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Reformed Dutch Church

Cemetery Records

Town of Manheim

Herkimer County, New York

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BONSTEAD Christian, d. 6-12-1845 ae 60y9m27d

BONSTEAD Catharine, his wife, d. 5-10-1855 ae 67y 9m 10d

BOIMAR Elizabeth, wife of Mathew, d. 3-17-1851 ae 27y 3m 5d

BIGSBEE Aaron, d. 9-13-1850 ae 52y 7m 3d

BIGSBEE Mary, his wife, d. 12-14-1862 ae 64y 8m 26d

BOWEN Alma, wife of George H. Timmerman, d. 1854

CASLER David H., son of Joseph & Eve, d. 8-7-1833 ae 11m 4d

CASLER Joshua, son of George & Eve, d. 6-30-1839 (?) ae 3y 10m 7d

CLARK Sophia M., 1827 - 1906

CLARK Asentha, wife of Ralph, 1794 - 1858

CLARK Elijah, b. 1823 d. 6-4-1847

CLARK Irene, wife of Hon. John Marshall, d. 6-15-1841 ae 41-8-19

DALE (?) Frederick, d. 12-15-1834 (?) ae 38y 15d

DOCKEY Alonzo, d. 5-19-1871 ae 32y 6d

DOCKEY Henry, d. 10-26-1865 ae 81y 7m 22d

DOCKEY Nancy, dau of Henry & Mary Failing, d. Sept. 1811 ae 11

DOCKEY Julia Ann, dau of Henry & Mary Failing, d. 6-4-1843 ae 20y 11m

DOCKEY John Alex., son of Henry & Mary Failing, d. 2-4-1845 ae 27y 9m 2d

DOCKEY Caroline Augusta, wife of John Alex. Dockey and dau of David & Nancy Gill, d. 5-26-1839 ae 20y 3m 11d

DOCKEY John, d. 9-28-1832 ae 96 yr.

DOCKEY Gertrude, (Mathews wid Jacob Snell) d. 4-23-1821 ae 24y

ELWOOD Trene, dau of Jonas & Peggy Lipe Elwood, d. 6-4-1833 ae 8-4-5

FEETER William A., 1861 -

FEETER Catharine Timmerman 1866 - 1919

FEETER Adam 1782 - 1866

FEETER Mary, his wife, 1784 - 1828

FEETER Barbary, his wife, 1792 - 1851

FEETER Henry, son, 1808 - 1823

FEETER Horace, son, 1827 - 1830

FEETER Banjamin A., son, 1812 - 1838 (The above six are on one side of the stone and the following four are on another side).

FEETER William, son, 1816 - 1898

FEETER Catharine, his wife, 1821 - 1898

FEETER Margaret M., dau, 1855 - 1857

FEETER Cynthia B., dau, 1850 - 1872

FREMAN Galand, son of Charles & Anna, d. 8-12-1816 ae 5yr

FREMAN Mary Ann, dau of Charles & Anna, d. 4-19-1815 ae 1y 2m 29d

GARLOCK John, d. 2-5-1872 ae 68y 6m

GARLOCK Elsie, his wife, 1806 - 1893

GARLOCK Elijah, their son, d. 5-10-1837 ae 9m 15d

GARLOCK John 1847 - 1915

GARLOCK Grace Elsie, 1883 - 1908

GARLOCK Fred H., 1891 - 1894

GARLOCK Hiram, d. 10-7-1871 ae 59 yr

GARLOCK Phebe, d. 11-10-1866 ae 49y 10m 21d

GARLOCK John, d. 8-15-1831 ae 58y 4m 17d

GARLOCK Mary, his wife, d. 1-22-1829 in 52 yr.

GARLOCK Adam, d. 12-5-1822 in 89 yr.

GARLOCK Lany, his wife, d. 8-5-1834 in 89 yr.

GREEN Franklin A., son of Marker & Adeline, d. 4-14-1854 ae 2m 14d

GETMAN Delilah, wife of Daniel, d. 1-18-1828 ae 35y 2m 28d

GETMAN Lany, dau of Daniel, d. 8-14-1834 in 43 yr.

GILL Caroline Augusta, dau of David & Nancy, wife of John Alex. Dockey d. 5-26-1839 ae 20y 3m 11d

HART (?) Mary, d. 12-25-831 in 27 yr.

HELLER Adeline, wife of Ira Timmerman 1827 - 1880

HELWICK Sophia, wife of John D., d. 1-2-1832 ae 88

HOSS or MOSS Henry, d. 6-27-1832 ae 75y 6m

HOUSE Adam, d. 8-20-1845 in 75 yr.

HOUSE Magdelen, his wife, d. 2-2-1832 in 65 yr.

