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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index (Surnames Q-T)

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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index: Every person whose usual place abode shall be in any family on the 1st of July 1825....; and every person occasionally absent at time of taking this enumeration, as belonging to that place in which he usually resides in this state.

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1825 Herkimer County N.Y. Census Records

1825 Herkimer County, N.Y. Census Index (Surnames Q-T)
Quackenbush, Anthony Frankfort
Quackenbush, John West Brunswick
Radmond, Paul Newport
Rakton, John Columbia
Ralsten, William Herkimer
Ramsey, Ebenezer Litchfield
Rand, Ebla Schuyler
Randall, Abraham German Flatts
Randall, Charles German Flatts
Randall, Ina German Flatts
Randall, Rufus German Flatts
Randell, Elijah Salisbury
Raner, Jacob Warren
Raner, William Columbia
Ranght, Andrew Danube
Rankins, Daniel German Flatts
Rankins, James German Flatts
Rankins, Melkert German Flatts
Rankins, Peter German Flatts
Rankins, Richard German Flatts
Rankins, Thomas German Flatts
Rankle, Lawrence Schuyler
Rankle, Philip Schuyler
Ransom, Calvin Manheim
Ransom, H. Manheim
Ransom, Jerred Warren
Ransom, Jerred C. Warren
Ransom, Kiley Manheim
Ransom, Spaldin Manheim
Ransom, Thomas Salisbury
Ranson, Jonathan Manheim
Ranson, Robard Manheim
Ranson, Samuel Manheim
Ranson, Stephen Manheim
Rant, Conrad Manheim
Rasbach, Adam Herkimer
Rasbach, Adam M. Herkimer
Rasbach, John Herkimer
Rasbach, John M. Herkimer
Rasbach, Marks Herkimer
Rathbone, Joseph Schuyler
Rathbun, John Frankfort
Rathburn, Anderson Warren
Rathburn, Simon Warren
Rawls, John Warren
Raymond, Eli Fairfield
Raymond, John Litchfield
Raynor, David Fairfield
Raynor, John Fairfield
Raynor, Lewis Fairfield
Raynor, Nathan Fairfield
Rease, John West Brunswick
Reaves, Selah Russia
Reed, Abner Fairfield
Reed, Benjamin Warren
Reed, Lewis & Enos Danube
Reed, Nancy Newport
Reed, Polly Schuyler
Reed, Thomas Litchfield
Reed, Zachariah Fairfield
Rees, Christian Fairfield
Rees, Marks West Brunswick
Rees, Matthew German Flatts
Rees, Philip Fairfield
Reese, Jacob Warren
Reese, Richard Russia
Reese, Samuel Warren
Reeve, Parker Newport
Reeves, John Salisbury
Reid, Diah Schuyler
Remaw, Frederick Schuyler
Remaw, George Schuyler
Remaw, Peter Schuyler
Remington, Eliphalet Frankfort
Remington, Eliphalet Litchfield
Remington, Simeon Columbia
Remington, Thomas Columbia
Reura, William Columbia
Rewey, Betsey Litchfield
Reynolds, Henry Columbia
Reynolds, John Columbia
Reynolds, Reuben Columbia
Rhods, Richard Russia
Rice, John Danube
Rice, Joseph Salisbury
Rice, Mary Newport
Rice, Moses M. Salisbury
Rice, Nehemiah Columbia
Rice, Syrus Salisbury
Rice, Syrus, Jr. Salisbury
Rich, John Danube
Richards, Benjamin Fairfield
Richards, John Newport
Richards, Michael German Flatts
Richards, Platt Salisbury
Richards, Richard Newport
Richardson, Asa Russia
Richardson, Ezra Litchfield
Richardson, John Schuyler
Richardson, John Russia
Richardson, Jonathan Schuyler
Richardson, Paris Russia
Richardson, Samuel Russia
Richmond, Elkanah Salisbury
