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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
Caledonia County, Vermont

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Aldrich, Asquire
Allen, Abner

Babbit, Uri
Bachelder, Jethro
Badger, Jonathan
Bailey, Luther
Barber, Obadiah, Sergt.
Beedle, Thomas
Bly, John

Cate, Elisha
Chappel, Daniel
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Seth
Clifford, Zachariah
Coe, Abner
Coe, Jedediah
Colby, Thomas
Conant, Abel
Curtis, Jonathan

Daniels, Samuel, Sergt.
Davis, Samuel
Deming, Benjamin
Dexter, Stephen
Dow, Benjamin
Dow, Nathaniel
Durant, David

Farmer, Benjamin, Sergt.
Farrington, Nathaniel
Fuller, Abraham
Fuller, Jason

Hall, Levi
Hall, Thomas
Hayward, Nathaniel
Heath, James
Hill, Samuel
Hill, Thomas, Sergt.
Hoffman, Henry, Sergt.
Holbrooks, Ebenezer
Hoyt, Thomas
Huntley, Moses

Knight, Joseph
Knox, William

Lewis, Jonathan

Martin, Ashbel
Martin, David
Martin, Isaac, Sergt.
McFarland, James
Miner, Isaac
Miner, James
Morrill, Jeremiah, Sergt.
Morrill, Joseph

Niles, Ephraim
Northrop, Lemuel

Peck, Gaius, Sergt.
Perkins, Nathaniel
Phelps, Oliver
Pike, Daniel
Potter, Thaddeus
Powers, Jonathan

Randall, Jonathan
Ross, Elijah
Rundlet, Theophilus

Sawyer, William
Sheldon, Jonathan
Shurtleff, Timothy
Smith, Esek
Spaulding, Samuel
Spencer, Ebenezer
Sprague, Jonathan
Stewart, Allen
Stowell, Isaac

Walker, Simeon
Walker, John
Warner, Samuel, Sergt.
Watkins, Stephen
Wesson, Ephraim
Wheeler, Nathaniel
Williams, Henry
Wood, Joseph, Sergt.
Wright, Benjamin

Home | Military Records | 1832 Pension Roll: Vermont | Caledonia County, VT Pensioners; 1832

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