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1840 North Carolina Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 North Carolina Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
James Ross79-
Rachael High79Rachael High
Jordan Woodard81Jordan Woodard
Absalom Candle73Berry Candle
William Ricketts92William Ricketts
John Hough80John Hough
Job Williams82Job Williams
Michael Nash87Michael Nash
William Johnson79William Johnson
Josiah Abshear87Josiah Abshear
William Garman80William Garman
Kinchin Martin78Kinchin Martin
Charles Hinson78Charles Hinson
Richard Tomlinson92Richard Tomlinson
William Vaughan91William Vaughan
William O. Bryant85William O. Bryant

Ashe County

Francis Johnson79Francis Johnson
John Baldwin79John Baldwin, Jr.
John Wagg84John Wagg

Buncombe County

Southern Division

William Dever77Reuben Dever
William Brittain78William Brittain
Samuel Patton79Samuel Patton
Daniel Ball, sen.-Daniel Ball, sen.
Joseph Cross93Joseph Cross
James Alexander84James Alexander
Thomas Paine74Thomas Paine
Thomas Jester78Thomas Jester
James Rector75-

Burke County

Birch Allison78Birch Allison
Daniel Sullivan80E.D. Sullivan
John Arrowood, sen.78John Arrowood, sen.
Adam Hoppis86Adam Hoppis
George Hodge80George Hodge
John Duckwith83John Duckwirth, Jr.
Sherwood Boman81Sherwood Boman, sen.
Lewis Powell78Lewis Powell
Nicholas Fry97John Berry
Benjamin Spencer80Benjamin Spencer
John Swink88John Swink

Bladen County

Josiah Singletory76Josiah Singletory
Richard Cheshire97Richard Cheshire
John Darrah83John Darrah
Francis Davis87Francis Davis
Jacob B. Boit89Jacob B. Boit
William Prigen112Elizabeth Johnson
James Shipman89James Shipman
John McEithan83Malcom McLeod
Musgrove Jones88Musgrove Jones
William Smith85William Smith

Beaufort County

Anthony Kinion77Anthony Kinion
Isaac Buck, sen.88Isaac Buck, sen.

Burke County

Stephen Ballew77Stephen Ballew
Daniel Moore, sen.76Daniel Moore, sen.
Samuel Alexander80Samuel Alexander
Benjamin Austin81Benjamin Austin
David Hayes92David Hayes

Bertie County

John White88John White
William Watford88William Watford
John Hoggard82John Hoggard

Brunswick County

Ebenezer Hewett95-
John Cason100-

Camden County


Chatham County

William Marsh, sen.81William Marsh, sen.
Richard Pope, sen.79Richard Pope, sen.
James Barns77James Barns
Richard Stokes78Richard Stokes
James Carter77William A. Reaves
Hurbart Lewis82Isaiah Williams
John Foshee, sen.82John Foshee, sen.
Joshua Adcock, sen.79Joshua Adcock, sen.
Moses Merack82Tabith Merack
Grace Webb83Grace Webb
James Dollar80James Dollar
Joseph Yarbrough83Joseph Yarbrough
Thomas Dickens82Thomas Dickens
Andrews Peddy83Andrew Peddy
William Laseter, sen.83William Laseter, sen.
Abner Laseter85Abner Laseter
Mary Pendergrass77Candace Pendergrass
James Kinby78James Kinby
Hardy Lewter100Hardy Lewter
Bias Rogers90Bias Rogers
John Mooring, sen.75John Mooring, sen.

Cabarrus County

Henry Furr80Henry Furr
Thomas McClure77William Fisher
James Bradford81James Bradford
William Carregan79William Carregan
James Hamilton79James Hamilton
George Thomaston91Francis Ray
Thomas Irvine80Thomas Irvine
Archibald McCurdy88Archibald McCurdy

Columbus County

John Money84Augustus Smith
David Ross77John N. Hill
Benjamin Sasser84Stephen Jernegan

Chowan County

Jonathan Overton86Samuel Overton
Henry Halsey84Henry Halsey

Craven County

Enoch Masters83Enoch Masters
Samuel Ipock, sen.80Samuel Ipock, sen.
William Witherington82William Witherington
Benjamin White78Benjamin White
Solomon Witherington80Solomon Witherington, sen.

