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1840 Census of Pensioners
Erie County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Erie County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing

City of Buffalo - 1st ward

Manuel Grace 90 Andrew Murray

City of Buffalo - 2nd ward

Daniel Hicks 80 John Hicks Stephen Champlin 50 Stephen Champlin


Hezekiah Mosby 86 Hezekiah Mosby


David Corbin 82 John Baker Amos Conant 78 Benjamin Grover


Benjamin Nesmith 84 David Nesmith Jacob Cummings 77 Simeon R. Cummings Abraham Carmer 79 Abraham Carmer


George Bugbee 77 George Bugbee Martin Lewis 73 Martin Lewis Robert Pennell 78 Robert Pennell William Anderson 90 Samuel Anderson Andrew Bell 84 Ebenezer J. Brown Olive Pixley 81 Abigail Gilman Gad Sutlief 85 Asa Greenman Thomas C. Love 50 Thomas C. Love


Benjamin Clark 81 James Clark Betsey Johnson 70 Isaac S. Johnson Pardon Peckham 77 Pardon Peckham Joseph Williams 43 Joseph Williams Asa Severence 78 Corbin W. Powers


Enoch Kellogg 78 James Kellogg Ithamar Arkley 77 Ithamar Arkley Omer Warner 78 Omer Warner


Johnson Guin 81 Obed Guin Moses Smith 84 Joseph D. Wethwell Reuben Cobleigh 79 Reuben Cobleigh Jonathan Skinner 79 Stephen Cetchell Selathial Alen 76 Samuel Okes, jr. Caleb West 75 Caleb West Abner Amsdill 79 Benj. J. Clapp Dennis Canfield 78 Dennis Canfield Peter Ferro 86 Peter Ferro


Asa Gould 88 Asa Gould Asa Partrige 80 Asa Partrige


Joseph Cooper 84 Joseph Cooper David Hunt 80 Zaccheus Hunt Joseph Brant 76 Joseph Conner


Richard Carey 83 Richard Carey


Consider Bement 79 Consider Bement


Joseph Rose 79 Chauncey Rose John Frost 81 Richard Hunt


Reuben Nichols 77 Clark Nichols Caleb Hamet 93 Erastus Graves Roswell Goodrich 84 Josiah Goodrich Ephraim Briggs 87 Allen Briggs David Shedd 83 David Shedd Elisha Pomeroy 77 Elisha Pomeroy


Wm. Morgan 84 Elias Morgan Margaret Gilbert 74 Wm. Potter John Stanclift 85 John Stanclift

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