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1820 Pension List: South Carolina

January 20, 1820

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The South Carolina 1820 Pension List is a report of the names of the Revolutionary Pensioners which have been placed on the roll of South Carolina, under the law of the 18th of March, 1818, from the passage thereof to this day, inclusive, with the Rank they held, and the lines in which they served, viz.

Ashley, WilliamcorporalPulaski's Legion
Artis, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Allen, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Burton, RichardprivateGeorgia
Bacot, PetercaptainNorth Carolina
Blaikley, WilliamprivateNot continental; stricken from the roll, 1st December, 1819
Bird, JohnlieutenantSouth Carolina
Butler, JohnprivateVirginia
Berry, LydfordprivateLee's legion
Brown, JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Brown, JosephprivateNorth, Carolina
Bratcher, SamuelprivateNorth, Carolina
Brown, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Boswell, JesseprivateMaryland
Bryant, WilliamprivateNorth Carolina
Brown, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Britt, RichardprivateSouth Carolina
Cudworth, NathanielmajorMassachusetts
Caswell, JobprivateMassachusetts
Curbow, JosephprivateNorth Carolina
Croes, JosephprivateVirginia
Conway, JamesprivateVirginia
Cockrill, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Cook, LewisprivateVirginia
Cook, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Clanahan, RobertprivateMaryland
Cole, HenryprivateNorth Carolina
Cole, MartinprivateNorth Carolina
Carter, IsamprivateSouth Carolina
Cook, John, 2dprivateSouth Carolina
Cowley, RobertprivateSouth Carolina
Crawford, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Cole, ThomasprivateNorth Carolina
Cooper, ThomasprivateVirginia
Commins, HarmonprivateVirginia
Dean, ThomasprivateThompson's Ranger
Day, WilliamprivateVirginia
Devlin, JamesprivateSouth Caroline
Dougherty, JohnprivatePennsylvania
David, PeterprivateSouth Carolina
Dean, JuliusprivateGeorgia
Dick, CharlesprivateSouth Carolina
Evans, BattePrivateVirginia
Enlow, DeasonprivateSouth Carolina
Evans, PerryprivateMaryland
Elkins, JohnsonsergeantSouth Carolina
Frey, Philip MartindrummerSouth Carolina
Francis, SamuelprivateSouth Carolina
Goodwin, TheophilusprivateNorth Carolina
Griffin, JesseprivateNorth Carolina
Gilmore, DanielprivateVirginia
Gregory, IsaacprivateNorth Carolina
Garner, SamuelprivateSouth Carolina
Gassaway, JamesprivateVirginia
Gossling, GeorgeprivateSouth Carolina
Gibhart, AdamprivateMaryland
Head, Richard M.cornetArmand's Legion
Hastings, RobertprivateDelaware
Huffman, Johnprivatevirginia
Hawkins, JoshuaprivateVirginia
Harris, GoodmanprivateNorth Carolina
Hutchinson, StephenprivateVirginia
Hinds, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Halks, JamesprivateVirginia
Houston, HughprivateNorth Carolina
Jackson, Joshua J.privateNew York
Inlow, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Jones, JacobprivateNorth Carolina
Inlow, ThomasprivateState service-stricken from roll
Knox, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Kea, CharlesprivateVirginia
Knowlton, GrantprivateSouth Carolina
King, JamesprivateVirginia
Kolb, ThomassergeantSouth Carolina
King, JohnprivateVirginia
Kirkpatrick, JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Kennard, BenjaminprivatePennsylvania
Knox, HughprivateSouth Carolina
Kirkpatrick, StephenprivateSouth Carolina
Kelly, AbrahamprivateSouth Carolina
Lowe, BasilprivateArmand's Legion
Lyon, EdwardprivateVirginia
Ligan, BlackmanprivateVirginia
Miller, JohnprivateVirginia
Melloy, AndrewprivateSouth Carolina
Masters, ThomasprivateVirginia
Mursh, RobertprivateVirginia
Melston, IshamprivateVirginia
Mc Cary, RichardprivateVirginia
Mayner, HenryprivateNorth Carolina
McEntire, JohnprivateNew Hampshire
Martin, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Noble, WilliamprivateNorth Carolina
Odam, AaronprivateNorth Carolina
Owens, ThomasprivatePennsylvania
Petrie, GeorgelieutenantSouth Carolina
Perrit, NeedhamprivateNorth Carolina
Pruit, JoshuaprivateNorth Carolina
Philips, LeviprivateVirginia
Reames, JoshuaprivateNorth Carolina
Rowan, BenjaminprivateSouth Carolina
Russell, JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Rochester, NicholasprivateNorth Carolina
Roebuck, GeorgeprivateNorth Carolina
Rozier, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Smith, SimeonprivateNorth Carolina
Strange, JamesmatrossSouth Carolina
Simpkins, CharlesprivateMaryland
Spivey, MosesprivateSouth Carolina
Sarzedas, DavidlieutenantGeorgia
Souther, GershomprivateGeorgia
Seay, JamesprivateVirginia
Smith, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Stewart, JamesprivateGeorgia
St. George, GeorgeprivateConnecticut
Scott, JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Scott, DavidprivateNorth Carolina
Satley, JamesprivateSouth Carolina
Smith, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Speake, RichardprivateSouth Carolina
Turner, GeorgeprivateGeorgia
Temple, JohnprivateVirginia
Taylor, JonathanprivateVirginia
Townsend, WilliamprivateVirginia
Thompson, JohnprivateSouth Carolina
Truhitt, StephenprivateNorth Carolina
Wiseman, ThomasprivateMaryland
Wagster, WilliamprivateSouth Carolina
Weaver, HenryprivateSouth Carolina
Wickley, JohncaptainSouth Carolina
Young, JamesprivateVirginia

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