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1925 State Census Index
Town of Denning
Ulster County, New York

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NameElection District/PageLine
Ackerly, Burt 1ED PG2 34
Ackerly, Margaret 1ED PG2 35
Anderson, Angeline 1ED PG5 9
Anderson, Sherman 1ED PG5 8
Bailey, Bessie 1ED PG5 11
Bailey, Harold M. 1ED PG5 13
Bailey, James 1ED PG4 13
Bailey, James D. 1ED PG5 12
Bailey, Katie 1ED PG4 14
Bailey, Melvin 1ED PG5 10
Barkman, Frank 1ED PG3 30
Beardslee, Charles 1ED PG4 37
Beardslee, Chester 1ED PG4 39
Beardslee, Elenor F. 1ED PG4 41
Beardslee, Jennie 1ED PG4 40
Beardslee, Virna 1ED PG4 38
Beesner, Pearl 2ED PG1 6
Beesner, Wm. E. 2ED PG1 5
Berg, Paul 1ED PG2 7
Blassy, Annie 1ED PG2 26
Brooks, Bernissa 2ED PG2 30
Brooks, Effie 2ED PG2 32
Brooks, George 2ED PG2 29
Brooks, Grant 2ED PG2 1
Brooks, Herbert 2ED PG2 39
Brooks, Jannie 2ED PG2 2
Brooks, John H. 2ED PG2 31
Brooks, Kenneth 2ED PG2 41
Brooks, Mary 2ED PG2 40
Brooks, Morgan 2ED PG2 42
Brown, George 1ED PG3 43
Brown, Mary 1ED PG3 42
Brown, Mary C. 1ED PG3 45
Brown, Myrtle 1ED PG3 44
Brown, Sherman 1ED PG3 41
Burch, Floyd 1ED PG1 18
Burch, George 1ED PG1 19
Burch, Herbert C. 1ED PG1 16
Burch, Hilda L. 1ED PG1 17
Burch, James A. 1ED PG1 21
Burch, Roy 1ED PG1 20
Burton, Henry 1ED PG5 14
Burton, Nancy 1ED PG5 15
Burton, Percy 1ED PG5 16
Carr, George H. 1ED PG2 31
Carr, Lizzie 1ED PG2 32
Carr, Samuel 1ED PG2 33
Coddington, Bessie 2ED PG2 21
Coddington, Carrie 2ED PG3 17
Coddington, Earl 2ED PG2 25
Coddington, Elizabeth 2ED PG2 24
Coddington, Flossie 2ED PG2 23
Coddington, Floyd 2ED PG2 22
Coddington, Hazel 2ED PG2 26
Coddington, John J. 2ED PG2 20
Coddington, John J. 2ED PG3 16
Coddington, Kate 2ED PG3 18
Cole, Augusta 1ED PG5 2
Cole, Dubois 1ED PG5 1
Cole, Harold A. 1ED PG3 4
Cole, Harry B. 1ED PG3 1
Cole, Pearl A. 1ED PG3 2
Cole, Percy 1ED PG3 3
Cole, Walter Robert 1ED PG3 6
Cole, Warren H. 1ED PG3 5
Connell, Barbara 1ED PG3 27
Connell, Karl 1ED PG3 25
Connell, Karl, Jr. 1ED PG3 28
Connell, Roof 1ED PG3 26
Coon, Barbara 1ED PG4 28
Coon, David 1ED PG4 27
Coon, Jefferson 1ED PG4 26
Coon, Jesse 1ED PG4 29
Cortis, Robert F. 1ED PG3 20
Countryman, Horald (sic) 2ED PG3 11
Countryman, Marie 2ED PG3 13
Countryman, Maud 2ED PG3 12
Crawford, Corbin 1ED PG5 32
Crawford, Mary 1ED PG5 7
Crawford, Mary E. 1ED PG5 4
Crawford, Orville 1ED PG5 6
Crawford, Thornton 1ED PG5 5
Crawford, William 1ED PG5 3
Currey, Andrew B. 1ED PG4 19
Currey, Benjamin 1ED PG4 21
Currey, Ethel N. 1ED PG4 18
