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1840 Census of Pensioners
Orleans County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Orleans County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Lot Swift82Henry Swift
Stephen Angevine39Stephen Angevine
William Butts84Lockwood Butts
Artemas Thair77Washington Thair
Elisha Wright87Elisha Wright, Jr.
Israel Root80Amos Root
Elisha Shelden78Elisha Shelden
Silas Phelps80Calvin C. Phelps
Daniel Bennett84Levi Bennett
Abial Harding79Abial Harding
Stephen Brown80Stephen Brown
Samuel Lazendry80Elisha Lazendry
Joseph Root77Joseph Root


Hannah Hubbard83-


Benjamin Porter80-
John Letts80John Letts
Oliver Cone80-


Moses Bacon52-


Lemuel Cook75Lemuel Cook
Nathan Chadwick75Nathan Chadwick
Benjamin Petingal79Benjamin Petingal
Samuel Milikin87-


Amos Frink80-
Aaron Warnen78Aaron Warnen
Thomas Kelicott87-
John Rutherford42John Rutherford


Joshua Brigs87Austin Brigs


Chaffe Green80Chaffe Green
William Ogle78-
Eve Bird80Edmund Bird

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