Richtmyer, David Manheim
Rickard, Henry Danube
Rickard, Peter Danube
Rider, Christopher Litchfield
Rider, Ezra Litchfield
Rider, Joseph Litchfield
Rider, Lewis B. Litchfield
Rider, Mathew Litchfield
Rider, Samuel Litchfield
Rightmyer, John Danube
Riker, Abraham German Flatts
Riley, Mary Frankfort
Rising, Abner Litchfield
Rising, Moses Litchfield
Rising, Oliver Litchfield
Risley, Eli Frankfort
Ritter, Daniel Salisbury
Ritter, Frederick Salisbury
Ritter, Henry Herkimer
Ritter, Henry Manheim
Ritter, Zadock Litchfield
Rix, Theophilas Fairfield
Robison, Remington Russia
Roack, Lansing H. Herkimer
Robbins, Henry Herkimer
Robbins, Jacob Warren
Robbins, Peter Salisbury
Roberts, Olsey Frankfort
Roberts, Peter I. Russia
Roberts, William Fairfield
Robins, Adam Russia
Robins, Reuben Schuyler
Robins, Reubin Russia
Robinson, Gilboth Danube
Robinson, Horace Fairfield
Robinson, Newel Fairfield
Robinson, Robert Newport
Robinson, Robert Newport
Robinson, Seth Litchfield
Robinson, Walter Warren
Rodgers, Daniel Herkimer
Rodgers, Oliver Salisbury
Rogers, Rufus Litchfield
Roggers, James Warren
Rogison, Jacob Herkimer
Roland, Abram Frankfort
Rolands, Hezekiah Newport
Rolands, Hezekiah Newport
Roof, Abraham Danube
Roof, Daniel Danube
Roof, Eve Widow Danube
Roof, John Danube
Rooker, James Columbia
Rooker, Joseph Warren
Root, Aaron Russia
Root, Elijah Frankfort
Root, James Schuyler
Root, James, Jr. Schuyler
Root, Josiah Frankfort
Root, Lawrence Schuyler
Root, Ruluff Schuyler
Root, Sheldon Frankfort
Root, Winthrop Schuyler
Rose, Asher Newport
Rose, Cyrus Schuyler
Rose, Elias Schuyler
Rose, Elisha Schuyler
Rose, Harry Schuyler
Rose, John Litchfield
Rose, Orin Warren
Rose, Stephen Schuyler
Rosekench, Abraham German Flatts
Rosekrans, Abraham German Flatts
Rosekrants, George German Flatts
Ross, Artimas Litchfield
Ross, John Columbia
Rottenhour, Godfrey Danube
Roubenk, J. Danube
Round, Marvin Newport
Rounds, Isiah Russia
Rounds, Reubin Newport
Rounds, William Columbia
Rowland, Martha Warren
Rowlin, Amos Columbia
Ruby, Joseph German Flatts
Ruby, William German Flatts
Rulason, John West Brunswick
Rulison, Martin Columbia
Rulison, Roswell German Flatts
Rulison, Samuel German Flatts
Rundell, Abraham Salisbury
Rundell, Reuben Manheim
Runnion, Benjamin Columbia
Runnion, Martha Columbia
Russel, Elisha Frankfort
Russel, Elisha Warren
Russel, James Frankfort
Russel, John Litchfield
Russel, John Russia
Russel, Jonathan Frankfort
Russel, Jonathan Frankfort
Rust, Hiram Russia
Rust, Philoo Russia
Rymph, Nelson Salisbury
Shomaker, Rudolph German Flatts
Sabin, Joseph Salisbury
Safford, Asaph Fairfield
Safford, Darius Fairfield
Safford, Henry Fairfield
Salisbury, Calvin Fairfield
Salmon, Martin Newport
Salmon, Martin Newport
Sanders, Daniel Newport
Sanders, Esick Columbia
Sanders, Henry Danube
Sanders, James Herkimer
Sanders, Solomon Danube
Sanderson, Elnathan Russia
Sandford, David Fairfield
Sanford, Ira Fairfield
Sanford, Joseph Warren
Sanford, Kingsbury Warren
Sarles, Abijah Warren
Satterlee, Douglass Frankfort
Satterlee, Valentine Frankfort
Savary, Edward Frankfort
Sawins, Ethan Danube
Sawins, John Danube
Schooly, James Litchfield
Schooly, Richard Warren
Schovil, Susannah Litchfield