Caswell County

Sterling Gum76Sterling Gum
John B. Davis83John B. Davis
Jeremiah Buren86Willie Garner
James Matkins80John Matkins
William Roberts79William Roberts
Charles Cox78Charles Cox
Elisha Evans80Elisha Evans
Braxton Carter65Braxton Carter
Keziah Donoho89Keziah Donoho
Nathan Adkins90William Adkins
John Dill77John Dill, Jr.
Richard Morton85Richard Morton

Cumberland County

Alexander Johnson80Alexander Johnson
Sherwood Fort81Sherwood Fort
Hardy Mathews86Hardy Mathews
Will. S. Walker-Will. S. Walker

District of Fayetteville

John Lumsden82John Lumsden

Currituck County

Willoughby West84Willoughby West
Samuel Fersbee79Samuel Ferubee
A. Williams85James Williams
Thomas Gregory81Thomas Gregory

Cherokee County

Peter Leadford86Peter Leadford
Amos Brown84Amos Brown

Davie County

Henry Lee78Henry Lee
Edmund Etchison85Edmund Etchison
John Myers79John Myers, sen.
Edward Stewart78Edward Stewart

Duplin County

Kadar Harrell94Almshouse
William Alfin74William Alfin
Samuel Gauff81Samuel Gauff
Nathaniel Waller76Nathaniel Waller
Jesse Brown79Jesse Brown
Thomas Kennaday78Thomas Kennaday
Bezzent Brock82Bezzent Brock
James Holland93James Holland
John Davis78John Davis
John Rigby78John Rigby
James Moore77James Moore
William Carr87William Carr
David Charlton84David Charlton
James Blauton79James Blauton
Thomas Wright78Thomas Wright
William Taylor83William Taylor
Daniel Withington85Daniel

Davidson County

Akexander Thomas82Alexander Thomas
Joel Riggans80Jacob Riggans
Joseph Esseck98Jeremiah Mix
Jacob Lockinghour89Felix Mottsinger
George Murrell, sen.81George Murrell, sen.
John Graham78John Graham
Stephen Bailey78Elkins Bailey
John Rickard85John Rickard
George Thomason77George Thomason, sen.
John Koontz85John Koontz
George Fritts, sen.87George Fritts, sen.
Stephen Osburn, sen.87Daniel Clinard, Jr.
Sherwood Keneday, sen.79Sherwood Keneday, sen.
Joseph Northern77David Beck
William Thompson92John Morriss
Harwood Pope78Harwood Pope

Edgecombe County

Isaac Jackson, Jr.86Isaac Jackson, Jr.
Major Glandens75Sally Worrell
Lewis Todd76Lewis Todd
Micajah Petway80Micajah Petway
John Webb, sen.80John Webb, sen.
Henry Kea87Henry Kea

Franklin County

Green Walker80Henry Walker
William Saunders94William Saunders
Martha Davis70Mrs. Martha Davis
John King102John King
William Leonard79William Leonard
John Bartholomew84John Bartholomew
Tillman Patterson79James Dent
Ephraim Conyers85Ephraim Conyers
Miles Hicks70Miles Hicks
William Jones81William Jones, S. C.
Moses Carr95Moses Carr
Robert Coggin95Robert Coggin
Elizabeth Fawn78Elizabeth

Guilford County

James Henderson79Jesse Henderson
Thomas Smith 75Thomas Smith, sen.
John Scott, sen.84John Scott, sen.
Jacob Hickman87Robert Cor.
John McBride91John McBridge
George Nux95Adams Nux
John White85John White
Matthew Roe78Matthew Roe
William Ryan74William Ryan
Richard C. Taylor96Richard C. Taylor
William Pailer84John W. Pailer
John A. Smith--

