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1825 State Census
Town of Clymer
Chautauqua County, New York

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1825 Clymer State Census: Every person whose usual place abode shall be in any family on the 1st of July 1825....; and every person occasionally absent at time of taking this enumeration, as belonging to that place in which he usually resides in this state.


Clymer, NY State Census Records, 1825

Russell, Thomas42111-1------
Wing, Joseph42121-1--1F19
Starkweather, Anson21111--1M--18
Starkweather, Horace1-11-------25
Brownell, Ebenesar31231------07
Alvord, Samuel26-11-5----10
Cleveland, John53221-2------
Cleveland, Gardner21-1-------12
Bemiss, Stephen6223--1----25
Terry, Silas22111-11F--12
Bemiss, Thomas25111-41F--28
French, Samuel61-11------15
Thompson, Nathaniel32221----1F03
Thompson, William32111--1M--10
Cleveland, Jr. Gardner43-11-2----07
Amidon, Elijah32-11------08
Amidon, Leonard41111------10
Amidon, Samuel33221-2----03
Beebe, Amon74111-21F--16
Oliver, Daniel P.24111-3----17
Brownell, Joseph3112-------07
Terry, Truman11111------02
Tyler, Thomas64231-2----05
Rice, Darius H.51121------08
Bolls, William31231------12
Roberson, Justice12-11------02
Colburn, Lorenzo12-11-1----06
Herick, Nathaniel32121------65
Dean, Ephraim11111------12
Gothem, Samuel33-11-2----07
Blows, Perly84111221F--40
Colburn, Paul57-1134----35
Adams, George33-11-2----08
Adams, William11-1-------12
Gotham, John32111-1----25
Helme, Vernum24111-3----08
Coe, Perdernand651--32--1M35
Helme, Ginks15111-4----12
Rice, William52-11-1----60
Graves, O. William23-11-2------
Graves, David12111-1----10
Graves, Nathaniel12-1--11F--25
Hunt, Archelus74-11-3----20
Gates, Willard12-1-2-----12
Helme, John43-11--1M--10
Adams, James21111----1M5
Beebe, Amon11-1-------15
Whitney, Benjamin24111-31M--06
Belknap, Ely72-11------30
Farnsworth, John33-1-11----08
Barto, John S.23--1-2----20
Dodson, Daniel34221-2----09
Marden, Ralph2211--1----02
Bliss, Clark21111--------