INGERSOLL Amelia, wife of David Snell, d. 9-16-1897 ae 51y 4m 5d

JEFFERS Samuel, son of Frederick & Lavina, d. 2-4-1849 ae 3m 22d

KLOCK Adam, d. 10-12-1823 ae 72y 1m 20d

KLOCK Catharine, his wife, d. 1-10-1844 ae 87y 3m 15d

KELLER Margaret, wife of Isaac Smith, d. 5-17-1845 ae 42y 9m 8d

LEWIS Jesse, d. 5-2-1861 ae 65y 7m 24d

LEWIS Elizabeth, his wife, d. 12-19-1874 ae 74

LIPE Mary, wife of Casper J., married 3-10-1800, d. 4-19-1817 ae. 48y 5m 4d. Left 3 children.

LOUCKS Henry, d. 5-13-1830 ae 83y 13d

LOUCKS Mary, d. 12-22-1835 ae 85

MARKELL George, 1807 -1844

MARKELL Catherine Timmerman, his wife, 1809 - 1898

MARKELL Caroline, their dau., d. 9-6-1832 ae 1y 9m 16d

MARKELL Dillia, d. 9-18-1831 in 78 yr.

MARKELL Margaret, d. 10-11-1820 in 76 yr

MARKELL Maria, d. 5-9-1813 ae 18y 9m 15d

MARKELL Jacob, d. 11-26-1852 ae 82y 6m 18d

MARKELL Elizabeth, his wife, d. 12-13-1852 ae 82y 2m 11d

MARKELL Hon. John, d. 12-8-1877 ae 81y 3m 6d

MARKELL Irene Clark, his wife, d. 6-15-1841 ae 41y 8m 19d

MARKELL Caroline S. Sherwood, his wife, d. 7-20-1858 ae 49y 3d

MERRILL William, Jr., b. 2-18-1817, d. 11-12-1840

MINBURG William, d. 1-19-1821 in 64th yr.

MISNER George, 1853-1919

MISNER Nina J., b. 6-3-1895, d. 10-18-1913

MISNER Lynn H., b. 6-8-1885, d. 10-19-1906

POWELL Orlonzo, son of Jacob & Eve, was drowned 6-11-1836 ae 5 yr

PETRIE Ephraim, d. 4-4-1858 ae 28y 8m 19d

PETRIE Catherine, wife of Nicholas, d. 8-17-1853 ae 53

PETRIE James, d. 8-21-1836 ae 29y 2m 11d

PETRIE Catherine, his wife, d. 8-5-1844 ae 35

RASBACH Nancy, dau of Jacob, d. 3-14-1848, ae 58y 7m 26d

ROCKEFELLER Nelson, 6-26-1864 ae 44y 2m 3d

ROCKEFELLER Irene, his wife, d. 7-4-1863 ae 38y 8m 4d

ROCKEFELLER Caroline E., dau of Nelson & Irene, 1848-1917

ROCKEFELLER Henry, d. 7-31-1862 ae 37y 22d

SCOTT Mary Ann, dau of Lawrence & Betsey, d. 9-6-1837 ae 2m

SAMSON Howard, d. 11-2-1846 ae 30 yr

SAMSON Clarissa, d. 9-22-1846 ae 26 yr

SHAFFER Margaret, wife of Fred'k F. Snell, b. 10-29-1777, d. 2-25-1849

SHERWOOD Caroline S., wife of Hon. John Markell, d. 7-20-1858 ae 49y 3d

SHULTZ Elizabeth, wife of Henry H., d. 3-16-1847 ae 60 yr

SMITH Baron, son of Adam & Ann Eliza, d. 2-15-1839 ae 1y 3m 10d

SMITH William, d. 3-22-1847 ae 78 yr.

SMITH Catherine, his wife, d. 7-23-1837 ae 63y 25d

SMITH Mary Ann, wife of Jeremiah, d. 9-23-1836 ae 22y 1m 3d

SMITH Betsey, dau of William & Catherine, d. 4-24-1834 ae 23y 7m 27d

SMITH Isaac, d. 11-24-1844 ae 45y 6m 17d

SMITH Margaret Keller, his wife, d. 5-17-1845 ae 42y 9m 8d

SMITH Mary Ann, dau of Isaac & Margaret, d. 4-11-1827 ae 4y 8m 18d

SMITH William, d. 6-15-1847 ae 19y 7m 10d

STARING John G., private war 1812, d. 6-16-1883 ae 87

STARING Abigail, his wife, d. 3-7-1842, ae 47

STARING Sylvester, their son, 12-1-1828 ae 6m 11d

STARING Nancy, their dau. d. 8-8-1839 in 3rd yr.

STARING Amanda, their dau. d. 8-7-1839 in 2nd yr.

