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1840 Census of Pensioners
Onondaga County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Onondaga County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
William Webber77William Webber
Nehemiah Cleaveland87Lewis W. Cleaveland
Isaac Staples75Isaac Staples
Beach John76Samuel P. Rhoades


James Betts80James Betts


Gill Mallory85Joel Mallory
Stephen Pratt79Mary Lilly


Job Barber86Erastus Whiting
John Belch80John Balch
Lemuel Barrows78Ezekiel Baker, Jr.
Lois Baker73William Baker
Benoni Reynolds86Benoni Reynolds
Jonathan Baker78Jonathan Baker
Ezekiel Baker75Anson Baker
Sarah Van Meter76Garret Sharp
Chancy Gaylord83Asaph Gaylord
Joseph Bishop81Ira Bishop
Reuben Dorchester92Eliakim Dorchester
John Dalliba75Sanford Dalliba
Robert McCullock79Robert McCullock


William Johnson88William Johnson
Abigail Northrop88Jacob Northrop
John Slawson76John Slawson
William Foster88Ira Foster
Lucy Clark74Theodore E. Clark
Nathaniel Root73Nathaniel Root
Stiles Freeman52Stiles Freeman
Shubal Preston82Shubal Preston, Jr.
Israel Hooker82Israel Hooker

Van Buren

John C. Britton84John Conets
Daniel Bennet51Daniel Bennet
Dow Smith105Augustus Smith
Calvin Waterman85Calvin Waterman


Dorcas Case80John Case
John Clark88Joel Chapman
John Dill82Samuel Dill
Miles Bennet74Miles Bennet
Enoch Wood76Enoch Wood
Helen Clute77Helen Clute


Stephen Albro81Maria Hinman
Lydia Owen81Thomas Babcock
Phebe Pressey86Moses Pressey
John Green79John Green
Samuel Prindle81Rufus Breed
Allen Breed81Rufus Breed


Calvin Tripp82Elijah Tripp
Vine Coy74William Ranger
Lewis Sweeting88Lewis Sweeting
Dennison Avery90Dennison Avery
Joseph Wilson81Jonas Mann
Solomon Huntley86Solomon Huntley


Elijah Loomis79Elijah Loomis


John Lynn88John Lynn
James Smith80Leonard Smith
Samuel Bragden78Thomas Bragden


Daniel Peck82Daniel Peck
Richard Caton77Leonard Caton
James Herrington70Henry B. Herrington
George Clarke82David D. Fellows
Ephraim Hall79Ephraim Hall
Jonathan Belding80Jonathan Belding
Justus Johnson84Justus Johnson
Ebenezer Moore81Almira Wilson
William Evans80Noah Evans
Jabez Cole80Sterling Cole
Caleb Potter78Caleb Potter
Jonathan Conklin80Jonathan Conklin


Benjamin Darling78Benjamin Darling
George Edick84George Edick
Jacob Shaver78Jacob Shaver
Lewis Bishop79Levi Bishop
Marlin Walter90Isaac Walter
Absalom Denny73Abijah Miller
Roswell Cleveland81Roswell Cleveland
Elijah Gridley80Elijah Gridley
George Ransin84George Ransin, Jr.
John Cole75John Cole
Levi Carr78Levi Carr
Zebedee Potter86Zebedee Potter
Asa Merrill80Asa Merrill


Thomas Dixan80Thomas Dixan
Moses Knapp86Moses Knapp
Richard Hiscock81Luther Hiscock
Conrad Bush84Conrad Bush
David Beard85David Beard
Benjamin Hayes82Benjamin Hayes
William Cook79Albert Cook
Jeremiah Crandal84Elanson Watkins
James Bookhunt79James Bookhunt
Jehiel Foote80Jehiel Foote
Ralph Wheelock81Gershomn B. Wheelock
Samuel Jones80Samuel Jones
Zadock Seymour83Eliza Seymour
Adonijah Cole83Chauncey Cooper
Moses Moultrup76Moses Moultrup


Ambrose Gron83Ambrose Gron
Rufus Carter75Rufus Carter
Ebenezer Foot87Thomas T. Beden
Manuel Truair81John Truair
James Steward70James Steward
Daniel Hills78Daniel Hills


Enoch Bailey81Enoch Baily


Benjamin June87Benjamin June
Jacob Goodrich86Elijah Goodrich
Samuel Humphrey84Samuel Humphrey
Benjamin Webb84Hiram Leonard
Jedediah Winchell88Jacob Winchell
Zenas Northway75Zenas Northway
Nathaniel Gage77Amos Gage

De Witt

Jacob G. Low84Jacob G. Low
Andrew Balsley85James Balsley
Pelham W. Ripley76Pelham W. Ripley
Silas Burke75Silas Burke
William Vermilyea74William Vermilyea
Major Watson93Daniel Downs
Henry Bogardus77Henry P. Bogardus


Chauncey Atkins77Hiram Perkins
Christopher Monk82Anna Monk
Apollos King76Apollos King

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