfit
Mary Proudfit, dau. of widow Elizabeth Proudfit
James, son of Rev. Dr. Proudfit
Emily Huntington Williams, dau. of William
My sister Sarah, w. of Joshua Bentt and her daughter Hannah Berry of Manchester
Niece: Sarah Holland of Manchester
Jane, w. of John Taylor of New York City
Executors: Mrs. Mary Williams of Salem, Mrs. Elizabeth McGee of New York City
Witnesses: Samuel Berman, Israel Williams

HITCHCOCK, Elizabeth of Hartford
Dated: Sept. 8, 1812
Probated: Dec. 26, 1818
Husband: Simeon
Executor: husband
Witnesses: Walter Colton, Tryphena Colton, Luna Colton

WATSON, Thomas of Argyle
Dated: Apr. 14, 1813
Probated: Feb. 11, 1819
Son: Thomas
Brother: Andrew
Executor: nephew Thomas Watson
Witnesses: John Reid, Alexander Reid, John Reid, Jr.

MEAD, Herman of Kingsbury
Dated: Nov. 28, 1818
Probated: Feb. 11, 1819
Wife: Zilpha
Mother: Patience
Daughter: Phebe
Executors: Collins Hitchcock, Noble Hitchcock, Hiram Cole
Witnesses: Joseph White, Israel Mead, Amanda Lane, signed "X"

POOLE, Thomas of Salem
Dated: Oct. 19, 1818
Probated: Mar. 3, 1819
Sons: Joseph, Richard
Daughters: Elise (w. of John Gillespy), Mary (w. of Rufus Coon), Helen (w. of Thomas Smith)
Executors: Rufus Coon, Abraham Savage
Witnesses: Nathaniel Carswell, William Moncrief, Jr., Robert Armstrong

HITCHCOCK, Abner of Granville
Dated: Dec. 3, 1817
Probated: June 7, 1819
Wife: Anna
Children: C. E., Bushrod W., Falvel E., Philip D., Charry, Ann
Executrix: wife
Executor: brother Phinehas
Witnesses: Asaph Cook, Joseph Tanner, Electy Tanner

GILLIS, Archibald of Argyle
Dated: Dec. 8, 1813
Probated: Mar. 19, 1819
Sons: John, Alexander, Joseph
Daughters: Nancy, Catherine
Executors: sons John and James
Witnesses: John Crary, John McNeil, James McNeil

MILLS, James of Argyle
Dated: not dated
Probated: Mar. 19, 1819
Wife: Rebeckah
Son: Joseph
Daughters: Mary Ann, Susan, Elenor, Rebeckah, Margaret, Jane, Esther, Sarah
Executors: William Walsh, John Lyster, James Crosier
Witnesses: Edward Riggs, Alexander Fullerton, William Willet

SCOTT, John of Cambridge
Dated: July 15, 1812
Probated: June 14, 1819
Wife: Asenath
Daughter: Eunice, w. of Joshua Smith
Eldest sons: Benjamin, Samuel, John, James, Thomas
Daughters: Mary (w. of Asa Johnson), Olive Scott, Lois Scott
Executors: Thomas Scott, James Scott
Witnesses: John Porter, J. Boies, Paul Dennis

VIELE, Peter of Cambridge
Dated: Dec. 20, 1818
Probated: Aug. 24, 1819
Wife: Elizabeth
Daughters: Catherine (w. of Cornelius Fonda), Mariah (w. of Jacob Shutles), Hendricke (w. of John Buskirk), Alida (w. of William Groesbeck)
Executrix: wife
Executor: son-in-law Jacob Shutles
Witnesses: Winant Vanderbergh, Peter Vanderbergh, Jacob Vanderbergh, signed "X"

MONCRIEF, William of Salem
Dated: Aug. 6, 1819
Probated: Sept. 24, 1819
Wife: Sarah
Daughter: Mary Safford
Son: William
Executors: Robert Hanna, Rufus Coon
Witnesses: Abm. Allen, Agnes Moncrief, Robert Armstrong

WILLIAMS, Mary of Salem
Dated: Apr. 21, 1819
Probated: Oct. 12, 1819
Mary, dau. of Col. John Williams of Salem
Mary, dau. of Rev. Alex. Proudfit
Susan, dau. of Rev. Alex. Proudfit
Mariah, Susannah, Ann Eliza, Helen
Jane, daus. of Anthony I. Blanchard
John Norman, Ann, (w. of Abraham Dally, Jr.), of New York City, William Norman, Eliza Norman, Eveline Norman, surviving children of my deceased brother
Jane, (w. of John Taylor), of New York
Elizabeth, w. of James McGee
Sarah Blackwell, their adopted dau.
Deceased friend Mary Townsend
Rachel, (widow of Rev. John Townley), of New York
Jane Townley
Ann Townley
Eliza, (w. of Rev. Andrew N. Kittle), of Red Hook
Her sister Margaret Wyncoop, of Hyde Park
Eliza Turner, dau. of James
Mary Turner, dau. of Alexander, decd.
Jane Eliza, dau. of George Vail, of Troy
Emily, dau. of William Williams of Salem
Hulda, w. of Henry King, of Salem
Nancy McFarland, dau. of William, of Salem
John Epps of Salem
Witnesses: James M. McBride, William N. Dickson

