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1840 Census of Pensioners
Rensselaer County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Rensselaer County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Freeborn Sweet83Freeborn Sweet
Nathaniel Barnett86Nathaniel Barnett
John Palmer82John Palmer
Frederick Outerkirk85Frederick Outerkirk
Timothy Graves86Timothy Graves
Abner Crandall78Abner Crandall
Jacob Boovie77Jacob Boovie
Darling Shaw81Darling Shaw
Morriss Tucker83Morriss Tucker


Asahel Eastman76Isaiah F. Eastman
Isaac Van Wart(since dead)89A. A. Wart
Richard Anthony76Richard Anthony
Gilbert Eddy79Gilbert Eddy


Margaret Louk80Margaret Louk
Mary Biggs-Peter Morriss
Stephen Pelton79Chauncey Ives
Prudence Barton77Prudence Barton
Lucy Morgan79Lucy Morgan
Catharine Oakly80Andrew Follett
Timothy Cone77Timothy Cone
Mary Leonard79F. B. Leonard


John welch77John Welch
Elisha Phelps82Freeman Baker
Peter Akart84Peter Akart Jr.
John L. Van Antwerp80P. Y. Van Antwerp
Nathaniel Robinson82Nathaniel Robinson


Charles Dickinson83Jane B. Gale
Abijah Bush85Abijah Bush
Simeon Griswold87Simeon Griswold
William Hunt84Alva Hunt
Quain Tanner78Quain Tanner
Amaziah Bally90Asa Upham
Rufus Tifft85Green Tifft
Joseph Carr82Joseph Carr


Elizabeth Frothingham82Elizabeth Frothingham
Stephen Gregory83Stephen Gregory
William Sliter-William Sliter
Reuben Babcock82Reuben Babcock
Joseph Huntingon82Joseph Huntington


Moses Bishop83Moses Bishop
Amos James80Amos James
John Horton78John Horton
Nathan Williams84Nathan Williams
Eli Young84Eli Young
Jesse Bennett93H. Bennett
Jacob Wright80William Boughton
Benjamin Andrews83Reuben Andrews


Job Taylor83Job Taylor
William Bell77William Bell
Moses Hendrick85Moses Hendrick
Joseph Crandall84Joseph Crandall
Caleb Benley74Caleb Bentley
Asa Beebe79Asa Beebe


William Seriver84William Scriver
John Armsbry89John Armsbry
Stephen Potter81Stephen Potter
Christopher79C. Colegrove
Augustus Lewis87Augustus Lewis
Sterry Hewitt84Sterry Hewitt
Jason Babcock85Benjamin Babcock


Sarah Potter84Henry Potter
John Ostrander87Sarah Ostrander
Abraham Van Buren89Abraham Van Buren
Phebe Birch81Isaiah Birch


Albert Claflin84William Claflin
Nicholas Van Rensselaer89Nicholas Van Rensselaer
William Van Benthuysen86William Van Benthuysen
Peter Best81Peter Best


Christopher Gray92Martin Springer
Charles Hall82Charles Hall
Henry Smith84Henry Smith


David Barnhart-David Barnhart
Rufus Parks80Rufus Parks
James Scrivner89Caleb W. Scrivner
Rufus Gallop84Rufus Gallop
Amos Martin82Nathaniel Martin

Troy-1st ward

Elijah Reed76Elijah Reed
Ephraim Whittaker85Ephraim Whittaker
John Folliard88John Folliard
Elizabeth Grace76Elizabeth Grace
Love Perady-Henry Hart
Sarah Wilbur-Curtis Wilbur

2d ward


3d ward

Martha Bootle87Benjamin F. Randall
Benjamin Pierce77Benjamin Pierce
Phebe Prescot79E. Prescot
Amasa Tiffney73Amasa Tiffney
Esther Hendryx82I. J. Hendryx

4th ward

Elizabeth Crowley77G. Buckingham

5th ward

Sally Knight71Sally Knight

6th ward

Henry S. Myers49P. C. Marble

7th ward

Jacob Miller82Charles Moray
Olive Woodward74Lewis Woodward

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