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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index (Surnames I-P)

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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index: Every person whose usual place abode shall be in any family on the 1st of July 1825....; and every person occasionally absent at time of taking this enumeration, as belonging to that place in which he usually resides in this state.

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1825 Herkimer County N.Y. Census Records

1825 Herkimer County, N.Y. Census Index (Surnames I-P)
Ingersol, John Litchfield
Ingersol, Nathan Frankfort
Ingham, Alansing German Flatts
Ingham, William German Flatts
Ingraham, George Schuyler
Inman, Adam Frankfort
Inman, Adam, Jr. Frankfort
Inman, Amasa Frankfort
Inman, Asahel Frankfort
Inman, Joseph Frankfort
Inman, Nathan Frankfort
Isaman, John German Flatts
Isaman, Joseph German Flatts
Isaman, Peter, Jr. Manheim
Isham, Zebulon Warren
Istle, James German Flatts
Ives, Ambrose Salisbury
Ives, Amos Salisbury
Ives, Anson Salisbury
Ives, Orin Salisbury
Ives, Seba Columbia
Ives, Truman Salisbury
Jack, ??? German Flatts
Jackson, Elijah Fairfield
Jackson, Isaac Columbia
Jackson, Jacob Fairfield
Jackson, Jacob, Jr. Fairfield
Jackson, John Columbia
Jackson, John Fairfield
Jackson, Michael Columbia
Jackson, Samuel Fairfield
Jackson, William Fairfield
Jacobs, Asa Salisbury
Jacobs, John Salisbury
Jacobs, Samuel Salisbury
Jacobson, Abraham Columbia
James, Jesse Salisbury
James, William Frankfort
Jeffers, George Newport
Jeffers, George Newport
Jeffers, George, Jr. Newport
Jenkins, Evans Newport
Jenkins, John Danube
Jenkins, John Newport
Jenkins, William Danube
Jenks, Otis Newport
Jennings, Huldah Salisbury
Jennings, Jesse Salisbury
Jennings, William B. Salisbury
Jewel, Benjamin Warren
Jewel, Harmon Warren
Johnson, ??? Herkimer
Johnson, Arnold German Flatts
Johnson, Belcher Salisbury
Johnson, Bench Danube
Johnson, Calvin Columbia
Johnson, Caphas Herkimer
Johnson, Chester Columbia
Johnson, Christopher Litchfield
Johnson, Christopher Frankfort
Johnson, Cyrus M. Fairfield
Johnson, Daniel Frankfort
Johnson, Daniel Newport
Johnson, David Danube
Johnson, Deratus Columbia
Johnson, Elias Frankfort
Johnson, Elijah Columbia
Johnson, George Frankfort
Johnson, Henry Frankfort
Johnson, Isaiah Russia
Johnson, Joakins Danube
Johnson, Jacob Danube
Johnson, James Columbia
Johnson, Jonathan Newport
Johnson, Josiah Schuyler
Johnson, Lilas Fairfield
Johnson, Luther Columbia
Johnson, Lysander Salisbury
Johnson, Mary Manheim
Johnson, Olive Widow Frankfort
Johnson, Peter Danube
Johnson, Roswell Schuyler
Johnson, Rudolph Danube
Johnson, Seyrenus Warren
Johnson, Silas Danube
Johnson, Stephen Danube
Johnson, Susannah Litchfield
Johnson, Waterman Frankfort
Johnston, Thomas Manheim
Joles, Luther Russia
Jones, Abram West Brunswick
Jones, Arthur German Flatts
Jones, Auther Danube
Jones, Benjamin Danube
Jones, Christopher Fairfield
Jones, David Fairfield
Jones, Ezra C. Salisbury
Jones, Francis Litchfield
Jones, Harmon Schuyler
Jones, Israel Salisbury
Jones, Jesse Litchfield
Jones, John Salisbury
Jones, John Newport
Jones, Nathan Warren
Jones, Philip Danube
Jones, Richard Schuyler
Jones, Robert German Flatts
Jones, Samuel Danube
Jones, William Danube
Jones, William Columbia
Jordan, Nicholas Danube
Jordon, Adam Danube
Jordon, Adam, Jr. Danube