Currey, Ezekiel 1ED PG4 16
Currey, Florence 1ED PG4 17
Currey, Gladys 1ED PG4 20
Curtis, Dewitt 1ED PG3 18
Curtis, Gertrude 1ED PG5 28
Curtis, Inda 1ED PG5 29
Curtis, Matilda 1ED PG3 19
Cutler, Flossie 2ED PG1 17
Cutler, Mahlon 2ED PG1 16
Daley, Edwin W. 1ED PG3 16
Daley, Florence K. 1ED PG3 17
Dart, Charles 1ED PG3 29
Dean, Allen G. 2ED PG3 26
Dean, Loran H. 2ED PG2 3
Dean, Louisa 2ED PG3 27
Dean, Lucy 2ED PG2 5
Dean, Mattie 2ED PG3 2
Dean, Melvin 2ED PG3 1
Dean, Sadie 2ED PG2 4
Depew, Claude 2ED PG1 23
Depew, Claude 2ED PG1 37
Depew, Dorothy 2ED PG1 24
Depew, Elnora 2ED PG1 26
Depew, Hazel 2ED PG1 25
Depew, James M. 2ED PG1 33
Depew, Lewis 2ED PG1 21
Depew, Louisa 2ED PG1 34
Depew, Madge 2ED PG1 35
Depew, Myrtel 2ED PG1 27
Depew, Ora 2ED PG1 20
Depew, Paul 2ED PG1 38
Depew, Ralph 2ED PG1 22
Depew, Verta 2ED PG1 36
Depew, Walter 2ED PG1 19
Devoe, Hattie 1ED PG3 37
Devoe, Wilfred D. 1ED PG3 38
Diamond, Anna 2ED PG1 11
Diamond, Bertha 2ED PG1 10
Diamond, Bertice 2ED PG1 15
Diamond, Horald (sic) 2ED PG1 13
Diamond, Isaac 2ED PG1 9
Diamond, Mildred 2ED PG1 14
Diamond, Ruth 2ED PG1 12
Dinch, Caroline 1ED PG1 7
Dinch, Ernest 1ED PG1 8
Dinch, Henry 1ED PG1 6
Dolliway, Clyde 1ED PG4 11
Dolliway, Fred 1ED PG4 10
Dolliway, Henry 1ED PG4 8
Dolliway, Lena C. 1ED PG4 12
Dolliway, Lissie 1ED PG4 9
Dubois, Andrew 2ED PG2 36
Dubois, Etta 2ED PG2 37
Dubois, Susan 2ED PG2 35
Dubois, Wilber 2ED PG2 34
Dulaff, Anna L. 1ED PG4 2
Dulaff, Annie 1ED PG2 50
Dulaff, Annie 1ED PG3 47
Dulaff, Archie 1ED PG4 4
Dulaff, Audrey 1ED PG4 5
Dulaff, Catharine 1ED PG4 7
Dulaff, Charles 1ED PG4 3
Dulaff, Chester 1ED PG4 6
Dulaff, Fannie 1ED PG3 49
Dulaff, George 1ED PG3 48
Dulaff, Helen J. 1ED PG4 1
Dulaff, John C. 1ED PG2 49
Dulaff, John C. 1ED PG3 46
Dulaff, Johnie 1ED PG3 50
Edwards, Norton 1ED PG1 34
Empt, Fred 1ED PG2 36
Erts, Carl 1ED PG2 13
Erts, Elizabeth 1ED PG2 12
Erts, Emma K. 1ED PG2 20
Erts, George W. 1ED PG2 16
Erts, Harold W. 1ED PG2 18
Erts, Helen M. 1ED PG2 19
Erts, Joseph H. 1ED PG2 14
Erts, Loie 1ED PG2 15
Erts, Mildred B. 1ED PG2 17
Erts, William J. 1ED PG2 11
Ga. Lipe, Jerry 1ED PG4 23
George Charles 1ED PG3 29
George Lydia A. 1ED PG2 38
George, Andrew M. 1ED PG2 27
George, Barbara 1ED PG1 28
George, Esther 1ED PG1 36
George, Hazel 2ED PG3 25
George, Henry W. 1ED PG1 27
George, Herbert L. 1ED PG1 35
George, Herman 1ED PG2 30
George, John 1ED PG4 15
George, Louisa 2ED PG3 24
George, Mary L. 1ED PG2 28
George, Mary M. 1ED PG1 42
George, Ora 2ED PG3 23
George, Raymond 2ED PG3 22
