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1818 Pension Roll
Cortland County, New York

Act of 1818

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ANDREWS, TimothyPrivate Conn. Line--
ANDREWS, JosephPrivate NY Line80May 28, 1833
BENNETT, JamesLieut. NY & Conn. Line-Nov. 14, 1819
BOSWORTH, JohnPrivate Virginia Line69May 9, 1831
BROWN, JamesPrivate NH Line74-
BLAKE, EbenezerSergeant Mass. Line70-
BARNES, EnosPrivate Conn. Line78-
BLANCHARD, EliasInsign RI Line66Nov. 8, 1822
BAILEY, Joseph 2ndPrivate Mass. Line78June 9, 1825
BARNES, LemuelPrivate Mass. Line64-
BAKER, AbnerPrivate Mass. Line71June 8, 1826
BLANCHARD, John 2ndDrummer Mass. Line63-
BROWN, ThaddeusPrivate Conn. Line74Aug. 20, 1830
CAMPBELL, ArchibaldPrivate PA Line74-
COTTON, BenjaminPrivate NH Line76-
CRAWFORD, JasonPrivate Conn. Line65Nov. 30, 1823
COY, DavidPrivate Conn. Line72June 13, 1833
CO_NWICK, WilliamPrivate NH Line78-
COWELL, DavidPrivate NJ Line66Jan. 12, 1822
CLEMENT, IsaacSergeant Mass. Line76-
COBURN, ZebediahPrivate Mass. Line76-
CORNWELL, BenjaminPrivate Conn. Line75-
CURTISS, FrederickPrivate Conn. Line60-
CARPENTER, AllenPrivate Conn. Line60Transferred from Windsor Co., VT.
CLEAVELAND, Solomon 2ndPrivate Conn. Line76Transferred from Bennington Co., VT
DODGE, BenjaminPrivate Conn. Line85June 24, 1829
DAVIS, SamuelPrivate Mass. Line88-
DABELL, JohnPrivate Conn. Line75Transferred from New London, Conn.
EVANS, IsaacPrivate Conn. Line69July 15, 1824
FOOT, EbenezerPrivate Conn. Line80-
FRANK, Michael Private NY Line81-
GEE, John 2ndPrivate NY Line70-
GOODRICK, SamuelPrivate Mass. Line83-
GILLETT, WilliamPrivate Mass. Line76-
GILBERT, SamuelPrivate NY Line71-
GOODRICH, ElishaPrivate Conn. Line76Transferred fromLitchfield Co. Conn.
GRIFFITH, GeorgePrivate Conn. Line79May 5, 1823
HOUGHTON, NathanielPrivate Mass Line68-
HOLMES, SamuelPrivate Mass. Line74-
HOWE, JosephPrivate Conn. Line67Transferred from Berkshire to Mass.
HOWE, AntipassPrivate NH Line86-
HOLLEY, JosephPrivate Conn. Line77Mar. 17, 1832
JOHNSON, Samuel C.Corp. NJ Line81Jan. 22, 1834
JENKS, AnthonySergeant RI Line78-
KINGSBURY, ThomasPrivate Conn. Line81-
LEGG, NathanPrivate Mass. Line60Dropped under act. May 1, 1820
MAXSEN, ZaccheusPrivate RI Line78-
MARONY, AlexanderDrummer NY Line63-
MARVIN, MatthewPrivate NY Line62-
MERRILL, MeadePrivate Conn. Line71July 23, 1833
NICKERSON, EdwardPrivate Mass. Line74-
ORRIS, SamuelPrivate Conn. Line78-
PIERCE, EliPrivate Mass. Line71-
PRICE, StephenPrivate NJ Line73June 1_, 1831
PELLON, BenjaminCaptain NY Line73-
POLLARD, JamesPrivate RI Line73June 6, 1828
PARKER, WilliamPrivate RI Line78Transferred from Kent Co., RI
PIERCE, ZebulonPrivate Baldwin's Artificer78-
ROBINSON, SimeonPrivate Conn. Line70-
RAYMOND, ZurielPrivate Mass. Line62Nov. 3, 1821
RATHBURN, SolomonPrivate NH Line70-
RYAN, RobertPrivate NY Line58Dropped under act. May 1, 1820
ROBINSON, DavidPrivate NY Line68-
RUSSELL, ThomasPrivate NY Line69-
ROBERTS, SamuelPrivate Conn. Line72-
SIKES, NathanPrivate Mass Line77July 13, 1831
SOULE, CharlesEnsign Mass. Line69-
SMITH, Enoch 2ndPrivate Mass. Line72Transferred from Windham Co., Vt.
SHAW, WilliamPrivate NY Line74Jan. 17, 1829
SMITH, Ebenezer 2ndPrivate Conn. Line70Nov. 15, 1824
SLOAN, JohnPrivate Mass. Line67-
SMITH, Abel 2ndPrivate Mass. Line60-
SHERWOOD, StrattonPrivate NJ Line69-
VERMILYEA, JohnPrivate NY Line71-
WATTLES, DavidPrivate Conn. Line77-

Home | Census Records | New York Census Records | 1818 Pension Roll - Cortland County, NY

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