Joslin, Andrew Frankfort
Joslin, Benedict Frankfort
Joslin, Bradford Frankfort
Joslin, Christopher Frankfort
Joslin, David Frankfort
Joslin, George B. Frankfort
Joslin, James German Flatts
Joslin, John Frankfort
Joslin, John 2nd Frankfort
Joslin, John, Jr. Frankfort
Joslin, Sylvester Frankfort
Joslin, Willard German Flatts
Joslin, William German Flatts
Joy, Abiathor Russia
Joy, David Russia
Joy, David Schuyler
Joy, Silas Schuyler
Joyce, John J. Danube
Judd, Enoch Warren
Judson, Selvanus Warren
Judson, Timothy Salisbury
Kane, Philip Newport
Kaple, Anson Columbia
Kast, Silvanus Frankfort
Kathern, Charles Warren
Keeler, Seth B. Fairfield
Keigwin, Joseph Frankfort
Keith, James Newport
Keith, James, Jr. Newport
Keith, Samuel Newport
Kelch, John Frankfort
Kelch, Margaret Frankfort
Keller, Abraham Danube
Keller, Casper German Flatts
Keller, George Manheim
Keller, Henry Manheim
Keller, Jacob Danube
Keller, Jacob Manheim
Keller, John Fairfield
Keller, John, Jr. Fairfield
Keller, Michael German Flatts
Keller, Peter Manheim
Keller, Solomon Fairfield
Kelley, James Columbia
Kelley, Joseph B. Herkimer
Kelley, Thomas Salisbury
Kellogg, Ebenezer Newport
Kellogg, George Litchfield
Kellogg, Jason Newport
Kellogg, Nathainel Frankfort
Kellogg, Truman Frankfort
Kelly, Benjamin Salisbury
Kelly, Ebenezer Fairfield
Kelly, Ebenezer Salisbury
Kelly, Michael Russia
Kelly, William Salisbury
Kelsey, Mary Fairfield
Kelsey, Reuben Fairfield
Kelsey, Reubin Newport
Kelsey, Reubin Newport
Kelsey, Reubin, Jr. Newport
Kelsey, Zina Fairfield
Kelsey, Zina, Jr. Newport
Keneps, Harvy West Brunswick
Kennedy, James Herkimer
Kenney, John M. Danube
Kenter, John Danube
Kenter, Richard Danube
Kenyon, Barbere Fairfield
Kenyon, Sheffield Fairfield
Kertzinger, Geo. Fairfield
Kesler, Jacob Danube
Kesler, Michael Danube
Keys, Jeduthon Russia
Keys, Luther Salisbury
Keyser, Barnard Manheim
Keyser, Peter Manheim
Keyson, Jacob Salisbury
Keysor, Cornelius Salisbury
Keysor, John Salisbury
Keysor, Peter Salisbury
Kibby, David Russia
Kilborn, Robbins Litchfield
Kilbourn, Martha Warren
Kilts, Conrad Fairfield
Kilts, Jacob Manheim
Kilts, Lewis Manheim
Kilts, Peter Manheim
Kimball, Abram Schuyler
Kimble, Joseph Russia
Kimble, Timothy Frankfort
Kimdell, Abadiah Manheim
Kimpton, Henry Fairfield
Kinaman, Andrew Danube
King, Ambrose German Flatts
King, Paul B. German Flatts
King, Randall German Flatts
King, Sylvanus Litchfield
King, Thomas German Flatts
Kingsley, Aaron Manheim
Kinney, Cornelius Danube
Kinnie, Jeremiah Litchfield
Kinnie, Thomas Litchfield
Kinsley, Jedadiah Frankfort
Kinsley, Obadiah Frankfort
Kinsley, Schuler Frankfort
Kinyon, Lyman Fairfield
Kinyon, Varnum Fairfield
Klock, Benjamin Danube
Klock, Daniel Herkimer
Klock, Jacob A. German Flatts
Klock, John Herkimer
Klock, Peter Herkimer
Knapp, Harry Schuyler
Knapp, John Schuyler
Knapp, Phillip Herkimer
Knapp, Simeon Frankfort
Knapp, William Schuyler
Kniff, Obadiah Newport
Kniffing, John Fairfield
Knight, Job Newport
Knight, Joseph Newport
Knight, Joseph Litchfield
Knight, Joshua Newport
Knight, William Columbia
Knouts, Jacob Danube
Krumb, Peter Salisbury
Kulimger, William Danube
Ladd, Alfred Schuyler
Ladd, Elisha Schuyler
Ladd, Olney Frankfort
Laflin, Amos Frankfort
Lain, Richard Russia
Lake, Asa Salisbury
Lake, Charles Frankfort
Lamb, Epheriam Salisbury
Lamberson, John Salisbury
Lamberson, Thomas Salisbury
Lamberson, William Salisbury
Lambert, Crandley Fairfield
