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1847 - 1850
Birth Records
Washington County, New York

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1847 - 1849 Town of Argyle NY Births

Date of Birth		Child, sex, Parents
May 11, 1847		Sloan, Alexander a son to Joseph Sloan and Elizabeth Sloan
May 20, 1847		King, Elizabeth S. a daughter to William H. King and Catharin King
November 19, 1847	Dennis, Archibald a son to Chester Dennis and Eliza Dennis
Sep. 18, 1847		Pattison, Emma G. a daughter to John A. Pattison and Sarah M. Pattison
May 18, 1847		Taylor, Not named to George Taylor and Jane Taylor
Oct. 1, 1847		Dennis, Sylvester a son to John Dennis and Margaret Dennis
July 19, 1847		Hall, Marion Augusta a daughter to Robert Hall and Eliza Hall
April 20, 1847		Caswell, Benjamin, Jr. a son to Benjamin Caswell and Nancy Caswell
Feb. 11, 1847		Mickel, Helen a daughter to John Mickel and Mary Mickel
October 18, 1847	Dennis, Anna May a daughter to George C. Dennis and Mary Dennis
Sept. 18, 1847		Shannon, Loura a daughter to Robert Shannon and Esther Shannon
May 1, 1847		Baker, Alexander a son to Gardner Baker and Margaret Baker
April 19, 1847		Dings, Charles Heeney a son to Casper Dings and Jane Dings
May 18, 1847		Bain, Sarah Isabella a daughter to James W. Bain and Sarah E. Bain
June 17, 1847		McAloney, Edward a son to John McAlaney and Ann McAlaney
Aug. 15, 1847		Not named - Illegitimate
Sept. 7, 1847		Lant, Not named a son to Peter Lant and Ann Lant
March 27, 1847		Bain, Not named a son to David Bain and Maria Bain
April 9, 1847		Bain, Alfred Lercy a son to John B. Bain and Mary Hanah Bain
May 9, 1847		Armstrong, Martha Henrietta a daughter to David H. Armstrong and Jane Armstrong
June 11, 1847		Dennison, Sarah Ann a daughter to John Dennison and Isabella D. Dennison
July 21, 1847		Granger, Eliza Mary a daughter to Moses Granger and Patience Granger
October 17, 1847	Robertson, Thomas a son to John Robertson and Mary Robertson
November 25, 1847	Bain, Albert a son to Peter Bain and Jane Ann Bain
January 15, 1847	McCullow, Jane Ann, daughter to John McCullow and Catharine McCullow
January 6, 1847		Lester, John R. a son to George Lester and Catharine Lester
March 20, 1847		Bullock, Clothilda E. a daughter to Daniel C. Bullock and Rachel Bullock
March 27, 1847		Coplin, Hellen a daughter to John H. Coplin and Penelop Coplin
July 3, 1847		Foil, Francis M. a daughter to Robert A. Foil and Mary Foil
July 13, 1847		Lester, David a son to Alexander Lester and Catharine Lester
Ausgust 20, 1847	Smith, Susan Jane a daughter to George Smith and Mary Smith
January 25, 1847	Patten, Merion G. a son to John Patten and Catharine Patten
Sept. 1, 1847		Huggins, Ellen Jane a daughter to Richard Huggins and Margaret Huggins
Feb. 3, 1847		Hopkins, Esther a daughter to Elijah Hopkins and Charlotte Hopkins
May 29, 1847		Murphey, Charles B. a son to Bernard Murphy and Betsey Murphey
October 30, 1847	Peaster, Catharine E. a daughter to Thomas Pester and Sarah Pester
Dec. 11, 1847		Wood, Sarah Ann a daughter to Charles Wood and Sarah Wood
Dec. 31, 1847		Freeman, not known a son to George W. Freeman and Charlott Freeman
November 1, 1847	Copeland, Edward McGeoch a son to Alexander Copeland and Hannah Copeland
June 3, 1847		Williamson, John a son to William Williamson and Jane Williamson
Feb. 8, 1847		Batey, Joseph P. a son to James Batey and Susan Betey
March 7, 1847		McNeil, Anne a daughter to John R. McNeil and Ellen Ann McNeil
May 28, 1847		McMurry, Robert I. a son to Robert McMurry and Betsey McMurry