SNELL Anna, wife of George P., d. 4-10-1810 ae. 28y 4m 6d

SNELL Cornelius, son of George P., & Margaret, d. 8-4-1835 ae. 3y 11m 25d

SNELL Mary Ann, dau of Jacob P. & Mary d. 3-18-1837 ae 20y 10m 11d (Parents are buried on "Old Manheim" Cemetery)

SNELL Hiram, d. 9-8-1858 ae. 38y 3m 8d

SNELL Maria, his wife, d. 9-24-1872 ae 43y 17d

SNELL Irving, son of Jacob J. & Amy, d. 3-17-1849 ae 1y 1m 3d

SNELL Walter, son of Jacob J. & Amy, d. 9-26-1846 ae 1y 4m 16d

SNELL Irena, dau of Benj. J. and Delia, b 1-21-1833 d 2-24-1838

SNELL Jacob I. d 5-10-1827 in 59th yr

SNELL Elizabeth, his wife, d 2-3-1858 ae 86 yr

SNELL Honyost, d 7-13-1833 ae 77 yr.

SNELL Margaret, his wife, d 11-8-1826 ae 58 yr.

SNELL Elizabeth, dau of George, d 7-29-1825 ae 4y 9m 17d

SNELL Peter G., d 8-29-1830 ae 64y 5m 13d

SNELL Mary, his wife, d 9-24-1831 ae 65y 9m 24d

SNELL Adam P., d 6-15-1852 ae 76y 5m 8d

SNELL Elizabeth, his wife, d 8-15-1867 ae 91y 1m 8(?) d

SNELL Elizabeth, their dau, d 12-29-1898 ae 83y 5m 5d

SNELL Anna, their dau, 12-20-1850 ae 45y 11m 7d

SNELL Adam P., Jr., d 6-15-1825 ae 24y 3m

SNELL Casper, son of Adam & Mary d 5-27-1825 ae 1y 5m

SNELL Frederick F., d 11-30-1857 ae 83y 3m 18d

SNELL Margaret Shaffer, his wife, b 10-27-1777 d 2-25-1849

SNELL Peter P. d 11-25-1830 ae 59y 7m 2d

SNELL Anna, his wife, d 1-30-1818 ae 39y 4m 15d

SNELL Peter, d 7-24-1804 ae 74y 1m

SNELL Anna, his wife, d 12-14-1842 ae 92y 10m 5d

SNELL Anna, dau of Seffronus & Eve, d 1-10-1831 ae 21y (6)m

SNELL Eliza, dau of Seffronus & Eve, d 9-30-1815 ae 1y 5m

SNELL Emily, dau of Seffronus & Eve, d 9-26-1836 ae 17y 7m 26d

SNELL Edwin, son of Seffronus & Eve, d. 4-23-1842 ae 17y

SNELL Parents of the above 4 are buried in "Old Manheim"

SNELL Amy 1837-1908

SNELL Rhoda, dau of Lansing & Mary, d. 5-19-1835 ae 1y 19d

SNELL Washington, d. 10-10-1830 ae 15m 26d

SNELL Miron S., son of Jacob & Margaret, d 10-3-1840

SNELL Joshua, d 5-16-1878 ae 80y 2m 21d

SNELL Nancy, his wife, d 11-27-1866 ae 59y 1m 14d

SNELL George W., their son, d 3-16-1860 ae 20y 8m 28d

SNELL Anna, their dau., d 4-13-1839 ae 7y 3m 5d

SNELL Margaret, their dau., d 10-21-1836 ae 6y 8m 20d

SNELL David, d 1-25-1903 ae 58y 2d

SNELL Amelia Ingersoll, his wife, d 9-16-1897 ae 51y 4m (5)d

SNELL Oliver Ray, their son, d 12-17-1888 ae 1m.

SNELL Joshua Jay, their son (twin) d 1-26-1889 ae 2m 9d

SNELL Grace E. their dau d 5-27-1874 ae 5m 18d

SNELL Our little Herbie in same plot, footstone marked HBS

TIMERMAN Adam H., d 9-29-1844 ae 74y 7m 28d

TIMERMAN Catharine, his wife, d 2-5-1851 ae 78y 23d

TIMERMAN Deliah, dau of Adam & Catharine, b 6-14-1814 d 2-19-1825

TIMEWRMAN Katharine Ann, dau of George & Lany d 5-12-1839 ae 6y 2m 9d

TIMERMAN Electa Sage, dau of Eli & Abigail M., d 4-6-1850 ae 1y 9m

TIMERMAN Elizabeth, wife of Lawrence, d 4-12-1847 ae 67y 2m

TIMERMAN Infant of L. L. & Nancy d 2-8-1852

TIMERMAN Henry H., d 4-11-1836 ae 65y 6m

TIMERMAN Abelina, his wife, d 1-22-184- (broken off) ae 75y 1m 27d

TIMERMAN Betsey, w of Henry A., d 6-16-1823 ae 26y 6m 13d

TIMMERMAN George H., 1853-1912

TIMMERMAN Alma Bowen, his wife, 1854-

TIMMERMAN Blanche S. their dau., 1876-1897

TIMMERMAN Ira M. their son 1879-1909

TIMMERMAN Alma Marion their dau d 7-17-1905

TIMMERMAN Nancy, wife of Si, d 11-7-1847 ae (below sod)

TIMMERMAN Mary M., dau of David & Mary, d 7-11-1839 in 7th yr.

