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1840 Census of Pensioners

Middlesex County, New Jersey

June 1, 1840

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				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Isaac Snedaker 85 Peter Snedaker James Clinton 87 James Clinton


James T. Dunn 80 James T. Dunn Benjamin Sullard 75 Benjamin Sullard Sarah Martin 81 Benajah Martin Gabriel Munday 81 Gabriel Munday James Longstaff 86 Henry Longstaff Sarah Kent 78 Samuel Stelle Benjamin Field 77 Michael Field Dennis Field 79 Dennis Field


Thomas Lee 76 Adam Lee Isaac Sayre 79 Isaac Sayre Thomas Bloomfield 70 Thomas Bloomfield Archibald Augar 75 Archibald Augar

North Brunswick

Anthony Collins 78 Anthony Collins Enoch Dunham 79 Enoch Dunham Hannah Norman 79 Edgar Hardenbrook Runyon Barcalew 84 Runyon Barcalew Abm. Merserell 82 Stephen Wines Francis Letts 81 James Townsend Lewis Johnson 80 Lewis Johnson Abm. Vantine 93 John Strong Darby Oram 88 Darby Oram Daniel Kemper 91 Daniel Kemper John Vanderventer 85 Jacob Wyckoff David Voorhees 83 David Voorhees David Vliet 93 David Vliet John Nevius 77 John Nevius Margaret Hulse 78 Margaret Hulse

South Amboy

Cornelius Suydam 79 Cornelius Suydam Mary McGee 80 William McGee David Lamberson 80 David Lamberson David Hull 82 David Hall David Owens 80 David Owens John Booraem 80 John Booraem Daniel Petty 77 John Burlew Ruth Burlew 73 John Burlew Mary Hillyer 81 Ruth Martin Thomas Lamberson 87 Thomas Lamberson James Campbell 80 Rice Campbell

South Brunswick

Henry Cortleyou 79 Hendrick Cortleyou Elizabeth Groves 79 John Slover Garret Breese 80 Garret Breese John Groves 92 John R. Applegate John Gulick 80 John Gulick Peter Wyckoff 83 Johnson Stout Richard Sutphen 85 Richard Sutphen Benjamin Griggs 85 Reuben Griggs David Chambers 91 Mary Lewis

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