ADAMS, Richard of Greenwich
Dated: Oct. 24, 1818
Probated: Nov. 11, 1819
Eldest son: John
4th son: Edward
3d son: Clark
Youngest son: David
Wife: Wait
Executor: 3d son Clark
Witnesses: John McGregory, James Adams, Joseph Heath

EDIE, James of Cambridge
Dated: June 24, 1806
Probated: Nov. 17, 1819
Sons: William, Ephraim, David
Daughters: Elizabeth, (w. of William Taylor), Margaret (w. of John Shiland, Jr.)
Executors: sons William, Ephraim
Witnesses: Maria Windell, Corns. Van Veghten, G. Wendell

CRIGHTON, Robert of Hebron
Dated: Feb. 4, 1820
Probated: Mar. 2, 1820
Wife: Mary
Daughter: Mary Conway
Son: William
Daughters: Betty Armstrong, Jane Crighton Wright, Agnes Wright, Sarah White
William, son of John Crighton
Robert C. Conway
Robert C. Armstrong
Robert C. Wright
Crighton Wright
Executors: son William, John Conway, David Armstrong
Witnesses: Thomas Conway, John Conway, Jr., John White

HARROW, John of Whitehall
Dated: Nov. 25, 1818
Probated: Mar. 9, 1820
Daughter: Catharine, w. of Calvin Sweet
Sons: John, Oliver
Daughter-in-law: Amy, widow of my son Ellet
Executor: son Oliver
Witnesses: Edward Leanderdoth, Thomas Barber, G. Wendell

MYGATT, Ezra of Whitehall
Dated: Mar. 12, 1820
Probated: Mar. 18, 1820
Wife: Sally
Daughter: Henrietta
Executors: Melancton Wheeler, John C. Parker, John D. Coon
Witnesses: Samuel Smith, Amasa Allen, John Williams

KNEELAND, Ichabod of Kingsbury
Dated: Feb. 22, 1819
Probated: May 31, 1820
Wife: Cynthia
Brother: Benjamin
Executors: William A. Moore of Fort Ann, Daniel Brown of Hartford, Jonathan Bellamy of Kingsbury
Witnesses: I. B. Clary, Levi H. Sweet, Henry Thom

WELLWOOF, John of Greenwich
Dated: Apr. 6, 1820
Probated: June 12, 1820
Wife: Ester
Children: Maryan, James, John, Joshua
Executors: Asa Tefft, wife
Witnesses: Miss V. D. Sybonett, Joseph Latham, Solomon Place

DENNIS, Shadrach of Cambridge
Dated: Oct. 19, 1819
Probated: June 20, 1820
Wife: Abiel
Sons: John, Arad, Aaron, Robert, William, Jonathan, Elias
Grandchildren: Alexander Hamilton Dennis, Delia Maria Dennis, children of my son Jonathan
Daughters: Susanna Cornell, Lydia Thomas, Mary Cornell
Executors: sons Arad, John
Witnesses: Jonathan Allen, Constant Sisson, Redford Dennis

WALKER, Ebenezer of Granville
Dated: Apr. 21, 1815
Probated: June 27, 1820
Wife: Elizabeth
2nd son: Silas Carpenter Walker
2nd daughter: Lorina Betsey
Sons: Ezra, Silas
Executor: Reuben Beach
Witnesses: Henry Woodward, Polly Ensign, Reuben Skinner

MCFARLAND, James of Salem
Dated: Nov. 13, 1815
Probated: June 27, 1820
Nieces: Nancy McFarland, Isabella Mathews
Heirs of James McFarland, deceased:
Margaret, Rebeckah, Martha
4 sons of James McFarland, deceased:
John, David M., Mitchel, Robert W.
Executors: Henry Mathews, William McFarland

POWERS, John of Whitecreek
Dated: June 8, 1820
Probated: Aug. 23, 1820
Wife: Anna
Daughters: Lydia (w. of Philo Benson), Polly (w. of Asa Smith), Sybil
Sons: Reuben, Tilling, Thomas
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Humphrey Russel, Ebenezer Wright, Tryphena Wilber

