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The Illinois Pension Roll of 1835

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The Illinois Pension Roll of 1835 is a report from the Secretary of War in obedience to resolutions of the Senate of the 5th and 30th of June, 1834, and the 3d of March, 1835, in relation to the Pension establishment of the United States.

Statement showing the Names, Ranks, and c. of Invalid Pensioners residing in the State of Illinois

Description of
When Placed
On The
Pension Roll
Of Pension
Laws Under Which Were Inscribed,
Increased And Reduced; And Remarks
John FeeLieutenant112.5096.2522d U. S. Inf.Mar. 12, 1816June 16, 1815Acts military establishment. Transferred from Pennsylvania.
Dodo135.002411.25do-Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816
Aaron GrahamSergeant48.0097.461st U. S. riflesOct. 17, 1822Aug. 24, 1822Acts military establishment. Susp'd July 7, 1825.
Justice J. Perrigodo96.001654.40-Mar. 10, 1818June 10, 1815Acts military estab. Paid in Missouri. Transferred from New York.
Israel WatersMatross48.00788.26U. S. l. artilleryNov. 1, 1817Oct. 2, 1817Acts military estab. Paid in Missouri. Transferred from New York.
Lina T. HelmCaptain120.00861.321st U. S. InfantryMay 24, 1827June 30, 1826March 3, 1827. Transferred from Kentucky.
John LewisPrivate96.00193.84U. S. riflemenDec. 7, 1820Aug. 28, 1820Acts military establishment.
John Myersdo64.00165.63Indian warsMar. 22, 1817Nov. 15, 1816March 3, 1817. Died June 17, 1819.
Jacob Davisdo72.00149.2019th U. S. infantryFeb. 15, 1831Feb. 8, 1831Acts military establishment
Samuel Jacquewaydo48.00624.00U. S. rangersDec. 24, 1816Jan. 9, 1814April 30, 1816.
John PattersonSergeant48.00890.13-Sep. 29, 1819Sep. 18, 1815April 30, 1816. Paid in Missouri
Henry FlesherEnsign156.00204.00Ohio volunteersFeb. 10, 1831Feb. 4, 1831April 24, 1816. Transferred from Ohio.
Thomas HigginsPrivate32.00373.86Illinois rangersDec. 2, 1820Mar. 17, 1820April 10, 1812.
Dodo72.00164.20Illinois rangersFeb. 11, 1832Nov. 23, 1831Acts military establishment. Increased to this rate.
Thomas Newilldo96.00900.00U. S. artilleryOct. 21, 1816June 20, 1815Acts mil. Establishment. Transferred from New York.
Thomas Richardsondo48.00342.936th U. S. infantryOct. 15, 1823Aug. 2, 1822Acts military establishment.
Dodo96.00506.66do-Nov. 24, 1828Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
William Abneydo48.00883.6024th U. S. infantryOct. 21, 1816April 7, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from W. Tennessee.
William Boltondo96.001225.60U. S. riflesNov. 6, 1821May 29, 1821Acts military estab. Transferred from S. and N. Carolina.
John Bargerdo32.00426.20E. Tennessee mil.Sept. 17, 1816July 30, 1814April 24, 1816. Transferred from W. Tennessee.
Tramel Ewing2d lieut.126.0015.90Illinois volunteersMar. 27, 1834Jan. 20, 1834April 24, 1816.
James NortonPrivate72.00-6th U. S. infantryMar. 22, 1834Feb. 28, 1833Acts military establishment.
Henry J. Williamsdo96.001369.6011th U. S. infantryDec. 30, 1816May 29, 1816Acts military estab. Transferred from Virg. And W. Tennessee.
Dodo96.00288.00do-Sep. 4, 1830Acts military establishment.
Samuel J. Chapmando64.001193.9523d U. S. infantryJan. 13, 1817July 9, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from New York.
Caleb Haywarddo48.00487.60doAug. 5, 1816July 8, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from New York.
James Gibsondo96.00672.00Illinois militiaJuly 14, 1826Sep. 4, 1825May 16, 1826. Transferred from Indiana.
Edward Perduedo48.00645.337th U. S. infantryFeb. 12, 1821Oct. 25, 1820Acts military establishment. Transferred from Indiana.
