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1840 Census of Pensioners
Essex County, New Jersey

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Essex County New Jersey Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing


Catharine Campbell84Mary G. Francisco


Char. Mooney73Char. Mooney
Josiah Gray84Josiah Gray

New Providence

John Tilue85John Tilue
Nathan Elmer78Nathan Elmer
Jacob Potter85Jacob Potter
James Doty83James Doty


Benjamin Crane79Benjamin Crane
John Dunham78John Dunham
Aaron Ball85Aaron Ball, jr.
Margaret Ludlow74John Ludlow
Mary Pierson79Jonathan Cory
Clark Miller83Clark Miller
William Clark85William Clark
Enoch Miller80Enoch Miller
Robert Woodruff83James Enders
James Lambert85James Lambert
Moses Dickerson87Moses Dickerson
J. B. Osborn86J. B. Osborn
J. H. Osborn80J. H. Osborn
Daniel Hatfield84Daniel Hatfield
Sarah T. Phillips37Sarah T. Phillips
Mary Dolbeer85Mary Dolbeer
Nancy Terrill76Nancy Terrill
Sarah Murry85Elijah Shotwell
Rachel De Camp81Rachel De Camp
Ichabod Clark78Ichabod Clark
Isaac Manning82Isaac Manning


David Williams83David Williams
Jerusha Crittendon81Sophia Crittenden
Charlotte Townly83Charlotte Townley


Moses Harrison79Moses Harrison
Timothy Could88Timothy Gould
Aury King86Edmund H. Davey
John E. Smith86John E. Smith
Isaac Dodd78Isaac Dodd


Aaron Hand76Isaac M. Hand
David Dean76David Dean
Stephen Lyon84Stephen Lyon
Thomas F. Randolph77Margaret Hutchings
Matthias Denman89Matthias Denman
Samuel Tubs66Samuel Tubs


Henry Lane78Henry Lane
Isaac Pear81Isaac Pear
Josiah Gould79Josiah Gould
Jacob Kent87Simon Kent
William Gould82William Gould


Sally Ward79James L. Ward
Abner Hall80Abner Ball
Mary King84Mary King
Jacob Edwards77Jacob Edwards
Phebe Steel69Geo. C. Steel
Joseph Green81Joseph Green

City of Newark - East ward

Catharine Parker80Catharine Parker
Mary Gardner81Samuel J. Gardner
Aaron Thompson82Aaron Thompson
Mary Speer75Samuel Davis
Thomas Belton108Thomas Belton
Johanna Lyon74Johanna Lyon
Daniel Fitch79Daniel Fitch

South ward

David Tichenor82David Tichenor
Ann Plum77Ann Plum
Aury King86Moses R. King
Turner Hill67Hugh Heath

North Ward

Sarah Cummings78Sarah Cummings
Mary Harriss84Samuel D. Harriss
Harriet Leayre76Harriet Leayre

West Ward

U. Baldwin80William W. Baldwin
Henry Willis83-


David Williams81William S. Williams
Michael Meeker85Michael Meeker
James Wilcox77James Wilcox
Thomas Woodruff71David M. Woodruff
Stephen Headley79Stephen Headley


Thomas Harrison81Henry Harrison
Japhia Condit89Japhia Condit
Abijah Harrison89Abijah Harrison, jr.
Isaac T. Tichenor79-


Joseph Lyon76Joseph Lyon
Nancy Stockman81Moses Stockman
Sayres Roberts85Sayres Roberts, sen.
Sarah Meeker89Zadock Meeker
Timothy Bigelow76Timothy Bigelow

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