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MARRIAGES - 1865 State Census Records
City of Rochester, Monroe County, New York

New York Mortality Schedule Index

Marriages occurring during the year ending June 1, 1865.

Groom			Age	M.S.	Bride			Age	M.S.	Date		Place		Clergy or Civil	Ward
ABRAMS, Thomas		30	S	RYAN, Mary		22	S	Jan 8		Rochester	R.C.		5th Ward
ALLEN, William A.	28	S	MC CALL, Minerva	18	S	April 27	Rochester	Pro & Epis	8th Ward
ASPILL, Samuel C.	35	S	GERRINGS, Harriet C.	28	W	Nov 4		Rochester	O.S. Presb.	3rd Ward
BAKER, Albert		22	S	LAVIS, Sarah		19	S	Feb 2		Rochester	Presby		11th Ward
BAKER, John		25	S	LUTZ, Mary		20	S	Oct 29		Rochester	Meth		7th Ward
BARTEL, Mark B.		31	S	ENGLER, Amelia		23	S	Nov 27		Rochester	Evang		6th Ward
BESWICK, TheoDORE S.	22	S	JOHNSON, Susan		17	S	Jan 7		Rochester	Meth - Epis	8th Ward
BOYCE, John		47	W	BOYCE, Ellen M.		34	W	Jan 9		Buffalo		M. E. 		10th Ward
BRAYTON, Stephen A.	22	S	FERRY, Jennie L.	21	S	Mar 23		Rochester	O.S. Pres	6th Ward
BROWN, Henry B.		24	S	THOMAS, Elizabeth A.	22	S	Jan 24		Rochester	Presb.		13th Ward
BRYANT, Peter T.	25	S	LUETMER, Adelice H.	25	S	May 31		Rochester	N.S. Presby	1st Ward
BURLEIGH, Theodore	20	S	TIBBETS, Martha F.	16	S	Dec 18		Rochester	Bap		3rd Ward
BURNS, Simon		40	W	LURLEY, Ann		35	S	Aug 18		Rochester	R.C.		9th Ward
CAFFREY, Thomas		25	S	RICKARD, Mary Ann	23	S	Nov 4		Rochester 	R.C.		9th Ward
CAMPBELL, Charles B.	24	S	CARPENTER, Hellen A.	22	S	July 28		Rochester	Pres		8th Ward
CAMPIN, James		30	S	QUIN, Jemima J.		31	S	Nov 1		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
CAMPIN, James		29	S	QUIN, Jemima		27	S	Nov 1		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
CASEDY, James		24	S	MELVIN, Alis		19	S	Feb 9		Rochester	RC		3rd Ward
CASHMAN, James		25	S	SPILLANE, Ellen		21	S	Feb 14		Rochester	R.C.		9th Ward
CAUDLE, William		25	S	MARVIN, Lucia		17	S	July 3		Rochester	Pres		8th Ward
CHASE, Everett S.	29	S	HARRIS, Ellen T.	20	S	Nov 28		Rochester	Bap		8th Ward
CHURCHILL, Henry L.	22	S	CUYLER, Caroline	21	S	May		Rochester	N.S. Presby	1st Ward
CLARKSON, George P.	29	S	WADSWORTH, Emma L.	23	S	Nov 22		Brooklyn	Episc		5th Ward
CLEARWATER, Simon	23	S	GOSSON, Catherine	19	S	April 22	Rochester	Episc		3rd Ward
CRAMMER, William	26	S	PARKHURST, Eliza	26	S	Nov 15		Rochester	Epis.		13th Ward
CULK, John		26	S	SCHAUFT, ------		20	S	July 16		Rochester	Presb.		13th Ward
CUNNINGHAM, Peter	27	S	SHANNON, Mary		22	S	April 24	Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
DANO, Francis		68	W	Rumsey, Anna		65	W	Mar 8		Lima		Meth		7th Ward
DE FORREST, Isaac	29	S	CHAFFEY, Anna R.	24	S	May 18		Rochester	Epis		7th Ward
DELL, Henry		29	S	VOOTER, Amelia		21	S	June 7		Rochester	Protest.	11th Ward