Granville County

John Phillips85-
Fanny Bledsoe84-
Peter Cash84-
Samuel Chopell85-
Cyrus Davis82-
Charles Bullock80-
William Allen80-
John Lock86-
Petteford George89-
Samuel Andrew87-
Joseph Lumpkin81-

Gates County

William Pierce96William Pierce

Haywood County

Leonard Hice77-
Andrew Shook85-
Absalom Hooper80-
William Underwood80-
Robert Love80Robert Love
Elijah Henson77-
Lewis Smithe77-

Hyde County


Halifax County

William Edmunds77William Edmunds
William Wood, sen.79William Wood, sen.
George Green, sen.72George Green, sen.
John Lee, sen.79-
George Powell78George Powell
Robert L. Whitaker75Robert L. Whitaker

10th District

James Lock, sen.86-

Henderson County

William Erwin89William Erwin
Widow of Elijah
Williamson75Sarah Williamson
Mary Tredaway85Arthur Tredaway
Matthew Maybin84Matthew Maybin
John Peter Corn91John Peter Corn
Joseph Henry, sen.77Joseph Henry, sen.
James Johnson79James Johnson, sen.

Hertford County

Joseph Dilday84Seth Dilday
James Weston83James Weston
Michael Britton79Augustus Boss
Charles Powell83Charles Powell
Amos Rayner80Amos Rayner

Iredell County

David Beaty77David Beaty
Matthew MvPherson82James McPherson
Andrew Ramsey85Andrew Ramsey
Matthew Vancilver88Matthew
William Fuinster80William Fuinster
Joseph Gibson80Hugh Gibson
Claborn Howard78John Carlton
John Grant, sen.80John Grant, sen.
Thomas Brotherton89William B. Brotherton
Joseph Sharpe88Joseph Sharpe
Jacob Bostiah85Jacob Bostian
Andrew Carson87Andrew Carson
Laurence Maiden89Samuel Henderson
William Mason90William Mason
John Scroggs88David Scroggs
John Luck81John Luke
Randle Shoemaker82Randle Shoemaker
Hugh Andrews82Hugh Andrews
Robert Gracy77James B. Gray
George Lackey, sen.87George Lackey, sen.
Andrew Bastian79Peter Frieze
Abram Hill83Abram Hill
John Wallace82John Wallace
Daniel Boyed102Daniel Boyed
Thomas Lawson86Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lackey92Thomas Lackey

Johnston County

James Holt86James Holt
William Talton85William Talton
Valentine Shepard90Valentine Shepard
James Odom88Gary Sydevant

Lenoir County

Martin Wootus81Martin Wootus

Lincoln County

Martin Coulton81Elkanah Coulton
Jacob Blouk94Jacob Blouk
Nicholas Heoner90Nicholas Heoner
Joshua Roberts80Joshua Roberts
Robinson Goodin76-
Humphrey Parker80Humphrey Parker
John Harman77John Harman
John Dickson84John Dickson
Joseph Willis, sen.89Joseph Willis, sen.
Michael Reep78Michael Reep
Marmaduke Maples78Marmaduke Maples
George Poplin88George Poplin
James T. Henry89James T. Henry
Philip Titman91Manuel Rhyne
John Rid87John Rid
Abraham Forney81Abraham Forney
Elisha Weathers76Elisha Weathers
William Ranken87James Holsclau
James Holsclau87James Holsclau
John D. Abernathy80John D. Abernathy
Richard Hanks87Richard Hanks
Samuel Pryor83Samuel Pryor
Simon Hager83Simon Hager
Andrew Strane81Andrew Strane