May 31, 1847		Smith, Margaret a daughter to Alexander Smith and Margaret Smith
July 15, 1847		McLaughry, Chalmers a son to Ebenezer McLaughry and Mary McLaughry
Aug. 13, 1847		Tombs, Catharine a daughter to William Tombs and Electa Jane Tombs
October 10, 1847	McMurry, not known a daughter to John McMurry and Elizabeth McMurry
June 5, 1847		McEachron, Mary Jennette a daughter to Archibald McEachron and Mariah McEachron
June 11, 1847		Torrance, Mary Ellen a daughter to Samuel Torrance and Elizabeth Torrance
Nov. 23, 1847		McGeoch, Ann Jennett a daughter to Alexander McGeoch and Mary McGeoch
January 21, 1847	Stalker, Agnes Mary a daughter to Rev. Duncan Stalker and Agnes Stalker
March 26, 1847		McMullin, Martha Matilda a daughter to Andrew McMullin and Emelin McMullin
May 24, 1847		Fox, Emory a son to William A. Fox and Amanda Fox
June 11, 1847		McGeoch, Harriet Lowisa a daughter to William G. McGeoch and Margaret McGeoch
Aug. 21, 1847		Billel, Emmy a daughter to Newel Billel and Rachel Billel
October 15, 1847	Milliman, Not known a daughter to Pierce Milliman and Margaret Milliman
December 11, 1847	Not known a son to William Steveson and Susan Stevenson
February 28, 1847	Reynolds, Perry Leroy a son to Benjamin Reynolds and Nancy Reynolds
March 17, 1847		Reynolds, William VanKark a son to Hyram Reynolds and Margaret Ann Reynolds
March 14, 1847		Kinney, John Morris a son to Joseph Kinney and Lyda Kinney
April 30, 1847		Mahaffey, David Henry a son to Henry Mahaffy and Sarah Mahaffy
May 15, 1847		Haggart, Charles Edwin a son to Andrew Haggart and Eliza Haggart
Sept. 25, 1847		McDougall, Charles Henry a son to Alexander R. McDougall and Cathaline McDougall
Oct. 15, 1847		Williamson, Mary Jane a daughter to William Williamson and Katharine Williamson
Dec. 25, 1847		Dillen, Sarah Ann a daughter to John Dillen and Jane Ann Dillen
April 8, 1847		Harsha, Leoisa Mara a daughter to James C. Harsha and Mary M. Harsha
May 22, 1847		Wiggins, William John a son to Hugh Wiggins and Mary Wiggins
May 17, 1847		Willson, William John a son to Matthew Willson and Jan Willson
May 8, 1847		Conahaw, John a son to Edward Conshaw and Nancy Conahaw
March 16, 1847		Gilchrist, Jane Agnes to David S. Gilchrist and Sarah Ann Gilchrist
May 13, 1847		McCandlas, Avary a son to Samuel McCandlass and Betsey McCandlass
July 6, 1847		Gorner, Lansing a son to Abraham Corner and Sophiah Corner
July 23, 1847		Mairs, Sarah A. a daughter to John Mairs and Elisabeth Mairs
Feb. 28, 1847		Barkley, Mary Margaret a daughter to Samuel K. Barkley and Agnes Barkley
Dec. 20, 1847		White, Margaret Ellen a daughter to Henry K. White and Elizabeth White
February 23, 1847	Durkee, Francis a daughter to Charles Durkee and Ann Durkee
May 8, 1847		Hasard, Catharine H. a daughter
August 25, 1847		Goodwin, Mary Jane a daughter to Hyram Goodwin and Mary Goodwin
November 4, 1847	Black, George a son to Thomas Black and Ordelia Black
December 2, 1847	Safford, James a son to Charles Safford and Catharine Safford
May 22, 1847		Parmer, William A. a son to Levi Parmer and Elanor Parmer
Dec. 8, 1847		Minnet, Samuel a son to John Minnet and Mary Minnet
Nov. 10, 1847		Hunter, Anna Margaret a daughter to William Hunter and Jane Hunter
Jan. 5, 1847		McFaddin, James a son to Robert McFaddin and Ann McFaddin
May 27, 1847		Hannah, Margaret a daughter to Andrew Hannah and May Hannah
Jan. 12, 1847		Stewart, Mary Jane a daughter to John Stewart and Mary Stewart
Dec. 20, 1847		Hannah, Francis a son to James Hannah and Jane Hannah
Feb. 26, 1847		Watson, Martha E. a daughter to Thomas Watson and Susan Watson
