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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Herkimer County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Herkimer County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Averill, Jonathan age 798/16/1835Jordanville Cemetery - Warren, NYServed one day as volunteer at Bunker Hill. Served one year as musician under Captains Waterman, Cleft, and Oliver Ooit. Served as surgeon in Navy Brig Resistance, Captain Samuel Chew. Frigate Providence, Frigate Wexford. Taken prisoner and carried to Ireland. After 3 months escaped to Portugal.Miss. Ann, died Oct. 13, 1833, age 72, From Ashford Ct.
Bliss, Levi 17471819Salisbury, Herkimer County, NYCapt. Peck's Company, Leppitt, Rhode Island 1778.-
Bonfoy, Henry 1752/36/8/1837East Winfield Cemetery - Herkimer CountyEnlisted Dec. 1, 1775.-
Brenner, Christian age 621826Otaquago Cemetery - Stark, NYTryon County Militia, 1st RegimentHannah, died 1858, age 91.
Cleland, Samuel 1744
Colchester, Mass.
-Jordanville Cemetery - Warren, NYQuarter Master Massachusetts State TroopsHannah, 1744 - 1836.
Crim, Adam age 811844Crim Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate Tryon County Militia, Col. WillettElizabeth Hoover, died Jan. 8, 1836, age 75.
Crim, Jacob age 791830
Crim Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate Captain Adam Lipes Company, Col. Samuel Clydes New York Regiment.Elizabeth Frank, died 1813, age 57.
Crim, Paul age 891813Crim Cemetery - Warren, NYMember of Garrison at Fort Herkimer. Born Hesse Castle Germany.Lana Steele, died 1802, Buried near.
Edick, (Ittig) Michael 6/14/17343/9/1806Fort Herkimer Cemetery - German FlattsCapt. Tryon Co., served under Capt. John Smith in Tryon County Militia 4th Regiment, under Peter Bellinger.-
Fink, Major Andrew 2/1/17512/3/1820Van Valkenburgh - Herkimer CountyMember of Assembly, 1782-83; Capt. at Valley Forge, First Regt., N.Y. Commanded Fort Herkimer, Fort Dayton and Fort Plain, N.Y.-
Foltz, Conrad-6/21/1828Frankfort, NYEnlisted 1780. Held prisioner from ? to 1782. Captured at German Flatts and taken to Canada. Name on Oriskany Monument. Served in that Battle.-
Ford, Benjamin5/7/174810/10/1824Newport Cemetery - Herkimer County, NYEnsign, Albany County Militia-
Ford, Benoni 5/17/17583/28/1826Middleville, NYPrivate in Captain Skinner's Company.-
Freeman, Isaac 9/14/1747
New Jersey
Warren, NY
Warren, NYPrivate Captain Samuel Piersons Company Second Regiment, Essex County Militia N.J.Elizabeth Elston, died Sept. 24, 1872.
Garlock, Charles F. --Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer, NYSoldier in the Revolution.-
Grim, Paul 1730-Grim Cemetery, Warren, NYGarrison at Fort Herkimer.-
Herkimer, Henyost 16951775?Fort Herkimer Cemetery - HerkimerPatriot - Father of General Nicholas Herkimer.-
Hoyer, Frederick 1751
Hoyer Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate Tryon County Militia, 4th Regiment, under Col. Peter Bellinger. At the Battle of Oriskany. Father of Peter Hoyer.Mary Stauring, died Feb. 25, 1827, age 73.
Hoyer, Peter -abt. 1830Hoyer Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate Tryon County Militia, 4th RegimentMiss. Petrie, Buried near.
Kellogg, Martinage 814-14-1840Kellogg Family Cemetery, Winfield, NYSol. NYLucy Kellogg, Consort, died Sept. 10, 1839, age 81 yrs.
Lamond, Archibaldage 7712/3/1826Richfield Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery - Columbia, NYRevolutionary SoldierLamond, Mary, died May 19, 1845, age 90 yrs., buried beside him.
Lawrence, Rhoda --Jordanville Cemetery - Warren, NYRhoda was a very brave woman who would often stand sentry to relieve her brothers. Her father was an officer in the Army. She would often run bullets at night. Her home was at New Windsor, Orange County. Washington made it his head-quarters during the war.-
Marshall, Jeremiah age 877/5/1816Hicks Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate Captain Reuben Schofields Company, 4th Regiment Connecticut State Troops.Rebecca, died APR. 18, 1821, Buried beside him.
Marshall, John 8/30/1766
Rhode Island
Warren, NY
Marshall Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate Captain Joel Gillies Company, Col. R. Emms Regiment Connecticut State Troops. Private Captain John Buells Company Light Infantry, 6th Connecticut Regiment, Col. John Durkee.Lydia Brown, died May 13, 1835, age 63.
Miller, Andrew 173212/4/1803Frankfort Cemetery - Miller's MillsEnsign Capt. Jacob DeForest's Company, Col. Henry R. Van Renssalaer.-
Moyer, Joseph 17474/14/1812Columbia Cemetery - Herkimer CountyTryon County Militia, 4th Regiment. Made cartridges - no active service because of wooden leg.-
Rising, Abner -1/20/1746Cedar Lake Cemetery, Litchfield, NYSoldier in the Revolution.-
Rockwell, Daniel 10/14/17429/14/1806Columbia Center Cemetery - Herkimer CountyEngaged in Battle of Bunker Hill; ship Oliver Cromwell, commander Timothy Parker.-
Round, Bertramage 9310/1/1833Richfield Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery - Columbia, NYOfficer in Revolutionary WarRound, Allice, died Apr. 11, 1828, age 85 yrs. Buried beside him.
Shaul, George age 681882 (22)Otaquago Cemetery - Stark, NYNew York Line, 2nd RegimentMaria, died 1829, age 62.
Snell, Peter 6/24/17307/24/1804Snells Bush Cemetery - Herkimer CountyBattle of Oriskany, Tryon County Militia, Second Regiment Private Col. Webb's Regt., Maj. Sheldon's Regt. from Connecticut.-
Spohn, Nicholas 17581883Fort Herkimer Cemetery - German FlattsPrivate in Gilletrt's Company and Col. Willett's Regiment.-
Starring, Frederick -7/18/1778Crim Cemetery - Warren, NYDied in Andrustown massacre. Tryon County Militia, 3rd Regiment.Margaret Crim.
Vinton, Benoni 1754-Litchfield Cemetery, Litchfield, NYSoldier in the Revolution.-
Ward, Aaron 8/23/17499/7/1838Jordanville Cemetery - Warren, NYServed under Cols. Schuyler and Henry E. Van Rensellaer, a relative.Elizabeth Wendell
Ward, John age 751834Jordanville Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate in Captain Abbe's Company, Col. Wyllis' Regiment Continental Troops. Aug. 1777, went on expedition to Long Island under Captain Whitney. Taken prisoner but escaped in 3 months, again taken prisoner and confined on prison ships in N.Y. Harbor.Given 500 lashes on his bare back. He escaped but his brother Samuel taken the same day and died on the ship.Abigail Phelps, born July 20, 1760, Dau. Of Noah Phelps and Hannah Abbott.
Warner, Nathan age 811812Jordanville Cemetery - Warren, NYPrivate in Line Regiments. With Washington at Valley Forge SAR MarkerMiss. I(?)sham
Young, Jacob age 781838Otaquago Cemetery - Stark, NYTryon County Militia, 2nd RegimentEva, died 1829, age 74.

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