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1840 Census of Pensioners

Suffolk County, New York

June 1, 1840

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing


Elizabeth Bennet - Miller Bennet Abraham Sherril 86 Abraham Sherril Hannah Hedges 76 Robert Hedges


James Sayre 86 James Sayre Hamutual Halsey 78 Hugh Halsey Sylvanus Halsey 84 Sylvanus Halsey Stephen Talmage 80 Stephen Talmage Henry White 90 Henry White Elizabeth Smith 74 Horace Smith


Ephraim Oaks 87 Jesse oaks Martha Bennett 81 John Bennett Solomon Ketcham 83 Isaac Conklin


Daniel Rogers 81 Timothy Rogers Henry Crum 79 Henry Crum


Daniel Hallock 87 Micah W. Hallock John Clark 78 John Clark Wells Ely 86 Irad Reeve Peter Vail 78 Peter Vail


Henry Ross - Henry Ross, sen. Christopher Youngs 84 Neuter Youngs


Amy Rose 80 Phineas Rose


Alexander Wicks 85 Alexander Wicks Nathan Davis 87 Nathan Davis Moses Clark 81 William Clark Temperance Davis 76 Richard Davis Justus Overton 82 Justus Overton Zachariah Green 80 Zachariah Green Joseph Tooker 83 Joseph Tooker Zopher Hawkins 83 Zopher Hawkins John Williamson 88 John Williamson

[ New York Census of Pensioners: 1840 ]

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