Lamphear, William Salisbury
Lamphier, Raymond Schuyler
Lampman, John Frankfort
Lancton, Polly Herkimer
Land, James Herkimer
Landers, Eben Salisbury
Landt, Jeremiah Danube
Lane, George Salisbury
Lane, Jacob Columbia
Lane, Peter Warren
Lane, Sands Warren
Langdon, Martin Columbia
Lankton, Elisha Russia
Lanning, Coonradt Russia
Lanning, John Russia
Lanning, Richard Russia
Lanning, Robert Russia
Lansing, Abraham Salisbury
Lansing, Landers Herkimer
Lanton, Oliver Newport
Larned, Benjamin Newport
Lashway, Eneas Salisbury
Lathrop, Ama Widow Danube
Lathrop, Uriel Danube
Lawrence, John Manheim
Lawton, George Fairfield
Lawton, Iasiah Salisbury
Lawton, Joseph Fairfield
Lawton, Richmond Salisbury
Lawton, Thomas Salisbury
Lawyer, Nicholas Danube
Layret, Elisha Litchfield
Laysdell, Benjamin Salisbury
Leach, Noble Russia
League, Jesse Danube
Leavy, Mary Russia
Lee, Crandall Frankfort
Lee, Elisha Litchfield
Lee, John Schuyler
Lee, Samuel W. Frankfort
Lee, Thomas Frankfort
Lee, W. Litchfield
Lee, Walter Frankfort
Lefinnell, Phineas German Flatts
Lent, Abraham Danube
Lent, Daniel Danube
Lent, Peter German Flatts
Leonard, Ely Warren
Leonard, Moses Warren
Lewis, ??? Litchfield
Lewis, David Frankfort
Lewis, Gershom Newport
Lewis, Henry Danube
Lewis, James Newport
Lewis, John German Flatts
Lewis, Joseph Salisbury
Lewis, Perris Herkimer
Lichels, Isaac Russia
Lidden, Michael Columbia
Lincoln, Joseph Frankfort
Link, Jacob Danube
Link, Jacob Schuyler
Link, Mathew Danube
Lint, George Manheim
Lints, Jacob Frankfort
Lints, John Frankfort
Lints, John 2nd Frankfort
Lints, Philip Frankfort
Lipe, Casler Manheim
Littlefield, Daniel Frankfort
Littlefield, Priscilla Frankfort
Littlejohn, John Litchfield
Littlejohn, John, Jr. Frankfort
Littlejohn, Lilly Litchfield
Litus, ??? Litchfield
Lobdale, Daniel Salisbury
Lobdel, James Herkimer
Lock, John Litchfield
Lock, John, Jr. Litchfield
Lockwood, Henrey Russia
Lockwood, Lelah Russia
Lones, Israel Fairfield
Lonis, George Frankfort
Lonis, Henry Danube
Lonis, Peter Frankfort
Look, Samuel Manheim
Loomis, Alfred Warren
Loomis, Daniel Warren
Loomis, Dudley Warren
Loomis, Elias Warren
Loomis, Elisha Salisbury
Loomis, Horace Salisbury
Loomis, Israel Warren
Loomis, John Warren
Loomis, Simon, Jr. German Flatts
Loomis, Stephen German Flatts
Loomis, Thaddeus Salisbury
Loomis, Timothy Warren
Loomis, Timothy, Jr. Columbia
Lord, Samuel Columbia
Lothrop, Jason Newport
Lothrop, Jason Newport
Loucks, Henry Manheim
Loucks, Isaac Manheim
Loucks, John Manheim
Loucks, John Manheim
Loucks, John Manheim
Loucks, Peter Manheim
Lowe, Asa West Brunswick
Lrarl ?, Washington Litchfield
Lsurdall, William Litchfield
Lucre, William Russia
Ludden, Biadema Columbia
Luddington, Nathamiel Danube
Ludington, Stephen R. Warren
Ludington, Stheven Warren
Luis, Joseph Warren
Luke, Samuel Herkimer
Luley, William W. Salisbury
Lumberson, Charles Salisbury
Lumberson, Cornelius Salisbury
Lumberson, James Salisbury
Luninton, James Salisbury
Lunnborh, Peter Danube
Luteridge, George German Flatts
Luther, Boomer Russia
Luther, Gilbert Herkimer
Luther, Theophules Russia
Lyman, Ellis Warren
Lyman, Frederick Warren
Lyman, Nabby Newport
Lyman, Seth Fairfield
Lymond, Francis Litchfield
Lynsay, David F. Russia
Lyntze, Jacob Schuyler
Lyntze, John Schuyler
Lyntze, Lawrence Schuyler
Lyntze, Peter Schuyler
Lyntze, Philip Schuyler
Lyon, Benjamin Russia
Lyon, Charles Russia
Magraw, Christopher Schuyler
