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1639 Land Owners in Hartford Connecticut

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The following, (copied from Dr. Hawes' Centennial Address,) is a list of the names of all persons holding land in Hartford, in February, 1639.  At that time is appears that all the lands of the inhabitants were recorded in a book, and we have every reason to suppose this to be a perfect list.  The ancient orthography is retained.

John Hayes
Edward Hopkins
George Wiles
Thomas Wells
John Webster
William Whytinge
William Goodwing
William Westwood
Thomas Root
Nicholas Olstead
John Mainard
Nathaniel Barden
Thomas Upson
Ralph Keeler
Richard Webb
John Crow
Nicholas Clerk
William Butler
Nathaniel Richards
Thomas Lord, sen.
Benjamin Munn
Andrew Warner
Thomas Scott
William Pantry
William Rasco
John Taylcoatt
Richard Goodman
Matthew Marvin
Timothy Standly
Edward Stebbins
John Pratt
William Parker
John Biddell
Robert Day
Thomas Birchwood
Richard Lord
Thomas Standly
Nicholas Disborow
William Kelsey
Matthew Allen
Nathaniel Ely
Thomas Spenser, Sergt. At Armes.
John Purchas
Robert Wade
Ozias Goodwing
Richard Seamor
William Phillips
Daniel Garrad
Benjamin Burr
Thomas Barns
John Morris
John Gennings
John Warner
William Heaton
Thomas Woodford
William Pratt
William Lewis
John Brunson
William Wadsworth
Stephen Hart
Zachariah Field
James Cole
John Clerke
John Baysee
Jeremy Adams
Thomas Bunce
John Moodie
Joseph Eason
John Barnard
John Willcock
James Ensine
John Hopkins
Stephen Post
Thomas Bull
Francis Andrews
Andrew Bacon
William Hide
Arthur Smith
George Graves
John Olmstead
Richard Olmsted
Thomas Bliss, sen.
Richard Butler
William Holton
William Hills
George Hubbard
Richard Risley
Giles Smith
Thomas Selden
Richard Lyman
John White
Thomas Bliss, jr.
Thomas Osmer
John Arnold
Paul Peck
William Blumfield
Gregory Witterton
Joseph Maggott
Nathaniel Ward
Thomas Hooker
Joh Peirce
William Gibbins
John Skinner
Nathaniel Kellogge
James Olmstead
Thomas Judd
William Cornwell
James Wakeley
Richard Church
Thomas Stanton
Seth Grant
Robert Bartlett
Edward Elmer
George Stockin
Thomas Gridley
William Westley
Richard Watts
John Stone
Samuel Stone
William Spencer
George Steele
Edward Lay
John Cullet
Samuel Wakeman
Widow Richards
Mrs. Dorothe Chester
Clement Chapling

Total, 127

Source: Connecticut Historical Collections, by John Warner Barber, pub. 1836.