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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
Washington County, Vermont

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Ainsworth, Moses
Allen, Asahel
Austin, Abiather

Beckley, Zebedee
Britain, James
Brown, Eliada
Brown, John
Butler, Ezra
Buzzell, Joseph

Cutler, Thomas

Dodge, Ebenezer
Dustin, Abel

Foster, Thomas
French, Thomas
Fuller, Benjamin

Goodell, Josiah, Serg't

Hatch, Gilbert
Hawks, Reuben
Henderson, Samuel

Jones, Stephen

Kellogg, Enos
Kellogg, Martin
Kingsley, Elias, Serg't

Lathrop, Elisha
Leland, Jeremiah

Martin, Jesse
Mellen, John
Miner, Aaron
Morrill, Joshua
Morse, John
Moses, Daniel

Nealey, Andrew

Parker, Robert
Parkhurst, Azel

Reed, Peter
Rider, Phinehas
Roberts, Timothy
Robinson, Amos
Robinson, Asher, Serg't
Robinson, Noah

Shattuck, Abial
Sherman, Joseph
Shipman, Abraham
Skinner, Amasa
Skinner, Eli
Skinner, Jared
Spaulding, Darius
Spalding, Silas
Stone, Ephraim
Town, Edmund
Town, Elisha
Town, James
Twing, James

Upham, Samuel

Wallis, Curwin
White, Philip
Wilcox, Elisha
Willey, Ephraim
Wilkins, Uriah, Serg't
Wright, Elijah
Wright, Jonathan

Home | Military Records | 1832 Pension Roll: Vermont | Washington County, VT Pensioners; 1832

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