Mecklenburg County

Major Thomas Alexander87Major Thomas Alexander
Andrew Berry81Andrew Berry
Thomas Barnet80Thomas Barnet
Jeremiah Clontz85John A. Clontz
Harry Emerson84Henry Emerson
Hugh Forbus83Hugh Forbus
Gabriel Ferrel85Gabriel Ferrel
John Gardner81John Gardner
Samuel Givens77Samuel Givens
Richard Griffin80Richard Griffin
John Horfland, sen.78John Horfland, sen.
Robert Huddleston79Robert Huddleston
James Knox, sen.81James Knox, sen.
Robert Kerr89Robert Kerr
George Kiker87George Kiker
Michael McLeary77Michael McLeary, sen.
George McWhorter79George McWhorter
James Orr80James J. Orr
William Pyrow, sen.84William Pyrow, sen.
Samuel Wilson91Samuel Wilson
Andrew Walker84Andrew Walker
Jephtha Yaborough42Jeptha Varborough

Montgomery County

David Green79David Green
Kenchen Pennington81Kenchen Pennington
Lucy Poplin89F. Hingon
Solomon Burroughs, sen.78Solomon Burroughs, sen.
Philip Cell86Philips Cell
James Duke, sen.77James Duke, sen.
Williamson Ross75Williamson Ross
B. Pemar78B. Pemar
Winny Allmar, sen.75Winney Allmar, sen.
Benjamin Boles83Benjamin Boles
Nancy Parsons67James Bruton
Edward Wright85Edward Wright
Joshua Hurley77Joshua Hurley
John Barmer86John Barmer
Benjamin Bell79Benjamin Bell
Jesse Jones87Jesse Jones
Thomas Blake96Colwell Pool

Macon County

William Garrett85William Garrett
Daniel Bryson84Daniel Bryson
Thomas Plemmons80Jacob Plemmons
Aaron Thomas81Amos Thomas
William McLeod80William McLeod
Thomas Williams80Thomas Williams
Nathan Thompson78Nathan Thompson
Samuel Manteath85Samuel Manteath

Moore County

James Monk-James Monk
James Gaines-James Gaines

Martin County

John Clark85John Clark
William Price79-

Nash County

William Turner, sen.88William Turner, sen.
Jordan Sherrod79Jordan Sherrod
Abram Hedgepeth72Abram Hedgepeth
Benjamin Williams80Benjamin Williams
Thomas Hambleton86Thomas Hambleton

New Hanover County

William News84Williams News
John Kennair91John R. Taylor
Jacob Wells89Thomas Wells
John Pages79John Pages
Mary Powell68Mary Powel
Josiah Sikes106Eleanor Larns
James Lee80James Lee
George Bannerman88Evan Larkins
Elizabeth Kerr77Ann Taylor
James Malpas88F. J. Croom
Zack Holmes90Zack Holmes
James Lewis84James Lewis
Francis Predgin79Francis Predgin

Northampton County

Christopher Cook84Lazarus Cook
James Seat86James Seat
Samuel Williams76Samuel Williams
Nicholas Tyner90Nicholas Tyner
Jesse Britton88Jesse Britton

Orange County

John Porterfield77John Porterfield
Samuel Allen79Samuel Allen
Henry Trollinger77Henry Trollinger
Phillip Mason88John Danielly
Abner James77Abner James
Elizabeth Lackey86William Lackey
John Dolly86John Dolly
Thomas Bowles78Thomas Bowles
George Foster83George Foster
John Strader82John Strader
Nathan Mann82Nathan Mann

Southern Division

William Dollar85William Dollar
George Carrington84George Carrington
Alexander Gattes77Alexander Gattes
Thomas Jacobs73Thomas Jacobs
Alexander Hatch76Alexander Hatch
James Carter81James Carter
James Turner78James Turner
John Efeland77John Efeland
John Rawson91John Rawson
Christopher Daniel82Christopher Daniel
John Bowers79John Bowers
Charles Rowe90Charles Rowe
John Bowden85John Bowden

Onslow County

Stephen Costen85Stephen Costen

Pasquotank County

Will. Palmer85Will. Palmer
Colonel John Roen84John Roen

Person County

John Wilkerson81John Wilkerson
Isaac Lint86George Gray
Abram Gregory79Abram Gregory
George Duncan83George Duncan

Perquimans County

John Goodwin90Caleb Goodwin

Pitt County

Charles Smith, sen.106Charles Smith, sen.
Giles Nelson86Caleb Nelson
Britton Jones81Britton Jones
Thomas Bently80Thomas Bently
Robert Williams, sen.83Robert Williams, sen.
Henry Smith83James Smith
John Bryant80Jesse Thomas
Moses Hysmith80Moses Hysmith
Henry Barnhill83Henry Barnhill
Charles Rollings87Charles Rollings
Reuben Gaganus78Saving Jolly
William Spain78William Spain, sen.