John Rogersdo96.00267.73Ind'a militiaJan. 13, 1831Dec. 21, 1830April 24, 1816. Transferred from In.
Stephen Terrydo64.00340.97Ind'a militiaJan. 3, 1829Dec. 17, 1828April 10, 1812. Transferred from In.
Dodo96.00-Ind'a militiaJuly 26, 1834Ap'l 14, 1834Acts military establishment.
James Thompsondo96.00-Illinois militiaSept. 28, 1833Ap'l 23, 1833April 24, 1816.
Thomas Westdo48.00150.66Ind'a mounted inf.Nov. 25, 1828Nov. 8, 1828April 10, 1812.
Dodo64.00154.48Ind'a mounted inf.Dec. 20, 1831Dec. 16, 1831Acts mil. Establishment. Transferred from Indiana.
Dodo96.00-Ind'a mounted inf.July 26, 1834Ap'l 14, 1834Acts military establishment.
Asa BrooksPrivate96.001854.40N. York volunteersJuly 27, 1819Nov. 10, 1814Acts mil. Establishment. Transferred from New York.
William Pruittdo96.001808.52U. S. rangersJuly 1, 1816Nov. 2, 1814July 24, 1813.
William Richardsdo48.00521.333d U. S. riflesJan. 2, 1818Ap'l 24, 1815Acts mil. Establishment. Transferred from Virginia.
John BirminghamCorporal96.0067.466th U. S. infantrySep. 23, 1833June 21, 1833Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
George GobleSergeant96.00354.663d U. S. infantryJune 26, 1830June 24, 1830Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
William HowardPrivate48.00176.53doJune 30, 1830June 30, 1830Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
John Jerroddo96.00353.606th U. S. infantrySep. 29, 1830June 28, 1830Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
John Sewarddo96.00809.3317th U. S. infantryDec. 6, 1825Sep. 29, 1825Acts mil. estab. Transf'd from Ohio.
George Saundersdo96.00435.73Illinois militiaFeb. 11, 1818Nov. 8, 1815April 24, 1816. Died May 21, 1820.
Thomas Robertsdo48.00366.26U. S. rangersSept. 27, 1826Sept. 8, 1826Acts military estab. Transferred from W. Tennessee.
Dodo76.80-do-July 25, 1834Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
James LammayCorporal32.00488.4423d U. S. inf.June 9, 1818May 30, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from N. York and Missouri.
Charles DunnCaptain240.0088.66Illinois volunteersDec. 13, 1833Oct. 22, 1833April 24, 1816.
Benjamin GloverSergeant24.00226.409th U. S. inf.Feb. 17, 1817Mar. 29, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from Massachusetts.
David CallisPrivate57.601031.3635th U. S. infantryFeb. 21, 1817Ap'l 8, 1815Acts mil. estab. Transf'd from Virg.
Julian Bartdo96.001104.80Illinois militiaSep. 17, 1816Sept. 1, 1815April 24, 1816. Transferred from Virginia.
David Hoardo30.0026.6631st U. S. inf.Mar. 29, 1816June 4, 1816Acts military estab. Transferred from Mass. and Ohio.
Dodo48.00809.33do-Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816.
William Henleydo96.00897.33Dyer's reg. of mil.Feb. 15, 1819Ap'l 28, 1815April 24, 1816. Transferred from W. Tennessee
Dodo48.00289.06do-Sept. 3, 1824March 3, 1819. Reduced.
Dodo96.00238.13doSep. 11, 1830Sep. 11, 1830Acts military establishment. Increased to this rate.
Armistead Jonesdo48.007.20Illinois militiaMar. 13, 1834Jan. 9, 1834April 24, 1816
William Lippencottdo72.00838.982d U. S. inf.Jan. 29, 1817July 10, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from N. York.
William Lanedo96.001018.12Tenn. VolunteersJune 21, 1823Jan. 27, 1823April 24, 1816, and Feb. 4, 1822.
Eli ShortAssistant45.0093.13Kentucky volun-Mar. 30, 1814Mar. 3, 1815. Trans. From Kentucky.
DoForage72.0026.00teers, U. States-Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816
DoMuster117.00457.15serviceDec. 8, 1816Sept. 4, 1816Acts military establishment. Died May 21, 1820.
