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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Old Manheim Cemetery Records

Town of Manheim

Herkimer County, New York

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"Old Manheim" Cemetery is located about two miles east of Manheim Church.

(Four children, Eliza, Anna, Emily and Edwin are buried in the Manheim Churchyard Cemetery)

(Two children Irving and Walter, sons of Amy & Jacob J. are buried in Manheim Churchyard Cemetery)

All the above Baum records were on one stone.

ASHLEY, Nancy S., wife of Jonah, d. 11-6-1857 ae 45y 8d

BAUM, Asa C., 1858 - 1919

BAUM, Clark D., 1852 - 1913

BAUM, Ella M., his wife, (No dates)

BAUM, Elmira Yoran, his wife, 1828 - 1907

BAUM, Enos L., son of Samuel & Almira Yoran Baum, d. 8-11-1861 ae. 2m 11d

BAUM, Mary M., dau of Samuel & Almira Yoran Baum, d. 1-22-1856, ae. 9m 9d

BAUM, Nelson S., son of Samuel & Almira Yoran Baum, d. 2-19-1862 ae. 1y 2m 17d

BAUM, Samuel, 1827 - 1914

BAUM, Silas G., son of Samuel & Almira Yoran Baum, d. 10-29-1857, ae. 5m 23d

BIGSBEE, Mary A. Hopson, dau of Romeya & Phebe Bigsbee, d. 1-14-1858, ae. 2y 2m 25d

DOWER, Elizabeth B., 1826 - 1902

EADES, Abbot H., son of Henry & Rosinah, b. 1-1, d. 1-11-1861

EADES, Ann, wife of Job, d. 9-13-1885, ae. 50y 5m 11d

EADES, Edwin Henry, son of Henry & Rosinah, d. 2-6-1865, ae. 4m 11d

EADES, Eudora M., dau of Job, d. 9-24-1872, ae. 14y 4m 18d

EADES, Grant, son of Job, d. 5-10-1871, ae. 3y 17d

EADES, Harriet S., dau of Job, d. 9-14-1872, ae. 13y 18d

EADES, John Francis J., son of Job, d. 8-29-1872, ae. 1-1-12

ELWOOD, Catherine, (wife of Peter P. Snell) 1782 - 1868 (above two were sisters and dau's of Isaac Elwood and Magdalena Schneider)

ELWOOD, Lany, (wife of John Garlock and former wife of Henry Quackenboss) (or Quackenbush) 1784 - 1860