Schuyler, Anthony Danube
Schuyler, David Danube
Schuyler, George N. Danube
Schuyler, Henry Danube
Schuyler, Nicholas Danube
Schuyler, Nicholas Danube
Schuyler, Nicholas, Jr. Danube
Schuyler, Peter A. Danube
Schuyler, Peter H. Danube
Scot, Simeon Herkimer
Scotland, Patrick Danube
Scott, Asaph Newport
Scott, Eleazer A. Newport
Scott, Eleazer A. Newport
Scott, John Manheim
Scott, John M. Columbia
Scott, Petter Manheim
Scouton, Abraham German Flatts
Seaman, Nodiah Manheim
Seaman, Sylvanus Newport
Seaman, Thomas Newport
Seaman, Truman Newport
Sears, Rowland Russia
Seckner, Jacob Columbia
Seconer, Joseph German Flatts
Seconer, Margerit German Flatts
Sedgewick, Parker Fairfield
Seeley, Solomon Salisbury
Seeley, Stephen Salisbury
Seely, Bradley Warren
Segar, John Warren
Segar, Samuel Warren
Seller, Conradt Salisbury
Seller, Jacob Fairfield
Seward, Thomas Newport
Seymour, Emard Herkimer
Shale, Frederick Manheim
Shall, Abraham Danube
Shall, Adam Danube
Shall, Bartiam Danube
Shall, Christian Danube
Shall, Daniel Danube
Shall, David Danube
Shall, David Danube
Shall, George Danube
Shall, Henry, Jr. Danube
Shall, Jacob Danube
Shall, Jacob Danube
Shall, Jacob M. Danube
Shall, John Danube
Shall, John B. Danube
Shall, John G. Danube
Shall, John M. Danube
Shall, John, Jr. Danube
Shall, Leonard Warren
Shall, Mathias Danube
Shall, Mathias, Jr. Danube
Shall, Peter Danube
Shan, Johnathan Russia
Shan, Samuel Russia
Shan, Uriah Russia
Shanburgh, William German Flatts
Sharer, Peter Herkimer
Sharky, Asa Schuyler
Sharp, Asa C. Frankfort
Sharp, Martin Frankfort
Sharp, Martineas Frankfort
Sharp, Peter German Flatts
Shaut, Abraham Danube
Shaut, Jacob Danube
Shaut, John Danube
Shaut, Widow Danube
Shaver, Abraham Danube
Shaver, Henry Danube
Shaver, Nicholas Danube
Shaw, Burden Warren
Shaw, Elery Warren
Shaw, Henry Manheim
Shaw, Isaac Warren
Shaw, James Herkimer
Shaw, Jedeiah Columbia
Shaw, John Russia
Shaw, Moses Warren
Shaw, Sally Russia
Sheale, Abra Manheim
Shealy, James Danube
Shearman, Barzilla Newport
Shed, Ira Salisbury
Shed, Stephen Salisbury
Shed, Tarble Salisbury
Sheldon, Amas Salisbury
Sheldon, Daniel Fairfield
Sheldon, Ebenezer Russia
Sheldon, Raymond Russia
Shell, Jacob Herkimer
Shell, John Herkimer
Shell, John, Jr. Herkimer
Shell, Peter Herkimer
Shell, Peter Herkimer
Shepherd, Abraham Danube
Shepherd, David Salisbury
Shepherd, Silas Herkimer
Sherman, Jerry Herkimer
Sherman, John Frankfort
Sherman, Samuel German Flatts
Sherwood, Amos Salisbury
Sherwood, Hanford Manheim
Sherwood, Henry Fairfield
Sherwood, Isac Manheim
Sherwood, Jacob L. Newport
Sherwood, Jeremiah Salisbury
Sherwood, Thomas Manheim
Sherwood, William Fairfield
Shiff, John Schuyler
Shimel, Richard Danube
Shimmel, Christian Danube
Shoemaker, Christopher German Flatts
Shoemaker, Daniel German Flatts
Shoemaker, Frederick German Flatts
Shoemaker, Frederick German Flatts
Shoemaker, John Columbia
Shoemaker, John German Flatts
Shoemaker, Markes German Flatts
Shoemaker, Nicholas Warren
Shoemaker, Randolph German Flatts
Shoemaker, Richard German Flatts
Shoemaker, Robert German Flatts
Shoemaker, Thomas German Flatts
Shoemaker, Thomas German Flatts
Shoemaker, Thomas C. Warren
Shove, Samuel Russia