TIMMERMAN Coonrat C., d 4-23-1827 in 79th yr.

TIMMERMAN Mary Magdalena, his wife, d 7-17-1834 in 71 yr.

TIMMERMAN Oliver, son of George & Lany, d 8-27-1836 ae 6mo 9d

TIMMERMAN Ira, 1828-1904

TIMMERMAN Adeline Heller, his wife, 1827-1880

TIMMERMAN Izara, their dau. 1858-1911

TIMMERMAN Douglas, their son, d 8-24-1860 ae 3m 1d

TIMMERMAN Charley, their son, d 7-31-1868 ae 12d

TIMMERMAN Adam H., d 11-8-1862 ae 23y 10m 2d

TIMMERMAN Peter, d 6-13-1871 ae 77y 1m 13d

TIMMERMAN Laney, his wife, d 5-10-1885 ae 86y 5m

TIMMERMAN Margaret, their dau., d 6-2-1886 ae 66y 3m 11d

TIMMERMAN John J., d 8-5-1835 ae 37yr.

TIMMERMAM Mary E. Wollaber 1839-1906

TIMMERMAN Lucy A. Klock 1841-1878

TIMMERMAN Alvin 1846-1918

TIMMERMAN Alvin 1872-1872

TIMMERMAN Benjamin d 1-24-1863 ae 50y 6m 14d

TIMMERMAN Permelia, his wife, d 3-13-1898 ae 80y 8m 3d

TIMMERMAN Lester B., their son, d 9-3-1866 ae 4y 2m

TIMMERMAN Frances M., their dau., d 7-13-1861 ae 13y 9m

TIMMERMAN Morgan 1828-1905

TIMMERMAN Elmira, his wife, 1822-1896

TIMMERMAN James E., their son, d 6-10-1868 ae 12y 5m 12d

TIMMERMAN Harvey, 1830-1889

TIMMERMAN Mary C/ (orG) his wife, 1835-1909

TIMMERMAN Adelaide, their dau. d 4-23-1894 ae 29

TIMMERMAN Cordelia E., their dau. d 5-14-1864 ae 8y 6m 3d

TIMMERMAN David, d 12-27-1854 ae 60y 8m

TIMMERMAN Mary, his wife, d 11-22-1879 ae 85y 10m 4d

TIMMERMAN Catharine, (wife of ______ Fester) 1866-1919

TIMMERMAN Catherine, (wife of George Markell) 1809-1898

VAN ALLEN Jane, wife of John F., d 10-1-1826 ae 20y 9m 29d

WALRATH Irene, dau of Daniel & Lany, d 6-3-1841 ae 7y 9m 4d

WALRATH Abijah, son of Daniel & Lany, d 3-21-1838 ae 6y 4m 25d

WALRATH Lany, wife of Daniel, d 6-16-1837 ae 32y 2m 14d

WOLEVER Peter, d 9-13-1843 ae 80

WOLEVER Catherine, his wife, d 10-31-1851 ae 87

WOLLABER Mary E., (wife of ______ Timmerman) 1839-1906

YOKER Delila Ann, dau of Jacob J. & Margaret, d 10-3-1838 ae 2m

YOKER Harrison, son of Jacob J. & Margaret, d 3-3-1840 ae 1y 6m

YORAN Jacob, d 12-4-1820 ae 51y 1m 5d

YORAN Catharine, his wife, d 6-12-1807 ae 34y 9m 5d

YORAN Catharine, their dau, d 11-3-1815 ae 19y 3m

ZIMERMAN Jacob H. d 2-8-1811 ae 38 yr

ZIMERMAN Henry d 5-18-1807 ae 69y 4m 18d

ZIMERMAN Margaret, his wife, d July 1815 ae 63

ZIMMERMAN William, d 4-24-1830 ae 76y 4m

ZIMMERMAN Catharine, his wife, d 4-16-1840 ae 81 yr.

ZIMMERMAN Lany, dau of Conrad & Nancy, d 7-8-1831 ae 10-6-16

YOUNGS Irvin, son of Henry & Gitty, d 10-14-1838 ae 2y 7m

Source: Cemetery Records of Saratoga, Herkimer & Hamilton Counties

Compiled by the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives from tombstone records copied by Mrs. Frank N. Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Leslie Frye of Gloversville, N.Y.

April 13, 1939

Edward J. Sheehan, Archivist

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