DEMARA, Elijah		19	S	GUILLET, Mary		18	S	April 15	Rochester	R. C.		12th Ward
DEVEREAUX, Nicholas B.	24	S	SIMMONS, Frances	22	S	Oct 6		Rochester 	R.C.		9th Ward
DEVOE, Daniel		28	S	MILLER, Maria E.	24	S	May 2		Clyde		Meth.		13th Ward
DILLDON, Charles	27	S	LEAHN, Elizabeth	26	S	April 27	Rochester	Luthr.		13th Ward
DOLBIER, Albert		21	S	DALCELL, Sarah		20	S	April 10	Rochester	Meth		5th Ward
DOXTATOR, Geo. B.	22	S	TOWNSEND, Amelia	22	S	Nov. 24		Rochester	N.S. Presby	1st Ward
DUFFEY, Patrick		20	S	MC GUIRE, Anna		21	S	Sept		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
DUFFY, John		21	S	DOODY, Sarah		18	S	Sept 15		Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
DUFFY, Patrick		35	W	FIELD, Jane		25	S	May 6		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
EBENSWIGER, John	23	S	PROMFRET, Elizabeth A.	23	S	Oct 24		Buffalo		Epis.		9th Ward
EGGLESTON, Gilbert	30	S	TUNBRIDGE, Mary Eliza.	20	S	Nov 28		Rochester	Meth - Epis	8th Ward
ELLIS, Elias J.		24	S	CHAFFEY, Isabella	26	S	Aug 20		Rochester	Epis		7th Ward
ERBELDING, Henry	22	S	LURCH, Veronica		18	S	May 9		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
FIEN, Louis		25	S	ETTER, Margaret		22	S	Jan 29		Rochester	R.C.		5th Ward
FOSTER, William		22	S	GOFF, Almira		23	W	May 4		Rochester	N. S. Pres	9th Ward
FOSTER, William H.	22	S	GOFF, Lemira A.		22	D	May 4		Rochester	Presby		2nd Ward
FOWLER, Allen		40	W	Graves, Emma L.		25	W	Apr 8		Rochester	O.S. Presby	7th Ward
FRAME, Hugh		21	S	VIANCO, Louisa		18	S	April 24	Rochester	Presb.		11th Ward
FRITZ, Gottlieb		35	S	KOETH, Margaretha	20	W	March 28	Rochester	Episc		5th Ward
GARKER, Charles		21	S	THAYER, Ellen J.	25	S	June 1		Clarkson	Pres.		9th Ward
GAY, Richard		36	S	SHANNON, Frances	19	S	Nov 31		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
GILLAM, Frederick	28	S	ALLEN, ELVIRA, I.	27	W	May 10		Rochester	Presby		2nd Ward
GILLING, Fred S. 	27	S	CRAMPTON, Adaline	33	W	March 10	Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
GODDARD, Ira		34	S	CARPENTER, Emily L.	30	S	April 27	Rochester	Pres		8th Ward
GODWIN, Henry B.	28	S	SHOLTUS, Elizabeth	22	S	April 24	Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
GOLDENSHOE, Frank	26	S	HARRISON, Hattie	18	S	Dec 24		Rochester	Bapt (?)	6th Ward
GOLDSMITH, John		28	S	DONNIVAN, Hanah		28	S	Sept		Rochester	RC		3rd Ward
GOSSON, Louis		22	S	MORRIS, Phebe Ann	20	S	May 14		Trenton, NJ	Bapt.		3rd Ward
GOULDSMITH, John	28	S	DONOVAN, Hannah		25	S	Oct		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
GRAYSON, Alex		30	S	DAY, Joanah		20	S	Oct 3		Pittsford	Bapt		7th Ward
GREEN, George S.	33	S	CHITTENDON, Henrietta	23	S	Sept 14		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
