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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
Hartford County, Connecticut

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Copied from "The Record of Connecticut Men In The Military And Naval Service During The War Of The Revolution, 1775-1783". Edited by Henry P. Johnston, A.N. Under the Authority of The Adjutant-General of Connecticut. Hartford: 1889.

Hartford County, CT Pensioners: 1832

Anderson, Timothy
Allen, John
Allen, Arnold
Alford, Eber
Allyn, Charles
Andrews, Elijah
Andrews, John
Allen, Luke
Aldrick, Noah
Bennett, John
Bulkley, Solomon
Bud, Solomon
Barber, Michael
Buckland, Joshua
Barnes, Nathan
Brownson, Samuel
Bunnel, Joel
Barker, Ethan
Bishop, Austin
Brigham, Don. C.
Brooks, Josiah
Barnes, Elijah
Benham, Ebenezer
Bliss, Isaac
Buckland, George
Bissell, Eben. F.
Bryant, Ebenezer
Bissell, Jerijah
Burnham, Roger
Booth, Thomas
Bacon, Francis
Bronson, Joel
Bissell, Thomas
Beers, Silas
Bishop, Thomas F.
Barnes, Israel
Bartholomew, James
Belden, John
Bush, Rufus
Bissell, Lemuel
Beach, Thomas
Buckland, Jonathan
Benjamin, Samuel
Bill, Daniel
Chaplin, Ebenezer
Coe, Timothy
Clapp, Oliver
Case, Micah
Clark, Jonathan
Chaffee, Carill
Collins, Nathaniel
Case, Abel
Case, John M.
Clark, Elisha
Carter, Elihu
Cressy, Gould
Cook, Moses
Cornish, George
Clark, Elias
Cowles, Jabez
Cowles, Ezekiel
Cowles, Solomon
Carter, Joel
Chapman, Frederick
Cowdrey, Ambrose
Chapin, Calvin
Chaffee, Frederick
Case, Oliver
Cowdery, Asa
Case, Hosea
Calvin, David
Cowles, Isaac
Chapman, Salathiel
Dibble, Daniel
Denston, Elijah
Dart, Abel
Day, Isaac
Dewey, Silas
Darrow, Ebenezer
Dibble, Benjamin
Dutton, Joseph
Drake, Lemuel
Deming, Theron
Dibol., Moses
Daniels, Pelatiah
Dewey, Isaac
Drake, Phineas
Dewolf, Daniel
Dickinson, Nathaniel
Elmore, Stephen
Evans, David
Elmore, Joseph
Elmer, Samuel
Ely, Daniel
Filley, Moses
Francis, Elijah
Flagge, Abijah
Francis, Robert
Frisbie, Ichabod C.
Geddings, John
Goodrich, Gideon
Goddard, Isaac
Gulpin, Daniel
Graham, William
Goddard, John
Goodwin, Levi
Gillett, Elijah
Grant, Gustavus
Goodrich, Roswell
Gay, Richard
Goddard, Rufus
Green, Obadiah
Gowdy, Hill
Gowdy, Alexander
Green, James
Gibbs, David
Griswold, Constant
Green, Asahel
Gillett, Benoni
Grant, Roswell
Griswold, Elijah
Goddard, Ebenezer
Grant, David
Gridley, Ashbel
Goodwin, Moses
Goodyear, Stephen
Hall, Timothy
Humphrey, Abraham
Holcomb, Nahum
Hooker, Daniel
Hurlbut, Silas
Hart, Lent
Higley, Obed
Holton, Elisha
Hull, James
Huntley, Ezekiel
Holcomb, Phineas
Hawley, Gad
Hamlin, Mark
Hart, Hezekiah
Holcomb, Peter
Hitchcock, Samuel
Hart, Munson
Harmon, Jehiel
Hanckett, Ezra
Hoskins, David
Humphreys, Solomon
Hale, Matthew
Harrison, Theodore
Holmes, Thomas
Hooker, Ira
Holcomb, Asahel
Howard, Benjamin
Hunn, Samuel
Hart, Samuel
Hotchkiss, Samuel
Hull, Zephaniah
Hart, Ithuriel
House, Joel
Halsey, Philip
Hills, Joseph
Humphreys, Lot
Hollister, Josiah
Holcomb, Increase
Humphrey, Noah
Hayes, Seph
Isham, John
Jaggor, Abraham
King, Jonah
Kellogg, Daniel
Kilborn, Simeon
Kinsbury, Andrew
Kilby, John
Keeney, Richard
Kent, Jonathan K.
Lewis, Elijah
Lee, William
Latimer, Solomon
Luce, Luke
Lord, Joseph
Lord, Frederick
Latimer, George
Lodes, Jacob
Moses, Martin
Miles, Daniel
Mather, Samuel
Miller, Rosewell
Mitchell, Oliver
Morse, Moses
Munsell, Hezekiah
Munson, Medad
Mather, Increase
Marsh, John
McLean, James
Mack, Andrew
Mather, Joseph
Mix, Timothy
Matthews, Moses
Messenger, Lemuel
Nobles, Rozwell
North, Levi
Norton, Samuel
Olmstead, Benjamin
Olcott, Jonathan
Olcott, Isaac
Porter, Abijah
Porter, Elijah
Paine, Rufus
Porter, Samuel
Phelps, David
Prior, Ebenezer
Pease, John
Pease, Moses
Parsons, Joseph
Pease, Simeon
Potter, Edward
Pickett, Phineas
Penfield, Nathaniel
Pardee, Eli
Penfield, Phineas
Pardee, Daniel
Phelps, Oliver
Phelps, Timothy
Pratt, William
Porter, Isaac
Pitkin, John
Roberts, John, 2d
Rouley, Philander
Roberts, Daniel
Roberts, Ashbel
Ransom, Amos
Reed, Justus
Rose, Gad
Root, Elijah
Rowley, Silas
Root, Josiah
Spencer, Isaac, Sec. and Aid
Savage, Selah
Squire, Abner
Stoughton, Jonathan
Starkweather, Thomas
Shephard, Whitmore
Squire, Calvin
Smith, David
Smith, Richard
Spencer, Theodore
Skinner, John
Stoughton, Augustus
Skinner, Stephen
Sills, Elisha N.
Stiles, Asahel
Stillmart, Joseph
Stoughton, Shem
Smith, Lemuel
Strong, Nathaniel
Steele, David
Simonds, Ashney
Sandford, Jesse
Soper, Timothy
Sedgwick, Timothy
Sargeant, Jacob
Stoughton, Russell
Stillman, Nathaniel
Sikes, Gideon
Sikes, David
Terry, Asaph
Terry, Ebenezer
Taylor, Azariah
Tryon, Thomas
Talcott, Abraham
Terry, Stephen
Tillotson, Daniel
Tuller, Joseph
Tyler, Jacob
Tillotson, Ashbel
Thrasher, Bazabel
Taylor, David
Williams, David
Warner, Daniel
White, Ephraim
Whapples, Samuel
Williams, Asa
Wood, John
Woodruff, Noadiah
Warren, Ashbel
Wilder, Thomas
Whiting, John
Wolcott, William
Woodruff, Amos
Williams, Elisha
Woodruff, Joseph
Wells, Simeon
Warner, Loomis
Warner, John
Warner, Richard
WWarner, Samuel
Wilcox, Eleazer
Waterbury, Joseph
Wilson, Moses
Wilcox, Jacob
Wrisley, George
Wright, Daniel
Whitmore, Hezekiah
Woodhouse, Samuel
Wrisley, Samuel
Wadsworth, Reuben
Wilson, Joab
Willys, Thomas
Wells, James
Woodruff, Samuel

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