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1840 Census of Pensioners
Herkimer County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Herkimer County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Marks Grants78Marks Grants
Thomas Smith80Thomas Smith
Mary Getman74Mary Getman
Katharial Ackler77Adam Ackler
Mary Wormworth75William Wormworth
Nicholas Chrisman86Henry Christman
Henry Crim78John H. Crim
Asahel Alford79Cyrus Alford

German Flats

Joseph Hess83Dennis Clapsaddle
Eli Brown80John W. D. Heald
George R. T. Hawes106William Morrison
James Haight76James F. Haight
Barnabas Youngs81Barnabas Youngs
Flavel Clark79Flavel Clark
Henry Seeber99Sylvanus Seeber
Richard Casler73Richard Casler
Lodowick Moyer79Lodowick Moyer
Peter Flagg89Peter Flagg
Robert Babcock82Stanton Denison
George Lighthall93Giles R. Brown
Absalom Giffords75William Giffords


Jacob C. Edick77Josiah Ackler
Adam Burdock80Adam Burdock
Joseph Moors79Joseph Moors
John Goff85Orange Goff
Nathan Brown75Nathan Brown
Anthony Rhodes79Rodley Randall
Judah Eldred86Zenas Eldred


William Bacon82William Bacon
Mary White64Milton White


Nathaniel Waldron82George D. Rightmyer
Anna Eve Shall75John Shall
Neal McNeal83Joseph Sholl
Solomon Waggoner77Abraham S. Waggoner
Adam Armstrong75John H. Starring


Chole Cady93Amos Smith
Jacob Widrig79Jacob Widrig
Israel Ward89Nathan Ward
Jonathan Gilbert78Jonathan Gilbert
Cheney Luke91Samuel Luke
Sarah Sweet78Vaughn Sweet
Thomas Wood85Thomas Wood
Joseph Willis77Joseph Willis


John Shall80David J. Shall
Chris John House85John Silver
Hannah Wendell86Jacob Wendell
Richard Kenter74Richard Kenter
Lucy Baccus88William Baccus
Richard Skimmel74Richard Skimmel
John Mount90John Mount
Christopher Norton78Felix Bronner
Henry Shaver80Henry Shaver
Margaret Snyder81Daniel Snyder


Simeon Ely78Horace Ely
Abigail Ward79Joel Northrup
Arnold Bennett42Arnold Bennett


Andrew Piper80Andrew Piper
Eli Brown82Edmond Adams
Anne Dygert78John B. Dygert
Joseph French79Joseph French
Anne Francisco81Samuel C. Frances
Conrad Eddee (Elisha?)78Conrad Eddee (Eddy?)
Benjamin Harvey105Benjamin Harvey
Jacob Lints90Phillips Lints
Roswell Stevens66Roswell Stevens


Robert Nolton81Robert Nolton
Joseph Lobdell79Emelias Pickert
Eliab Peirce78Eliab Peirce
Samuel Evans89Silas S. Evans
Cyrus Potter75Robert Potter
Nathan Rix80Nathan Rix
John Wood81John Wood, 4th
Reuben Mather92David Raynor
Isaac Churchill85Isaac Churchill
David Bensley85David Bensley
Hannah Nelson86Zachariah Reed


Margaret Weatherstone70David Weatherstone
Reuben Hildreth85Thaddeus Hildreth
Ansteen Sterling80Henry Jellyers
John Rowland78Samuel Rowland
John Dockstader80Frederick Dockstader
Elizabeth Shoemaker81Michael Hartman
William Hagadom83William Hagadom

Little Falls

Edward Arnold80Edward Arnold
Catharine Rankin68Catharine Rankin
Nicholas Spink74Robert Beasley
Catharine Moseley72Elizabeth Blood
Stephen Hammond73Stephen Hammond
Elijah Stanton85John Eaton
Jonas Churchill79Jonas Churchill
John Buell91Erastus Hall
Henry Wallradt80Richard J. Casler
Martha Wheeler82Charles S. Daniels
Dan. Chapman85Dan. Chapmanb


Stephen Every77Stephen Every
William Feeter84William Feeter, jr.
Barbara Casselman77John Casselman
Henry Ritter80Joseph Ritter
Peter Wolever75Nicholas Wolever
Jacob Pettibone80Jacob Pettibone, jr.


Charlotte Waterman76Henry Waterman
Darius Hawkins58Darius Hawkins
Eleazer Daniels79Eleazer Daniels
Lois Munn85Cady Howe


Aaron Buck78Stephen M. Tompkins
John Parsons86Addison Manley
John Vanderburgh80John Vanderburgh
Jabez Green86Jabez Green


William McIntosh80William McIntosh
Gilbert Ferguson77Gilbert Ferguson
Simeon Dutcher78Simeon Dutcher


Phineas Briggs91Daniel Carpenter
Elisha Hall79Elisha Hall
Abel Rust83Hiram Rust
Sarah Enos87Alva Enos
Isaiah Johnson84Isiah Johnson
Thomas Kellogg82Ebenezer Kellogg


Amos Ives91Philo Stiles
Jemima Seamans76Jemima Seamons

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