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1840 Census of Pensioners
Monroe County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Monroe County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

City of Rochester - First Ward

NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Joy Babbett73Joy Babbett
Barney McGuire76Barney McGuire
Loisa Ann Mathews73C. M. Bartlett
John D. Concklin83E. S. Treat

City of Rochester - Second Ward

Sarah Root78Silas Pierce

City of Rochester - Third Ward


City of Rochester - Fourth Ward

Carine Hills76Marcus Holmes
Levi H. Parish47Levi H. Parish
John Chamberlin76O. P. Chamberlin
Jehial Felt71Jehial Felt
Philip Allen83Philip Allen

City of Rochester - Fifth Ward

Moses Hall74Moses Hall
John Gifford49John Gifford
Mary Reynolds83Levi Brown


Alexander McGregor88-
David Gage82Moses Gage


Oliver Church76J. B. Avery
Thomas Hill78Joseph Emmons
James Gay96James Gay
Thomas Adams78Thomas Adams
Rufus Hibbard82Hezekiah Hibbard


Charles Treat84Charles Treat
Jonathan Fanning86Anson Sparlin
Thomas Cooley76Thomas Cooley
Anson Comstock77A. Comstock
Elisha Locke79Elisha Locke
Ebenezer Martin78Ebenezer Martin

Brockport Village

Sarah Smith75Rebecca Hinman


Hannah Stone73Hannah Stone
Nathan Walden75N. Walden
Elizabeth Paterson91Samuel Kilborn


David Smith73David Smith
William Pennett-Henry Seabott


Ira Merrill81Israel Merriman


Abijah Britton84Robert Thompson


Noah Downs80Nathan Wright
Jeremiah Perry86Jeremiah Perry


Bethia Reed81Samuel Reed
Kitchel Reed80Silas Walker
Philip Caldwell84Philip Caldwell
Samuel Parder88S. F. Hunting
Jacob Hayden78Jacob Hayden
J. C. Doss48M. Warner


Samuel L. Brooks83Garry Brooks
Joseph Burrows77Amos Chappell
Lucy Owen72Calvin W. Owen
Levi Francisco83Levi Francisco
Othniel Preston84Othniel Preston
Elizabeth Shoecraft84William Harris


Samuel Millard79Samuel Millard
Mary Robbe66Henry Robbe
Josiah Barce84William Roe
David Parkhurst72David Parkhurst
Chester Cleaveland78Chester Cleaveland


Edward Dunham93Seneca Dunham
Melinda Burr72W. Burr
William Huston83Samuel Titus
Joel Clark72Joel Clark
Aaron Webster87Samuel Webster


Ichabod Worden79Ichabod Worden
Eliphalet Edmunds76Eliphalet Edmonds
John Smith25Horatio Adams
Ezra Sibley78Chauncey Sibley


Catharine Butler77Elisha Fulham
David Cady75George Cady
William Tyler75William Tyler
Robert Jackson79Robert Jackson
Lydia Scovil80Henry Scovil


Ebenezer Graves78Samuel Hughes
Peter Rose76Peter Rose
Jeronimus Vannest74MumfordClark
Andrew Huntington79Andrew Huntington


Isaac Campbell78Isaac Campbell
Noah Pratt77Philip B. Keeler
Amos Jones94Amos Jones
Eliphalet Gordon82Emery Bowen
Abigail Green80John Green
Wells Clark80Wells Clark
Elnathan Perry80Elnathan Perry
John Pratt77Jacob Thomas


John Dixon79John B. Dixon
Jonathan Ogden74Jonathan Ogden
Josiah Crossman78Josiah A. Crossman
Cornelius Treat74Cornelius Treat

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