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1840 Census of Pensioners
Broome County, New York

June 1, 1840

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing


Jesse Hinds 81 Jesse Hinds, jr. John P. Smith 86 M. Smith Peter Mills 62 Peter Mills Abel De Forest 79 Abel De Forrest Mary McNelly 40 Mary McNelly William Rose 76 Elanson Rose Jedediah Seward 82 Jedediah Seward


Elias Bayless 88 John Bayless Stephen Rust 67 S. Rust John Wilson 76 John Wilson John Wilkinson 79 J. Wilkinson Daniel Chamberlain 86 D. Chamberlain Samuel Ingham 80 S. Ingham


William Weston 78 William Weston


John Conklin 84 James Conklin


Samuel Scoville 80 S. M. Scoville Paul Atwell 75 Paul Atwell Patience Heath 79 John Heath John Heath 84 J. Heath, jr. Joel Gamsey 75 Joel Gamsey


Luther Mason 83 L. Mason Joel Curtiss 76 Joel Curtiss Seth Edson 79 S. Edson James Wiley 88 James Wiley Joseph Pike 82 J. Hurlbert Joshua Baker 77 J. Baker


Nathan Burlingame 78 Nathan Burlingame Jonas Underwood 77 J. Underwood, jr. Silas Seward 80 S. Seward


John Rogers 78 J. Rogers Solomon Armstrong 89 H. Fersuson


Asaph Morse 80 J. French Samuel Phipps 80 Samuel Phipps John Durfee 77 H. Durfee


Keen Robinson 87 M. Livermore


Joseph Sanders 77 J. Sanders Joseph Sandford 84 J. Sandford Elijah Gaylord 77 E. Gaylord Ashbel Olmsted 76 J. Standish Nathaniel Rogers 79 J. Sparrow Ephraim Hodges 83 B. Hodges

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