Mabbot, John I. Litchfield
Mabee, Margaret Fairfield
Machesney, Walter Herkimer
Mack, Elisha Warren
Mack, Warren Herkimer
Mack, Warren Warren
Madhey, Michael Newport
Mahon, John Herkimer
Makeepeace, George Newport
Mann, Abijah, Jr. Fairfield
Manning, Abraham Columbia
Manning, Christopher Fairfield
Manning, Edward Fairfield
Manor, Abijah Fairfield
Mansfield, Stiles Herkimer
March, Conrad Danube
Marcy, Theodore Newport
Markel, John Fairfield
Markele, John Manheim
Markell, Jacob Manheim
Markweather, M. Danube
Marsh, Abraham Salisbury
Marsh, Christopher Frankfort
Marshall, Bradley Fairfield
Marshall, Charles Litchfield
Marshall, Elihu Fairfield
Marshall, John Warren
Marshall, John, Jr. Warren
Marshall, Jonathan Litchfield
Marshall, Rebecca Warren
Marshel, Chancy Herkimer
Martin, ??? Manheim
Martin, Asa Russia
Martin, Ashbill Fairfield
Martin, Christian Salisbury
Martin, Ebenezer West Brunswick
Martin, Joel West Brunswick
Martin, Martin West Brunswick
Martin, Mercy Newport
Martin, Obadiah Russia
Martin, William Herkimer
Martindale, Robert Herkimer
Marvil, Benjamin Russia
Marvin, Elias B. Newport
Marvin, George Newport
Marvin, Reynolds Newport
Mascon, Varnin Newport
Mason, Allen Newport
Mason, Isaac Warren
Mason, Joseph Schuyler
Mason, Joseph, Jr. Manheim
Mason, Malachi Newport
Mason, Ruth Warren
Mather, Hiram Schuyler
Mather, Jehoida Schuyler
Mather, Joshua Schuyler
Mather, Reuben Schuyler
Mather, Reuben Schuyler
Mather, Samuel Schuyler
Mathews, Jeremiah Fairfield
Matterson, Thomas Fairfield
Matteson, Jeremiah Frankfort
Matteson, Jesse Frankfort
Matteson, John Frankfort
Matteson, Joshua Frankfort
Matteson, Reuben Frankfort
Matthews, Mariam Litchfield
Mattison, ??? Litchfield
Mattison, ???, Jr. Litchfield
Mattison, Asa Fairfield
Mattison, Joseph Fairfield
Mattison, Peter Salisbury
Mattison, Stephen A. Litchfield
Mavill, John H. Columbia
Maxfield, Elias German Flatts
Maxfield, James Warren
Maxfield, John Danube
Maynard, Widror Herkimer
McCallum, William Litchfield
McChesney, John Warren
McChesney, Joseph Warren
McChesney, Samuel Warren
McCombs, John Herkimer
McCreda, David Warren
McCreda, John Warren
McCreda, Thomas Warren
McCredee, William German Flatts
McCumber, Anna Russia
McCumber, Lorin Manheim
Mccumber, Richard Russia
McDonald, Abram West Brunswick
McDonald, Philo F. West Brunswick
McDonald, Thomas Herkimer
McGrass, Henrey Russia
McHnair, James Schuyler
McIntosh, John Newport
McIntosh, John Schuyler
McIntyer, Marion Danube
McIntyre, Daniel Warren
McIntyre, Nathaniel Schuyler
McKannan, Ezekiel Warren
McKinley, Richard Manheim
McKoon, Carmi Columbia
McKoon, Martin Columbia
McKown, William Warren
McLaugh, Michael Newport
McLaughlin, Lance German Flatts
McMaster, Silvester Russia
McMasters, James Russia
McMasters, Philander Russia
McMullen, George Danube
McNeal, John Newport
McNeal, Neal, Jr. Danube
McTosh, Daniel Herkimer
Meelis, Samuel Russia
Merchant, Joel Columbia
Mergatroit, Stephen Warren
Merly, Peter Danube
Merrell, Abraham Manheim
Merrell, James Litchfield
Merrick, Thomas Danube
Merrill, William Fairfield
Merrils, Alan Frankfort
Merriman, Benjamin Russia
Merry, Alanson Frankfort
Merry, James Warren
Merry, John Litchfield
Merry, Ralph Herkimer
Metcaff, Nathan Salisbury
Metcaff, Simeom Salisbury
Metealk, Elijah Manheim
Mexline, Frederick Danube
Michael, Heartman Herkimer
Michael, John Herkimer
Mier, Adam Danube
Miers, Peter H. Herkimer
Miers, Polly Herkimer
Miles, Henry E., Jr. Danube
