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Washington County New York Biographies - Surnames XYZ

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Washington County New York Biographies - Surnames XYZ, extracted from the Washington county, New York; its history to the close of the nineteenth century by Stone, William Leete, 1835-1908.

YOUNG, William E. Biography

William E. Young, a representative member of the bar of Washington County, N. Y., was born at Sandy Hill, this county, May 5, 1857, and was educated at the free school. Early in life he took up the study of law, which he read in the office of Hughes & Northup of Sandy Hill, and was admitted to the bar in January, 1880.

Immediately after his admission to the bar. he began the active practice of his profession on his own account, but has always remained in the old chambers, long celebrated through their association with the name of Hughes & Northup. He served as Deputy Clerk of the Court of Claims for five years and then in conjunction with J. A. Kellogg, formed the law partnership of Young & Kellogg, which existed until 1892, when it was dissolved by mutual consent.

In 1889, William E. Young married Carrie Chase, and they have two children. Chase Young and Cora Young.

Mr. Young's parents were William H. and Mary Ann (Kinselaer) Young. His father was a farmer and civil engineer in the town of Kingsbury and is still living, with residence in Glens Falls. His mother died in August, 1899, sixty-five years after her marriage.

Mr. Young's grandfather, Thomas H. Young, was a native of Vermont. His wife, Esther Hamilton, was at one time the only prominent American actress.

William E. Young is a sound, reliable and upright counselor, who is well known throughout northern New York, and is everywhere highly popular.

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