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1865 Deaths Montgomery County, New York State Census Mortality Schedule

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Glen - Second Election District

Name of person deceased
Date of DeathNative state or countryTrade or occupationDisease or Cause of Death
CarRobert24MWSJuly31New YorkBoatmanDrowning
CaslerHenry44MWWFeburary7New YorkLaborerConsumption
Poor House
WilkinsJames2 6/12MW-June12New York-Scarlet Fever
PhilipsElida56FWWOctober7New York-Consumption
NewkirkDavid M.38MWMDecember7New YorkPrinterConsumption
Mc KinneyCatherine25FBSJanurary7New York-Consumption
Mc CloudHiram40MWSFeburary6New YorkNoneDisease of the heart
CrandelHenry38MWSFeburary8New YorkNoneChronic Diarrhae
FitspatrickPierce98MWWApril15IrelandNoneOld Age
AllenJohn72MWWJanurary14 GermanyNoneCongestion of Lungs
MurphyCharles1 2/12MW-April17New York-Fits

Glen - Third Election District


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