Charles ReverePrivate60.0080.66U. S. rangersFeb. 23, 1816Dec. 20, 1814Acts military establishment.
Dodo96.001090.66do-Apr'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816
Dodo48.00-do-Sept. 4, 1827March 3, 1819. Reduced to this rate.
William Hailedo20.0088.61Revolut'y army-Nov. 19, 1811July 5, 1812.
Dodo32.00514.13Revolut'y armyDec. 20, 1824Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816. Killed by Indians in 1832.
Joseph R. Youngdo96.0066.66Illinois voluntSep. 25, 1833June 20, 1833April 24, 1816.
St. Clair
John Appelldo96.00228.003d U. S. inf.Oct. 11, 1831Oct. 10, 1831Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
Abner Casedo30.0027.584th U. S. riflesDec. 29, 1815May 23, 1815Acts military estab. Transferred from N. York, Ohio and Pittsburg agency.
Dodo48.00401.86do-Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816
Dodo96.00862.93doFeb. 12, 1825Sept. 8, 1824Acts military establishment.
Daniel Kenneydo60.00308.50U. S. armySept. 5, 1814Mar. 3, 1811March 16, 1802.
Dodo96.001714.66do-April 24, 1816April 24, 1816
John Randlemando48.00362.12U. S. rangersMay 17, 1826Feb. 16, 1826February 25, 1813.
Francis ValkmorePrivate64.00442.665th U. S. inf.Mar. 23, 1822Aug. 1, 1821Acts military establishment. Paid in Missouri.
Richard Windsordo64.00775.288th doOct. 21, 1819Jan. 24, 1819Acts military establishment.
Earl Armstrongdo48.00889.609th U. S. inf.Oct. 5, 1816Aug. 23, 1815Acts mil. estab. Transferred from N. York. Paid in Missouri.
James Campbelldo30.0057.0016th doJuly 13, 1814May 31, 1814Acts military estab. Transferred from Pennsylvania.
Dodo48.0068.80do-Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816.
Dodo72.00444.80doAp'l 16, 1819Sep. 30, 1817March 3, 1819. Died December 3, 1823.
Elias Housedo54.00412.50Revolutionary army-Sep. 4, 1808Acts military estab. Transferred from N. Carolina.
Dodo86.40870.40doSep. 27, 1824Apr. 24, 1816April 24, 1816. Died May 20, 1826.
Daniel Chapmando24.00222.46Tenn. militiaOct. 11, 1825Nov. 17, 1824April 24, 1816.
John Taylordo45.00185.25Army of the U. S.-Mar. 12, 1812July 5, 1812. Transferred from West Tennessee.
Dodo72.00605.80doJune 7, 1820Ap'l 24, 1816April 24, 1816.
Dodo96.00858.66doOct. 14, 1825Sep. 23, 1824Acts military establishment.

Statement of the Names, and c. of the Heirs of non-commissioned Officers, Privates, and c. who died in the United States' service, who obtained five years' half pay of lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the act of April 16, 1816, and who resided in the State of Illinois

Names Of The
Original Claimants
RankDescription Of
Time Of
Names Of The HeirsAnnual
When Placed
On The
Pension Roll
Of Pension Roll
Ending Of
Johnson County
Thomas F. ClarkPrivate7th reg. inf.Mar. 31, 1815Gideon and William Clark48.00240.00Sep. 4, 1814Feb. 17, 1815Feb. 17, 1820
Randolph County
Ephraim Carpenterdo24th reg. inf.March, 1814William Carpenter48.00240.00Ap'l 16, 1821Mar. 13, 1821Apr. 13, 1826

Statement showing the Names, Ranks, and c. of persons residing in the State of Illinois, who have been inscribed on the Pension List under the act of Congress passed the 7th day of June, 1832

Names And CountiesRankAnnual
Description Of
When Placed
On The
Pension Roll
Of Pension
AgesLaws Under Which They Were
Formerly Inscribed On The Pension
Roll; And Remarks
Samuel ShawPrivate30.0069.91Penn. ContinentalFeb. 9, 1833Mar. 4, 183178Died July 1, 1823.
Henry Coveldo23.3335.00Connecticut cont'lJuly 24, 1832do87Residence unknown.
