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1865 Deaths from the Livingston County New York State Census Mortality Schedules

Transcribed by: Jeffrey Tooley, April 14, 2007

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Avon 1st Election District

Name of person deceased
Date of DeathNative state or countryTrade or occupationDisease or Cause of Death
McLorinNancy72FWWAugust16 NY .Numb Palsy
SpencerPhebe A.37FWM May 20 NY .Died in a fit
MartinCarmine53MWMJanuary8 Conn CarpenterConsumption
FullerIda E.1 4/12FWS April 25 NY .Diptheria
KellyEliza6FWSOctober 15 Eng .Unknown believed to be Dysentery
PeckMary H.12FWSNovember 4 NY StudentDiptheria
BurleighWilliam L.7M W S June 6 NY.Diptheria
GardinerLucy25FWMMarch 15 NY HouseworkDropey on the heart
RichLucretia3FW S March 17 NY .Inflamation of brain
BancroftNathaniel91MWW June 25 ConnFarmerInflamation Lungs, old age
HendeeEphraim87MWM February 10 Conn FarmerCongestion of Lungs
SmithMaria M.45FWM August 25 NY HouseworkConsumption
O DonnellElizabeth12FW S May 15 Canada. Measles
AdamsAbraham78MWM August 25 Vermont FarmerBy falling off a high stone wall
MoonZylpha27FWSMay21 NY HouseworkConsumption

Avon 2nd Election District

RellenAnn34FWMDecember12Ireland. Pelvis ___ from miscarriage
PerryFreelore71FWMMay15Oneida.Cardiac Disease
LondenMichael3 3/12MWSJanuary19Livingston.Scarlatinous Dropsy
BraytonPhilip C.8/12MWSMarch 15Livingston.Hydrosephelos following disorhious
DunnJohn52MWMJuly16 Conn LandlordEpelepois with paralysis
DriscolMary A.6/12FWSSeptember 1 Livingston.Dysenteria
SalsberySamuel1 3/12MWSAugust 15 Livingston . Dysenteria
Van ZandtFrancis C.20FWS December 16 Livingston. Consumption
HoverWilliam E.6MWSSeptember 26 Livingston.Dysenteria
HosmerStella52FWMAugust 31 Tioga .Dysenteria
Beardsley.3/12FWSJuly 30 Livingston . Hydrosephelos accute
Hayden. 3 dayFWSDecember 10 Livingston.Asphyxia
Mc RinneyAndrus55MWMJune 15 Dutchess Farmercreks-Spinal Meningh
DevinPatrick78MWMAugust 5 Ireland LaborerCistibis
ArmsteadJessie4 5/12MWSAugust 24 Livingston . Dysenteria
TighMatthew 62MWMNovember 4 IrelandLaborer Dysenteria
LynchRussell38MWSDecember 17 IrelandLaborerDelerium tremors
HassengerMary A.73FWWDecember 17 Pennsylvania . Fracture of the femur
WheelerWilliam E.4 2/12MWS May 14 Livingston . Burns-Scalded
BurgessHorace2MWSNovember 15 Livingston .Diptheria

Transcribers notes:
_ Notes that a letter or letters were hard to read.