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1840 Census of Pensioners
Putnam County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Putnam County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
James Darrow75James Darrow
Bertheany Baily85John Baily
Timothy Wood81Timothy Wood
JOhn Bishop83Harry Garrison
Elizabeth Jenkins80Isaac Jenkins

Putnam Valley

Elizabeth Silick83Nathaniel Silick
Amos Odell85Aaron Odell
Rufus Gillet80Rufus Gillet


Josiah Smawley79Josiah Smaley
Gilbert Carragan82Gilbert Carragan
Stephen Hults83Isaac Hults
William Barrit92William Barrit
Peter Robertson82Peter Robertson


Samuel Purdy79Samuel Purdy
Amos Niffin83Charles Niffin
Hannah Townsend85William Townsend
William Reneval86Nathaniel Heverland


Benjamin Cowl77Benjamin Cowl
Hannah Haight76David D. Haight

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