John Sowersdo20.00-N. C. militiaJune 19, 1834do74-
Hezekiah Rowdo24.44-S. C. continentalAp'l 16, 1834do74-
George Baithdo30.0075.00Penn. ContinentalAug. 14, 1833do72-
William Dunlapdo43.33129.99S. C. militiaFeb. 10, 1834do73-
Thomas Pattendo40.00120.00N. C. continentalSep. 25, 1833do98-
Asa Piperdo30.0090.00Mass. ContinentalAp'l 11, 1833do72-
James RyanPriv. and c.85.00255.00N. C. continentalAug. 13, 1833do78-
Silas BeckwithPrivate30.00-N. Hamp. MilitiaMay 30, 1833do88-
Thomas Boondo80.00240.00S. C. cont'lJuly 16, 1833do73-
Nicholas BeanPriv. and c.100.00300.00Penn'a cont'lMay 3, 1834do70-
Peter DozierPrivate23.33-Virginia contin'lOct. 31, 1832do72-
Samuel McCluredo42.50106.25doAug. 14, 1833do86-
Frederick Unselldo80.00240.00Penn. MilitiaFeb. 11, 1834do70-
John Kingdo23.8871.64S. C. cont'lFeb. 25, 1834do67-
Michael TedrichPri. Of cav.32.5095.66N. C. militiadodo81Died Febuary 10, 1834
Elias ChaffinPrivate20.0060.00S. C. militiaAp'l 21, 1834do71-
Daniel BanamPrivate53.33-Virginia militiaMay 3, 1834Mar. 4, 183176-
Robert Friattdo30.0075.00Virg'a cont'lOct. 2, 1833do74-
Zachariah Lyerlydo43.33129.99N. C. cont'lAug. 14, 1833do78-
Ebenezer PyottPri. And ser.98.33245.82Penn'a cont'lOct. 9, 1833do79-
Thomas, SherleyPrivate80.00240.00S. C. cont'lOct. 22, 1833do74-
Joshua Tynerdo71.66214.98Georgia cont'lMar. 28, 1833do67Removed to Franklin county.
Joseph J. WilliamsPri. And ser.50.00-Penn'a cont'lMar. 24, 1834do77-
Hezekiah DavisPri. Inf. And cavellry25.83-S. C. continentalOct. 2, 1833do73-
Daniel ChandlerPrivate80.00240.00doOct. 22, 1833do72-
Samuel LittlePriv. of cav.100.00-S. C. militiaJuly 12, 1833do68-
Greenbury, ChoatePrivate20.0060.00Virg'a continentalOct. 23, 1833do83-
Daniel Chapmando80.00240.00New York militiaFeb. 15, 1833do77-
Jacob Harwickdo50.00100.00-July 16, 1833do81-
William Wiggsdo30.5691.68N. C. continentalJuly 18, 1833do77-
Hezekiah WestPri. Of inf. And cav.24.1772.51dododo70-
Isham ChildersPrivate30.00-doAp'l 11, 1833do71-
Hezekiah Hardestydo33.3383.33Penn'a cont'lJuly 16, 1833do71-
Adam, Lackeydo33.3383.33Virg'a cont'lOct. 22, 1833do79-
Benjamin, Miltondo60.00150.00N. C. cont'lSep. 28, 1833do67-
Henry ----, Sr.Private62.22152.12doAug. 14, 1833do71Died August 19, 1833
Ezra ----do50.00150.00doFeb. 28, 1835do80-
Thomas ----aig, Sr.do48.84146.52dododo71-
Benjamin Gordondo80.00240.00doSep. 25, 1833do71-
Wooten, Harrisdo80.00240.00Virg'a cont'lDec. 1, 1832do76-
John Ligitdo45.00135.00doFeb. 28, 1833do71-
James Richardsondo20.0050.00N. C. cont'ldodo76-
Daniel BrownPri. And ser.30.1675.40Virg'a cont'lOct. 14do75-
Jesse ConwayPrivate80.00240.00doAug. 22, 1833do73-
Michael Deckdo26.6679.98Virg'a cont'lAp'l 6, 1833do73-
John Gilhamdo80.00240.00S. C. continentalAug. 22, 1833do77-
Isaac Gillhamdo80.00240.00dododo74-
Anthony A. Harrisondo26.6679.98Penn'a continentalJan. 9, 1834do71-
William HallPri. And ser.65.00195.00S. C. continentalApril 9, 1833do71-
John LongPrivate20.0060.00N. C. continentalAp'l 23, 1833do71-
Joseph McAdamsPri. Of inf. And cav.97.50292.50doAug. 14, 1833do76Removed to Bond county.