March 15, 1847		Gilchrist, Jane Agnes a daughter to David Gilchrist and Sarah Ann Gilchrist
April 16, 1847		McEachron, John P. a son to William McEachron and May McEachron
October 3, 1847		Smith, Ann Elisabeth a daughter to Alva Smith and Sarah Smith
June 3, 1848		Bidwell, Samuel I. a son to John Bidwell and Sarah Bidwell
May 6, 1848		Sharp, Charles H. a son to Cornelius Sharp and Elizabeth Sharp
Nov. 21, 1848		Coon, Abby Maria a daughter to James S. Coon and Jane Coon
April 6, 1848		Ashton, Charles a son to William Ashton and Sarah Ashton
July 17, 1848		Adamson, David a son to Robert Adamson and Matilda Adamson
May 24, 1848		Bain, Andrew a son to Peter Bain and Agnes Bain
Feb. 20, 1848		Whitney, James S. a son to H. W. Whitney and Melisa Whitney
Jan. 16, 1848		Cottrell, now known a son to Lucius Cottrell and Ann Cottrell
March 3, 1848		Ray, Franklin I. a son to Franklin Ray and ---- Ray
May 1, 1848		Boutwell, Not known to Augustus Boutwell and wife
May 8, 1848		Wright, Daniel W. a son to Widow Eunice O. Wright
July 30, 1848		Lendrum, Anna a daughter to William Lendrum and wife
July 30, 1848		----, ---- a son to Joseph H. Sloan and Betsey Sloan
June 28, 1848		McMillen, James Andrew a son to Andrew McMillen and Margaret McMillen
May 20, 1848		Kee, David T. a son to Joseph Kee and Dolley Kee
July 2, 1848		Welch, Charles a son to William Welch and Esther Welch
July 27, 1848		Stevenson, William James a son to James Stevenson and Margaret Stevenson
August 23, 1848		Gifford, Matilda a daughter to Alexander Gifford and Elisabeth Gifford
November 18, 1848	McConchue, Robert a son to Edward McConchue and Nancy McConchue
Aug. 10, 1848		Gilchrist, Lorenzo a son to David S. Gilchrist and Sarah Ann Gilchrist
March 20, 1848		Mahaffey, William L. a son to Alexander Mahaffey and Nancy Mahaffey
Sept. 26, 1848		Black, Theodore a son to William Black and Elizabeth Black
Aug. 1848		Pollock, Mary a daughter to James Pollock and Ann Pollock
Oct. 30, 1848		Curthbert, Martha H. a daughter to Robert Curthburt and Ellen Curthburt
April 4, 1848		McCaslin, Katharin a daughter to Alexander McCaslin and Elanor McCaslin
Dec. 18, 1848		McDougall, James A. a son to Duncan McDougall and Eliza McDougall
Feb. 4, 1848		Robertson, Jane Isabel a daughter to William Robertson and Sally Ann Robertson
Sept. 15, 1848		Donaldson, Harvay a son to Samuel Donaldson and Jane Donaldson
Nov. 28, 1848		Safford, George a son to Gideon Safford and Jane Stafford
Dec. 10, 1848		Durkee, Melvin a son to Charles Durkee and Ann Durkee
March 31, 1848		Hopkins, Douglas E. a son to James Hopkins and Ann Eliza Hopkins
July 10, 1848		Pendergrass, Catharine a daughter to James Pendergrass and Pendergrass
Sept. 3, 1848		Green, Andrew a son to James Green and Mary Green
Sept. 17, 1848		McCoy, Earl Erskin a son to William McCoy and Maria McCoy
October 11, 1848	Boprey, Joseph a son to Anthony Bpprey and Nancy Boprey
June 21, 1848		McCachron, George a son to Thomas McFaFaddin and Margaret G. McFaddin
March 21, 1848		Bain, Christy Ann a daughter to Daniel Bain and Margaret Bain
Feb. 18, 1848		Gavet, John a son to Horace Gavet and Emily Gavet
March 27, 1848		Barkley, Anna, a daughter to Alexander Barkley and Margaret Barkley
Sept. 17, 1848		Hunt, ---- a son to Edward Hunt and Elmyra Hunt
Dec. 29, 1848		Rice, ---- a son to John Rice and Isabella Rice
Feb. 4, 1848		Scott, Nelson C. a son to John Scott and Nancy Scott
Feb. 28, 1848		Lester, May Francis a daughter to John Lester and Lyda Lester
March 20, 1848		O'Donald, Charles a son to John O'Donald and Elisa O'Donald
