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1840 Census of Pensioners
Washington County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Washington County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
George Field80Perry Wilkinson
James Harvey46James Harvey
Robert Stewart73Robert Stewart
Sarah Willson70N. W. Willson
Robert McCarter87Robert Hanna, Jr
Sarah Sanderson80Lyman Sanderson
Sarah McNish82William McNish
George Fowler79George Fowler
Asa Fitch74Asa Fitch
Margaret Gray75Margaret Gray


Eunice Tyrrell78Eunice Tyrrell
John Willson85John Willson
James Rogers77James Rogers
Ebenezer Chapman77Ebenezer Chapman


Thomas Todd79Thomas Todd
Eleazer Lyman74Eleazer Lyman, Jr
Samuel Beeman84Samuel Beeman
Caleb Warren76Caleb Warren
Benjamin C. Owen77Benjamin C. Owen
Joseph C. O'Brien44Mary O'Brien


Reuben Van Gilder80Reuben Van Gilder
Nehemiah Hewlet75Nehemiah Hewlet
Noah Day83Noah Day
Benijah Hill85Benijah Hill
Jonathan Brown80Jonathan Brown
William Town81Benjamin Brown
Simeon Howard87Lyman Howard
Samuel Standish86Samuel Standish
Jacob Allen79Jacob Allen
John Kirkland82Edwin S. Kirkland
Jesse Averil86Jesse Averill, Jr.Jr.
Lewis Hatch80Lewis Hatch
Samuel Weeks82Harry Weeks
Mason Law75Mason Law
Isaac Doty81Levi Doty

Fort Ann

Moses Harvey75Moses Harvey
Sally Root78Lucy Root
David Butler50David Butler
George Clark81George Clark
Lucinda Weller78Lucinda Weller
Israel Lamb78Israel Lamb
John Parish89John Parish
Samuel Fenton83Samuel Fenton
Benjamin Cutter78Benjamin Cutter
John Granger79John Granger
Jenkins White79John White
Michael Mason80Ebenezer Mason
Jonathan Kingsley80Jonathan Kingsly
John Simmons79John Simmons
Dorcas Goss87Benjamin Bacon
William Patison80William Patison
Amos Allen88Amos Allen
John Baker84John Baker

White Hall

Peleg Dewey79George Johnson
Jonathan Reynolds99Nicholas Reynolds
Judith Burbank71John S. Burbank
Levi Falcounbury79Levi W. FalCounbury
Reuben Smalley78Reuben Smalley
Simeon Hotchkiss85John Meriam
Abigail Russell74Mary Ann Prindle
Hannah Jones77Dennis Jones
Israel Warner72Israel Warner
John Porter77John N. Porter
Sarah Parrons89Arel Parrons
Annah Barrett76L. Bartholomew


Joshua Harris80Joshua Harris
John Gray84William Gray
Simeon Moss83Simeon Moss
Asa Barney83Throep Barney
Solomon Day78Eliza Day
William Moore79William Moore
Roger Haladay75Roger Haladay
Elijah Butterfield77Elijah Butterfield
Uriah Yates87Augustus Underhill
Philip Loraway82Phipps Loraway
John King75John King


John Smith76John Smith


Asher Ford79Asher Ford
Samuel Taylor78Samuel Taylor


Benjamin Scott83Anderson Simpson


Azor Bonton75John Donehugh

Fort Edward

Zachariah Reynolds82William Bugber
Nathan Hatch82Nathan Hatch
Thomas Galusha87John Galusha


Thomas Huntington83Erastus Huntington

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