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1840 Census of Pensioners
Saratoga County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Saratoga County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Sanborn Ford84Sanborn Ford
David Howe78David Howe
Sarah Fitzgerald87James Fitzgerald
Uriah Gregory86Uriah Gregory
Mary De Forest81William C. De Forest
Paul Wilson86Paul Wilson
William Kingsley75William Kingsley
Catharine English82Ephraim Miller
Aurt Hanson70Aurt Hanson
Thaddeus Scribner78Thaddeus Scribner
Elijah Armstrong55Elijah Armstrong
Justus Jennings84Justus Jennings
James A. McDonald63James A. McDonald


Esther Lefferts86Esther Lefferts
Jacob Layport-Jacob Layport
Lydia Chambers-Ann Chambers
Alexander Van Eppes78Teunis Nisbeth
Ahasnernus Wardwell84A. Wardwell
Benjamin Marvin77Timothy Marvin
Elijah Spencer85Elijah Spencer
John P.K. Taylor77John P. K. Taylor

Clifton Park

James Knights83James Knights
Mayhew Daggot83Mayhew Daggot
Elnathan Finch70Elnathan Finch
Abljah Peck82Abljah Peck
Evert E. Van Vranken83Evert E. Van Vranken
Benjamin Chadsey72Benjamin Chadsey
Marybee Jones70Robert D. Graff
Samuel Brewster85Samuel Brewster
Reuben Stokeham08Reuben Stokeham


John Rhodes80Stephen F. Rhodes


S. Holcomb76W. K. Holcomb
Mary Demming81Mary Demming


Maria Simpson80Isaac Rhodes
Andrew Albro77Andrew Albro
Samuel Downing76Samuel Downing
Joseph Olmsted82Joseph Olmsted
Sampson Hosley86Sampson Hosley
Robert Sumner78Robert Sumner
Ormel King77Henry Noyes
Elkanah Sprague80Anthony De Golier
Benjamin Axley81Benjamin Axley


Elijah Curtis70Elijah W. Curtis
Joel Burr81Joel Burr
John Carter88John Carter
George Hart82Jonathan Wooden
Desire Tourgio-Joseph Berniss
Martha Murray86Catharine Murray
Aaron Berniss80Aaron Beruiss
Israel Phelps82Israel Phelps
Joseph Brewster80Joseph Brewster
Andrew Sprague86Joseph Van Every
Arthur Colwell78Arthur Colwell


Jared Hood78Norton Hood
Abraham Weed81Abraham Weed
Giles Fitch78Giles Fitch
Nathaniel Seymour83Thomas Seymour
Elijah Smith82Elijah Smith
Hiel Savage80Samuel Wood
Catharine Bishop88William Woodcock
Daniel Scott87Daniel Scott
Joseph Bemiss84Daniel Davis


N. Scofield86A. Scofield
Squire Wood79Comfort Wood
Thomas Reed74Thomas Reed
Joseph Gilbert85Joseph Gilbert


Deborah Foster85Deborah Foster
Dean Chase78Dean Chase


Samuel Barnum81Anna H. King
Isaac Lent88Daniel A. Collamer
George T. Waiger50Daniel A. Collamer
Sarah Wandle81Sarah Wandle
Sarah Danforth83John Dunning
James Merrill82James Merrill
Sarah Radford86Sylvester Alexander
John Elsworth89John Elsworth
Asa Beach78Asa Beach
Jonathan Nash80Isaac Nash
Lucy Herrick78Miles Herrick
John Whitid80John Whitid
David Ames77Jacob Goodrich
Catharine Crumb101J. S. Waigner


Joseph Carr83William Carr
Nehemiah Stevens78J. B. Stevens
Zachariah Ray81Zachariah Ray
Peter Stephenson87Peter Stephenson
Nathaniel Calkins87John Roberts
John Bitely84J. L. Bitely
Caleb Burrows75Amos Burrows


John Crage84John Crage
Grace Wood83A. Wood
Dideon Whitmore80David Coffinger


Lucy Hall76Ruth Hall
Elizabeth Bundy67Elijah Bundy
Elijah Walworth49Elijah Walworth
Isaac Colony77Isaac Colony
Rachel Smith78H. V. Smith
Mehitable Landers79Moses Landers
William Bearsly77William Bearsly


Charles Cluky97Charles Cluky
Anthony Glean80Anthony Glean

Saratoga Springs

Isaac Weatherbee78John Weatherbee
James Ide83James Ide
Caleb Fish84Othniel Corbel
Ezra Ketchum91Job Reynolds
James Barhyte78James Barhyte


Amos Goldin81Amos Goldin
Jonathan Woodword81Jonathan Woodward
Benjamin Dimmick84Giles Dimmick
Roswell Ray74Roswell Ray

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