Miller, Abraham Danube
Miller, Amisa B. Litchfield
Miller, Anderson Columbia
Miller, Andrew H. Columbia
Miller, Cabel Danube
Miller, Caleb Columbia
Miller, Conrad Danube
Miller, David Litchfield
Miller, Frances Russia
Miller, Frederick Herkimer
Miller, George German Flatts
Miller, George Danube
Miller, George H. Columbia
Miller, Henry Columbia
Miller, Henry A. Columbia
Miller, James Danube
Miller, John German Flatts
Miller, John German Flatts
Miller, John Columbia
Miller, John H. Columbia
Miller, John, Jr. Columbia
Miller, Nicholas German Flatts
Miller, Peter Warren
Miller, Samuel Litchfield
Miller, Samuel Manheim
Miller, Thomas Schuyler
Miller, Valentine Schuyler
Miller, William Columbia
Miller, William Columbia
Miller, William J. Columbia
Millington, Abel Warren
Millington, John Warren
Millington, John, Jr. Warren
Millington, Jonathan Russia
Millington, Richard Russia
Mills, Isaac Columbia
Mills, John Columbia
Mineon, Gideon Schuyler
Miner, ??? Columbia
Miner, Charles Columbia
Miner, Daniel Warren
Miner, George Newport
Miner, Samuel German Flatts
Minry, Alexander Russia
Miolents, Joseph German Flatts
Mitchell, Tyler Russia
Mix, John German Flatts
Mix, John Warren
Mixter, David Warren
Monday, Nicholas Columbia
Monk, Henry German Flatts
Monk, John Danube
Monk, John Danube
Monk, Mary Widow Danube
Monk, Peter Danube
Monte, John W. Danube
Moody, James Schuyler
Moon, Benejah Russia
Moon, Jacob Herkimer
Moore, Henry Danube
Moores, John Salisbury
More, Alvin Frankfort
More, George Newport
More, Harry Schuyler
More, James Warren
Morehouse, Levi Herkimer
Morehouse, Samuel Frankfort
Mores, James Warren
Morey, David Fairfield
Morey, John Newport
Morgan, David Frankfort
Morgan, Ephraim Columbia
Morgan, James Columbia
Morgan, John Frankfort
Morgan, Peter Frankfort
Morgan, Roswell Litchfield
Morgan, William Warren
Morris, Abraham German Flatts
Morris, George German Flatts
Morris, Jane Widow Frankfort
Morris, Jemina Widow Frankfort
Morris, Martin Schuyler
Morrison, George Danube
Morrison, William German Flatts
Morse, Billisent Newport
Morse, Horris Herkimer
Morse, John Herkimer
Morse, Liman Herkimer
Morse, Nathaniel Newport
Morton, John Russia
Moseley, George German Flatts
Mosher, Joseph Columbia
Motgomery, James Warren
Mount, Aaron Danube
Mount, Enoch Danube
Mount, John Danube
Mower, Conrad Danube
Mower, Coonrad Schuyler
Mower, Peter Danube
Mowers, Abraham Danube
Mowers, Conrad Danube
Mowers, John Danube
Mowers, John G. Danube
Mowry, Abraham P. Danube
Moyer, Absolom Columbia
Moyer, Andrew Columbia
Moyer, David Danube
Moyer, Frederick German Flatts
Moyer, George Danube
Moyer, Henry, Jr. Danube
Moyer, Jacob Danube
Moyer, Jacob Danube
Moyer, James Danube
Moyer, John Danube
Moyer, John Danube
Moyer, John D. Columbia
Moyer, Joseph Columbia
Moyer, Joseph Fairfield
Moyer, Lodwick Fairfield
Moyer, Peter Columbia
Moyer, Theobold Manheim
Mozette, Lewis Manheim
Muganor, Peter West Brunswick
Mulison, John German Flatts
Mulkins, Rufus Frankfort
Mullen, John H. Danube
Mun, David Newport
Munberbok, John Schuyler
Munderbok, Henry Frankfort
Munger, Ichabode Salisbury
Munger, James Danube
Munn, Elijah Litchfield
Munroe, George Russia
Munror, Daniel Litchfield
Munson, Jacob Salisbury
Munson, Joseph Salisbury
Munson, Lua Salisbury
Munson, Thaddeus Salisbury
Munson, William Salisbury
Murphy, Peter T. Columbia
Murray, William Salisbury
Murry, William West Brunswick
Muson, Aaron Schuyler