DARROW, Jared of Hebron
Dated: Apr. 5, 1816
Probated: Aug. 29, 1820
Daughter: Anna Stewart
Grandson: Jared Darrow Stewart
Executors: wife, George Stewart
Witnesses: Jonathan Money, Jedediah Darrow, Jr., Mayhew Safford

Dated: July 18, 1818
Probated: Aug. 29, 1820
Daughters: Bethiah (w. of John Tomb), Henrietta (w. of Samuel Coon), Cornelia (w. of Joseph Lytle), Sarah (w. of Asa Martin)
Witnesses: Hamilton McCollister, Abraham Allen, Charles McCallister

WENDELL, Cornelius of Cambridge
Dated: Dec. 2, 1806
Probated: Nov. 9, 1820
Wife: Anna
Eldest son: Gerrit
Daughter: Caty, w. of Herman V. Veghten
Sons: Hermanus G., John L.
Late uncle: Lucas V. Veghten
Sister: Arantje Wendell
Executors: wife, sons Gerrit, Hermanus, John L.
Witnesses: John Beebe, Gilead Sperry, Walter Raleigh

VAN TUYL, Abraham of Cambridge
Dated: Jan. 26, 1815
Probated: Nov. 9, 1820
Wife: Isabella
Sons: Thomas Berry, John, Abraham, Isaac
Son-in-law: John I. Perine
Daughters: Mary, Harriet
Executors: Gerrit Wendell, Robert Wilcox, sons Thomas B., Abraham
Witnesses: Rebecah Wendell, John Barber, John L. Wendell

SCHULT, William of Argyle
Dated: Mar. 5, 1816
Probated: Dec. 2, 1820
Infant children of Casparus C. Schult:
William, John, Casparus
Sister-in-law: Eve Schult
Maria, w. of Casparus C. Shult
Laura Bain, w. of Philip C.
Sister: Catherine Bain
Maria, w. of James C. Bain
Betsey, w. of Henry Timmeman
Executors: brother Casparus C., Anthony M. Hoffman
Witnesses: Peter L. Snyder, Philip C. Bain

IRVINE, James of Jackson
Dated: Oct. 28, 1820
Probated: Dec. 13, 1820
Wife: Mary
Sons: Robert, James
Daughters: Margaret (w. of John Grahms), Mary Whiteside (w. of George Lowrie), Charity
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: James T. Green, Alen Lowrie, James Stevenson

RUEL, Josiah of Easton
Dated: Sept. 4, 1820
Probated: Dec. 16, 1820
Daughter: Amanda
Wife: Sarah
Children: Ann, Orsen, Warren, Josiah Northrup
Executors: Joseph I. Northrup, Philander Tobey, son Rodney
Witnesses: Job Eldridge, Uriah Burton, Betsey Remington

CALDWELL, William of Greenwich
Dated: Dec. 11, 1820
Probated: Dec. 28, 1820
Daughter: Jane Todd
Executor: Thomas McLeane
Witnesses: William Adams, Alfred Freeman, Alexander McNaughton

MURDOCK, James of Jackson
Dated: Aug. 30, 1820
Probated: July 17, 1821
Wife: Catharine
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Alexander Livingston, James Chirry, John McFarland

DAVENPORT, Peter of Easton
Dated: Feb. 23, 1816
Probated: Jan. 29, 1821
Wife: Alida
Son: John
Daughter: Catharine
Executors: John Benneway, brother Richard Davenport, son John
Witnesses: David Coon, Richard Davenport, Robert S. McChesney

CARTER, John of Easton
Dated: June 8, 1820
Probated: Feb. 13, 1821
Leonard Cozzens, who took care of me
Executors: Leonard Cozzens, Ebenezer Carter, youngest brother
Witnesses: Gideon Cornell, Theodore Cundell

VAN VEGHTEN, Walter of Cambridge
Dated: Mar. 11, 1820
Probated: Feb. 1, 1821
Sons: Derick, Harmanus, Walter, Cornelius, Peter, Douwe, Isaac
Daughters: Alida (w. of Hiram Henry), Rebecah (w. of Gerrit Pruyn)
Wife: Jane
Executors: sons Derick, Isaac, Harmanus
Witnesses: David Henry, George R. Davis, Robert Lake

TILTON, Elijah of Easton
Dated: Aug. 10, 1820
Probated: Mar. 1, 1821
Wife: Eunice
Nephew: William
Niece: Martha
Executors: William Tilton, Martha Tilton
Witnesses: Benjamin Skinner, Jonathan Childs, David Petty