William McAdamsPrivate80.00200.00doAug. 22, 1833do74-
Martin, Pruittdo80.00240.00Virg'a continentaldodo85-
John Robinsondo80.00240.00N. C. continentaldodo70Removed to Macoupin county
Henry Revisdo40.00120.00dododo81-
Francis Roachdo24.6774.01doJuly 18, 1833do94-
Harris Reavisdo52.77158.31N. C. militiaJan. 29, 1834do80-
Richard Randledo34.66103.98Virg'a cont'lFeb. 10, 1834do80-
Isham Randledo23.3369.99N. C. cont'lJune 19, 1833do74-
Laban, Smartdo20.0060.00doAp'l 6, 1833do78-
Henry Thornhilldo30.0075.00Virg'a continentalSep. 25, 1833do76-
Nathaniel Westdo30.0075.00doJuly 18, 1833do83-
George Bridgesdo30.00-N. C. militiaJune 25, 1834do71-
Ebenezer Bowendo48.33144.99Virginia cont'lDec. 17, 1833do81-
Andrew Hiltondo30.0090.00Maryland cont'lOct. 23, 1833do77-
Michael Millerdo30.0090.00Virginia cont'lJuly 18, 1833do73-
James McRobertsdo20.0060.00Pennsylvania cont'lApr. 28, 1884do71-
Joseph Wrightdo20.0050.00Virginia cont'lMay 2, 1833do74-
Ebenezer BarnesPri. And ser.98.33294.99Massachusetts con.Feb. 7, 1834do74-
Nathaniel BellPrivate53.33159.99North Carolina mil.Feb. 4, 1834Mar. 4, 183179-
William McGhePrivate80.00240.00Pennsylvania cont'lMar. 15, 1834do72-
Charles MoorePrivate20.0060.00South Carolina mil.Apr. 8, 1834do70-
Edward F. PatrickPrivate20.0060.00North Carolina mil.Dec. 12, 1833do74-
John ScottPr. Of cav.50.00125.00Virginia cont'lSep. 25, 1833do71-
Thomas SloanPrivate76.69230.01North Carolina con.Dec. 12, 1833do73-
Isham Bobbitdo47.50142.50doMay 29, 1833do79-
Martin, Burrisdo20.0060.00Pennsylvania cont'ldodo78-
Samuel Caldwelldo20.0060.00Virginia cont'lOct. 23, 1833do69-
Constantine, Clarksondo40.00120.00doAug. 10, 1833do71-
Colbay Creeddo23.8871.64North Carolina mil.July 12, 1834do75-
John Dawsondo60.00180.00Virginia militiaMay 22, 1834do83-
Aaron Houtendo56.66169.98New Jersey cont'lNov. 5, 1833do72-
Francis Haneydo73.33219.99Virginia cont'lJuly 16, 1833do79-
Joseph Jacksondo36.66109.98South Carolina con.dodo73-
James Jordando25.00-South Carolina con.July 30, 1834do78-
Lawrence, KellobruePri. Of inf. And cav.75.83227.49North Carolina con.July 18, 1833do70-
Henry LevinsPrivate49.00122.50Pennsylvania cont'lSep. 25, 1833do89-
Edmund Moodydo60.00180.00Virginia cont'lNov. 15, 1833do76-
Hugh McNarydo34.00102.00North Carolina con.Jan. 6, 1834do71-
David McPetersPri. Of inf. And cav.72.00216.00doMay 29, 1833do77-
John RobertsonPrivate30.0090.00Delaware cont'lNov. 15, 1833do81-
Jesse Stoutdo33.3399.99New Jersey cont'lNov. 5, 1833do80-
David Strahando37.50112.50North Carolina con.June 6, 1833do79-
Augustus Simsdo20.00-Virginia cont'lMar. 26, 1833do71-
William Scottdo30.0075.00doApr. 16, 1833do79-
Joseph Summersdo32.7798.31North Carolina con.dodo84-
