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1820 Pension List: Tennessee - Western District

January 20, 1820

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The Tennessee - Western District 1820 Pension List is a report of the names of the Revolutionary Pensioners which have been placed on the roll of Tennessee - Western District, under the law of the 18th of March, 1818, from the passage thereof to this day, inclusive, with the Rank they held, and the lines in which they served, viz.

Arnold, FrancisprivateVirginia
Austin, JohnprivateVirginia
Adams, DavidprivateNorth Carolina
Bay, AndrewsergeantNorth Carolina
Bryant, JesseprivateVirginia
Bryant, WilliamprivateVirginia
Brittain, PhilipprivateNorth Carolina
Beuton, DavidprivateNorth Carolina
Brent, JohnprivateVirginia
Baker, SquireprivateMassachusetts
Barnett, Lance JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Brannan, ThomasprivateNorth Carolina
Brown, David E.privateNorth Carolina
Baker, JohnprivateGeorgia
Bratcher, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Bagget, JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Bently, JeremiahprivateVirginia
Curtiss, JoshualieutenantNorth Carolina
Coalden, JohnprivateVirginia
Christian, Johnfife majorNorth Carolina
Curtis, JamesprivateVirginia
Carney, JohnprivateNorth Carolina
Clower, DanielprivateNorth Carolina
Caulk, JacobprivateDelaware
Cain, WilliamprivateVirginia
Douglass, WilliamprivateNorth Carolina-suspended; said not to be in indigent circumstances
Daily, Farroll O'NealprivateVirginia
Davis, JamesprivateVirginia
Deakins, WilliamprivatePennsylvania
Dodd, JesseprivateNorth Carolina
Dodd, DavidprivateNorth Carolina
Davis, SamuelprivateNorth Carolina
Dean, RichardprivateNorth Carolina
Eppes, RichardsergeantVirginia
Ezell, TimothyprivateNorth Carolina
Floyd, PerryprivateVirginia
Faire, JonathanprivateVirginia
Greats, DavidprivateVirginia
Gunter, JoelprivateNorth Carolina
Gibson, JohnprivateMaryland
Gamble, ThomasprivateVirginia
Gibson, WilliamprivateNorth Carolina
Gillehan, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Hall, ClementcaptainNorth Carolina
Hogg, SamuellieutenantVirginia
Hungerfoot, JamesprivateVirginia
Handlin, StephenprivatePennsylvania
Hays, RobertlieutenantNorth Carolina
Huggins, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Hill, RobertprivateVirginia
Hall, JohnprivateNorth Carolina
Harris, DavidprivateVirginia
Johnson, Elisha E.privateSouth Carolina
Jordan, HenryprivateVirginia
Jenkins, JobprivateVirginia
Johnson, BenjaminprivateNorth Carolina
Jackson, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Kennedy, JohnprivateVirginia
Kennedy, JamessergeantMaryland
Lasley, JohnprivateNorth Carolina
Martin, JohnprivateVirginia
M'Lain, ThomasprivatePennsylvania
Mitchel, MarkprivateVirginia
Metheany, LukeprivateVirginia
Morris, LesterprivateVirginia
May, EdmundprivateVirginia
M'Mahan, AndrewprivateVirginia
Meredith, JesseprivateVirginia
Nelson, JarrottprivateVirginia
Norsworthy, JamessergeantNorth Carolina
Oakly, GeorgeprivateStricken from roll, Oct. 12, 1819-not continental
Perrigen, MollistonprivateVirginia
Poore, ThomasprivateNorth Carolina
Parket, ThomasprivateViginia
Roberts, ReubenprivateNorth Carolina
Robertson, JesseprivateNorth Carolina
Rutherford, ThomasprivateNorth Carolina
Reeves, SamuelprivateNorth Carolina
Shackler, PhilipprivateNorth Carolina
Slaughter, JacobprivateNorth Carolina
Smith, CalebprivateNorth Carolina
Singleton, RobertprivateNorth Carolina
Scally, WilliamprivateVirginia
Stewart, RobertprivateMaryland
Sutherland, JohnprivateNorth Carolina
Smith, SamuelprivateNorth Carolina
Sims, MicajahprivateVirginia
Spencer, MosesprivateVirginia
Sarrett, SamuelprivateNorth Carolina
Stafford, JosiahprivateNorth Carolina
Smith, ElijahprivateVirginia
Sage, JohnprivateVirginia
Smith, JoshuaprivateVirginia
Tatum, JameslieutenantNorth Carolina
Thomas, HenryprivateVirginia
Turnham, ThomasprivateVirginia
Tate, JohnprivateNew Jersey
Thomas, JohnprivateMaryland
Tippett, ErastusprivateNorth Carolina
Tiffany, WalterprivateConnecticut
Thomason, GeorgeprivateMassachusetts
Walker, Johnsergeant majorSouth Carolina
Willis, MeshackprivateGeorgia
Walker, JohnprivatePennsylvania
Williams, ZebedeeprivateNorth Carolina
Williams, RobertprivateNorth Carolina
Woosley, AaronprivateVirginia
Walker, RichardprivateVirginia
Woodroof, JesseprivateVirginia
Young, ArchibaldprivateVirginia

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