GROVER, Lucius		23	S	SHAW, Josephine		17	S	Nov12		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
HAGAMAN, Walice		23	S	FOWLER, Emma L.		19	S	Sept 1		Rochester	O.S. Presby	7th Ward
HARRINGTON, Sanford	32	S	Pierce, Fannie		21	S	Dec 22		Rochester	O.S. Pres.	9th Ward
HASKELL, Norman F.	28	S	KEDZIE, Frances H.	26	S	June 6		Rochester	Epis		2nd Ward
HASKINS, William	30	W	SCHIRCK, Catherine	18	S	Nov 29		Rochester	Meth - Epis	8th Ward
HAWLEY, George N.	22	S	CRONE, Hannah		22	W	Jan 26		Wayne		O.S. Presb.	3rd Ward
HEGEMAN, Edward C.	33	S	CARRINGTON, Ellen	30	S	Oct 11		Rochester	Meth.		9th Ward
HELCIR, Alen		25	S	SMITH, Mary		23	S	May 18		Rochester	Prot. Evang.	13th Ward
HELD, Jacob		27	S	KEELER, Mary		22	S	Oct		Montreal	Unknown		11th Ward
HERMAN, Geo E.		25	S	MC LANE, Martha		24	S	Oct 15		Rochester	Prot. Epis	1st Ward
HIGGINS, John		23	S	STIMERS, Louisa		24	S	July 4		Rochester	O.S. Pres.	9th Ward
HIGGINS, John Q.	25	S	STIMERS, Louisa		24	S	July 4		Rochester	O. S. P.	11th Ward
HILL, Reuben		22	S	RILEY, Sarah Ann	24	S	June 16		Rochester	N. S. Pres	8th Ward
HILLS, Reuben		23	S	RILEY, Sarah		24	S	June 16		Rochester	Presb.		13th Ward
HITCHCOCK, Joseph	28	S	CLARK, Annie		25	S	Jan 3		Rochester	Prot-Epis	8th Ward
HOCKSTRA, Egbert	23	S	ALEXANDER, Elizabeth	22	S	April 11	Rochester	Epis		2nd Ward
HOCKSTRA, Egbert A.	23	S	ALEXANDER, Elizabeth	23	S	April 11	Rochester	O.S. Pres.	9th Ward
HOERNLINE, William	38	W	REYNECKER, N. or W.	31	S	May 17		Buffalo		Ger. Prot.	9th Ward
HOSLYN, C. I.		26	S	COLBY, Mary I.		19	S	Sept 1		Rochester	Epis		2nd Ward
HOYT, Daniel B.		32	S	HOYT, Anna		22	S	Aug 15		?		Clergy		4th Ward
IRVING, Samuel		22	S	MC DERMOT, Susan	18	S	Jan 19		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
JEFFORDS, Charles	36	S	BENJAMIN, Amelia	28	A	Feb 27		Wolcott		O.S. Pres.	9th Ward
JONES, John		21	S	PARMALEE, Mary Amelia	23	S	Feb 2		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
KANE, Michael		27	S	THOMAS, Jane		28	S	Nov 28		Buffalo		R.C.		5th Ward
KEELEY, James		27	S	KEELY, Elizabeth	17	S	May 30		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
KELLER, Lewis I. 	32	S	FREDERICK, Frances	24	S	March 26	Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
KIRKFIELD, Joseph P.	23	S	BRADLEY, Francis Mrs.	21	W	March 6		Syracuse	Pres		8th Ward
KNEFEL, Frederick	27	S	DILTMAN, Henrietta	22	S	June 2		Rochester	Episc		5th Ward
KOMINKY, David		21	S	GREENSTONE, Julia	18	S	Sept 12		NY City		Hebrew		6th Ward
KOMMEN, John		23	S	MOCHLING, Alice		20	S	Oct 3		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
KUDER, Christian	22	S	SCHEUERMAN, Victoria	20	S	Jan 31		Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
LAWRENCE, Levi		23	S	SULLIVAN, Annie		22	S	Apr 4		Rochester	Prot-Epis	8th Ward