Robeson County

James McNatt81James McNatt, sen.
Nazra Mitchell82Nazra Mitchell
William Lewis79William Lewis
Nathan Musselwhite86John Jackson

Rockingham County

James Griffin79John Griffin
Robert Burton78Robert Burton
William H. Rice79W. H. Rice
Peter Crawford80Peter Crawford
Elijah Brown88H. Hulgan
William Stratton82William Stratton
Nicholas McCubbin81N. McCubbin
Adam Sharp77Adams Sharp
William Godsey78J. Godsey
John Riddle91Ran. Riddle
Thomas Carter92Thomas Carter
John May84John May
Samuel Woodall82William Knight
Alexander Semmons81Alexander Semmons

Rowan County

Archibald Woodside84Archibald Woodside
Joseph Sawyers76George Wilhelm
Nathan Morgan, sen.85Nathan Morgan, sen.
John Melchor88John Melchor Eller
Martin Hoffner78Martin Hoffner
Abraham Arey84Abraham Arey
John McLaughlin88Robert McLaughlin
Benjamin Knox82Robert Knox
Richard Smith84Hiram Smith
John McNeely84John McNeeley

Richmond County

Edwin Ingram89Elisha Bostick
John Currie92Duncan Currie
Walter Leak, sen.79Walter Leak, sen.
Tillotson O'Brian81Tillotson O'Brian
Jn. Macalister76Jn. Macalister
Lot Stricklin81Calvin Stricklin
James Hasty86James Hasty
William Brown78William Brown
Of this Number, one has discontinued his pension for a year or two

Rutherford County

Robert Lemons84Robert Lemons
Thomas Hutchins87Thomas Hutchins
James Dobbins78James Dobbins
Moses Warters-William Doggett
William Brooks96William Brooks
Edward Cook83Edward Cook
Sereny Monroe27-
Asey Walrop48-
Richard Ledbetter65-
William Dalton74William Dalton
Thomas Dalton77Thomas Dalton, sen.
John Hyder, sen.38John Hyder, sen.
Cornelius Clemmons82Cornelius Clemmons

Randolph County

Starling Cooper86John Cooper
Richard Bell81Richard Bell
Elizabeth Luther78Elizabeth Luther
Margaret Slack74Charles Slack
Elizabeth Gatting80Edward Gatting

Northern Division

Lemuel Glascow91Miles Glascow
Dan. Merrill85Dan. Merrill
Edmund Hags79Edmund Hags
Williams Wadsworth77William Wadsworth

Stokes County

Noah Baley82Thomas Sprinkle
George Kreeger81George Kreeger
Benjamin Marshall81Martin Marshall
Thomas Jones76Thomas Jones
William Beck75William Beck
Abner Powel87Abner Powel

Northern Division

William Merrit77William Merrit
Thomas Ring, sen83Thomas Ring, Sen.
Jacob Hilsabeek78Jos. Hilsabeek
John Tuttle80John Tuttle
Jerusha Hooker83Elizabeth Lawson
Edwin Hickman78Edwin Hickman
Stephen Rierson83Stephen Rierson
Howel Hartgrove77Howel Hartgrove
Leonard Zegler77Leonard Zeglar
William Young90William Young
William Eaton57William Eaton
William Pofford78William Pofford
Hartwell Borham85Hartwell Borham
Henry Carter83George W. Carter
Francis Steel84Andrew Steel
John Quillin85John Quillin
Benjamin Jones84Elizabeth Jones
William Steel86John Boyles