Andrew Turnerdo20.0060.00doMay 2, 1833do72-
James Wrightdo80.00160.00Virginia cont'ldodo71-
William Willarddo31.6795.01-dodo--
Samuel Eblindo20.0060.00Virginia cont'lApr. 12, 1834do79-
William Gastondo80.00240.00South Carolina con.Oct. 22, 1833do75-
Michael Luttrelldo20.0060.00Virginia militiaApr. 12, 1834do82-
Thomas Mooredo20.0060.00Virginia cont'lJan. 9, 1834do74-
Daniel Foxdo40.00120.00North Carolina con.Dec. 17, 1833do68-
James HarknessPri., and c.86.00258.00Massachusetts con.Feb. 10, 1834do74-
Leonard LipePrivate33.34100.02South Carolina con.Jan. 6, 1834do71-
Uriah Gilmoredo32.7798.21Virginia cont'lJuly 16, 1833do84-
James McWithydo80.00240.00New York cont'lApr. 8, 1834do71-
Richard Taylordo20.0060.00Virginia cont'lOct. 2, 1833do78-
Thomas GillPri. Lieut. And captain326.66978.98South Carolina con.May 3, 1833do78Removed to Crawford county.
William FowlerPrivate20.00-South Carolina mil.May 7, 1834do69-
Paul Harrolsondo62.50156.25doSep. 28, 1833do73-
John Burtondo20.0060.00Virginia cont'lMay 3, 1834do72-
Michael Clifforddo63.33189.99North Carolina con.Dec. 12, 1833do74-
Peter Cutrightdo20.0060.00Virginia militiaMay 3, 1834do74-
Christian Carverdo30.0060.00North Carolina mil.Apr. 23, 1833do74-
Philip CrowderPri. And ser.41.66124.98Virginia cont'lApr. 23, 1833Mar. 4, 183173-
Edward DayPrivate43.33129.99Virginia militiaFeb. 15, 1834do73-
Lewis FergusonPri. And ser.110.00330.00Virginia cont'lDec. 17, 1833do74-
Ezekiel HarrisonPrivate45.00135.00doMay 2, 1833do83-
James Haggarddo20.0060.00dododo77-
Joel Maxceydo23.3358.33doAug. 14, 1833do72-
Thomas Masseedo21.5563.88doApr. 23, 1834do74-
ZachariahPri. Of art.100.00300.00doMay 2, 1833do73-
John PurviancePr. Of cav.75.00-North Carolina con.Oct. 23, 1833do71-
Howell SellersPrivate30.0090.00South Carolina con.May 2, 1833do72-
James Turleydo23.33-Virginia militiaMar. 16, 1833do72-
John Whitedo40.00120.00Pennsylvania cont'lOct. 23, 1833do92-
William Blairdo46.66139.98doApr. 6, 1833do73-
Benjamin Carpenterdo36.66109.98Virginia cont'lOct. 9, 1833do79-
Moses Justusdo38.33114.99North Carolina con.Aug. 14, 1833do79-
James LaumanPri. And ser.28.5071.25South Carolina con.Apr. 22, 1834do82-
George TaylorPrivate42.22123.84Pennsylvania cont'lOct. 9, 1833do72Died February 10, 1834.
St. Clair
Conrad Goodnerdo30.0090.00North Carolina con.July 16, 1833do76-
Thomas KnightenPri. And ser.31.6779.16South Carolina con.July 18, 1833do81-
John PrimePrivate31.5594.65Virginia cont'lJan. 17, 1834do84-
Martin, Randlemando26.6679.98S. Carolina cont'lAp'l 9, 1833do72-
Hosea, Riggdo66.66199.98Pennsylvania cont'lFeb. 9, 1834do72-
John Collinsworthdo80.00240.00Virginia cont'lMar. 20, 1833do70Transferred from E. Tennessee, from Sep. 4, 1833.