GARLOCK, Lany E. Quackenbush, wife of John, 1784 - 1860

GROFF, Mary, (wife of John J. Yoran) b. 4-25-1805, d. 7-6-1888

HILLEGAS, Amy Yoran, wife of James L., d. 8-17-1863, ae. 26y 2m 3d

JEROME, Emma, (wife of ______ Munier) 1843 - 1885

JEROME, Lydia, 1834 - 1914

JOHNSTON, Agnes Ann, dau of Robert & Lucindy, d. 4-24-1858 ae. 11m 25d

JOHNSTON, Infant dau of Robert & Lucindy, d. 9-13-1841

JOHNSTON, Lewis d. 10-26-1862 ae. 67y 2m 1d

JOHNSTON, Mary, his wife, d. 7-8-1862 ae. 63y 6m 1d

JOHNSTON, Robert Bruce, son of Robert & Lucindy, d. 5-23-1860 ae. 17y 8m

KUTS, Elizabeth A., dau of Peter & Maria, d. 1-14-1863 ae. 20y 6m 24d

LEPPER, Lucina d. 1-11-1902 ae. 79y 10m 8d

LEPPER, Sanford d. 10-30-1862 ae. 41 8m 9d

MARKELL, George Orla, their son, b. 6-20-1862 d. 8-27-1865

MARKELL, Myron C. 1828 - 1889

MARKELL, Permelia Yoran, his wife, 1829 - 1916

MUNIER, Emma Jerome (wife of ______ Munier) 1843 - 1885

SMYTHE, Wesley, son of James & Jack, d. 4-24-1857 ae. 6y 4d

SNELL, Amy T., wife of Jacob J., d. 7-31-1857 ae. 40y 8m 17d

SNELL, Amy, his wife, 1821 - 1907

SNELL, Catharine Elwood, wife of Peter P., 1782 - 1868

SNELL, Charlotte, their dau., d. 12-1-1859 ae. 4y 6m

SNELL, Conrad d. 1-23-1864 ae. 84y 3m

SNELL, Cora, their dau. d. 4-9-1882 ae. 21y 9m 27d

SNELL, Emma, dau of Sofirus & Sarah, d. 12-12-1867 ae. 18y 3m 9d

SNELL, Eve Alice dau of J.G. & Betsey d. 12-2-1862 ae. 12y 6m 15d

SNELL, Eve, his wife, d. 7-30-1867 ae. 79y 9m 21d

SNELL, Franklin H., son of J.G. & Betsey d. 2-12-1861 ae. 15y 5m

SNELL, Jacob P., d. 3-5-1854 ae. 76y 5m (a dau. Mary Ann, of Jacob P. & Mary, is buried in the Manheim Churchyard Cemetery)

SNELL, Jehoram 1823 - 1907

SNELL, John Byron, d. 6-3-1865 ae. 24y 1m 15d

SNELL, Juilaett, wife of Adam J., d. 4-10-1861 ae. 25y 3m

SNELL, M. B. d. 6-11-1884 ae. 50y 9m 23d

SNELL, Margaret, his wife, d. 2-25-1858 ae. 67y 6m 20d

SNELL, Mary G., wife of Jacob P., d. 8-4-1863 on 80yr.

SNELL, Melvin, son of Sofirus & Sarah d. 6-20-1864 ae. 7y 5m 6d

SNELL, Nina, dau of Truman & Flora, d. 4-24-1882 ae. 7m 10d

SNELL, Orelia Gervin, dau of J.G. & Betsey, d. 12-16-1844 ae. 4m 26d

SNELL, Rowena, (wife of Myron Yoran) 1846 - 19__(blank)

SNELL, Sefrenes, d. 9-23-1872 ae. 88y 3m

SNELL, Seymour, their son d. 12-12-1853 ae. 5y 9m

SNELL, Sofirus Snell, d. 5-31-1860 ae. 33y 4d

These two stones adjacent.

TIMERMAN, Margaret, d. 4-5-1862 ae. 29y 2m 24d

WILLIAMS, Johnie, son of James & Eliza, d. 12-15-1864 ae. 1y 3m 15d

YORAN, Amy, (wife of James L. Hillegas) d. 8-17-1863 ae. 26y 2m 3d

YORAN, Clara, 1866 - 1869

YORAN, Eliza, his wife, d. 6-22-1845 ae. 38-3-21d

YORAN, Elmira, (wife of Samuel Baum) 1828 - 1907

YORAN, Jacob, d. 9-4-1876 ae. 75y 5m 10d

YORAN, John J., b. 9-3-1798 d. 12-15-1888

YORAN, Margaret, their dau d. 6-19-1859 ae. 2y 3m 29d

YORAN, Mary Ann, dau of John J. & Eliza, d. 12-27-1856 ae. 25y 1m 1d

YORAN, Mary Groff, his wife, b. 4-25-1805 d. 7-6-1888

YORAN, Mary, his wife, d. 7-1-1870 ae. 63y 10m 9d

YORAN, Myron 1842 - 19__(blank)

YORAN, Oliver S., their son d. 4-17-1863 ae. 23y 6m 16d

YORAN, Permelia, (wife of Myron C. Markell) 1829 - 1916

YORAN, Rowena Snell, 1846 - 19__(blank)

YORAN, Sarah, dau of John J. & Eliza, d. 6-5-1856 ae. 21y 5m

Source: Cemetery Records of Saratoga, Herkimer & Hamilton Counties

Compiled by the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives from tombstone records
copied by Mrs. Frank N. Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Leslie Frye
of Gloversville, N.Y.

April 13, 1939

Edward J. Sheehan, Archivist

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