Shull, Jacob Danube
Shull, John Jost Danube
Shull, Willhelmun Danube
Shults, Casparus German Flatts
Shultz, Frederick Danube
Shultz, Henry Manheim
Shute, Henry, Jr. Columbia
Sicker, Peter German Flatts
Sideman, Adam Manheim
Siger, Harmanus Manheim
Siger, Samuel Manheim
Silleman, Daniel Salisbury
Silvernall, Peter Danube
Silyer, Robert Frankfort
Simeons, Jacob German Flatts
Simmons, Aaron Schuyler
Simmons, Levi Schuyler
Simmons, Samuel Frankfort
Simmons, Urial Columbia
Simmons, William Schuyler
Simmons, William Frankfort
Simson, Peter Frankfort
Sipher, Jacob Manheim
Sisson, Reubin Newport
Sisson, Reubin Newport
Sitts, David Columbia
Sitts, Peter Danube
Siver, ??? Danube
Siver, John Danube
Siver, Joseph Danube
Siver, Martin Danube
Skiff, Hiram Schuyler
Skinkle, Cornelius German Flatts
Skinner, John Columbia
Skinner, Jonathan Frankfort
Skinner, Josiah Herkimer
Slade, Anthony Litchfield
Slaughter, Cornelius Danube
Sliter, Robert Herkimer
Slocum, Ebenezer Russia
Slocum, James Herkimer
Slocum, John F. Russia
Slocum, Jonah Litchfield
Slocum, Rescum Russia
Slocum, Samuel Russia
Slocum, Thomas Russia
Sluyter, William W. Warren
Small, Frederick Herkimer
Small, Jacob Herkimer
Small, Jacob, Jr. Herkimer
Small, John G. Warren
Small, Melchert Herkimer
Small, William Herkimer
Smith, ??? Columbia
Smith, Rich, 2nd Litchfield
Smith, Aaron Fairfield
Smith, Abraham Salisbury
Smith, Abraham Danube
Smith, Adam Herkimer
Smith, Adam German Flatts
Smith, Amos Schuyler
Smith, Andrew Danube
Smith, Arthur Russia
Smith, Calvin W. Herkimer
Smith, Catherine Russia
Smith, Charity Newport
Smith, Clark Fairfield
Smith, Cornelius Warren
Smith, Daniel German Flatts
Smith, David Danube
Smith, David Schuyler
Smith, Duncan Russia
Smith, Edwin Columbia
Smith, Elijah Warren
Smith, Ephream Russia
Smith, Erastus Schuyler
Smith, Frederick Danube
Smith, Frederick Herkimer
Smith, Gaylord Litchfield
Smith, George Newport
Smith, George Newport
Smith, George Newport
Smith, George N. Herkimer
Smith, Gilead Salisbury
Smith, Gurhom Danube
Smith, Hiram Newport
Smith, Hiram Salisbury
Smith, Isaac Columbia
Smith, Isaac Herkimer
Smith, Isreal Russia
Smith, Jacob Danube
Smith, Jacob Columbia
Smith, Jacob German Flatts
Smith, Jacob Herkimer
Smith, James Litchfield
Smith, Jeremiah Fairfield
Smith, Jeremiah Schuyler
Smith, John Herkimer
Smith, John Herkimer
Smith, John Russia
Smith, John Danube
Smith, John Manheim
Smith, John German Flatts
Smith, Jonas W. Schuyler
Smith, Lester Litchfield
Smith, Marther Herkimer
Smith, Martin Danube
Smith, Mary Fairfield
Smith, Milton Warren
Smith, Miron Columbia
Smith, Nathan Fairfield
Smith, Newman Salisbury
Smith, Nicholas Fairfield
Smith, Nicholas Danube
Smith, Nicholas F. Herkimer
Smith, Olis German Flatts
Smith, Olive Columbia
Smith, Peter Herkimer
Smith, Peter Warren
Smith, Peter A. Danube
Smith, Peter P. Danube
Smith, Phila Russia
Smith, Philo Salisbury
Smith, Renseler Russia
Smith, Richard Litchfield
Smith, Richard Fairfield
Smith, Richard, Jr. Fairfield
Smith, Rufus Schuyler
Smith, Samuel Herkimer
Smith, Samuel Salisbury
Smith, Samuel Salisbury
Smith, Sanford Warren
Smith, Seth Columbia
Smith, Stephen Russia
Smith, Stephen, 2nd Russia
Smith, Thomas Litchfield
