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1840 Census of Pensioners
Orange County, Vermont

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Orange County Vermont Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Jacob Wilds78Jacob Wilds
Adam Dickey89Adam Dickey
Anna Banfill82Ephraim Bagley
Dorothy Weed88Isaac Weed


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Alden Freeman80Bradford Freeman
Samuel Judkins78Samuel Judkins


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Hannah Clements94John Hoyt
Joseph Kinneson76Joseph Kinneson, Jr.
Enoch Cheney83David Cheney
Shubal Smith78Shubal Smith
Thaddeus White81Thaddeus White


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Elijah Whitney85Elijah Whitney, Jr.
James Kilburn76L.A. Simons
Submits Cowdry82Orpha Cowdry
Asa Hatch80Asa Hatch
Joshua Gilman85Richard Martyn


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Israel Putnam79Israel Putnam
Lucy Blood74Elijah Blood
Emerson Corliss82Emerson Corliss
Elizabeth Pratt80Elizabeth Pratt
Dorothy Eastman70Samuel F. Eastman
Theodore Barker79Theodore Barker
James McFarlin81Francis De Cato
Samuel Aspenwall73Samuel Aspenwall
Susan Bean78Thomas Morey
Reuben Martin85William Martin


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Daniel Stevens75Daniel Stevens
Reuben Page86Reuben Page, Jr.
Nella Towle85Ira Towle
Jeremiah Bowen86Jeremiah Bowen
Ebenezer Berry80Ebenezer Berry
Peter V. Mahew89Paul Bickford
Amos Boardman76Amos Boardman
Dorothy Raymond69Simon Raymond


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Lyman Child79Spencer Town
Enoch Cotton78Solomon Cotton
Martha Frizzle83Eliakim Frizzle
Samuel Southworth83Sewel Godfrey
Jesse Paine81Jesse Paine
Nathan Pierce82Lemuel Church


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Anna Dearborn76Wilder Dearborn
Enos Smith78Enos Smith
Ananiah Bohonon75Ananiah Bohonon
Thomas Moore84Salmon J. Moore
Annis Calkins85Ebenezer Merrill
Laban Brown69Jonathan Scribner
Emma Brigham84Samuel Brigham
Elkanah Stevens79Elkanah Stevens
Jonah Gates76Jonah Gates
Mary Snow84Joseph Thompson
Hannah Allen75Hannah Allen
Samuel Lincoln87Samuel Lincoln
Ebenezer Allen86Obed Allen


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
John Slade88John Slade
Timothy Kendall79Samuel Kendall
Gashum York88W. York
Asahel Dorkee74A. Dorkee
Edmund Pease76Edward Pease
Lucy Bigelow74W.L. Bigelow
Ruth Fisk87Artemas Fisk
Elizabeth Williams83Hezekiah Williams
Amaziah Grove86Hezekiah Williams
Amasa Edson76Amasa Edson
Abigail Adams76Abigail Adams
Philomela Lyman80Elijah Howes
Solomon Smith77Jos. G. Smith
Samuel Bayley87Benjamin Bayley
Elisha Wilcox77Elisha Wilcox


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
William Tice80Joshua Bayley, Jr.
Asa Coburn83Asa Coburn, Jr.
Sarah Ladd72Sarah Ladd
Daniel Heath76Daniel Heath
Joseph Herriman85Arad Kent
John Smith82John Smith
Smith Johnson77Joseph Whitcher
Sarah Ladd79Ward Buell
Mary Smith79Jonathan Smith
Thomas Mellen83Thomas Mellen
Peter Bagley87Peter Bagley
Nathan Avery81Geo. W. Avery


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
William Ballou81Sanford Ballou
Cyrus Tracy82Moses Lunt
Hannah Allen89Eli Austin
Jonathan Foster81Jonathan Foster
Enoch Hoytt80Enoch Hoytt
Lydia Morsell78Lydia Morsell
William White77William White
Timothy Dewey85Asahel Dewey
Daniel Hackett87Ephraim Hackett


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Daniel Flint79Nathaniel Flint
Jonah Flint85Augustus Flint
Mary Battles99Caroline Battles
Susanna French89Gilman Vose
Dorcas Nichols103Isaac Nichols
Bathsheba Bass89Samuel Patridge
John Gooch83Micah Ford
Lydia Cleavland81Abel Thayer
David Smith82Jabez Smith


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
David Grow78David Grow
Olive Carpenter83George Carpenter
Deborah Carlisle84Michael Carlisle
Henry Blodget80Henry Blodget
Chancy L. Temple38Chancy L. Temple
Nathan Nye78Perley Orcott
Ruth Kibbee80Ruth Kibbee
William Corley74Alphues Corley
Lydia Wales81Anson Wales
Huldah Weston73Edman Weston
Benj. Blodget81James Blodget
Levi Wilder81Levi Wilder
Benj. Woodworth84Wm. Woodworth
Dyer Hebard83Simeon Boothe
Stephen Herrick80L.D. Herrick
Isaac Thayr76J.C. Thayr
Elizabeth Martin74Joshua Martin
Joseph Hobart84Jonathan Hobart
Elisha Lilley76Elisha Lilley
John McIntire79Reuben McIntire
Abner Washburn82John Smith
Sarah Smith82John Smith
Alvin Edson43Luther Edson
Jacob Cobb82Jacob Cobb


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Nathan Cobb76Daniel Cobb
Robert Hayes76David Hayes
Mary Lillie89John Hilliard
Benj. Tucker78Benj. Tucker
Edward Felch53Edward Felch
Elias Carpenter78Elias Carpenter
Lydia Bourrows78Ashley Bourrows
Phebe Miller76Moses Miller
John Reynolds81John Reynolds, Jr.


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Mary Hubbard84Orange Hubbard
Betheal Briant75James Campbell
Eunice Parker74Justus Newcomb
Edward S. Meeder47Edward S. Meeder
Richmond Crandall86Richmond Crandall
Robert Farris81Robert Farris
Simon Gillett83Joseph Gillett
Mary Emerson79Joseph Fletcher
Samuel Shepard79Samuel Shepard
James Tyler80James Tyler
Joseph Bruce82David Bruce
Jeremiah Tyler74Wm. M. Tyler


NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Asa Woodward83Asa Woodward, Jr.
Benj. Follett85Benj. Follett
Sarah Houghton75A.L. Houghton
Francis Churchill86John E. Chuchill

West Fairlee

NameAgeHead of family,
with whom residing
Jonathan Lougee83Jonathan Lougee
Stephen May85Elisha May
Hannah Colton75Ebenezer P. Colton
Joseph Foster93John L. Wilson
Calvin Morse47Calvin Morse
John Guild79John Guild
Solomon Dickinson83Jefferson Dickinson
Francis Whitcomb79Daniel West

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