Sampson County

Daniel Merritt78Daniel Merritt
Thomas Gregory91Thomas Gregory
William Gainy88William Gainy
Thomas Tart80Thomas Tart
Jeremiah Simmons87Jeremiah Simmons
John Stewart78John Stewart
Elizabeth Hollingsworth88Nathan Dudley
William Hays88William Hays
Micajah Springs85Micajah Springs
Henry Hollingsworth80H. Hollingsworth
Christopher Manuel90Christopher Manuel
Peter O. Ryan89Peter O. Ryan
John Boykin, sen.77John Boykin, sen.
Lott Ritch, sen.82Lott Ritch, sen.
John Wright, sen.81John Wright, sen.

Surry County

William Going78William Going
Morris Richards79Morris Richards
John Reaves79John Reaves
Felix Vansant85Felix Vansant
Edmund McKinney53Edmund McKinney
Benjamin Shinalt78Benjamin Shinalt
Robert Davis85Robert Davis
David Cockram78David Cockram
Thomas Wright82Thomas Wright
Perry Chinn77Perry Chinn
Widow Eliz. Apperson77Thomas Apperson
John Marler82John Marler
William Allgood79William Allgood
Daniel Cockram78Daniel Cockram
Reuben Bryant85Reuben Bryant
John Rose91John Rose
George Nix85George Nix
John Angel79John Angel

Wayne County

Ezekiel Slocumb79Ezekiel Slocumb
John Wiggs78John Wiggs
John Howell87John Howell

Wake County

Thomas Holland84Lewis Barker
Joseph Shaw83Drury King
William Wood82Markham Wood
Frederick Rigsbee85Frederick Rigsbee
Aaron Roberts84Aaron Roberts
William Burton80William Burton
John Green88Samuel Green
Jesse Bryant84Wyott Freeman
William Sledd79William Sledd
James Harward80Daniel Parham
Burwell Whiteland95Lazarus Whitehead
James Rigsbee76James Rigsbee
James Browne, sen.91James Browne, sen.
Jesse Horris80Jesse Horris
John Williams86John Williams
James Hughes79James Hughes
Robert Sneed80Robert Sneed
John Walker85John Walker
Richard Pipen86Willie Chamblee
Samuel Scarborough80Samuel Scarborough, sen.
Rufus Willie75Rufus Willie

Warren County

John Watkins77Thomas G. Watkins
Thomas Hilliard78Thomas Hilliard
William Duke90Doctor M. Duke
Augustin Baltrip80Augustin Baltrip
Burrell Davis83Edward Davis
Francis Riggan76Francis Riggan
John Dowton79John Dowton
James Durham81James Durham
Frederick Shearin77Frederick Shearin
Henry Southall82Henry Southall
William Askew103William Askew
Robin Harris82Robin Harris
David King78David King

Wilkes County

Abednego Easpe82Abednego Easpe
John Swanson79John Swanson
David Laws, sen.85David Laws, sen.
Alexander Gilreath85Alexander Gilreath
James Smoot78James Smoot
John Love78John Love
Sterling Rose83Sterling Rose
James Gray77James Gray, sen.
William Spicer, sen.93William Spicer
William Harris88James Harris
Jacob Wall92Joseph Wall
Edmund McKenney59Edmund McKenney
George Combs82George Combs
Jarret Crabb82Jarret Crabb
John Sparks97Reuben Sparks
Jacob Lyon78Jacob Lyon
Jemima Yates85David Yates
John Lane85Edward Lane
Samuel Castle100Jesse Farmer
Amos Church82Amos Church, sen.
John Montgomery84Hugh Montgomery
Abel Rollen75Abel Rollen
John Bryan, Esq.87John Bryan, Esq.
William Jenkins80Thomas D. Kelly

Yancey County

Z. Horter, sen.79Z. Horter, sen.
John Green73James Buchanan
Edward Wardrop90Solomon Wardrop
Jonathan McPeeters84Charles McPeeters
Thomas Reede84Thomas Reede, sen.
John Blaylecker78John Blaylocker, sen.