George, Ruth A. 1ED PG1 39
George, Vincent 1ED PG1 37
Gillett, Horace B. 1ED PG5 17
Gillett, Katie 1ED PG5 18
Gockle, Maynard 2ED PG1 48
Gockle, Melissa 2ED PG1 46
Gockle, Raymon 2ED PG1 47
Gockle, Sherman 2ED PG1 45
Gockle, Stanley 2ED PG1 49
Green, Ezra 2ED PG3 14
Green, Flora 2ED PG3 15
Green, Horatio 2ED PG3 21
Green, Ira 2ED PG1 3
Hall, David D. 1ED PG5 31
Hamilton, George 1ED PG5 40
Hamilton, George K. 1ED PG1 3
Hamilton, John 1ED PG4 35
Hamilton, Julia 1ED PG5 41
Hamilton, Martin 1ED PG1 30
Hamilton, Maude 1ED PG4 36
Hamilton, Nettie C. 1ED PG1 31
Hamilton, Pearl 1ED PG2 32
Hamilton, Sarah M. 1ED PG1 4
Harley, Mary 1ED PG3 33
Hauley, George B. 1ED PG3 21
Hauley, Hattie V. 1ED PG3 22
Higgins, James 1ED PG1 5
Hinkley, Arthur B. 1ED PG5 39
Hinkley, Charles V. 1ED PG4 24
Hunter, George 1ED PG3 24
Hunter, Howard 1ED PG3 23
Irvin, Ora 2ED PG2 15
Irvin, Wherman 2ED PG2 19
Irwin, George 1ED PG4 22
Jocelyn, Grant H. 1ED PG3 14
Jocelyn, Mabel A. 1ED PG3 15
Keir, Margaret 1ED PG3 32
Keller, Catharine 1ED PG4 44
Keller, Christine 1ED PG4 42
Keller, Fred 1ED PG4 43
Keller, Louisa 1ED PG4 46
Keller, William 1ED PG4 45
Kothe, Permelia 1ED PG1 29
Lagendorf, Augusta A. 1ED PG2 24
Lagendorf, Frank L. 1ED PG2 21
Lagendorf, Leslie H. 1ED PG2 23
Lagendorf, Lizzie 1ED PG2 22
Lewis, Albert 1ED PG2 6
Lewis, Alletta 1ED PG2 5
Lewis, Andrew 1ED PG2 4
Lewis, Bertha(?) M. 1ED PG2 9
Lewis, Catharine B. 1ED PG2 10
Lewis, Edward 1ED PG2 8
Lievil, Ben 2ED PG1 43
Lievil, Carie 2ED PG1 40
Lievil, Gustave 2ED PG1 42
Lievil, Katie 2ED PG1 44
Lievil, Louis 2ED PG1 39
Lievil, Melvin 2ED PG1 41
Loucks, Bolsey 1ED PG4 32
Loucks, David 1ED PG4 33
Loucks, Hattie 1ED PG4 31
Loucks, Jacob 1ED PG4 30
Loucks, Jerry 1ED PG4 34
Mackey, Arthur J. 1ED PG3 9
Mackey, Katherine 1ED PG3 10
Mansfield, Johanna 1ED PG3 31
Mickel, Gustave 1ED PG3 12
Mickel, Sarah 1ED PG3 13
Misner, Gilena 1ED PG4 48
Misner, Ruth V. 1ED PG4 49
Misner, William 1ED PG4 47
Mulford, Bertice 2ED PG2 46
Mulford, Bruce 2ED PG2 48
Mulford, Cora 2ED PG2 45
Mulford, Dewitt 2ED PG2 44
Mulford, Earnest 2ED PG2 49
Mulford, Frank E. 2ED PG1 4
Mulford, Frank E. 2ED PG2 47
Murray, Adelbert 1ED PG5 26
Murray, Mary 1ED PG5 27
Myers, Edwin R. 1ED PG1 15
Myers, Margaret G. 1ED PG1 14
Myers, Rudolph 1ED PG3 11
Parker, Maria 1ED PG1 2
Parker, Martin 1ED PG1 1
Pierce, Vernon 1ED PG4 25
Roberts, Bertha H. 1ED PG5 43
Roberts, Philip M. 1ED PG1 33
Roberts, Thomas 1ED PG5 42
Rose, Charles 2ED PG1 30
Rudolph, Edna A. 1ED PG1 11
Rudolph, Johanna 1ED PG1 12
