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Early Settlers of Stratford Connecticut

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Stratford began to be settled in 1639, under the name of Cupheage, and became a plantation in 1640. The town records commence about 1650. The original territory of Stratford reached back from the sea 12 miles, and included the present townships of Stratford, Huntington, Monroe, Trumbull, and Bridgeport. The original proprietors of Stratford by tradition are reported to have been 17. The following large list was taken from the town records and probably was made before 1650 as William Burritt died that year.

Gridmore, Thomas
Wells, John
[Illigible], John
Blackman, Mr.
Harvee, Richard
Peacock, John
Quenby, Wm.
Rise, Robert
Burritt, William
Knell, Mr.
Pickett, John
Brownsmayd, John
Wilcockson, Wm.
Butler, Richard
Peak, John
Fayrechild, Thomas
Judson, Joseph
Titerton, Daniel
Groves, Philip
Jecockes, Francis
Crooker, William
Hurd, John
Boswick, Arthur
Tompson, John
Cooe, Robert
Uffoot, Thomas
Hawley, Joseph
Judson, Jeremiah
Sebrooks, Mr.
Gregory, Henry
Boothe, Richard
Walkins, Mr.
Curtis, Widow
Sherwood, Thomas
Hall, Francis
Beardsly, William
Curtis, John
Burdsey, John
Nicholas, Isaak

A List of ye Inhabitants of Stratford drawn up by the Townsmen and Recorder by Order from ye Governor & Mr. Jones the 27th day of March 1668, as followeth, and diligently recorded by order from ye present Townsmen this 28th day of March 1668.

Sherman, Mr.
Fayrechild, Mr.
Chauncey, Mr.
Walker, Mr.
Curtiss, Lt. Wm.
Groves, Elder
Judson, Joseph
Birdsey, John, Sen.
Minor, John
Porter, Nathaniel
Birdsey, John, Jr.
Wakelyn, Henry
Preston, Jehrell
Knell, Mr.
Brinsmayd, John, Sen.
Butler, Richard
Peak, Benjamin
Curtiss, John
Peak, John, Jr.
Curtiss, John
Peak, John, Jr.
Wilcockson, Timothy
Curtiss, Israell
Bostwick, Arthur
Nickolls, Caleb
Beach, John
Wells, John
Blackman, James
Pickett, John, Jr.
Lane, Robert
Hull, John
Harger, Jabes
Tittarton, Daniel
Rose, Robert
Clark, Robert
Wilcockson, John
Griffin, Hugh
Harvee, Richard
Hinman, Edward
Tompson, John, Sr.
Tompson, John, Jr.
Wheeler, Moses
Hall, Francis
Wakeman, E.
Sherman, Saml.
Hawley, Joseph
Hurd, Adam
Tomlyson, Henry
Boothe, Richard
Hurd, John, Jr.
Nickolls, Isaak
Judson, Jeremiah
Bearslye, Saml.
Pickett, John, Sen.
Uffoot, Thomas
Clark, James
Peacock, John
Hurd, John, Sen.
Mitchell, Mr. David
Burritt, Stephen
Blackman, Saml.
Bearslye, John
Styles, Saml.
Styles, Ephraim
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, Obediah
Washborne, Hope
Sherman, Theophilus
Sherman, Mathew
Sherwood, Thomas's children
Wells, Thomas
Bearslye, Widow, ye wife of Thomas
Blackman, Mrs.
Titterton, Widow
Bearslye, Widow, ye wife of Wm. Bearslye

Other names between 1654 & 1668 found in town records:

Gener, John, 1652
Barlow, John
Bryan, Mr.
Harwood, James
Higbee, Edward
Judson, Joshua
Nichols, Stiles
Quenby, Thomas
Read, Wm.
Beers, John
Foote, Nathaniel
Young, John

[ Fairfield County Connecticut Census Records ]