March 21, 1848		Huggins, James A. a son to David Huggins and Sarah Huggins
April 25, 1848		Lester, Hanah I. a daughter to George Lester and Catharine Lester
April 30, 1848		Clapp, Lucy a daughter to William Clapp and Abagail Clapp
Dec. 27, 1848		Patten, John a son to John Patten and Catharin Patten
Feb. 1, 1848		Martin, Isaac D. a son to Joseph Martin and Laura Martin
Feb. 13, 1848		Bell, James S. a son to Thomas Bell and Margaret Bell
April 8, 1848		Shequin, Margaret a daughter to Lansing Shequin and Angline Shequin
May 19, 1848		Selfridge, Oliver a son to John Selfridge and Rachel Selfridge
June 15, 1848		Stevenson, Mary Elisabeth a daughter to Daniel Stevenson and Rebecca Stevenson
Oct. 22, 1848		Bopry, Joseph a son to Antrim Bopry and Nancy Bopry
Nov. 18, 1848		Gilchrist, James W. a son to Lachanah Gilchrist and Mary Ann Gilchrist
Dec. 25, 1848		Gibson, Ann Jane a daughter to George Gibson and Margaret Gibson
Dec. 30, 1848		Mills, Jane Amanda a daughter to James Mills and Emily Mills
Feb. 6, 1848		Robertson, Richard a son to George M. Robertson and Susan Robertson
Aug. 24, 1848		McEachron, Peter I. a son to Cornelius McEachron and Lydia McEachron
Sept. 2, 1848		Wendle, Elshua James a son to Peter Wendle and Carolin Wendle
Dec. 23, 1848		Stewart, John Alexander a son to George Stewart and Mary Stewart
Dec. 19, 1848		Irwin, William James a son to Abraham Irwin and Jane Irwin
Oct. 28, 1848		McGeoch, Isabella a daughter to Robert McGeoch and Eliza McGeoch
June 11, 1848		Paddin, Hanah E. a daughter to Robert Padden and Margaret Padden
Nov. 5, 1848		Bain, Emmy a daughter to Abraham Bain and Rebeca Bain
January 31, 1848	Bain, Eliza May a daughter to Philip Bain and Eliza Bain
June 28, 1848		Stewart, Ramsom a son to Samuel Stewart and Margaret Stewart
March 5, 1848		McDougall, Joseph W. a son to Joseph McDougall and Jane McDougall
Dec. 13, 1848		McKerracher, ---- a daughter to John McKeracher and Katherine McKeracher
November 8, 1848	Irwin, Elisabeth a daughter to James Irwin and Margaret Irwin
April 1, 1848		Armstrong, John a son to Robert Armstrong and Alice Armstrong
May 2, 1849		Cottrell, Jane Ann a daughter to Lucius Cottrell and Ann Cottrell
Aug. 5, 1849		Mickel, Sarah a daughter to John Mickel and Mary Mickel
Sept. 5, 1849		Taylor, ---- a son to George Taylor and Jane Taylor
Sept. 17, 1849		Adamson, Abraham a son to Robert Adamson and Matilda Adamson
Oct. 1, 1849		Blanchard, F. a son to Noble W. Blanchard and wife
Oct. 28, 1849		Gorham, H. F. a son to Isaac K. Gorham and Susana Gorham
Dec. 7, 1849		Clarke, M. a daughter to Robert G. Clarke and Martha Clarke
---- -, 1849		Peterson, John Ransom a son to Duncan Peterson and Maria Peterson
Dec. 7, 1849		Baker, Herrington H. son a to Garner and Margaret Barker
January 1, 1849		Carl, Mary I. a daughter to James Carl and Abigal Carl
Feb. 1, 1849		Millen, Mary Agnes a daughter to Andrew Millen and Emelin Millen
Feb. 10, 1849		Stalker, Elston T. a son to Daniel Stalker and Hanah Stalker
June 10, 1849		Pollock, Joseph a son to William Pollock and Ruah Pollock
June 10, 1849		Selfredge, Sanford a son to John Selfredge and Rachel Selfredge
April 10, 1849		Smith, William S. a son to William Smith and Ann Smith
Oct. 5, 1849		Spear, Samuel I. a son to John Spear and Mary Ann Spear
Sept. 29		Small, Marion A. a daughter to John Small and Isabella Small
June 16, 1849		Crosier, James E. a son to Henry Crozier and Adeila Crozier
December 17, 1849	Grant, Margaret a daughter to Perry Grant and Margaret Grant