Myers, Daniel Herkimer
Myers, Francis Frankfort
Myers, Frederick Frankfort
Myers, Frederick Schuyler
Myers, Frederick German Flatts
Myers, George Frankfort
Myers, Henry Frankfort
Myers, Henry German Flatts
Myers, Henry A. Schuyler
Myers, Henry P. Herkimer
Myers, Margaretha Herkimer
Myers, Michael German Flatts
Myers, Michael German Flatts
Myers, Nicholas German Flatts
Mynot, Haywood Schuyler
Myrter, John Schuyler
Nash, James German Flatts
Nash, John German Flatts
Nash, John German Flatts
Natta, Abraham Russia
Neely, Abraham Fairfield
Neely, Daniel Fairfield
Neely, David Fairfield
Nellis, C. Danube
Nellis, George Herkimer
Nellis, Jacob P. Fairfield
Nellis, John G. Herkimer
Nellis, Peter P. Fairfield
Nellis, Warner Danube
Nelson, Abel Newport
Nelson, Horatio Litchfield
Nelson, Hosea Litchfield
Nelson, John Fairfield
Nelson, John Newport
Nelson, Julius C. Litchfield
Nelson, Paul Fairfield
Nelson, Paul Fairfield
Newberry, Samuel Newport
Newbery, Lester Russia
Newburey, Elisha Russia
Newilhannis, Robert Herkimer
Newman, Debby Manheim
Newman, Ebenezer Russia
Newman, Joseph Manheim
Newman, Peter Russia
Newman, Roberd Manheim
Newman, Stephen Manheim
Newson, Daniel Fairfield
Newton, Abel Warren
Newton, Amasa Warren
Newton, Elias Warren
Newton, James Warren
Nicholas, Adm Salisbury
Nicholas, Andrew German Flatts
Nicholas, Gearet Frankfort
Nicholas, Jacob German Flatts
Nicholas, John Frankfort
Nicholas, Michael Frankfort
Nicholas, Warren Salisbury
Nicholas, William Warren
Nichols, Darius Newport
Nichols, David Frankfort
Nichols, Shibnah Fairfield
Nichols, Wanton Fairfield
Nickerson, Darius Salisbury
Nickerson, Ethel Salisbury
Nickles, Dennus Herkimer
Nise, Sylvanus Danube
Noble, Leyster Warren
Noble, Stephen German Flatts
Nobles, Joseph German Flatts
Nolton, Abram Fairfield
Nolton, Ephraim Salisbury
Nolton, Justics Litchfield
Nolton, Robert Fairfield
Northrop, Joel Warren
Northrop, Nicholas Salisbury
Northrup, Clark Frankfort
Norton, Aason Litchfield
Norton, Alvah Salisbury
Norton, Alvan Litchfield
Norton, Benjamin Fairfield
Norton, Christopher Danube
Norton, Ezekiel Litchfield
Norton, Gilbert Russia
Norton, Hebron Russia
Norton, John Schuyler
Norton, Levi Litchfield
Norton, Patrick Frankfort
Norton, Russel Litchfield
Norton, William C. Danube
Norton, Zela Fairfield
Nostrant, John Russia
Noteman, Jacob Danube
Nun, Samuel Litchfield
Nun, Samuel, Jr. Litchfield
Nurse, Elisha Frankfort
Nutt, Elijah West Brunswick
Nutt, William West Brunswick
Nye, Shubel Danube
Oak, Harry Danube
Oakly, Elijah Schuyler
Oakly, Jared Schuyler
Odle, Luke German Flatts
Oeyer, Jacob Herkimer
Ogden, Calvin Herkimer
Ogden, Reuben Columbia
O'Hara, Patrick Newport
Olds, Jesse Newport
Oliver, Andrew Herkimer
Orake, Con Herkimer
Oren, Crisjohn German Flatts
Orendorff, William German Flatts
Orindorff, Ludwick Litchfield
Ormsbey, Alman Herkimer
Ormsbey, Amos Herkimer
Ornendorff, George German Flatts
Ornendorff, Peter German Flatts
Orondorff, Henry S. Columbia
Orondorff, Jacob Columbia
Orondorff, John Columbia
Orondorff, Peter Columbia
O'Rook, Michael Frankfort
Orsen, Ansel Litchfield
Ortener, James Schuyler
Osborn, Abijah Herkimer
Osborn, Asa Newport
Osborn, Elisha Russia
Osborne, Simon Newport
Osgood, Daniel German Flatts
Osgood, Josiah German Flatts
Osner, John Columbia
Osterhout, Jacob German Flatts
Osterman, William Danube
Ostrander, Charles West Brunswick
Ostrander, Henry Danube
Ostrander, Henry Danube