Obadiah Wadedo21.6664.98N. Carolina cont'lOct. 23, 1833do73-
Alexander Beggsdo70.44211.32Pennsylvania cont.July 16, 1833do80-
Adam Clappdo26.6679.98N. Carolina cont'lAp'l 23, 1833do78-
John Ellisdo80.00240.00Virginia militiaFeb. 25, 1834do98-
Jacob Frickdo50.00150.00Pennsylvania cont.July 16, 1833do83-
John Hargravedo28.2270.55S. Carolina cont'ldodo78-
Travis Morrisdo30.0090.00Virginia cont'lOct. 23, 1833do74-
Joshua Vickdo20.00-doAp'l 23, 1833do71-
Peter Meisenheimerdo21.1163.33N. Carolina cont'lJuly 18, 1833do79-
Robert Baileydo33.3383.33N. Carolina cont'lAug. 14, 1833do72-
James Hulsdo80.00240.00Virginia cont'lSep. 28, 1833do72-
Daniel Herringtondo21.8965.67Pennsylvania con.Ap'l 23, 1833do75-
Thomas MortonPri. And cap.120.00360.00Virginia continentalAp'l 17, 1833do81-
John ChildressPrivate37.00111.00N. Carolina militiaMay 2, 1833do69-
James Clarkdo80.00240.00S. Carolina cont'lOct. 31, 1833do78-
Robert Hawthorndo80.00240.00doAug. 14, 1833do80-
Joseph Hawthorndo60.00180.00doMar. 24, 1834do77-
Nathan Jaggorsdo76.55229.65doJuly 16, 1833do73-
Randle, McDanieldo23.33-doJuly 18, 1833do79Transferred from Tennessee.
Henry Morgando80.00-N. Carolina cont'ldodo74-
Elias Veatchdo60.00-S. Carolina militiaJuly 12, 1834do74-
Peter Shulldo41.67104.18PennsylvaniaAp'l 23, 1833do69-
Daniel BidwellPri. And ser.106.66319.98New York cont'lJune 11, 1833do73-
James CrabtreePrivate20.0060.00Virginia cont'lDec. 17, 1833do73-
William Doughtondo20.7836.25doOct. 23, 1833do72Died December 1, 1833
Jonathan Gossdo28.3384.99Massachusetts con.July 16, 1833do74-
Nathaniel Hendryxdo50.00150.00N. York cont'ldodo81-
William Lawsondo33.3399.99Virginia cont'lOct. 23, 1833do75-
Allen Ramsaydo23.3369.99Pennsylvania con.Feb. 15, 1834do70-
Benjamin Smithdo80.00240.00R. Island cont'lAug. 14, 1833do73-
Stephen Simmonsdo26.2278.66Connecticut cont'ldodo69-
Andrew Tuttledo80.00240.00doNov. 5, 1833do75-
John White, 2dPrivate60.00180.00Connecticut cont'lNov. 5, 1833Mar. 4, 183172-
John WoodEnsign56.6696.01Marylan l cont'lMar. 23, 1833do79Died November 4, 1832.
John FilesPrivate80.00240.00S. Carolina cont'lAug. 14, 1833do73-
John Hensondo43.33129.99Virginia cont'lOct. 31, 1833do68-
James Lockdo20.00-doMay 2, 1833do71-
William Simpsondo20.0060.00doOct. 31, 1833do78-
Peter RogersFife major108.00-Pennsylvania cont'lMar. 26, 1834do77-

Statement showing the Names, Rank, and c. of persons residing in the State of Illinois, who have received the benefits of the act of Congress passed the 15th May, 1828

Names And
Description Of
When Placed
On The
Pension Roll
Names Of Agents Or
Peter OuthousePrivate80.00440.00reg. Md. LineAug. 13, 1828-Transf'd from Oldham county, Kentucky
Matthias Parrdo80.00720.002d reg. N. Y. lineDec. 11, 1830Wm. H. Brown, ag't-
Bennett HancockMatross100.00709.72reg. Virg. Artil.Oct. 22, 1828Milley Hancock, widowDied April 7, 1833
John EdgarCaptain480.002291.33U. S. navyJune 2, 1830Hon. E. K. Kane, att'y for the adm'rAdmitted by special act of May 26, 1830.--Died December 19,1830.
Henry GreenePrivate80.00720.002d reg. Md. LineOct. 22, 1828A. W. Cavarly, ag't-
James StewartMatross100.00850.00Virginia artilleryMay 23, 1829--