Smith, Thomas Herkimer
Smith, Timothy Herkimer
Smith, William Danube
Smith, William Litchfield
Smith, William Manheim
Smith, William Herkimer
Snell, ??? Manheim
Snell, Conrad Danube
Snell, Jacob Danube
Snell, Jacob German Flatts
Snell, Jacob Manheim
Snell, John Danube
Snell, Joseph Danube
Snell, Peter Manheim
Snow, Benjamin Schuyler
Snow, Timothy Litchfield
Snyder, Daniel Danube
Snyder, James Danube
Snyder, John Frankfort
Snyder, John Schuyler
Snyder, John G. Danube
Snyder, John M. Danube
Snyder, William Frankfort
Sockrson, Vernon Herkimer
Sonbrook, Nicholas Danube
Soules, William German Flatts
Southard, Henry West Brunswick
Spafford, Burly Manheim
Spafford, John Manheim
Spalding, C. Ann Newport
Spalding, C. Journey Newport
Spalding, Parley Columbia
Spalding, Patience Newport
Speed, Richard Herkimer
Spencer, Alphens Newport
Spencer, Benjamin Salisbury
Spencer, Benjamin Schuyler
Spencer, Dwight Manheim
Spencer, Elijah Litchfield
Spencer, George Salisbury
Spencer, Griffin Salisbury
Spencer, Joel Salisbury
Spencer, John Danube
Spencer, John West Brunswick
Spencer, Nathaniel Manheim
Spencer, Noah Salisbury
Spencer, Orrin Manheim
Spencer, Rachel Fairfield
Spencer, Russel Litchfield
Spencer, Sylvester Frankfort
Sperry, John Russia
Sperry, Lenord Russia
Sperry, Nehemiah Russia
Sperry, Pithin Russia
Sperry, Pithin, 2nd Russia
Spink, Nicholas Herkimer
Spinner, John P. Herkimer
Spinner, Phillip Litchfield
Spofford, Thomas Salisbury
Sponburgh, Henry German Flatts
Sponebburgh, George Fairfield
Spoon, Adam Herkimer
Spoon, George Herkimer
Spoon, Henry Columbia
Spoon, John Herkimer
Spoon, Nicholas Herkimer
Spoon, Nicholas Columbia
Spoon, Nicholas, Jr. Columbia
Spoore, Nabuth Danube
Sprague, Alexander Danube
Sprague, Asa Frankfort
Sprague, David Herkimer
Sprague, Harvy Schuyler
Sprague, James Frankfort
Spraker, George West Brunswick
Springer, Jacob Warren
Springer, Lodwick Danube
Squires, Goddard Russia
Squires, John G. Russia
Stafford, John & Stephen Danube
Stafford, Thomas Danube
Stall, Peter Salisbury
Stanclift, Ransom Russia
Stanclift, William Russia
Standish, Elishu Columbia
Stanford, John C. Newport
Stanley, Jedediah Salisbury
Stanton, Daniel Russia
Stanton, Elijah Fairfield
Staring, Adam Frankfort
Staring, Adam H. Frankfort
Staring, Jacob Manheim
Staring, John Manheim
Stark, Abiel Frankfort
Starkweather, David Warren
Starkweather, Nathan Warren
Starkwether, Olive Warren
Starkwether, Rufus Warren
Starling, John H. Danube
Starnburgh, Jacob German Flatts
Starr, Ezra Columbia
Starring, Peter Herkimer
Stauring, Adam German Flatts
Stauring, Henry German Flatts
Stauring, Jacob P. German Flatts
Stauring, John German Flatts
Stauring, Markes German Flatts
Stauring, Nancy German Flatts
Stauring, Peter German Flatts
Stauring, Peter H. German Flatts
Stebbins, John Salisbury
Stebbins, John Herkimer
Steel, John R. German Flatts
Steel, Nicholas German Flatts
Steel, Nicholas German Flatts
Steel, Peter German Flatts
Steel, Richard German Flatts
Steel, William German Flatts
Steele, George Columbia
Steele, John Columbia
Steele, Peter G. Columbia
Stemp, Joseph Schuyler
Stephen, Sylvester Columbia
Stephens, Jared Litchfield
Stephens, Roswell Frankfort
Stephens, Silas Litchfield