Ostrander, Peter Danube
Ostrander, Philip Danube
Ostrander, William Danube
Ostrom, David Russia
Overacker, Daniel Danube
Overacker, Jacob Danube
Overacker, Jeremiah German Flatts
Overacker, John Danube
Overton, Daniel Russia
Overton, James Russia
Owins, Robert Russia
Owen, Charles Litchfield
Owen, John Schuyler
Owens, Thomas Manheim
Oxner, Nicholas Columbia
Oyer, Frederick Herkimer
Oyer, Jacob P. Schuyler
Oyer, John Schuyler
Oyer, Peter Schuyler
Oyer, Peter Schuyler
Paddock, Clarissa Frankfort
Paddock, George Litchfield
Paddock, Mary (Widow) Frankfort
Paddock, Richard Litchfield
Paddock, Samuel Frankfort
Paddock, Thomas, Jr. Warren
Paddock, William Frankfort
Paddock, William Litchfield
Paddock, Zachariah Litchfield
Padock, Solomon Columbia
Page, John Fairfield
Page, Lenual Frankfort
Page, Nathaniel Newport
Page, William Herkimer
Pain, Philip Fairfield
Pain, William Newport
Paine, Thomas German Flatts
Palmer, Bethel German Flatts
Palmer, Chester W. Herkimer
Palmer, Eli Columbia
Palmer, Elias Frankfort
Palmer, Elias, Jr. Frankfort
Palmer, Leonard Frankfort
Palmer, Stubly Columbia
Palmer, William Litchfield
Palmeter, Ebenezer Fairfield
Pannel, Abraham Warren
Pardee, Bela Russia
Pardee, Ebenezer Russia
Pardee, Eliphelet Russia
Pardee, Josiah Russia
Pardee, Marvin Russia
Pardee, Silas Salisbury
Pardee, William Fairfield
Pare, Timothy Herkimer
Parent, Garret Fairfield
Parker ?, Lance German Flatts
Parker, Archibald Litchfield
Parker, Eliphalet Fairfield
Parker, Henry Herkimer
Parker, Isaac Litchfield
Parker, Jacob Litchfield
Parkhurst, ??? Herkimer
Parkhurst, Amos Herkimer
Parkill, Robert Danube
Parkirurt, William Herkimer
Parkis, Amos Fairfield
Parkis, George Fairfield
Parkis, Lyman Fairfield
Parkis, Nathan Fairfield
Parkis, Uriel Fairfield
Parkis, William Fairfield
Parsons, Silas Litchfield
Passage, George Columbia
Patter, Nicholas R.V. Russia
Patter, Norman V. Russia
Patterson, Charles Russia
Patterson, Samuel Columbia
Paul, James Herkimer
Paul, John West Brunswick
Paul, Joseph Fairfield
Paul, Joshua West Brunswick
Payn, Jesse Newport
Payn, John M. Newport
Payn, Martin Newport
Payn, Seth Litchfield
Payne, Daniel Russia
Peabody, Moses West Brunswick
Peabody, Mrs. West Brunswick
Peak, Elijah Warren
Peak, Samuel West Brunswick
Peake, Elizer German Flatts
Pearce, Ezra Newport
Pearce, Levemiah Fairfield
Pearce, Otis Newport
Pearce, Pardon Newport
Peck, Augustus Manheim
Peck, Davis Newport
Peck, Davis Newport
Peck, Elnathan Salisbury
Peck, Isac Manheim
Peck, Ira Columbia
Peck, Jathael Warren
Peck, John Newport
Peck, Sanford Columbia
Peirce, Chauncey Frankfort
Peirce, Thomas Frankfort
Pelton, Brace Litchfield
Pelton, Seth Litchfield
Penston, James Frankfort
Percivel, Moses Newport
Perham, Samuel Herkimer
Perine, Daniel Danube
Perkins, Alvah Salisbury
Perkins, Ezekiel Salisbury
Perkins, Noah Frankfort
Perry, Henry Herkimer
Perry, Samuel Newport
Persons, Richard German Flatts
Peters, Lyman Newport
Peters, Mark Newport
Peters, William, 2nd Newport
Peterson, Farmer German Flatts
Petre, Daniel German Flatts
Petre, Joseph German Flatts
Petree, David Herkimer
Petrie, Abraham Herkimer
Petrie, Adam Herkimer
Petrie, Adam Manheim
Petrie, Barbary Herkimer
Petrie, Benjamin Herkimer
Petrie, Conrad Columbia
Petrie, Conrad Columbia
Petrie, Cristian Herkimer
Petrie, Daniel Columbia
Petrie, Dorithy Herkimer
Petrie, Eve Herkimer
Petrie, Frederick Herkimer
Petrie, George Columbia
