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1840 Census of Pensioners
Newport County, Rhode Island

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Newport County Rhode Island Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

Newport County, Rhode Island

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing


John Remington 79 George Weeden

Little Compton

John Almy 82 John Almy Sandford Almy 80 Sandford Almy, jr. George Brown 82 Humphrey Brown Ruth Clapp 86 Abner Brownell John Brown 78 John Brown Phebe Brownell 83 Phebe Brownell Francis Wilbor 85 Alfred Brownell Stephen Brownell 78 Stephen Brownell Deborah Brownell 91 James Brownell Thomas Briggs 80 Thomas Briggs Sarah Briggs 77 Job Briggs Gideon Church 78 Lydia Church Betsey Hunt 84 Betsey Hunt Susanna Sisson 66 William Jordan Esther Manchester 78 Ephraim Manchester Ichabod Pearce 77 Ichabod Pearce Ruth Brownell 82 Israel Palmer Emblem Palmer 91 Jonathan D. Palmer Brownell Stoddard 84 Perry Simmons Noah Shaw 82 Noah Shaw Benjamin Tompkins 81 Thomas G. Tompkins Mary Tompkins 74 Mary Tompkins Mary Tompkins 85 Mary Tompkins Samuel Wilbor 81 Samuel Wilbor John Springer 80 Hezekiah Woodworth Isaac Simmons 75 Charles Wood James Walden 79 James Walden Thomas White 79 Thomas White


Elizabeth Taggart 73 Elizabeth Taggart


Martha Taber 96 Caleb S. Knights Thankfull Briggs 78 Gilbert Stanton Sarah Boss 82 Sarah Boss Rebecca Heath 60 Rebecca Heath Abigail Weaver 77 Abigail Weaver Elizabeth Mays 67 Elizabeth Mays Samuel Buffam 85 Gardiner Smith Hannah Clarke 75 Sally Clarke Samuel Young 82 Samuel Young Martha Yeomans 89 Martha Yeomans Edith Holt 87 Nathaniel Holt Asa Gates 84 Asa Gates Nicholson Ward 80 Nicholson Ward James Barker 60 James Barker Elizabeth C. Perry 49 Elizabeth C. Perry Elizabeth M. Perry 20 Arthur Ross Rebecca Alger 81 Mary Richmond Daniel Peckham 82 Daniel Peckham Sarah Smith 56 Sarah Smith William Card 87 William Card Nathaniel Smith 76 Nathaniel Smith Mary Dayton 83 Mary Dayton Henrietta Scott 70 George E. Nason Sally Tifft 85 Augustus Tifft Francis Anderson 92 William Vars Sarah Clarke 66 Russell J. Clarke

New Shoreham

Hannah Steadman 75 John E. H. Champlin Margaret Paine 75 Nathaniel B. Paine


Peleg Almy 79 Peleg Almy Sophia Sisson 93 Sophia Sisson William Lawton 85 William Lawton Elizabeth Allen 84 Job Gray George Sisson 89 George Sisson Giles Lake 88 Christopher Lake Samuel Cory 83 Samuel Cory


Richard Durfee 81 Richard Durfee Susanna Dring 72 Thomas Dring Elizabeth Divelly 78 Elizabeth Divelly Isaac Negus 84 Isaac Negus Daniel Sherman 82 Daniel Sherman Elihu Gifford 81 Elihu Gifford Mary Durfee 86 Mary Durfee Margaret Manchester 78 Margaret Manchester Giles Manchester 36 Giles Manchester William Sherman 87 William Sherman Thomas Remington 79 Thomas Remington Knight Springer 83 Knight Springer William Albert 78 William Albert Borden Brayton 80 Borden Brayton Lydia Humphrey 78 Lydia Humphrey Thomas Wilcox 81 Thomas Wilcox David Lake 78 David Lake Nancy Taber 79 Peleg Wilcox Abraham Manchester 78 Abraham Manchecter William Cook 84 William Cook Mary Wilcox 70 Samuel Lake Pardon Wilcox 78 Pardon Wilcox Phebe Manchester 96 John Grinnell John Carr 79 John Carr Ichabod Simmons 78 William Simmons Abner Simmons 77 Abner Simmons

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