Rudolph, Ralph W. 1ED PG1 13
Rudolph, Regina 1ED PG1 10
Rudolph, Rinard 1ED PG1 9
Schultz, Charles 1ED PG1 44
Schultz, Elmer 1ED PG2 43
Schultz, Harry B. 1ED PG2 45
Schultz, Iva 1ED PG2 44
Schultz, Orlando D. 1ED PG1 47
Schultz, Rena 1ED PG1 45
Sheeley, Edna 1ED PG1 26
Sheeley, Leslie 1ED PG1 25
Sheley, Cora 2ED PG3 8
Sheley, Emily 2ED PG1 32
Sheley, Ivan 2ED PG1 31
Sheley, Josephine 2ED PG1 29
Sheley, Riley J. 2ED PG3 7
Sheley, Willis 2ED PG1 28
Smith, Abigal 1ED PG2 37
Smith, Anson 1ED PG1 46
Smith, Jackson 1ED PG2 48
Stevens, Carol 2ED PG2 43
Taylor, Cornelius 1ED PG3 39
Taylor, Orlando 1ED PG3 40
Ter Bush, Ben 2ED PG2 27
Ter Bush, Charles 2ED PG2 6
Ter Bush, Elinor 2ED PG2 9
Ter Bush, Esther 2ED PG2 8
Ter Bush, Flora 2ED PG3 20
Ter Bush, Herman 2ED PG3 19
Ter Bush, Minervia 2ED PG2 28
Ter Bush, Nina 2ED PG2 7
Ter Bush, Roger 2ED PG2 10
Terbush, Henry 2ED PG1 1
Terbush, Manda 2ED PG1 2
Tison, Alexander 1ED PG5 33
Tison, Alexander, Jr. 1ED PG5 37
Tison, Annie H. 1ED PG5 34
Tison, Claire 1ED PG5 36
Tison, Hines Helen 1ED PG5 38
Tison, Paul 1ED PG5 35
Tullis, Jessie 1ED PG4 50
Tyler, Agnes 2ED PG2 38
Van Wagner, Cora 1ED PG1 23
Van Wagner, Emily 2ED PG3 4
Van Wagner, Etson 1ED PG1 22
Van Wagner, Julian 2ED PG3 5
Van Wagner, Nial 2ED PG3 3
Van Wagner, Virgil 2ED PG3 6
Van Wagner, Wilson 1ED PG1 24
Van Wagner, Wm. 2ED PG3 28
Vanaken, Alpheus 1ED PG2 3
Vanaken, Emma 1ED PG2 1
Vanaken, Floyd 1ED PG1 48
Vanaken, Harold 1ED PG1 50
Vanaken, Landford 1ED PG1 51
Vanaken, Leora 1ED PG1 49
Vanaken, Olive 1ED PG1 41
Vanaken, Riley A. 1ED PG2 46
Vanaken, Rogena 1ED PG2 47
Vanaken, Sheridan 1ED PG5 30
Vanaken, Theodore 1ED PG1 40
Vanaken, William 1ED PG2 2
VanValkenburg, Gilbert 1ED PG3 7
VanValkenburg, William 1ED PG3 8
Vanwagner, Garret 1ED PG2 40
Vanwagner, Huldah 1ED PG2 41
Vanwagner, Rodney 1ED PG2 42
Veil, Nicholas 1ED PG1 43
Waizmann, William C. 1ED PG2 25
Weber, Ethel 1ED PG3 35
Weber, Majorie 1ED PG3 36
Weber, Paul 1ED PG3 34
Weil, Mary 2ED PG3 10
Weil, Wm. 2ED PG3 9
Whipple, Anna 2ED PG2 12
Whipple, Ethel 2ED PG2 14
Whipple, John J. 2ED PG2 13
Whipple, Margert (sic) 2ED PG2 18
Whipple, Maude 2ED PG2 17
Whipple, Russel 2ED PG2 16
Whipple, Sherman 2ED PG2 11
Wilton, Shely 2ED PG2 33
Wright, Burt 1ED PG2 39
Wright, Deliah 2ED PG1 8
Wright, John D. 2ED PG1 7
Wright, Larry 2ED PG1 18
Wright, Leonard 1ED PG2 38
Yale, Donald E. 1ED PG5 25
Yale, Ethel F. 1ED PG5 24
Yale, Fred M. 1ED PG5 19
Yale, Harriet M. 1ED PG5 22
Yale, Lneita 1ED PG5 20
Yale, Ralph A. 1ED PG5 21
Yale, Richard 1ED PG5 23