YOUNGLOVE, John of Cambridge
Dated: Aug. 9, 1817
Probated: Mar. 3, 1821
Wife: Lucy
Daughter: Azubah
Grandsons: Charles Y. Hanes, John, s. of Lucas Younglove
Granddaughters: Eliza Hanes, Harriet Hanes, Amanda Rich
Sons: Lucas, John, Lewis
Hannah, late wife of my son Moses
Son-in-law: Moses Cowan
Daughter: Polly, w. of Jesse Rich
Daughter: Elizabeth Cowan, w. of Moses
Executors: son-in-law Moses Cowan, son Lewis
Witnesses: Moses Younglove, Elijah Wells, Sydney Wells

SHEARMAN, Ruth of Cambridge, widow
Dated: June 16, 1817
Probated: Mar. 5, 1821
Daughters: Deborah Devens (?), Ruth Cook, Charity Parker
Sons: Shubal, Henry, Batchelor, John
Executors: William Hall, Oliver Shearman
Witnesses: Stephen Mosher, Valentine Randell, Ezree Shearman

LYTLE, Mary of Hebron
Dated: Jan. 9, 1821
Probated: Mar. 12, 1821
Sons: David H., William I.
Granddaughters: Maria Wilson, Agnes Wilson
Daughters: Hannah Wilson, Martha Fleck, Mary Gilchrist, Betsey Lytle, Margaret Thompson, Jane Lytle
Executors: John Steel of Salem, John Moodie of Hebron
Witnesses: Charles Stone, Benjamin Wilson, Herman Rogers

SARGENT, Isaac of Fort Ann
Dated: June 24, 1819
Probated: Mar. 10, 1821
Daughter: Lydia
Wife: Polly
Children not named
Executors: wife, Asa Goodell of Fort Ann
Witnesses: Sheldon Egerton, Alanson Kingsley

Holly, Silvanus of Whitehall
Dated: Aug. 26, 1808
Probated: Mar. 22, 1821
Wife: Mary
3 children born unto my 1st wife:
Diantha Nichols, David Holly, Sally Holly
Children by 2nd wife: not mentioned
Executors: Samuel Hatch of Whitehall, Jonathan Brown of Granville, Henry Hatch of Granville, Samuel Everts of Granville, Jeremiah Spicer of Granville
Witnesses: Ebenezer Simons, Rufus Backus, Betsey Spicer

SHERMAN, Amos P. of Whitehall
Dated: Dec. 24, 1819
Probated: May 27, 1821
Eldest son: Amos
Samuel Sherman
Daughters: Harriet Homsteed, Polly Storms, Martha Howard, Anne Sherman
2 youngest children: Joseph, Nathan P.
Wife: Patience
Executor: Thaddeus Bacon
Witnesses: William Johnson, Henry King, Harvey Bacon

MOTT, Benjamin of Hartford
Dated: Mar. 25, 1821
Probated: Mar. 30, 1821
Sister: Sarah
Executors: Zenas Carpenter, Daniel Brown
Witnesses: Daniel Brown, James H. Swift, Esther Swift

MCDONALD, Angus of Argyle
Dated: Feb. 14, 1821
Probated: Apr. 16, 1821
Wife: Ann
Executors: Daniel Shepherd, Ransom Stiles
Witnesses: Peter Killmer, Edward Riggs, Thomas McPherson

JAMES, James of Cambridge
Dated: May 17, 1801
Probated: June 6, 1821
Mother: Mary
Brothers: Joseph, William T.
Sister: Deborah, w. of Ephraim Petty
Niece and nephews: James D., Mary, children of my sister Betsey Taber, deceased
Executor: James Tefft
Witnesses: Perry Miller, John P. Wier

RIDER, Franklin of White Creek
Dated: Mar. 9, 1821
Probated: Aug. 29, 1821
Wife: Lois
Brothers: William P., Isaiah, Henry, John
Sister: Betsey Blanchard
Mother: Mary
Executor: John Alden
Witnesses: James Robertson, Arthur Acley, Silvanus Slafter

HALL, Joseph of Cambridge
Dated: May 25, 1812
Probated: Aug. 29, 1821
Sons: John, Joseph
Daughters: Deborah Van Patten, Abbe Sherwood
Wife: Nancy
Executors: wife, Austin Wells
Witnesses: Hezekiah Lane, Alexander Hulin, Amos Fowler

Dated: Apr. 21, 1821
Probated: Oct. 5, 1821
Sister: Mariah Sunderland
Executor: Mariah Sunderland
Witnesses: Abraham Boyce, Mary Ann T. Bush, Electa T. Bush

GREEN, Caleb of Hebron
Dated: May 18, 1821
Probated: Dec. 5, 1821
Daughters: Sarah Tanner, Comfort Briner, Olive, Phebe
Sons: Daniel, David, Ely, Henry, Caleb
Alford, Orsa, John, sons of Daniel Green
Executor: son John
Witnesses: Aaron Smith, Phineas Hitchcock, Elisabeth Moore