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1840 Census of Pensioners

Hunterdon County, New Jersey

June 1, 1840

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				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Jacob Johnson 87 Jacob S. Johnson John Head 83 James Smith John Bigler 84 John Bigler Leonard Martin 84 Leonard Martin John Clifford 92 John Clifford


Jacob Williamson, sen. 86 Jacob Williamson Peter Williamson 77 Peter Williamson John Abbott, sen. 82 John Abbott, sen. Amos Peters 81 John Peters Jacob Williamson 80 Jacob Williamson


Martin Smith 84 Peter Smith Joseph Gray, sen. 81 Joseph Gray, sen. John Besson 90 Andrew Bearder John Howe 86 John Dilts


Cornelius Latourette 85 James Williams Adrian Johnson 85 Adrain Johnson Cornelius Messler 81 Isaac Messler Edward Mitchell 85 Jacob Mitchell Peter Shirts, sen. 92 Peter Shirts, sen.


William Dilts 86 William Dilts Elijah Hummell 84 Elijah Hummell Tunis Case 79 Tunis Case Andrew Butterfoss 81 Andrew Butterfoss James Underwood 77 Henry Seaght William Geary 85 E. Butterfoss Daniel Ent 83 Daniel Ent Samuel Barber 84 Samuel Barber


Catharine Hogland 85 James Larreson Edwin Dalrymple 88 Elizabeth Dalrymple John Witing (since dead)77 Nathaniel Witing


Jacob Nitzer 97 Jacob Nitzer John Blane 82 John Blane


John Mires 81 Francis Mires John Bray 85 John Bray Richard Heath 84 Richard Heath Christy Little 77 Christy Little


Christopher Philhower 86 Adam J. Apgar

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