LAYSON, Abram		22	S	COLEMAN, Hannah		19	S	Mar 6		Rochester	Meth		6th Ward
LEER, John		20	S	NIEWERDE, Elizabeth	16	S	Feb 14		Rochester	R.C.		6th Ward
LEHMAN, Lymon		32	S	KOCHENTHAL, Sophia	19	S	Mar 19		Rochester	Hebrew		6th Ward
LEWIS, Col. Geo. W.	37	S	BREWER, Elfreda C.	27	W	March 19	Suffolk, VA	Clergy		4th Ward
LIGHTHIEL, Charles	29	S	GARLAND, Soplia		16	S	Dec 22		Rochester	O.S. Pres	6th Ward
LINSCOTT, Philip	48	W	TERWILLAGER, Ruth A.	49	W	June 5		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
LOCKWOOD, James		23	S	BUMPHREY, Cornelia J.	23	S	Dec 15		Rochester	Epis.		10th Ward
LOGAN, James		43	W	MONTROSE, Mary A.	36	W	Oct 1		Rochester	Epis.		9th Ward
LOISON, Abraham		23	S	COLEMAN, Johanna	19	S	March 6		Rochester	Civil Mag.	11th Ward
LUCKHURST, James	21	S	RUPP, Julia		21	S	Sept 29		Rochester	R.C.		6th Ward
LUCKY, Samuel D. D.	73	W	UTLY, Maria (Williams)	67	W	Dec 6		Henrietta	Meth.		12th Ward
LURCH, Anthony		50	W	Johnson, Barbara	42	W	March 6		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
MALTBY, John W.		26	S	MALTBY, Nellie R.	20	S	Oct 18		Rochester	Epis.		10th Ward
MARTIN, William B.	25	S	WILBER, Elizabeth B.	19	S	Feb 16		Rochester	Bap		3rd Ward
MAURER, Jacob		27	S	WOLZ, Mary		19	S	Aug 25		Rochester	Episco.		11th Ward
MC CALIFF, Thomas	27	S	MC CARTNEY, Ellen	21	S	March 21	Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
MC CALL, Patrick	25	S	FRINN, Helena		21	S	April 30	Lima 		R.C.		5th Ward
MC CUMBER, William	22	S	PENNEY, Margrate	18	S	Nov 24		Rochester	O. S. P.	13th Ward
MC MAHON, Martin	24	S	HICKSON, Anne Maria	22	S	July 10		Rochester	R.C.		5th Ward
MILLIKAN, Silas F.	30	S	ANDREWS, Nancy J.	30	S	Sept 13		Rochester	Bapt.		9th Ward
MOODY, John		23	S	VAN DOLAR, Kate		22	S	Dec 18		Rochester	Presby		2nd Ward
MUMFORD, Frank		20	S	ROWLY, Eveline		19	S	March 13	Rochester	Bapt		5th Ward
MYRON, Lazarus		29	S	GLENN, Mary E.		24	S	May 10		Hornelsville 	R.C.		9th Ward
NELLEY, Albert D.	25	S	JOHNSON, Delia M.	23	S	Jan 28		Rochester	NSB		3rd Ward
NIHAN, William B.	30	S	BURK, Rhoda		22	S	Jan 8		-		RC		3rd Ward
O' BRIEN, Lewis		25	S	LEAHY, Margaret		21	S	May 6		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
O' LAUGHLIN, Martin	40	M	CARNES, Margaret	25	S	Oct 5		Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
OLLSON, William		45	S	FROE, Catherine		18	S	Jan 1		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
O'OTHOUT, Henry		26	S	WILKINSON, Mary D.	20	S	Oct 13		Rochester	Epis		2nd Ward
OSGOOD, Rufus T.	33	S	WINSHIP, Eliva J.	22	S	April 25	Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
OWEN, Ezra Frederick	29	S	ALLEN, Caroline Theod.	25	S	May 23		Rochester	Bap		8th Ward
PAINTER, James		59	W	BRADY, Bridget		40	W	March 25	Rochester	RC		3rd Ward