Sterling, Adam German Flatts
Sternberg, John Columbia
Sternberg, Martin Columbia
Sternburg, Peter Manheim
Sternburgh, Lambert Warren
Sternburgh, Marcus Warren
Sternburgh, Peter Danube
Sterns, Winder Herkimer
Steven, Benjamin Fairfield
Steven, Frederick Herkimer
Stevens, Abner West Brunswick
Stevens, Eber Fairfield
Stevens, Edmund Fairfield
Stevens, George H. Fairfield
Stevens, Hester Fairfield
Stevens, Joseph Fairfield
Stevens, Samuel Fairfield
Stevenson, James Fairfield
Stewart, Ruphus Herkimer
Stewart, John Frankfort
Stewart, John M. Warren
Stewart, John, Jr. Frankfort
Stewart, Pardon Frankfort
Stewart, Rhoda Warren
Stewart, Stephen Warren
Stiles, Daniel Newport
Stiles, Roland Litchfield
Stillman, Ezra Newport
Stitt, Adam German Flatts
Stocking, Hezekiah Warren
Stodard, Benjamin Salisbury
Stone, Asa Russia
Stone, Hannah Newport
Stone, Luther Schuyler
Stone, Winsor Schuyler
Storing, Adam Schuyler
Storing, Henry Schuyler
Storing, Henry Schuyler
Storing, Jacob Schuyler
Storing, John Schuyler
Storing, Nicholas Schuyler
Storing, Teenus, 2nd Schuyler
Stranihan, Aaron Russia
Stranihan, Elijah B. Russia
Stranshan, Gibson Columbia
Strarns, Stephen B. Litchfield
Streeter, Cynthia Salisbury
Streeter, Ebenezer Herkimer
Streeter, Ebenezer Herkimer
Streeter, Jacob Newport
Streeter, Jesse Salisbury
Strong, John Columbia
Strough, John Manheim
Strough, Matthew Manheim
Strough, Soltes Manheim
Stroup, William German Flatts
Stveson, Daniel Herkimer
Suben, William German Flatts
Suenor, Margeret German Flatts
Suller, Casper Manheim
Suller, Frederick German Flatts
Suter, John Herkimer
Suts, John Manheim
Suyts, ??? Manheim
Swain, George Warren
Swart, Coonradt Russia
Swarthout, James Manheim
Sweazey, Ahimas Russia
Sweazey, Daniel Russia
Sweazey, Daniel Russia
Sweazey, George Russia
Sweazey, Richard Russia
Sweet, Benjamin Warren
Sweet, David Warren
Sweet, Holden Warren
Sweet, Stephen Russia
Sweet, Vaughn Schuyler
Sweetman, Michael, Jr. West Brunswick
Sweezey, John Newport
Swift, Ambrose Herkimer
Swift, Ethan German Flatts
Swift, Jerusha German Flatts
Swift, Jonah Newport
Swift, Lemuel German Flatts
Swift, Philip German Flatts
Swift, Ruth German Flatts
Sykes, John Herkimer
Sykes, Johnathan H. Herkimer
Syllaboch, John Herkimer
Syllaboch, Richard Herkimer
Taber, Benjamin Herkimer
Tabor, Peleg Newport
Tainter, Benjamin Russia
Tainter, Benjamin P. Russia
Talcot, Daniel Herkimer
Talcott, Jeffery Russia
Talcott, Samuel Salisbury
Talcott, William Herkimer
Tallcott, Chester Warren
Tallcott, Daniel Warren
Tallcott, Elmira Warren
Tallman, Aikins Schuyler
Tallman, Darius Schuyler
Tallman, Ebenezer Schuyler
Tallman, William Schuyler
Talman, Thomas Fairfield
Tanne, Ebenezer Warren
Tanner, Abraham Salisbury
Tanner, Alvah Fairfield
Tanner, Benjamin Schuyler
Tanner, Caleb Schuyler
Tanner, Isaac Schuyler
Tanner, Jeremiah Schuyler
Tanner, John Newport
Tanner, Nathan Schuyler
Tanner, Perry Fairfield
Tanner, Smith Fairfield
Tanner, Stephen Litchfield
Tanner, Willard Schuyler
Tanner, William Schuyler
Tarbox, Dudley Warren
Targee, Stiles Herkimer
Tarpenny, Daniel Danube
Tarpenny, Jonathan Danube
Tavey, Edward Frankfort
Taylor, George Russia
Taylor, Jonathan Warren
Taylor, Samuel P. Russia