Petrie, George Herkimer
Petrie, Isaac Herkimer
Petrie, Jacob Herkimer
Petrie, Jacob D. Columbia
Petrie, Jacob F. Columbia
Petrie, Jacob W. Herkimer
Petrie, Jacob, Jr. Columbia
Petrie, John Herkimer
Petrie, John Manheim
Petrie, John Manheim
Petrie, John D. Herkimer
Petrie, Joseph Fairfield
Petrie, Joseph Herkimer
Petrie, Joseph S. Columbia
Petrie, Jost Herkimer
Petrie, Nancy Manheim
Petrie, Nicholas Manheim
Petrie, Richard Herkimer
Petrie, Richard Fairfield
Petrie, Richard J. Herkimer
Petten, Henry Danube
Pettis, David Herkimer
Petton, George Danube
Pettybone, Jacob Manheim
Phelps, Bela Russia
Phelps, Benjamin Russia
Phelps, Isaac Russia
Phelps, Reuben West Brunswick
Philips, Joel Frankfort
Philips, John C. Columbia
Philips, Zackurs Schuyler
Phillips, Abison Salisbury
Phillips, Adam Danube
Phillips, Allen Russia
Phillips, George W. Fairfield
Phillips, Jacob Danube
Phillips, John Herkimer
Phillips, Peter W. Danube
Phillips, Rowland Fairfield
Phillips, Samuel Russia
Phillips, William W. Danube
Philloo, Darius Russia
Philloo, Enoch Russia
Philloo, Luther Russia
Philloo, Milton Russia
Philon, Thomas Litchfield
Pickert, Christian Fairfield
Pickert, Frederick Manheim
Pickert, John Manheim
Pickert, Joseph Fairfield
Pierce, Dean Columbia
Pierce, Eliab Fairfield
Pierce, Elthea Columbia
Pierce, Peter Litchfield
Pierer, Alvin Herkimer
Pinckney, Ezekiel Danube
Pine, John Fairfield
Piper, Andrew German Flatts
Piper, Andrew Frankfort
Piper, Andrew, Jr. German Flatts
Piper, Betsey Herkimer
Piper, Peter Herkimer
Piper, Peter Warren
Piper, Philip Frankfort
Pisdale, Denison Columbia
Plants, Adam Salisbury
Plastenage, Sollomon German Flatts
Platt, Epenetus Salisbury
Plumb, Alson Russia
Pobdell, Samuel Salisbury
Polly, William D. Russia
Pomeroy, Pliny Fairfield
Pomery, Charles Danube
Pooler, George Schuyler
Pooler, Hugh T. Russia
Pooler, Jacob German Flatts
Pooler, Joseph Warren
Pooler, Joseph Russia
Popple, Daniel Russia
Popple, Roswell K. Russia
Popple, William Russia
Porter, Abraham Salisbury
Porter, Andrew Newport
Porter, George Fairfield
Porter, James Salisbury
Portey, William Fairfield
Possers, Edward Herkimer
Post, Dan Newport
Post, Dan, Jr. Russia
Post, John Danube
Potter, Alfred Columbia
Potter, Angel Fairfield
Potter, Cyrus Fairfield
Potter, David Salisbury
Potter, George G. Warren
Potter, Horatio Frankfort
Potter, Jesse Salisbury
Potter, Johnathan Herkimer
Potter, Knight Salisbury
Potter, Nancy Warren
Powel, Margaret Widow Frankfort
Powers, Joseph German Flatts
Prall, John German Flatts
Prall, Peter Warren
Pratt, Abial Salisbury
Pratt, Jeremiah Fairfield
Pratt, Job Salisbury
Pratt, Nathaniel Salisbury
Pratt, Paul Schuyler
Pratt, Stephen Salisbury
Pray, Mary German Flatts
Prentice, Benjamin Danube
Prentis, Henry Herkimer
Price, David Manheim
Price, George Danube
Price, John Herkimer
Price, Peter Danube
Prickert, Robert West Brunswick
Priest, Asa Litchfield
Priest, Eli Herkimer
Priest, John Litchfield
Priest, Lilley Litchfield
Primer, William German Flatts
Printice, Parker West Brunswick
Protherae, Mary Herkimer
Pryne, Francis H. Schuyler
Pryne, Francis P. Frankfort
Pryne, Henry Schuyler
Pryne, William Frankfort
Pryor, Henry German Flatts
Putnam, Jacob Litchfield
Punam, Alfred Herkimer
Purchase, Thomas Columbia
Pury, Henry Danube
Putnam, Asa Newport
Putnam, John Newport
Putman, Ebenezer Salisbury
Putman, Garnet German Flatts
Putman, John Herkimer
Putman, Sollonon Litchfield