PARRY, Charles		22	S	GIBBS, Marion		22	S	Nov 28		Rochester	Meth-Epis	8th Ward
PARRY, Charles A.	22	S	GIBBS, Marion E.	23	S	Nov 8		Rochester	M. E. 		10th Ward
PARSONS, Cornelius	23	S	Whitbeck, Frances	23	S	Oct 6		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
PARSONS, Cornelius R.	23	S	WHITBECK, Frances M.	23	S	Oct 6		Rochester	O.S. Pres	5th Ward
PEACOCK, Robert		21	S	SMITH, Sarah		18	S	March 11	Spencerport	Meth. Epis.	9th Ward
PEARCE, John		27	S	NODINE, Josephine	20	S	April 25	Rochester	Meth. Epis.	9th Ward
PECK, Dawson S.		20	S	CLEMENTS, Anna T.	20	s	Feb 5		Rochester	Bapt.		3rd Ward
PENNY, B. F.		44	W	AUDWAY, Emeretta	27	W	May 5		Vermont		Universalist	9th Ward
PETERS, David		30	W	D'VOSE (?) Hannah	21	S	Feb 18		Rochester	Pres		8th Ward
PHILLIPS, Isaac		30	S	CHARLES, Lucy Ann	31	W	May 20		Rochester	O.S. Presb.	3rd Ward
POLLACK, David M.	22	S	NOAH, Victoria		19	S	Jan 5		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
POND, Charles E.	24	S	PORTER, Mary E.		23	S	Oct 6		Rochester	Congr.		3rd Ward
POWELL, John		28	S	POWELL, Catherine	21	S	Dec Thurs	Rochester	R.C.		5th Ward
PRICE, John		27	S	CARSON, Jessie		20	S	Jan 5		Rochester	Universalist	5th Ward
QUINN, Peter		26	S	HUGHS, Libby		23	S	Apr 20		Rochester	R.C.		7th Ward
REENO, John		25	S	GULIA, Heisel		20	S	June 6		Rochester	R.C.		8th Ward
RELYEA, William		21	S	SEYLAS, Almira		16	S	July 10		Rochester 	Pittsford	14th Ward
RENOUF, William		21	S	LETTINGTON, Hattie	19	S	Jan 31		Rochester	Friends		8th Ward
RICHARDSON, William	37	S	FOLLETT, Elizabeth T.	28	S	Jan 4		Rochester	Univers.	12th Ward
RILEY, Patrick		21	S	DOODY, Mary		17	S	Sept 16		Rochester	Epis.		11th Ward
RIPSON, Richard		28	S	RIPSON, Mary		20	S	March 15	Albany		R. C.		10th Ward
ROBERTS, Abner		21	s	DANNALS, Mary A.	16	S	Jan 15		Rochester	Meth		3rd Ward
ROBERTS, John E.	28	W	RITZENTHALER, Mary	23	S	Nov 5		Rochester	Presby		11th Ward
ROBINSON, George C.	23	S	RICH, Mary		19	M	April 5		Greece		-		11th Ward
ROBINSON, Robert R.	28	S	BRINKERHOFF, Emma	21	S	Apr. 19		Rochester	Presby.		12th Ward
RODGERS, John		30	S	MC CORMICK, Ann		21	S	Oct 15		Rochester	R.C.		9th Ward
ROSENBERG, George	24	S	ROTHSHILD, Rosa		20	S	Sept 18		Rochester	Hebrew		6th Ward
ROWEN, Jerry		23	S	GOODYEAR, Eliza		23	S	Jan 1		Rochester	Bapt.		3rd Ward
SAGE, John S.		24	S	JONES, Marion M.	22	S	Oct 6		Rochester	M. E. 		10th Ward
SAWYER, Henry		20	S	Hunt, Mary Elizabeth	20	S	April 15	Rochester	N. S. Pres	8th Ward
SCHAFER, John H.	23	S	WILSON, Elizabeth	20	S	Apr 24		Olean		O.S. Presby	7th Ward
SCHMIDT, Leben		26	S	DOUGLAS, Frances R.	21	S	Jan 12		Rochester	Bapt.		13th Ward
SCRANTON, E. Henry	26	S	SEELYE, Helen M.	23	S	Aug 18		Rochester	Epis		2nd Ward
SCRANTON, Theodore E. 	35	W	PARKER, Madaline	25	S	Oct 4		Rochester	Clergy		4th Ward
