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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
Windham County, Vermont

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Abbey, Hezekiah
Adams, Samuel

Bartlett, William
Bemis, John
Bennett, Samuel
Black, William Serg't
Blauden, Lamech, Serg't
Blood, David
Bond, David
Bond, Phinehas
Bullock, Darius
Bullock, Israel

Carpenter, John
Case, James
Chaffin, Samuel, Serg't
Chandler, Henry
Chandler, Hiel
Cheney, Nathaniel
Colton, Charles
Conant, Simeon
Cook, Elisha
Crumb, Joseph

Davis, Joshua
Davis, Samuel
Dean, Archelaus
Dunton, Joseph

Eaton, Maverick
Elmer, Elijah
Evans, Colton

Fairbanks, Pearley
Felt, Eliphalet
Fuller, Abiah
Furniss, Benjamin

Gale, Asa
Goodenow, Nahum
Grant, Abel
Gray, Amos, Serg't
Griffith, Ellis
Guild, Jesse

Hall, Ephraim
Harris, John
Hayward, Levi
Hazeltine, Jonas
Hiscock, Samuel
Hill, Abraham
Hill, Joel
Holden, Ephraim
Hotchkiss, Elihu
Huntley, Jonathan

Ingalls, Edmund

Jenison, William
Joy, Amos

Kendall, Eleazer, Serg't
Kidder, John
Knowlton, Nathan

Lake, Henry
Larnard, Moses
Larrebee, Samuel
Lewis, Abner
Lippinwell, Reuben

Marsh, Jesse
Marsh, William
Mather, Phinehas
Moore, Rufus
Morse, Elijah
Murdock, Benjamin
Muzzy, Joseph

Newton, Marshall

Paine, Jabez
Parker, Ebenezer
Parker, Samuel
Parsons, Andrew
Perry, Levi
Phelps, Francis
Philips, John
Philips, Oliver
Pike, Elijah
Porter, George
Prouty, Amos

Ranney, William
Ransom, Ezekiel
Reed, Benjamin
Reed, Frederick, Serg't
Richards, Mark
Robinson, William
Rockwood, Samuel
Rodgers, Joseph, Lieut.

Shepardson, Zepheniah
Smith, Asa, Serg't
Smith, David
Smith, Ebenezer
Smith, Ephraim
Smith, Hezekiah
Smith, John
Spaulding, Samuel
Stearns, John
Stearns, William, Serg't
Stowell, John
Streeter, Joel

Taft, Ebenezer
Taft, William
Tiffany, Amasa
Tottingham, David
Tuttle, Joseph

Viall, Samuel, Serg't

Walker, James
Wheeler, Beriah, Serg't
Whitman, Abiel
Wier, John
Wilder, Aaron
Wiswall, Samuel
Woodard, Artemas
Woolley, Jonathan

Home | Military Records | 1832 Pension Roll: Vermont | Windham County, VT Pensioners; 1832

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