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1747 - 1750 Church Members
Congregational Church of Bristol, Connecticut

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From Aug., 1747 to March, 1750

Previous to the ordination of Rev. Mr. Cowles, in 1792, the record is imperfect, but the conclusions of the committee of 1852 are believed to be as nearly correct as can be, and we copy the list as prepared by them. This mark * indicates certainty.

Admissions by Profession are not marked.

Admissions by Letter are so designated.

List of Members at the formation of the Church, in August 1747.

*Hezekiah Rew
*Abigail, his wife, deceased 1764

*David Gaylord, deceased 1776
Mary, his wife, deceased 1772

*Stephen Barnes, deceased 1757, age 43
and his wife

*Elnathan Ives, deceased 1777, age 71
Abigail, his wife, deceased 1778, age 69

*Miss. Deborah Buck, deceased 1797, age 84

*Josiah Lewis, deceased 1793, age 83
*Phebe, his wife, deceased 1794, age 78

Widow Sarah Bushnell

Nathaniel Messenger, and his wife

Nehemiah Manross, and his wife

Ebenezer Barnes, and Lucy, his wife

Joseph Benton
Sarah, his wife

William Merian, deceased 1752, age 85

Hezekiah Bunnell, deceased 1764, age 62
Esther, his wife, deceased 1768, age 72

Moses Lyman
and his wife

Ebenezer Hamblin

Edward Gaylord
and his wife

Samuel Gaylord

John Hickox, deceased 1765, age 68
and his wife

John Brown
and his wife

Abner Matthews
and his wife

Caleb Palmer
and his wife

David Rich, deceased 1748, age 54

Abigail Deming, wife of Jacob, deceased 1771, age 85

Rachel Rich, wife of David, Jr., deceased 1757, age 33

Admissions to March, 1750

*Stephen Hotchkiss, deceased 1807, age 89
Thankful, his wife, deceased 1760, age 42

Mason Cogswell

Robert Cogswell, and his wife

Daniel Mix, and his wife

John Gaylord, deceased 1753, age 79
and his wife

Samuel Williams, deceased 1760, age 57

Stephen Brooks, deceased 1773, age 71

Benjamin Brooks, deceased 1795, age 83

*Zubulon Peck, deceased 1790, age 78
*mary, his wife, deceased 1794, age 77

*William Jerome, deceased 1796, age 80

*Joseph Gaylord, deceased 1796, age 89

*Sarah, wife of Hezekiah Gridley, deceased 1797, age 81

*Mary, wife of Rev. Samuel Newell, deceased 1801, age 87

*Thomas Hart, deceased 1801, age 83

*Joseph Rowe, deceased 1810, age 88

*Eleazor Gaylord, deceased 1810, age 87

*Widow Rachel Hart, deceased 1769, age 67

Aaron Aspinwall