SEDORE, Frank		22	S	GIBBS, Felicia		19	S	May 6		Rochester	M. E. 		10th Ward
SEMBERG, John		26	S	BAKER, Christine	16	S	Jan 12		Rochester	Meth.		13th Ward
SHAFFER, Henry J.	23	S	WILSON, Elizabeth	20	S	May 18		Brighton	Unknown		12th Ward
SHERMAN, Seth L.	36	W	DENNISON, Hattie J.	21	S	Nov 1		Rochester	Bapt		10th Ward
SHIPLEY, Peter		25	S	SATER, Emma		22	S	Feb 21		Irondequoit	R. C.		13th Ward
SILLIMAN, James		27	S	THOMPSON, Isabel	29	S	Nov 24		Rochester	Universi.	9th Ward
SKILLMAN, Peter		24	S	Luther, Christina	20	S	Dec 26		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
SMITH, James C.		22	s	SPARKS, Angeline	20	S	Feb 28		Rochester	-		3rd Ward
SPEARS, David		30	S	SMITH, Margaret		21	S	April 13	Rochester	Meth. Epis.	9th Ward
SPRAGUE, James E.	24	S	CRAIG, Matilda R.	23	S	May 25		Rochester	N. S. Pres	9th Ward
SPRAGUE, James W.	22	S	FRANCIS, Mary J.(Somers)18	W	Jan 21		Crittenden	J. P.		12th Ward
STALKER, James 		20	S	SHEROD, Mary		21	S	July 3		Rochester	Prot. Epis	8th Ward
STOIL, William		21	S	RAUD, Mary		27	S	Oct 9		Rochester	Presb.		13th Ward
STOTT, Chas. T.		22	S	CAMPBELL, Jesse		20	S	June 1		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
SWAB, Josephe		57	M	FRAMM, Mary		48	M	Feb 27		Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
TAYLOR, James		23	S	KEARS, Penny		24	S	Oct 24		Rochester	N. S. Pres	9th Ward
THINE, Andrew		23	S	DONONGHUE, Mary A.	27	S	Sept. 8		Rochester 	Clergy		14th Ward
THOMAS, John		27	S	QUIGLEY, Amelia		20	S	Feb 22		Rochester	J.P. Squire	13th Ward
TRIMMER, Elliot		22	S	DANIELS, Julia		21	S	Apr 4		Rochester	Meth		7th Ward
TRIMMER, ELLIOT E.	22	S	DODGE, Julia M. E.	21	S	Apr 4		Rochester	O.S. Presby	7th Ward
VANVOORIS, Quincy	32	S	THOMAS, Adda P.		24	S	June 23		Rochester	O.S. Presb.	3rd Ward
WALTERMERTH, William	25	W	WILLIS, Sarah A.	27	S	Feb 9		Rochester	Meth.		9th Ward
WARD, Levi Fred'k	21	S	SMITH, Alice		19	S	Oct		Mount Morris	Clergy		14th Ward
WARRING, Albert		20	S	SIMMONS, Flora E.	20	S	Feb 7		Cleveland, OH	Clergy		14th Ward
WATSON, Charles		25	S	WATSON, Elizabeth	21	S	April 27	Rochester	R.C.		1st Ward
WATSON, Charles E.	22	S	SHERIDAN, Elizabeth	20	S	May 7		Rochester	Cath.		3rd Ward
WEINGARDNER, Valentine	22	S	DIETRICH, Catherine	19	S	Jan 12		Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
WEISS, Francis		24	S	LORSON, Agnes		23	S	Feb 27		Rochester	R. C.		11th Ward
WHITE, Frank		25	S	KAWSON, Agnes		24	S	Feb 21		Rochester	R.C.		9th Ward
WILLIAMS, George D.	22	S	STILSON, Georgiana	21	S	Sept 28		Rochester	O.S. Pres.	9th Ward
WILLIAMS, Stallam G.	34	S	LUCAS, Alice		24	S	Aug 25		Rochester	Epis.		9th Ward
WILSON, David		21	S	HENNESSEY, Theresa	20	S	Oct 29		Rochester	R. C.		12th Ward

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