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Louisiana Pensioners Of The United States, 1818

March 28, 1818

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LIST of Invalid Pensioners of the United States, belonging to the State of Louisiana, and paid at Louisiana, with the annual allowance to each annexed, viz:

Avery, Amos Private 48
Allen, James Ditto 48
Andry, Alexis Ditto 96
Du Peron, Jean Ditto 96
Desforges, Louis Ditto 96
Hadley, Hastings Ditto 96
Johnston, James Ditto 48
Jackson, James Ditto 48
Lucas, George Corporal 96
Noble, John First Lieutenant 102
Roberts, John Private 96
Richardson, William Ditto 48
Talbot, John Q. Ditto 48
Willis, William R. First Lieutenant 204
White, Alexander A. Major 150

Making 15 for Louisiana

Names of decedents, &c.Rank or gradeOriginal
of pension.
Johnson, John, widowPrivate18th April, 1815-$48.00-
Shaw, Zacheus, widowCaptain16th Jan. 1815-240.00-

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