February 21, 1849	Tilford, Augusta a daughter to William and Jane Tilford
February 27, 1849	Carr, Charles S. a son to John and Ann Carr
August 28, 1849		Wood, Emely E. a daughter to Charles and Sarah Wood
December 19, 1849	McCoy, Hellen a daughter to William and Margaret McCoy
July 17, 1849		McEachron, Charles Walk, a son to John I. and Margaret K. McEachron
July 16, 1849		Gilchrist, Francis a daughter to James and Martha Gilchrist
July 22, 1849		Launt, Hellen I. a daughter to Duncan and Hellen Launt
June 2, 1849		McGeoch, Mary E. a daughter to Alexander and Mary McGeoch
June 20, 1849		McEachron, Charlet A. a daughter to Archibald and Mary McEachron
March 9, 1849		McFaddin, Jane A. a daughter to Robert and Ann McFaddin
March 12, 1849		McShaw, Sarah a daughter to James and Ann Shaw
April 22, 1849		Stott, Sarah I. a daughter to James and Elizabeth Stott
Sept. 29, 1849		Barkley, John I. a son to Alexander and Margaret Barkley
Oct. 12, 1849		Miller, Elon A. a daughter to John and Marion Miller
November 11, 1849	DeWolf, Hariet daughter to Charles and Jane H. Dewolf
Dec. 1, 1849		McDougal, ---- a son to Daniel and Mary Ann McDougall
May 15, 1849		McQuarie, Sarah Jane a daughter to Daniel and Jane McQuarie
Oct. 27, 1849		Wiggins, Irwin Alex, a son to Hugh and Mary Wiggin
March 2, 1849		Galutia, Reuben a son to George Galutia and Betsey Galutia
April 28, 1849		Bain, George A. a son to John B. Bain and Jane Ann Bain
March 14, 1849		Bain, James a son to Peter Bain and Jane A Bein
Feb. 28, 1849		Robertson, Robert A. a son to John T. Robertson and Mary Robertson
August 31, 1849		Morehead, Thomas A. a son to Thomas Morehead and Margaret Morehead
October 27, 1849	Cook, Benjamin a son to Andrew Cook and Jane Cook
February 24, 1849	McEachron, Eliza a daughter to James and Eliza McEachron
June 15, 1849		McEachron, Edward a son to Alexander and Nancy McEachron
Sept. 22, 1849		Weaver, Mary a daughter to Marcha and Jane Maria Weaver
Oct. 26, 1849		Black, Hanah A. a daughter to Thomas and Delia Ann Black
June 1, 1849		Martin, Anna a daughter to Robert and Jennet Martin
June 15, 1849		McDougal, John D. a son to John and Jane McDougal
June 9, 1849		Kinney Anna A. a daughter to Joseph and Lydia Kinney
July 7, 1849		Reynolds, A. A. a daughter to Benjamin and Nancy Reynolds
Nov. 15, 1849		McDougal, Mary a daughter to James and Hannah McDougal
August 21, 1849		Lester, David H. a son to Alexander and Hannah Lester
August 27, 1849		Winslow, Francis M. a daughter to John and Maria Ann Winslow
March 27, 1849		Smith, George B. a son to George and Mary Smith
May 4, 1849		Watt, William D. a son to David and Jane Watt
July 11, 1849		Huggins, Levy V. a son to Richard and Margaret McHuggins
Sept. 9, 1849		Odanal, R. a daughter to John Odanal and Eliz Jane Odanal
April 17, 1849		McEachron, Ann Maria a daughter to Peter H. McEachron and Jane A. McEachron
April 24, 1849		McCandlass, James A. a son to Samuel and Betsey McCandlass
Feb. 15, 1849		Perry, Margaret E. a daughter to Robert and Margaret Perry
July 25, 1849		Sanders, William A. a son to William and Jane Sanders
April 13, 1849		McMurry, Antinetta a daughter to John and Eliza McMurry
July 21, 1849		Curtis, James A. to Daniel and Elizabeth Curtis
Oct. 21, 1849		McNeil, Susan a daughter to John and Ellen Ann McNeil
February 2, 1849	Gillis, Cornelia M. a daughter to Doct. George Gillis and Mary Gillis
April 5, 1849		McFaddin, Ellen Jane a daughter to George McFaddin and Mary McFaddin
April 7, 1849		Morril, Leroy G. a son to Daniel Morril and Sarah Morril

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