Taylor, Sanford Russia
Teal, Joseph Fairfield
Teft, William Newport
Tellyon, Joseph Danube
Teneyck, William Warren
Terpening, Elizabeth Columbia
Terpening, John Columbia
Terpening, Volintine Columbia
Terry, Benjamin Newport
Terry, Elijah Newport
Terry, Harriet Russia
Terry, Joseph Newport
Terry, Timothy Russia
Thayre, Jared Russia
Thire, Grindel Warren
Thomas, Amos German Flatts
Thomas, Amos, Jr. German Flatts
Thomas, Briggs German Flatts
Thomas, Daniel German Flatts
Thomas, Elias German Flatts
Thomas, Isaac West Brunswick
Thomas, Isaac Russia
Thomas, James Columbia
Thomas, Marten P. Russia
Thomas, Rufus West Brunswick
Thomas, Thomas Newport
Thompson, Buckley Salisbury
Thompson, Elias Newport
Thompson, Elizabeth Danube
Thompson, Hugh Russia
Thompson, Jesse D. Litchfield
Thompson, Joseph Danube
Thompson, Joshua Warren
Thompson, Moses Columbia
Thompson, Silas Salisbury
Thorp, David, Jr. West Brunswick
Thorp, Jacob Danube
Thorton, Ebenezer Newport
Thorton, Ebenezer Newport
Thorton, John Schuyler
Thurstain, John Frankfort
Thurstain, William Frankfort
Thurston, William Fairfield
Tibbits, Alberts German Flatts
Tibbitts, John W. Fairfield
Tiffaney, Ebenezer Russia
Tifney, R. Manheim
Tilden, Josiah Warren
Tiler, Daniel Herkimer
Tiler, Joseph Herkimer
Tillinghast, Amos Frankfort
Tillinghast, Sylvanus Herkimer
Tillman, Eliza Herkimer
Timerman, Adam Manheim
Timerman, Adam Manheim
Timerman, Frederick Manheim
Timerman, Henry Manheim
Timerman, Jacob Manheim
Timerman, John Manheim
Timerman, Lawrence Manheim
Timerman, Petter Manheim
Timerman, Richard Manheim
Tindall, Esther Newport
Tingue, John Danube
Tisdal, Chester German Flatts
Tisdale, Benjamin Frankfort
Tisdale, Benjamin, Jr. Frankfort
Tisdale, Elijah Columbia
Tisdale, Eprhaigm Warren
Tisdale, Solomon Frankfort
Tisdale, Warner German Flatts
Todd, Lewis Salisbury
Todd, Samuel Fairfield
Todd, Stephen Salisbury
Tolcoh, Asa G. Herkimer
Tombler, Annmoriah Herkimer
Townsend, Alanson Litchfield
Townsend, Isaac Litchfield
Townsend, Sachariah Litchfield
Townsend, Stephen Litchfield
Trall, Lewis Warren
Trash, James Russia
Travis, Nathaniel Schuyler
Treat, Thomas W. Russia
Tredway, Bela Warren
Tredway, David Warren
Treet, Samuel P. Russia
Truax, Peter Danube
True, Jacob 1 Litchfield
Truman, Daniel Newport
Truman, Edward Danube
Truman, Isaac Danube
Tubbs, Joel Herkimer
Tubbs, Lemuel German Flatts
Tucker, Ephraim Fairfield
Tucker, Erastus Newport
Tucker, John Herkimer
Tunnicliff, George Warren
tunnicliff, John Warren
Tunnicliff, Joseph Warren
Tunnicliff, Joseph Columbia
Tunnicliff, Thomas Warren
Tunnicliff, William Warren
Turner, Cornelius West Brunswick
Turner, Harvey Frankfort
Turner, Joseph Frankfort
Turner, Samuel Frankfort
Turner, William West Brunswick
Turney, Benjamin Manheim
Turney, Ozias Manheim
Turney, Thomas Salisbury
Tutelot, Isaac Herkimer
Tuttle, Alfred Salisbury
Tuttle, Amos Russia
Tuttle, Ira Fairfield
Tuttle, Lucinda Salisbury
Tuttle, Ransom Salisbury
Tuttle, Whitting Russia
Tuttle, Zopher Salisbury
Tygert, William H. Danube
Tyler, Charles Russia
Tyler, Enos Fairfield
Tyler, Lyman Salisbury
Tyler, Samuel Newport
Tyler, Samuel German Flatts
Tyler, William Newport
Tylor, Archibald Fairfield